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Sep 16

Sep 16

PS3 Firmware update (v2.43)

Al De Leon's Avatar Posted by

Sr. PR Manager, SCEA

Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about PS3 firmware update (v2.43). Unlike previous updates, firmware v2.43 is specific to the Japan region, and only PS3 users there will be required to
install the update. PS3 users in all other regions will not be prompted to download v2.43. However, if you manually initiate a firmware update by clicking on “System Update” under the XMB’s Settings icon, the v2.43 update will be available, regardless of where you are located.

Users outside of Japan do not need to perform this update if your PS3 system software is on version v2.41 or later. However if you do perform the update, it will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.

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DonRWatters said:

September 17th, 1:14 am

Yes, I understand…that’s what my point is. The playstation blog says, there’s no update to worry about unless you’re in the Japan Region, yet we’re able to get the LwP update tonight…is this unexpected or expected by the Sony folks? It seems to be expected, in that both the Stanford folks and Sony had to be in sync, but then again it seems unexpected, because this was a big deal at E3, and we kept hearing that it was coming…but then no announcement. The communication cycle from Sony is maddening…when we sometimes get info, and most other times don’t.

minas said:

September 17th, 1:30 am

We wish to know when the life with playstation,come out.Why are there some guys found it and some cant?thats all.Thanks Jeff.

BabeBro said:

September 17th, 1:45 am

The PSN has been unstable all night. Kicking me off every couple minutes.

iankovach509 said:

September 17th, 1:53 am

I’ve been waiting for an update to install the latest version of Adobe/Macromedia Flash Player. I love having the ability to go online using my PS3 (especially since my PC crashed), but it is a little annoying not being able to fully utilize certain features on various websites just because we do not have a newer version of Flash installed. Now I know that I can install Linux or whatever OS it is that is compatible with the PS3 and download the latest Flash player from the Adobe website, but I do not want to go through all that trouble and risk messing up my system just so that I can have that one extra feature. So, it would be greatly appreciated if someday Sony can work with Adobe to fix this issue. Other than that, I truly enjoy my PS3 and have had no major problems with it. In fact, a week after I got it, I was in a car wreck and rolled my car 3 times. I had my PS3 in the trunk and it flew out, struck a huge rock and got covered in snow. The car was totaled, but my PS3 amazingly still works good as new!

D_The_RebeL said:

September 17th, 2:03 am

Hello everyone, Im excited about the UPDATE. Im just confused about why Sony is so ass backwards. How is the Sony PSP able to stream internet radio but not the PS3. PSP runs Skype but no PS3. When is Sony going to add VOIP or other exciting features to compete with XBOX Live. SOny please step the game up.

D_The_RebeL said:

September 17th, 2:10 am

O Yes and PLEASE Sony update this lack of FLASH browser.

iankovach509 said:

September 17th, 2:14 am

It’s funny…..After we got into the wreck, we were stranded in 20 degree weather in the middle of nowhere, Oregon during a blizzard. I had a broken wrist, badly bruised hip, and a huge gash on my forehead, but the very first thing I did when I crawled out of the car was NOT look for my phone to call for help or even try to find my jacket so I wouldn’t freeze, the very first thing I did was try to find my PS3! I guess I must have been out of it or something but I was more worried about my f-ing PS3 than anything else until I realized the situation we were in! Anyways…. yeah….. We eventually got help and my Playstation still works so everything pretty much worked out ok.

iankovach509 said:

September 17th, 2:18 am

Now all I need is to get the newest flash player and everything will be just perfect =D (so i can finally listen to music and play games on Myspace)

crazypenguin said:

September 17th, 3:45 am

:P i guess its really pointless then?

tabunet said:

September 17th, 3:57 am

Hi from Spain!

Thanks for the quick note, then does the update is not necessary in Europe?

But i have a small off-topic question:

I’m read in N4G ( and in the playstatio US boards( that “Life with PlayStation” now is aviable with a Folding@Home update but only for some users of USA but not in Europe yet

Can you tell me somethng about this.


Regards for you

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 4:36 am

Speaking of Japan… When the hell is Sony gonna drop a bomb on M$ in Japan for once and for all? Sheesh… 360 won again this week with nearly 30.000 sales and Where TF is the PS3? At the end with nearly 8.000! What the hell are they doing at SCEJ anyway? Sleeping?

