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Sep 14

Sep 14

PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Wow, looks like I did a lot of reading this week, bookended by Alone in the Dark PS3 stories. Looks like good things may come to those who wait, in this instance. The large amount of interesting is a sure sign that things are picking up for the holiday season – an incredible amount of games will soon be vying for our time and “wallet stuffing.” I know I’m getting excited… any links you’d like to share too? Throw them in the comments are below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of 9/8)

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chip14 said:

September 14th, 12:05 pm

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:47 pm

    Thanks, that\’s a good one.

eric1018 said:

September 14th, 12:07 pm

Any news on Home? I heard the extended beta started and there were rumors of weekly waves. Yet, last week got no invites…

Also, will news on Life with Playstation be coming tomorrow? Thanks! :)

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:48 pm

    We\’ll have an update for you on LWP soon, but not tomorrow.

ninfan0883 said:

September 14th, 12:10 pm

Man next month is going to be tough on my wallet.
Is life with playstation going to be a firmware update or a download in the store?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:49 pm

    As I understand it – neither. More specific details soon.

Ad-Kemp said:

September 14th, 12:14 pm

Hey Jeff,

Not a bad week. Have you got any news you know of about Darksiders: Wrath Of War or Dead Space? I’m loving the comic series of Dead Space, when is the next episode coming out?

Also, will the levels that will be made at the Parsons school be available for us to play on LittleBigPlanet somehow? I would love to see what those guys will make.

And how long will the Bioshock demo be, out of interest? I can’t wait for that game, it looks just beautiful.

Bioshock – 24th Oct
LittleBigPlanet – 29th Oct
Resistance 2 – 4th Nov

Three of the best games ever made out within 11 days of each other… Hot damn…

Looking forward to the Burnout Trophy update.

See ya


stealth_killer said:

September 14th, 12:42 pm

i just got fainted when i heard this rumor:

“uwe boll got license to little big planet movie”

any comments jeff :p

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:49 pm

    Please read the internet responsibly.

Atoms said:

September 14th, 1:05 pm

Another good week.Please! We need more info on life with PlayStation.

Stoffinator said:

September 14th, 1:12 pm

One thing I noticed, is you guys (Sony) never mentioned Ferrari Challenge. This is a PS3 exclusive (for the most part) and a game that tops GT5P. :-p

Wip3ou7 said:

September 14th, 1:28 pm

Do I even need to say it? Should I really bother asking? Ugh, f’ it; WIPEOUT HD?!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:50 pm

    There are two links there on WHD! More info very soon.

jbat17 said:

September 14th, 1:44 pm

just read the ted price interview. R2 is shaping up to be one awesome game. so, when is the beta?

leafs_fan said:

September 14th, 1:54 pm

Any news on Canadian video store?

matty12345 said:

September 14th, 2:06 pm

resistance 2 why dus uk get it so late ????? i cnt wait till 21

digplans said:

September 14th, 2:07 pm


Please find out as much as you can about Life with Playstation. We want a release date, as well as a reasonable explanation as to why it was delayed twice.

I can’t stand seeing the photo of Jack Tretton on this blog. Canadians were misled with his carefully-worded announcement on the video download service, as well as his poorly judged estimate on the release of Life with Playstation. I want to make it clear how f**king lame it is to get hyped up about a service when it’s announced at one of the most official gaming conventions and yet fails to deliver. Failed twice. For two months… due to “paperwork”. Paperwork-WTF?!

I have faith that the reasons for the delay are reasonable, and I have faith that SCEA’s decision to avoid being honest about the situation is simply based out of fear that we (the consumers) won’t understand. We will understand, and we will respect your honesty.


    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:52 pm

    When you\’re talking about a service which incorporates a lot of information from multiple content providers – there are plenty of details to work out. Take \”paperwork\” literally. No subterfuge there, no euphemisms.

digplans said:

September 14th, 2:08 pm

oh, and thanks Jeff for posting on the blog so consistently. We really appreciate :)

BZKlint said:

September 14th, 2:12 pm

Nice wall of links ;)

Too bad I got homework to do :(
I’ll take a more thorough look later.

