WipEout HD Officially Dated, Priced

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By now you’ve probably come across some great previews for wipEout HD, the upcoming anti-gravity racing title on PSN. Between the 1080p racing at 60 frames per second, the awesome trophy support, motion steering via SIXAXIS, online racing and A LOT more, the excitement level is understandably high. Well, we have some more wipEout HD goodness to share today in the form of an OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE.

Drumroll, please!


Your wipEout HD thirst will be quenched on September 25. Yes, that’s right, just 10 days from today. For just $19.99, wipEout HD will be available for download only and includes the following awesomeness:

  • Full HD Visuals
  • 5 Game Modes – Single Race, Tournament, Time Trial, Speed Lap and Zone Mode
  • Online play that supports up to 8 racers competing on a track at a time
  • 2-player split screen (horizontally and vertically) offline
  • 8 reversible tracks and 12 teams
  • Optional use of SIXAXIS motion controls to steer your ship
  • A great soundtrack remixed in Dolby 5.1 AND the option for custom playlists that allow you to race to whatever playlists you have on your HDD
  • And more, including Trophy support, which we’ll outline for you in a future post – so keep your eyes peeled.

ZoneHD__025 wohd_20080430_110847.jpg
That’s it for now from the wipEout HD camp. We’re looking forward to racing with you all online on Sept 25th!

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  • Schitthammer

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  • Man reminds me of my old school playstation days!

  • how much the download size?

  • This game looks AWESOME and it’s a definite purchase for me but why are so many developers going away from 2-player ONLINE split screen? That’s one thing that the PS3 has over Xbox since PSN is free and Live isn’t. A game like this would be GREAT in 2-player online split screen, especially on my 56″ TV.

  • KazeEternal

    Sweet!! The long wait is coming to an end!

  • Yet another call for Europe. We don’t like being second class citizens!

  • And will there be a BluRayDisc version?

  • Will it be only available on PSN or also on BD?

  • $20 is a steal.

  • Question Daimion,

    Will this game have background XMB music in it. I hope so. Getting tired of newly released games with no Background music. I also, hope Metal Gear solid 4 eventually get background XMB music as well.

  • When to NBA LIVE 09 or NBA 2K9 demo on PSN?

  • Joepie die poepie! (some silly Dutch expression of joy :-D) Can’t wait to play the game next week _O_

    Can people for “once” stop complaining around here, sheesh :-?

  • Great news, but what is the download size?

  • Can I have a garage in my HOME space and park my racer in there?

    …just dreaming.

    Great to hear HD is dated….any word on the FULL WipEout game?

  • Ow erm is the release in Europe at the same time? A Dutch website gave the same day, but the link was referring to the US release.

  • @Jeff : indeed, we’ve had some news about WiepoutHD enough soon :p

    Thanks :) I can’t wait for it. Do we’ll have Wipeout HD at the same date in Europe ?

  • Is there going to be a Demo? I don’t buy downloadable games without a demo.

  • What is the size of this download? We don’t all have 80GB+ HDDs!

  • @67…

    Play the Fatal Inertia demo and then make it 1000% faster, better, awesomer…that’s what WipEout is.


    Hey, where’s the 4 player split-screen?


    @60 You really should read EVERYTHING before you post… He said there was IN-GAME XMB MUSIC! WOOT!

  • @70…back on the N64 where it belongs?

  • This is very good news! How big is the download for this game?

  • Alleluia!

    Now there is seriously something fishy going on with EB games here in Australia. They want my 60gb for the 80gb plus 4 PS3 game and $200. Now the only advantage is the extra 20gb HDD, right? I see this more like downgrading as the new model (80gb) doesn’t have a PS2 backwards compatibility, only 2 usb ports and no memory card readers.

    I really don’t see any benefit at all for getting the 80gb PS3 and on the other hand I don’t care, I have a 320gb HDD and I am sticking to my 60gb PS3…. even though PS3’s aren’t up to AT LEAST 360’s standard yet. On the other hand….. back to my 360 :)

  • when I meant by Standard I mean the features such as Playstation network and xbox live and the features within the systems. I DON’T mean the price is too pricey….

  • @74/75…um, this post is about WipEout.

  • I’m seriously contemplating buying a PS3 for this game.

  • US$ 19.99 ONLY?

