PlayStation Home Beta Extended Today

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If you’ve applied for the PlayStation Home closed beta, but have yet to receive an invite, you may want to check your inbox again as we’re opening PlayStation Home’s expanded closed beta again to thousands of new beta testers. The closed beta test is going quite well, so please don’t sweat if you didn’t make today’s list, as this wave of invitations will be followed by many more before our launch into open beta.

Home - Apartment 2

Since the initial wave of new invitations went out a few weeks ago, we’ve been having an incredible amount of fun in PlayStation Home meeting each other, launching into games together, and dancing the night away by Listen@Home! To give you an idea of what we’re up to, we gave some folks in the media a sneak peak of PlayStation Home. Check out their tour recaps:

Can’t wait to see everyone in PlayStation Home – I’m always down for a game of pool or rocking the robot lock!

See you in there.

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8 Author Replies

  • Captain Fury


  • when will the emails be sent out? if already sent i didnt get in. ;(

    cant wait for the open beta. hopefully it will be announced soon if our trophy level will have anything to do with home.

    • Jack Buser

      The emails are on their way, but some might get them before others. Keep checking.

      Also, don\’t forget that today\’s won\’t be the only wave…

  • Keeping my figures crossed thats for sure. I’ve been wanting to get in the Beta for awhile. I downloaded the wallpaper the first day off the PSN.

  • NICE!!!!
    I hope i get into it.

  • Captain Fury

    are the emails already out?

    just check but got nothing :(

  • So when is the open beta going to start?

    Will it start this year?

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Nice! I hope I get in :D

  • I didnt get in…im always online playing games…i cant understand why i never get in any betas

  • I can’t wait for Home! It’s gonna be sweet!

  • Why not just let anybody join and make sure they know it’s a BETA? Sounds fair to me.

  • I’ve been waiting patiently and anxiously but I don’t think luck is on my side with Home beta.

    You know there was a website that Phil announced a long time ago that say “keep checking back” and it’s had the same exact image and “check back” saying for like a year now. No luck I tell ya! None!

  • pattypatpatster

    yay :)
    i hope i get in

  • chaosatom333

    CAN all the members on the blog get in??

    just for being on blog. :)

    Then u don’t have to listen to anyone whine about it.

    psn: chaosatom

  • nice

  • this is good news imma F5 my mail like crazy

  • I dumped over 130 hours in Burnout alone, so the whole “network activity” thing for the beta is BS.

    What I’ve been reading on other websites is they get the beta, use it about 5 times and get bored of it. Let the REAL people that want to test it in Sony!

  • BlackAngel878

    i signed up by downloading the theme! will i get the invite? :(

  • darkiewonder

    Hope that means you included Puerto rico into the extended beta invite but looking at Life With Playstation it’s probably a no.

  • KingOfHearts

    Cool but will the open beta be open to everyone or just a few people.

  • Ah dag didn’t get it ;(. Glad to see that there will be yet another wave of email invites though, so I’ll see you all in home…eventually…

    • Jack Buser

      It might take a bit to get through your email system. You might want to check back again.

  • SantanaClaus89

    Cool thanks for the heads up. I hope some of my friends get in this time around so I’ll actually have some people to chill with.

  • CitizenInsane27

    Woot. I hope I get my invite. I would love to beta test Home but haven’t been given ample opportunity yet. From what I read also is that the beta is quickly approaching 1.0. Hopefully that means that even if we don’t get in this time, that the open beta isn’t too far off and should be arriving sometime soonish. Thanks for the chance to be part of this Sony, and maybe I’ll see you in Home.

  • well if my memory serves me well the emails went out last time around 3pm est time.

  • BulletToothTony

    To Jack…

    Hey jack.. i have a very important question… i have been a beta tester since april 2007 and i was very active in home.. but i was out of town when i received the email for the beta key upgrade…

    Sadly when i got back home i couldn’t find the beta key anymore.. i guess between all the playstation emails i erased it by mistake.. i know is my fault but i have called and emailed many times to sony and nobody seems to help me.. could you please look into it.

    My psn is: BulletTooth228

    i would appreciate it.. i miss home big time…

    Thanks for your time.

  • PLEASE tell me you sent one my way!! I’ll be the best beta tester in the group!

  • ur_not_ready

    *crosses fingers*

    Good luck fellas.

    (thanks for the update)

  • @ #15
    You are right about that.
    They should just let people who want to be in the beta.Because the beta tester only complain about it instead of appreciated!

  • i cant wait i hope i get in i play allot off ps3 games and plus i am in the socom beta rite now too i hope i get it

  • Guys please let us use music in our space and put up our own pictures again. This current build is lacking so much when it was first announced. Even more people added to the beta won’t help the boringness if there is nothing to do. I don’t see a reason for the service if I can’t listen to my music, watch my videos, download from the store, or even view my images. All of that can be done on my XMB so why use home? I love the thing but it needs more work.

  • KingOfHearts

    Any News on what time of the day these invites might go out?

  • No emails :-(

  • seedaripper1973

    how the hell are you supposed to sign up for it? or is it random again?? or just for the US and not europe?? sorry about the language, but i NEVER get into betats these days (and i did the original UK PS2 online beta)
    come on Jack…share some love here!!
    P.s mature UK gamer here, willing to give feedback (as i did in the ps2 beta)

  • Why the hell don’t you just open this all up to say, people who sign in at Why do you guys need to continue with this annoying ass random selection process?

  • Juniorlavigne

    Great news :)
    please Jack let me in i been waiting seen last year september. PLEASE
    PNS: JuniorCortorreal

  • @32 You need to download the Home theme from PSN. That supposedly acts as your application.

  • Awesome news, but…I was thinking I was going to get some work done today…now I’m just going to be refreshing my inbox all afternoon. lol

  • As long as it doesn’t brick my PS3 I wouldn’t mind if EVERYONE would beta test it.

    Wouldn’t that really iron out all the kinks?


  • Sony, you should of posted when the invites are going out. Now there is total chaos….

  • Yeah, I don’t think emails that will come in thousands at once won’t come just within a few minutes. Just check your emails later maybe at like atleast half an hour or an hour later from now… otherwise, I didn’t get a invite :(.

  • @38: I think he just took care of that.

  • how do you apply? by downloading the theme or what?

  • WOOHOO I will return to my inbox refreshing habits now.

  • byron_hinson

    Here’s hoping – been waiting ages for this

  • Slowly but surely…

  • geekdadcanada

    I’m still waiting for my Qore email for the game betas.

    Or are the game betas US only? How about this beta, or are Canadians included?


  • Welcome all you new beta testers!

  • TheApprentice

    Got in Sony…


  • come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn home!

    wait, i wont be able to DL it because Hurricane Ike took out my internet! I’ll have to drag my ps3 to my work and get on from here if I get it.

  • man i want in :)
    cmon Jeff buddy…

    anyways cant wait to it to be totally live, i bought a ps3 for this.

  • xXxNiteMarexXx

    i really hope i get an email

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