MegaClank said:

September 14th, 2:12 pm

I’m really looking forward to Bioshock.

Daver said:

September 14th, 2:32 pm

@4 Ad-Kemp

I think its more like:

bioshock- october 21th
Little big planet- october 21th
Resistance 2- November 4th

and there way more to not forget

Motorstorm- october 28th
Socom- October 14th (i think)
ans way way more

Personally i’m looking for Prince of persia, it looks fantastic, we dont hear much about it, people dont seem to be interested in it but i am.. do you think of it?

Daver said:

September 14th, 2:33 pm

i meant… what do you think of it?

gorillapimp said:

September 14th, 2:36 pm

jeff, my man.

if you didnt read my previous post, just wanted to let you know im down for the meeting you have planned when you get to orlando. never been to hard knocks, sounds cool, downtown would be cool too. if we do decide to meet up downtown though, any bar is cool except chillers, that place is like packed sardines! im excited, bienvenidos a orlando!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 14th, 2:54 pm

    Chillers, no way. This ain\’t a frat party. Maybe meet up for adult beverages at I-Bar afterwards.

    See you at the event – more details soon.

Daver said:

September 14th, 3:04 pm

Lets hope we will see Street fighter 2 turbo this week on the PSN…
In the book of Devil may cry 4 it says its coming in summer 2008, and summer is ending in about a week

PSPsGTghOost said:

September 14th, 3:15 pm

Any chance in one of the future firmware updates will let you password protect your account management?

That would be a nice feature, I think.

eric1018 said:

September 14th, 3:19 pm

Hey again Jeff,

If info on LwP isn’t coming tomorrow, is there still a possibility of the ps3 having another firmware update? Maybe for that screen-grabbing thing?

theownerz said:

September 14th, 3:23 pm

hey jeff can you clarify if home invites are weekly also an rpg on ps3=enternal sonata

yunier91 said:

September 14th, 3:23 pm

ohh some news on Life with playstation…thanx jeff

MidgetguyII said:

September 14th, 3:31 pm

WOW! Some GREAT news there!


GGCAN said:

September 14th, 3:54 pm

Thanks Jeff.

2008 is the year of the PS3 for sure.

I know many of my PS3 friends are saying with the recent and upcoming new games for the PS3, they’re all going broke slowly.

But we sure are having fun doing it !

Wip3ou7 said:

September 14th, 4:12 pm

C’mon Jeff, don’t be coy with me. Is coming out the 25th next week? Or are you gonna give all us wipers a big hug by releasing it this week? If it’s any longer than that, then the hardcore fanbase would like some serious effort from SONY’s part to advertise the game. We are so thankful that it’s gonna be 19.99, and thats a great price to make it accessable to the masses who’ve never owned a WipEout game before… but the problem here is informing them that WipEout exists. There are alot of youngsters who are clueless, not everyon has been playing WO since 1995. =D WipEout has what it takes to break the sales records of a PSN game, MAKE IT HAPPEN! Hell, even if it IS coming out this month.

Fersis said:

September 14th, 4:20 pm

As usual my favourite stories are about R2 and LBP.

Also , good work Jeff for having so many posts in the blog each week.
(I hope there is one about R2 in the near future)

ayrkain said:

September 14th, 4:22 pm

Really happy about the WipEout HD news. 20 bucks is perfect. Thank you guys for putting out quality product!

001 said:

September 14th, 4:26 pm

Jeff, tell sony that releasing too many good games in one month will further destroy the US economy. Seriously have a heart :(

Nitrowolf2 said:

September 14th, 4:36 pm

Any upcoming news on God of War 3? Or even M.A.G?
idk im just curiouse since Kratos joined that golf game and soon LBP

Nitrowolf2 said:

September 14th, 4:39 pm

thx i didnt see that one

sweet, im not sure if this has been answer but trophies in WipEout HD?
doesnt matter to me that much i just need to go get another PSN card

Enforcer_X said:

September 14th, 4:48 pm

I love this blog! Jeff you work to hard man but we love your dedication!
Glad to see uwe boll is not getting LBP I knew Sony wouldn’t do that to us since they have a studio of their own!

