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Sep 29

Sep 29

Orlando Blog Reader’s Meet-up Recap (plus a little something for those who couldn’t make it)

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

When we started planning our Orlando blog readers’ meet-up, I can’t say that I set the bar that high. 30 people would be stunning. After all, our previous meet-ups took place alongside industry events such as PAX and E3; we had a built-in audience. Last Friday in Orlando was just that: a Friday in Orlando.


And yet last Friday we held our biggest, most fun, and best event ever. Over 150 Floridians turned out (many driving from far-off locations such as Tampa and Gainesville) to partake in WipEout HD, LittleBigPlanet beta, Buzz! Quiz TV and BBQ. It was great to get to talk with so many of you, many of whom expressed thanks for coming all the way out there.


Gamers testing out Wipeout HD

My favorite story of the night came from the gentleman (pictured below), who bet his friend $5 that he wouldn’t win anything, “because he never does.” This, of course, is right before he won a copy of Buzz PS3.


Actually, everyone was a winner, as we surprised attendees with LittleBigPlanet beta codes, prompting the biggest cheers of the night.

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and especially to Matt and Sean who took so many great pics with their fancy SLR cameras. Oh, and to the Orlando Sentinel, PS3 Fanboy, and other bloggers who wrote about the event.

Uber-extra-special thanks to the fine folks at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy/UCF, for proving such gracious hosts in an awesome venue. Thanks Todd, Rich, and JR.

Just so you know, we’ll be back in Central Florida (in a somewhat different capacity) in just a couple of weeks during the PlayStation Pro.

Oh, and we’ve got a few extra LBP codes for those who couldn’t make it. The first 50 people to email us at will receive an LBP beta key by the end of the day (Pacific time!).

UPDATE: All winners have been identified, and will be receiving their codes shortly (some of you have them already). So, um, that’s good on the emails! Thanks!

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eric1018 said:

September 29th, 3:18 pm

sigh…i didn’t even notice this

dogmanx23 said:

September 29th, 3:19 pm


Darnell0216 said:

September 29th, 3:20 pm

Of course this would be posted 5 minutes after I stopped looking at the blog for info LoL.

eric1018 said:

September 29th, 3:21 pm


HorizonShadow said:

September 29th, 3:21 pm


I was actually refreshing the page for awhile, then had to go talk to my parents about hockey, came back and lookit what happend =p

demonbat said:

September 29th, 3:21 pm


it’s like looking for a golden ticket in a chocolate bar :)

Zmathue said:

September 29th, 3:22 pm

I just wan’t to know what number my email was :)

Uncle_Sackboy said:

September 29th, 3:23 pm

Wow, I’ve been looking for a LBP Beta Code all weekend. I hope I’m not to late and able to get one. Thanks. I appreciate it

FritoZ said:

September 29th, 3:24 pm

good luck everyone!


Dave702 said:

September 29th, 3:24 pm

I Hope i get one. I live in Orlando,FL But couldnt go.I want a Beta code….I realy wanted to go….

eric1018 said:

September 29th, 3:24 pm

I believe the first 100 have gone a while ago…we are way late…

Fersis said:

September 29th, 3:24 pm

Damn i hate my job, i was working like an idiot ,while this happened…
im so sad :'(

Ostinho said:

September 29th, 3:24 pm

Email sent a while ago, I’m hoping for a code. x)

mywhitenoise said:

September 29th, 3:25 pm

damn it, Im probably too late.

tirminyl said:

September 29th, 3:25 pm

Man! I keep missing out on every LBP key opportunity known to man.

TheHakku said:

September 29th, 3:25 pm

I was working that day. I wanted to go as well. 727 represent. :p

CitizenInsane27 said:

September 29th, 3:25 pm

Well, damn. Looks like my shot to get into the LBP beta is out the window, I was just talking to one of my buddies about how I wished you guys would give out some codes, and looking here now, I realized, in my haze of Burnout, I missed my chance. That’s ok though, game comes out soon enough.

Hope you guys had a ton of fun in Orlando, I would’ve gone, but I’m in Minnesota, and there was no way I could’ve made it.

TRIX_BOL said:

September 29th, 3:26 pm

Mr. Rubenstein
Did you sent Beta Codes?

I know you said “will receive an LBP beta key by the end of the day (Pacific time!)”, but i guess you guys already hit the maximum of e-mail so please send the codes.

NuRetroKid said:

September 29th, 3:27 pm

E-mail sent 5 minutes ago, I hope i get a code =]

stewey said:

September 29th, 3:28 pm

Can you please let us know when all the codes are sent? And if I got one? ;)

andy2006 said:

September 29th, 3:30 pm

yeh :(

tearsofash said:

September 29th, 3:31 pm

Don’t need one.

Good luck to everyone else still trying to get in though.

Renck said:

September 29th, 3:31 pm

Only 50 beta keys for thousand of bloggers!!! C’mon you guys have more available please just start passing them to us.