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 4:37 am

I’m more worried about that than updates to be honest. I want that baby to sell and I want those RPG’s on the PS3 but this way we’ll most likely see even more less of them.

Jezer29 said:

September 17th, 4:44 am

What about the damn BT problem with Warhawk and some other games.. That we’ve had ever since 2.4.. When are you going to fix that??

Why can ya just give us some type of info on that.. Instead of just leaving us in the dark??

jgstyle said:

September 17th, 5:07 am

I’m still waiting for a firmware update that will allow me to play two stinkin’ videos in a row, like I could do on any computer circa 1998. COME ON Sony…

Enforcer_X said:

September 17th, 5:24 am

Good post this is what we like, a little heads up so we know what’s going on! Appreciated!
Thank you!

kingv84 said:

September 17th, 5:24 am

Update flash on the browser, let me play two videos files in a row too.

tabunet said:

September 17th, 5:25 am

My comment is awaiting moderation 109.

Why? if I have not insulted anybody

Thank you very much

GGCAN said:

September 17th, 5:27 am

Al, thanks for updating us on this.

LifesBane said:

September 17th, 5:30 am

At Kingv84 and others– from my understanding, the lack of the current version of flash in the browser is Adobe’s fault, not any of the other companies. The Wii browser has the same old version. I guess Adobe just hasn’t released the software that would let platforms other than the PC run it.

viprdude said:

September 17th, 5:40 am

can you be more vague?

when are you going to fix the bluetooth mics from dropping???????!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

whitewolf_dk said:

September 17th, 5:46 am

Living in Denmark, tried to start F@H, but it get’s stuck on the Looking for Update screen, the music from the HDD is playing, but F@H never starts – weird since it never had any problems before. So some work might be going on.

Hopefully Europe (Scandinavia) will get the ability to use rental contents soon, we are a bit left out :-(


Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 5:49 am

You guys are way too demanding, give the people at Sony a break will ya.

Razcor256 said:

September 17th, 5:49 am

I guess it is ok to make sure I have the latest firmware. But what is the hold up on some of the already exsisting problems with the current firmware. The only thing I can think of that is wrong is the bluetooth mics not working properly in some games. Are you guys hiding something? *Wink*

viprdude said:

September 17th, 6:00 am

@119. in this day and age, there is no excuse why they have a lack of information for the consumer and especially when they have messed up something that was not broken until they released 2.40.

now with each firmware release, they become more and more vague. we dont know what it actually happening to our ps3 system because we dont have a list of what was changed from one firmware to the next. its sad.

Fersis said:

September 17th, 6:24 am

why are you guys complaining ?
Its a firmware for the japanese guys store.

Onna76_NL said:

September 17th, 6:26 am

Erm I don’t mean about letting us know what the Firmware does to our PS3 consoles because I agree on that one, we “should” know about that. I talk more about the demanding of what people want to see in their firmware update. I read a list of a mile long of wishes around here. I understand this is a place to comment directly to Sony and you guys may be lucky to even have a blog around here. But its not like Sony can turn themselves into a thousand pieces to make that all work at once.

bass286 said:

September 17th, 6:28 am

what is this updating?

Andy D said:

September 17th, 6:36 am

How come the clock/battery thing is still not fixed? Whats gonna happen in a few weeks when we get the Headset and it has its own battery/signal overlay, will it fall on top of the other two?

And there are some reports of Life with Playstation being out as an update to FOH? Is it true? is it coming?

Kulczycky said:

September 17th, 6:42 am

When does the video store come to canada…??

Also cant u fix that music in game..Make it so we dont need patchs make it run from XMB…

Love Ps3 its awsome keep up the great work sony…

Fersis said:

September 17th, 6:45 am

@125 Andy D
Yeah the battery thing ,it will fixed i asume
Is not a big deal.

Kulczycky said:

September 17th, 6:52 am



September 17th, 6:53 am

Where are the RPGs sony?

GGCAN said:

September 17th, 7:26 am

Wow…so many rumors out there about this update..

One blog is saying:

“Like a cunning Decepticon, Folding@Home has transformed into Life With PlayStation. A Firmware update to 2.43 was made available overnight, and some users have emailed in this morning to say that when starting up Folding@Home it asked to update, and then the application became Life With PlayStation. The Firmware update seems to only be pushed out to Japanese PS3 owners, but a manual Firmware check from the XMB will prompt the download.”

