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Sep 26

Sep 26

Update on PSN Cards

Eric Lempel's Avatar Posted by

SVP, Marketing & PlayStation Network

As many of you have been asking for the PLAYSTATION Network Cards (especially in light of the huge PLAYSTATION Store content update yesterday)), we are excited to let you know that we have a full roll-out at major retailers on the way. The PLAYSTATION Network Cards will be available at Walmart, Best Buy, select Sam’s Club outlets in October 2008, and at Barnes & Noble College Bookstores locations in November 2008. Cards are available in $20.00 and $50.00 denominations and are currently offered at BLOCKBUSTER, Pamida, Meijer Superstores and Speedway store locations.

We’ll continue to update you as these cards are available in these stores and as they become available in more retail locations.

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slipping_halo said:

September 26th, 11:04 am

Sweet deal!!

iluvps3 said:

September 26th, 11:05 am

cool. Thanks

Stoffinator said:

September 26th, 11:06 am

Is this just in the US or does this include Canada as well? Please let us know.

JaKhris said:

September 26th, 11:06 am

Neat, I hope these cards will make it to Europe, some day…


ftwrthtx said:

September 26th, 11:07 am

Thanks for the heads up.

theownerz said:

September 26th, 11:09 am

thanks but arent they at 7-11 two right just asking

MACVIN said:

September 26th, 11:10 am

And what about france, will we ever see these PSN cards.

AceGamer said:

September 26th, 11:11 am


I’ve been dying to get my hands on one.

lifeRPGs said:

September 26th, 11:12 am

About bloody time.

joeboosauce said:

September 26th, 11:12 am

In light of the numerous problems associated by paying by credit card on the PSN Store, I attempted to buy a PSN card yesterday with no luck. So I had no option to buy anything. Are you going to fix the credit card adrress verification system? Make the site more user friendly?

joeboosauce said:

September 26th, 11:14 am

Also, I missed out on the $5 COD4 map pack due to problems with YOUR system. And your phone support were not helpful. Will you help????

CGAIT said:

September 26th, 11:14 am


EvoAnubis said:

September 26th, 11:16 am


HitnRunTony said:

September 26th, 11:17 am

Will there be tax charged on the cards when you purchase them in store?

CGAIT said:

September 26th, 11:18 am


JustVashu said:

September 26th, 11:21 am

Amazon PLEASEEEE :D. I Amazon would be the best place ever.

Mana Knight said:

September 26th, 11:22 am

@ joeboosauce, make sure your address is the exact same as your bank for your credit card has on file. If it says “oak st”, you say “oak st”, not “Oak ST”, since it’s case sensitive. If you live in a apartment, you might have to put it on address line 1. People I know with problems, fixed them by one of those two methods.

I’ve been buying PSN Cards at Meijer since June. It’s nice to see other retailers get them, but I’m sticking to Meijer for them.

poisonedsodapop said:

September 26th, 11:23 am

Finally some stores I actually go to pretty often. I’m glad to hear this.

nmc75 said:

September 26th, 11:24 am

Hi Eric, great news about the availability of the PSN cards. I was at Target yesterday and was hoping to see some but didn’t. Hopefully they become ubiquitous soon.

I HATE to be a subject changer, but I have to ask since you are the man with the answer: what’s the latest for in-game voice-chat across games? I remember you stating that Sony is evaluating this.. I think with this feature, it will be the final nail in the coffin for “what makes Xbox Live better than PS3’s XMB for online features” (which as more and more features are rolled out for XMB is a very very short list).. please respond and let us know what’s up, is it at least still be looked at?

GGCAN said:

September 26th, 11:28 am

@3 Stoffinator

What Jeff advised me to do earlier when they were at Blockbuster is call our headoffice in Canada for Blockbuster and inquire.

I’d suggest when they announce they are available at these store on this blog later in Oct 08….is to call a store or the head office and ask if Canada is also getting them at this time, or when they expect shipment.

Scodo_Thope said:

September 26th, 11:29 am

Ok, Ok!

This should be a good thing!


XxBigP123xX said:

September 26th, 11:30 am

Cool. But I won’t actually need them.

