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Sep 16

Sep 16

PS3 Firmware update (v2.43)

Al De Leon's Avatar Posted by

Sr. PR Manager, SCEA

Hi, everyone, I wanted to give you a heads up about PS3 firmware update (v2.43). Unlike previous updates, firmware v2.43 is specific to the Japan region, and only PS3 users there will be required to
install the update. PS3 users in all other regions will not be prompted to download v2.43. However, if you manually initiate a firmware update by clicking on “System Update” under the XMB’s Settings icon, the v2.43 update will be available, regardless of where you are located.

Users outside of Japan do not need to perform this update if your PS3 system software is on version v2.41 or later. However if you do perform the update, it will not cause any issues with your system or add any new functionality.

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GibbShift said:

September 18th, 9:06 am

Awesome, LwP is finally out. I’m hearing some popping with the standard music playing, but that’s about it. I’m just happy the service is up and running. I like it.

omaR77 said:

September 18th, 10:23 am

big deal. its more like sony keeps updating ppl blood pressure with this home crap, ungrateful sob’s

bigdaddyjane said:

September 18th, 10:24 am

Unless the update allows me to play my music on any game that I am playing,I don’t care about the update.

Angelmassb said:

September 18th, 11:35 am

This is too cool :D but when we are going to have a new firmware for the PSP? Its been to long since the last one and Im getting worried

NeCrom-X said:

September 18th, 11:54 am

Most of the questions are answer in the original post.

nextgenerationX said:

September 18th, 12:57 pm

does this update have anything to do with the playstation for life event in japan that was released today?

Darkemist said:

September 18th, 1:28 pm

Problems with firmware..

I downloaded the firmware on my 20gb ps3 and now some of my usb ports don’t work. Anyone else having this type of problem? I have to shut off my ps3 and back on using the switch in the back and even then only 2 or 3 usb ports work.

Christian103720 said:

September 18th, 2:49 pm

Well I updated my US playstation3 and after it downloaded and installed, it shut down the way it is supposed to. but then when i turned it back on, about 5 minutes later, it freezes. you know how it says ‘sony Computer Entertainment’, well it stays on the wave things and my XMB doesnt come up. My PS3 was recently replaced, so it is basically new. Did the update cause this to happen???? Please i need an answer!!!

Christian103720 said:

September 18th, 2:50 pm


FoomMan said:

September 18th, 11:11 pm

The XMB seems to run a bit smoother- but isn’t that always the case after firmware updates?

Snowman850 said:

September 19th, 1:14 pm

SCEA have bought over $200 dollars from the playstation store and even a few HD movies from your video store. I’m just wondering why I haven’t gotten into the beta yet since I have over 60 PS3 + network games the new PSP SLIM all this is confusing since my activity is high just check my underground account to confirm all of what i have said thank you for actually reading this my PSN ID: SBN_Rashad_850 keep up the good work

nunobaker said:

September 19th, 4:11 pm

I downloaded 2.43 yesterday…and as soon as I did my internet connection became very weak and kept disconnecting me from PSN. It gives me an error code, I forget which one. But even when I do get connected I can’t stay in any online game for long, I just lose connection. This problem started right after I downloaded the update. I should not have done it as it was only for Japan…don’t know why I did. Anyways if you guys on the blog could help me out at all, tell me what I should do I would appreciate it.

batman13 said:

September 19th, 6:34 pm

What if they planted a ghost file and after a certain amount of time it crashes our ps3’s….then they just blame it on firmware, and they say we have to buy a new one…only reason i can think of they would make the firmware for everyone

promongo said:

September 20th, 3:30 am

my p3 stopped working after this one. error on installing and tries to install it every time i boot. got the first 60 gb that came out in europe. my previous install was 2.01 or something. now it’s useless.

laxplaya25 said:

September 21st, 5:27 pm

ok i dont play ps3 during the week but on friday i got online and saw that there was an update so i downloaded the update(2.43). and now ever since every time i get in to a ps3 game after about 5 minutes the game freezes. but the top comment says i dosent cause problems but im starting to question this comment. thanks

laxplaya25 said:

September 21st, 5:33 pm

o now im glad to see that im not the only one this happens to.(christian103720

pot said:

September 26th, 3:05 pm

Life with Playstation is still nowhere to be seen. I have a feeling it was just something announced at E3 to cause hype when it wasn’t even near ready.