Well, I run Folding@Home each day…I downloaded 2.43 and see NO difference in Folding@Home.

Just an fyi to others.

kspraydad said:

September 17th, 7:30 am

@ Jeff or Al

Thanks for the info men. Could I ask, however, that in the future you get this news out BEFORE the update goes live?

Thanks and all the best.

Seanscythe2 said:

September 17th, 7:50 am

When do we get in-game music patched and trophy support for PJMonsters?

GGCAN said:

September 17th, 7:53 am

In case people don’t read PS3 Fanboy…here’s the latest on the Life with Playstation with 2.43.

“Whoops! Looks like Sony might have accidentally let Life With PlayStation slip out into the public domain. Not for long, though, the service is now unavailable again. Though a few Americans managed to get their hands on it, Sony has told Eurogamer that “while testing the application, Life with PlayStation was available for download temporarily, by mistake.” No doubt we’ll be seeing a release date announcement pretty soon, which is good because the worldwide weather and news service has been delayed numerous times since July.”

Maybe those lucky few that got Life are now Beta Life with Playstation testers….

ThomasAnthony said:

September 17th, 7:57 am

In order to get Life With Playstation, what *I* myself did, in this order, was download the 2.43 update, then went to fold (since I was going to goto bed), downloaded a very small update, then went to fold after it installed that update and I was prompted to install Life With Playstation, which then proceeded to download the Life With Playstation app seperately.

2.43 does not contain the Life With Playstation data, it comes in a seperate download.

Why I got it and others did but not you? I don’t know.

What Warhawk problem?
And the “your comment awaits moderation” if you have linked to anything or possibly set off trigger words (like swear words)..
And Jeff is just one man, he might not be told the update is going live until its out.

elutej said:

September 17th, 8:02 am

Jeff or AL, is sony going to address the bluetooth mic issue’s caused by 2.40 update anytime?

RandomEarthling said:

September 17th, 8:04 am


GGCAN said:

September 17th, 8:05 am

@137, ThomasAnthony….I think I know why….I was playing games last night until 1:30 am and didn’t get the update until 8 am EST….

They must have pulled Life before my update…oh well…I’ll see it when it’s Live I guess.

GGCAN said:

September 17th, 8:07 am

Someone is also saying they heard if you do one work unit on Folding….that Folding does the update to Life after that…

Too many rumors right now…so until I see it on my PS3….I guess I’m SOL.

ThomasAnthony said:

September 17th, 8:10 am

Yes, it seems the update has been pulled for new users to download. I highly doubt doing one work unit is going to let you download the update.

chriscowboyd said:

September 17th, 8:20 am

i heard the same rumor about the folding home and it update to life with playstaion. i dont know if it true but i hate to get ya hype up but sony did say that life with playstation will have folding home with it. so maybe the rumor is true but all you guys have to do is download folding home and let it run on your ps3 lol it takes about 3 hrs to be finsh . and when its finsh you will have life with playstation or nothing but a lest you helping the cause. ya do know you can play anything on your ps3 for 3 hrs?

GGCAN said:

September 17th, 8:24 am


Yep,,,I never turn my PS3 off….Play games at night after work and during the day and when I go to sleep, I run Folding@Home.

Never had any problems so far, but my PS3 is in a really well ventilated spot as well..

ThomasAnthony said:

September 17th, 8:24 am

I was not playing my PS3 for any amount of time before I downloaded the updates.

Letters2Kay said:

September 17th, 8:33 am

Huh? Why, then?

Elsa43 said:

September 17th, 8:39 am

Shoot! I thought we were getting the bluetooth mic fix!

I’m almost getting used to using my old USB wired set… and fighting off the cats who want to play with the cords is adding a new element of adventure to my gaming! :)

Still… it’ll be nice to go wireless again…

GGCAN said:

September 17th, 8:41 am


Apparently released by mistake and it was pulled when discovered….

Take a look at my post @136….

Gnob said:

September 17th, 8:41 am

when are we getting a firmware update to fix bluetooth. or what about fixing in game xmb in home where are these firmwares. screw japan and their super secret options i want functionality before new crap.

vandam said:

September 17th, 8:45 am

What about A zoom feature for PSP when you are playing PS1 disks. I bought new SFA download and can zoom in and out. But when I play a disk it will not do that. Please help I’m geting old and can’t see very well!!LOL

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