“Multiple content providers” for LWP now I am excited again! I can’t wait to have the full power of Google running on the full power of the PS3 platform! Good Things! Good Things!

Nitrowolf2 said:

September 14th, 4:58 pm

$19.99 for wipeout HD
consumer will be very happy when it is released. Very cheap price for a very awsome game. i was expecting at least 29.99

Auroura said:

September 14th, 5:18 pm

http://sdtekken.com Tekken 6 Blood Rebellion has just been announced for system 357 (Playstation 3) are two new characters has just been announced! How can you not know this yet?! Can’t wait for tekken 6! :D :D Tell namco to tell us whats up with the best 3d fighter and when is it coming >=DDDD

Auroura said:

September 14th, 5:19 pm

Is this working?

Auroura said:

September 14th, 5:19 pm

CRUD UH DELETE POST NUMBER 36 and 37 please ty

Auroura said:

September 14th, 5:44 pm

I seriously cant count correctly, i meant 37, 38 =P you pretty much read all the good stuff today. Thanks 4 the links, cant wait 4 LBP either, cya

lakaihigh said:

September 14th, 5:45 pm

@ stoffinator – yeah and that’s your opinion. you’re entitled to that I guess and you should be promoting first party exclusive titles like GT5p over third party titles everyday. it seems you also forgot that GT5p is just a taste of what is to come from the full game. enjoy your trophies though!


perrandy said:

September 14th, 6:41 pm

jeff, good to know that lwp is coming soon.however, i have one concern we’ll have to run the folding@home program in order to acess it? i just hope that isnt the case..

anyways, its good to see that wipeoutHD will support throphies the only thing that you guys need to do know its to deliver all those psn cards to a blockbuster near me in the miami area :)
i havent been able to buy a single psn game yet because i’m disabled so for that same reason i dont have a cc….but as soon as i get the $$ and the cards i will download wipeout and superstardust both are awesome games! ;)

Stallone said:

September 14th, 6:56 pm

Aww man my PS3 broke. Now I have to shell out 150$ – I’m only 14 man, the cost of the PS3 and all the games I bought was enough, now I have to scrounge money just so I can play everything I bought again. I’m so stressed out!

sugafree24 said:

September 14th, 7:10 pm

Still waiting for my email to play socom beta

erico316 said:

September 14th, 7:28 pm

jeff why do a post from developer we ps fans would like to hear from.

BZKlint said:

September 14th, 7:37 pm

Nice reading list.
I think I’ll give the Sackboy costume contest a wack later ;)

It will be hard to find the time though with school and soccer now :(

C-h-a-o-s said:

September 14th, 8:38 pm

Sweet I must of missed the Resistance 2 Q&A.

effeff said:

September 14th, 8:44 pm

For me, the interessting parts concerning ps3-stuff was the LittleBigChallenges 002-004.

The Cover-skits on flickr who was mentioned on MaxConsole are not professional, but really LOL ^^



comishguy67 said:

September 14th, 8:52 pm

When you say multiple content providers you mean more than just News and Wheather providers for LWP?

Ajora said:

September 14th, 9:27 pm

So if LWP is not gonna be a download…what is it gonna be? ?_? Maybe something like Folding@Home? Or maybe it’s gonna replace it? /shrug

Anyways good job saving countless PlayStation fanboys one post at a time Jeff! We need to get you a cape or something! ^_^

ari_solid86 said:

September 14th, 9:40 pm

Hi Jeff!
Is there any word on White Knight Chronicles? I read around the internet that a new message appeared on its official japanese site people translated it saying (the day of awakening is soon), any word what this means?

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