KFBradley said:

September 26th, 3:21 pm

I have a firmware feature request that I have yet to see. How about the ability to sort the Games category of the XMB alphabetically y name, instead of just by date or last played? It would be nice to group my Qore episodes together, as well as my Pixeljunk games.

Rolle90 said:

September 27th, 9:22 am

what is it that you have update?

wts said:

September 28th, 7:11 am


I just downloaded version 2.43 now my ps3 won’t recongnise any discs period, any suggestions on now to fix this. I was going from ver2.1 to 2.43.


snskidtv21 said:

September 28th, 4:56 pm

I don’t know if this bothers anyone other than me, but I watch music videos on my PS3 and what kills me is that I can’t make a video playlist. Who do I need to talk to about this? How hard could it be to implement something like this? Now that I think about it it would also be helpful when I have little mini marathons of tv shows. So please someone help me out here.

hardbal91 said:

September 29th, 5:26 am

After I upgraded to firmware 2.43 I can no longer connect to the system update. i can still connect to the internet browser and Playstation Store but everytime I try to open System Update I get a DNS error. Has anyone else had this problem and if so do you know the fix?

Unknownsoldier said:

September 29th, 8:06 am

If this update was ment for japan only
why wasn’t it region locked?

butcher_shawn415 said:

September 29th, 9:03 am

wts | September 28th, 2008 at 7:11 am


I just downloaded version 2.43 now my ps3 won’t recongnise any discs period, any suggestions on now to fix this. I was going from ver2.1 to 2.43.


haha i just sent my ps3 into sony for the second time for the same problem. your gonna have to do the same thing bro sorry

venusinferns said:

September 29th, 12:34 pm

I too am having the same problem. I have a 60gig and live in North America (California) and immediately after the update I got the ‘Error Code 80010514.’

Sony, please fix this with a new update and stop ignoring the people who actually supported you guys since day 1.

Please help us, Sony… you’re my only hope.

Unknownsoldier said:

September 29th, 8:52 pm

I have a 80 gig model, um it has froze on me like twice since the update but that’s all it’s done so far… try a system restore idk if it will work or not but it’s worth a shot i guess.

mikeseven said:

October 1st, 5:50 pm

2.43 breaks UPnP.
How can I revert to 2.42?

Unknownsoldier said:

October 1st, 11:20 pm

Call sony and see what they say.

Mr4 said:

October 2nd, 3:57 am


pourriez vous dans une futur maj ajouter un zoom dans le ps store car on voie trés mal les écris et ce que vous proposé
et il y a souvent des bugs avec le navigateur internet et youtube
la console c’est geler deux fois d’affiler ?
pourriez vous regardez ?

good day

mikeseven said:

October 3rd, 10:25 am

after much testing, I realized 2.43 is working perfectly. It is Twonkyvision that needed to be updated to 4.4.9 (latest version). 4.4.7 I was using doesn’t work with 2.43

glio said:

October 6th, 2:24 am

i just update my ps3 to 2.43, and than it reboot, my ps3 can’t read any disk now, please help! how can i do?

venusinferns said:

October 6th, 2:55 pm

Join the club glio — I’m just waiting for the next firmware update to see if it will fix it…

‘Cause there’s no way I’m paying $150 for something that was not my fault…

Please help us, Sony!

Lasher13 said:

October 11th, 10:59 am

This isn’t fair, especially if your warranty has run out. Version 2.43 destroyed my CECHA01 PS3(60 GB model). How was I supposed to know I wasn’t supposed to download it. How could Sony just abandon us like this? Tech support says there is no fix and there never will be. Well that the best news I’ve ever heard becuase now it is Time to buy a different console video game platform, and it won’t be made by Sony.

venusinferns said:

October 15th, 8:07 pm

Well, it didn’t work. I updated v2.50 and nothing! So now I have to pay $150 for something that was NOT my fault and I am not happy.

I work at a video game store and I always used to tell my customers that the PS3 is the way to go and that it’s 100x’s better than the 360… but now, I’m going to tell every single one of my customers to buy a 360 because I feel betrayed… just like Jesus did…


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