Miami-305 said:

September 26th, 11:32 am

when will they be at GameStop

jazzyrider said:

September 26th, 11:32 am

Can we get these online? I’d like to send my friends and brothers a card for Christmas.

un4gvn94538 said:

September 26th, 11:33 am

will believe when i see.

C-h-a-o-s said:

September 26th, 11:35 am

They’re finally hitting the huge retailers

xilla said:

September 26th, 11:39 am

PS3 is a beta

phat-smurf said:

September 26th, 11:40 am

but what about Canada?

jcasanova said:

September 26th, 11:40 am

Wonder if some day tPSN cards will be available in WalMarts and Sams Clubs outside the US.

Theossie said:

September 26th, 11:46 am

Thanks for the information.

Question though, would it possible in the future for us to have the option to purchase and game from the PS Store for someone else… For example

I have family in Florida. I’m in Georgia. And I want to buy MM9 for both of us…

Would be cool if I could enter their PSN ID for them as like a gift purchase and them maybe the game would show up in their download list for them when they sign on to the network

StalkingSilence said:

September 26th, 11:46 am

Smart move, probably won’t buy any for myself. But good idea.

DG said:

September 26th, 11:52 am

Are you sure you don’t want to wait a few more years? I mean you don’t want to rush it do you?

These make great gifts. For me.

I’ve been told I’m hard to buy for and I suggested PSN cards and Live cards. I recived no PSN cards and a ton of MS points on my Birthday last week.

Quit slacking on the cards Sony! They should have been out by now.

WilliaM said:

September 26th, 11:55 am

Thx for the update, when can we expect these cards in europe?

Letters2Kay said:

September 26th, 12:00 pm

As I’d posted before, I think it’s dangerous to say “PSN cards available at Blockbuster!” when about half of all Blockbusters are franchise locations that will most likely NEVER see them. I’d ammend it to read “PSN cards are available at CORPORATE Blockbuster locations”…

houseonfire said:

September 26th, 12:00 pm

will they be out in europe ???????????

CGAIT said:

September 26th, 12:02 pm


Jeigh said:

September 26th, 12:02 pm

Yays!~ Not that it really affects me, but this is pretty cool! :D

Might be a good stocking-stuffer.

Thanks for the update.

EViD said:

September 26th, 12:07 pm

what about amazon?

Nymo said:

September 26th, 12:10 pm

That’s good news!
Still not quite the walking-friendly locations for me, but at least that’s more places to get before the holiday season!

Violater said:

September 26th, 12:11 pm

Today is my B-day, can I get into a beta plz?

B1ack_Mage said:

September 26th, 12:27 pm

only took 2 years…. but, at least they’re finally out


September 26th, 12:42 pm

Great, just bring those to Mexico and Latin America

Nynja said:

September 26th, 1:01 pm

Nice. Please don’t sell out to GameStop.

I would imagine they want a cut of the money since they claim downloadable content it eats into their profits which extends to the longevity of a retail game reducing the number of trade-ins (where they in-turn rape the publishers and consumers).

GameStop has no right decide how the industry should operate.

tezasaurus said:

September 26th, 1:04 pm

Good news! I have a valid credit card so this isn’t going to affect me, but it’s nice that you’re updating folks!


September 26th, 1:07 pm

O Canada we have no cards for thee……………

fed315 said:

September 26th, 1:08 pm

im from nyc when can i start seeing cards at rite aid only nearby store for me thanks for the update

TheApprentice said:

September 26th, 1:11 pm

Why can’t you just specify whether its the US only?
Please clarify if Canada is included!

JinRamen said:

September 26th, 1:11 pm

Just bought a $20 PSN card today at local blockbuster and got charged $1.20 in tax. I was under the impression no tax would be charged. Whats the deal?

mza49311 said:

September 26th, 1:20 pm

Awesome, now I know what I can ask to get for christmasfrom anyone who asks me what I want, sadly this is very few or I’d be banking!

ddog said:

September 26th, 1:24 pm

sweeet!! i checked my whole city and no cards hopefully el paso will now have them with new stores

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