  • BTW…all the Canadian’s (I’m one) b1tching about CDN PSN prices needing to be on par 6mos ago…how about some props to SONY for KEEPING the prices the same as the US now, even though our dollar is back down to $0.93?

  • LOL, I’ve said this before over and over again. How come my PS3 screens doesn’t look like you guys? My PS3 is connected via HDMI cables to a full 1080p Sony HDTV. It never looks as good as the screens I always see on this blog. Is there a special connection secret that I’m not aware of? Please pass down the secret.

  • Its only $19.99….people will by it…and there is nothing really comming out this month. This game will do fine.

  • @76
    yeah, you’d think the whiners would actually get the idea, but no….

    OT: That’s awesome news. Definitely getting this one. Trophies and XMB music FTW!!!!! (does anyone remember all the morons saying the PS3 couldn’t do in-game XMB and then when Sony shut them up w/ 2.40 they said Sony couldn’t do XMB music because M$ had the patent for it. lol)

  • @80
    do you have RGB full range turned on?

  • For all those wondering about the file size…

    According to the reviewer at Eurogamer the size is just under 1Gb.

  • @ Half_life000111 I would definitely buy the cards at Blockbuster but alas I’m CANADIAN and sony seems to HATE US….. No psn card love for us but you Yanks and You Brits get to have them. Why the ____ can’t we have them? This I don’t understand, after all the North American Free Trade act has been signed for months and that was to make sure that things like this would flow smoothly between the three )countries involved( Canada, America & Mexico).

    I would LOVE to spend all my left over and spare monies on the store, JUST LOVE TO. But I along with thousands of others are being DENIED that.

    So remember that if you live in Canada you will not get any love from sony, heck I was really surprised to get parity in the store but that only took almost a year to happen too.


  • @83 thingg

    Yes I do. It still doesn’t look nearly as clean and crisp as these images on here.

  • @85

    North American Free Trade act specifically EXCLUDES ‘cultural’ trade, movies/music/games all fall under this. And it was signed in 1994 not ‘months ago’. Nevertheless this has NOTHING to do with PSN cards and has to do with SONY wanting them to be charged up at the cashier instead of selling preloaded ones. Thus they have to negotiate with individual retailers to make this happen. A poor choice but not an anti-Canadian one.

    I JUST pointed out that price parity IS in effect right now on the PSN even though our dollar is worth 93 cents. So, SONY loves Canada 7% MORE than the US now? SONY was the FIRST of the major console makers to bring parity to their hardware and the FIRST to bring it to their online offerings.

  • kristopher.w

    this is great news my friends.

    its The Force Unleashed,Sept.15th (tomorrow!)
    WipeoutHD on the 26th
    Brother’s In Arms also on the 26th (from what i’ve heard)
    Bioshock AND Little Big Planet later in October.

    how can you not be excited about these new games coming to the PS3 library?

  • off topic:

    See, I told you guys Star Wars: The Force Unleashed would be scored between 6.5 to a 7.5.

    Totally not worth my $60+tax
    IGN: 7.3

  • OMG! At long last, and just a bit more to get it. Thanks for the update. This is a day-one-purchase for me. Is it coming to the Euro Store at the same date?

  • Oh f*** yes, the news ive been waiting for this year, thanks Daimion.

    However, like most europeans here i hope we dont have to wait another week to purchase this awesome game.

  • European Studio… release first on USA? LOL… change that… it’s all time the same crap…

    I will not buy this game..
    But i think it will be a sucessfull release on PS3

    By the way.. SONY, and all studios.. don’t forget Europe.. we are your best zone for make money!

    PS: And We need those PSN credit Cards…

  • September 25, eh? So what is that translated from Sony time, like Feb 2009?

  • I’m so happy at the price! Its a day 1 purchase for me!!!!!

  • holdenmcgroin

    Too expensive. For $20 I can get a full game used. I like Wipeout but there’s no way I get enough replay value out of 8 tracks.

  • tommycronin

    I wonder how big the file size is

  • finally shesh! and plus trophy’s yahoo.. thanks peep for the hard work..

  • better get the credit card ready

  • Michaelangelo

    Does this include XMB Trophies or in-game Trophies?

  • verybadbeetle

    The price seems way too low. You should have charged more. I would have easily paid 35-40 for it. I hope that you can turn a profit so we will see more Wipeout games in the future.

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