Mudpick said:

September 29th, 3:32 pm

awww well, i just sent it, no luck i guess, or is there?

poisonedsodapop said:

September 29th, 3:32 pm

And the official LBP blog is now dead as well. This code is more elusive than….well I can’t think of anything. said:

September 29th, 3:32 pm

Sent mine just hoping you guys had more than 50… *cries*

falkai said:

September 29th, 3:32 pm

ive got a key but it says it invalid what do i do

jcasanova said:

September 29th, 3:33 pm

I’m glad to see in the pics that at last there is one woman in the meetings, haha.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 30th, 9:42 am

    There were several. We\’re getting better!

C-h-a-o-s said:

September 29th, 3:33 pm

Well I am prob the 1000th emailer. I was just kicking some butt in Socom and taking names.

ghamdikh1 said:

September 29th, 3:33 pm

i am already in the beta ,i received my code from eurogamer about 6 days ago,Any way welcome to the beta boys i hop you enjoy.

Remmulak said:

September 29th, 3:35 pm

Wow…the official blog of the Playstation gets 50 keys while other sites get more. That does not make sense. I was trying all day to get the other sites but they all crashed. Unfortunately a very disappointing day.

stewey said:

September 29th, 3:37 pm

Looks like I missed out on this one :( it sux, but at least I got HOME and Burnout to keep me occupied.

Dr-MoHD said:

September 29th, 3:38 pm

my heart and suol with in orlando
so gimme one code please

Jeigh said:

September 29th, 3:42 pm

Call me crazy, but I think I’m too late. :P

That’s some pretty cool stuff. WipeOut HD seems to be one of the first titles on PSN to get any significant degree of attention from the media. I’d say that’s a victory. :D

Sucks for Koei and Fatal Inertia though, since so many passed that up knowing that this was coming.

ediddy999 said:

September 29th, 3:42 pm

This is so wrong. It’s like throwing food into a sea of starving people. Ok well not exactly but I’m hungry and I want a beta code.

twooh said:

September 29th, 3:45 pm

First 50 people to email? What a rip. What about the people who don’t sit at home all day and actually have jobs?

I made up my mind from the last beta key give away, I’m avoiding LBP all together. I don’t like how Sony did these codes. It seems a bit unfair to me.

BZKlint said:

September 29th, 3:47 pm


Missed the LBP beta codes :(

Oh well..

I’m in the R2 beta now ;)

Maybe whens the public beta comes out, we can have a blog readers tournament :D

My team gets Jeff :P

ParadoxSeven said:

September 29th, 3:48 pm

Why not just let everybody play the beta? seriously? is it going to break anything to let people play with it? :( oh well, soon it will be here.

skunkworker said:

September 29th, 3:48 pm

I sent mine in before yall put up the notice saying that all of the winners were filled. How many codes did yall have?

adolson said:

September 29th, 3:48 pm

I’m sorry if I find this ridiculous, but 50 codes? For the Official PlayStation Blog? Only 50 codes? Seriously?

I didn’t get one, and I sent my email from my PS3. :\

Seriously, only 50 codes? For the Official PlayStation Blog?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 29th, 4:04 pm

    Well I brought 200 codes with me to the Blog Meetup (which this post was about). It only seemed right to give out the remaining 50.

juliant59 said:

September 29th, 3:49 pm

Got my code. Woo hoo thanks PS Blog :)

IGLOO05 said:

September 29th, 3:51 pm

Sup Jeff, it’s was really nice talking with you about all the betas and games we’re playing. My buddies had a great time and spent all weekend playing the LBP beta!

Peace Out.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    September 30th, 9:43 am

    Glen (Torgo) had good things to say about you.

taber38 said:

September 29th, 3:51 pm

lbp beta please

Coy78 said:

September 29th, 3:54 pm

lol, only 50 codes.

Daver said:

September 29th, 3:55 pm

Nice event!
Jeff can you bring someone from Linger in shadows here? so he can tell us more about it

EBE said:

September 29th, 3:57 pm

isnt there other thing to do.. like burnout, wipeout.. just wait for the game and before, some reviews.. for the moment it’s just a concept.. I ask more than a fine look, some switch, and anyone puting anything in it…

But I’m waiting it.. with hopes..

when can we expect a FFVII ??? that would make me crazy !!

hobojose said:

September 29th, 3:59 pm

Well just got my key :D
I suppose it pays off to have a RSS feed to this.

lakaihigh said:

September 29th, 3:59 pm

sorry i couldn’t make it out there Jeff I was having birthday dinner with my brother who’s up from FAU. Looks like everyone had a great time. with that kind of turn out that should tell you that O-Town is the place to be. you guys should def have more events/meet ups out here. congrats to all the beta key winners! I am officially jealous.


Clinton514 said:

September 29th, 4:01 pm

Well hello, I’m late. :|

eric1018 said:

September 29th, 4:01 pm

Hey Jeff, can you forward all of these requests to the LBP news site, cause the site actually crashed…

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