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Oct 01

Oct 01

PixelJunk Eden: Welcome to our Garden – An Interview with Baiyon and Q-Games’ Tomi

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

It’s Dylan Cuthbert here again with more info about PixelJunk Eden, which released July 31, 2008 on the PLAYSTATION Store. If you’ve played the game, you’ll no doubt notice that the music and visual style are crucial elements to the feel of Eden. If you haven’t yet played the game, we really hope that you’ll check it out.

We’ve received tons of great feedback about how much people really like the music. We love it, too. So, we’re happy to announce that the PixelJunk Eden Soundtrack will be available on the PS Store this Thursday, Oct. 2 for $2.99.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We thought you’d like to learn a little bit more about the artist/musician behind the game’s unique style. I will let the game’s director “Tomi” (Tominaga Shouichi) and Baiyon, the multimedia artist with whom we collaborated, answer some questions that were rustled up by Deborah Mars and Matt Morton at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

Yes, I have been lumbered with the translations! Ok, here we go:

PixelJunk Eden creators

Let’s just get this one out of the way, since we know everyone has been asking: What was the inspiration behind the art and music for PixelJunk Eden?

    Tomi: Baiyon’s creations were the biggest inspirations. I wanted to bring across the “liveliness” of his live performances.

    Baiyon: My main interests are multimedia, and everything I have been touched by in the medium until now is reflected in the work I did for Eden. Artworks, Music, Videogames that I have played, memories, experience and my past self, and also RGB and CMYK.

How old were you when you attended your first concert, and who played?

    Tomi: It wasn’t a concert, but when I was about 18 I visited an audio-visual exhibit created by Brian Eno and it left a lasting impression on me.

If you could play Eden co-op with 2 other people, who would it be and why?

    Tomi: I’d like to play Eden co-op with children and adults who normally don’t play videogames. I want to see how they would play the game.

    Baiyon: I’d like to play Eden co-op with my past self.

If you could have any famous piece of art hanging in your home, what would it be and why?

    Tomi: The smallest Paul Klee illustration I can find perhaps. But I try to keep my house as neutral as possible so rather than place famous pieces of art, I try to live modestly.

    Baiyon: I have never really thought about it before because I have too much of my own art, music and works by friends of mine, and favorite records. If I was forced to choose though I would have Marcel Duchamp’s “The Large Glass” (joke).

What is your favorite garden in Eden and why?

    Tomi: Garden 10. The imagery and music along with the overall atmosphere of that stage feels very impressive.

    Baiyon: Garden 9. Because it has a deep feeling like a club dance floor. The background’s motion and colors, mixed with the sound is an especially feel-good combination.

Short answer: Top 5 songs in your playlist right now?

    Tomi: My top 5 albums are:

    • Bcd-2 / Basic Channel
    • Unusual Signals / Quantec
    • The Modern Sound of Harry Beckett / Harry Beckett
    • Asa Breed / Matthew Dear
    • GAME / Perfume (Japanese music)

    Baiyon: I really like:

    • Enfants (Chants) / Ricardo Villalobos / Sei Es Drum
    • Riddim Mood / Johnny D / Oslo
    • Diboneg / Fausto Messina / WIR
    • Albertino / Guido Schneider, Andre Galluzzi / Cadenza
    • the middle / Baiyion / D1 Recordings

    …Also, if you want something good to listen to at home I recommend: Colleen, Francoise Hardy, Stephan Mathieu, Rhythm&Sound. If you want to know more about my playlist, check out my web page.

Who were your biggest influences in art and music?

    Tomi: The media artist Katsuhiro Yamaguchi who was also one of my professors at University. He taught me that “Art is constantly new.” In other words, art can get old. If you want to create art you always have to search for something new.

    Baiyon: I have been influenced by too many people in both art and music to answer this properly. However, Shigesato Itoi taught me how to communicate via creating and selling my work, and also the beauty of drawing further even after you have finished the journey.

Will there be Eden merchandise available for sale and where can we get it?

    Tomi: The PixelJunk Eden Soundtrack will be on sale October 2 on the PSN Store, and we also recently released the soundtrack on CD in Japan. We are also planning to make Eden t-Shirts but there is no plan to sell them just yet. Perhaps we’ll give some away in a future Blog entry!

Who at Q-Games most closely resembles a little Grimp?

    Tomi: 1P “Phona” is a crazy adventurer, 2P “Pana” is a vigorous girl, and 3P “Okali” is a studious type. So perhaps Phona resembles Baiyon a little? (joke!)

How did this collaboration between Q-Games and Baiyon start?

    Tomi: I first met Baiyon at a party held by a common acquaintance [Dylan: friends at a local company called Eniac that made the Starfox Command homepage for Japan]. I found Baiyon to be a very interesting person and we started talking about how it might be interesting for him to take part in the PixelJunk series we were just beginning to think about back then. Eden was different than other games in the series because it didn’t start out with a solid idea for the actual gameplay.

I’d like to thank Tomi and Baiyon for taking the time out to answer these questions from Deb and Matt. If you want to find out more about Baiyon, visit http://wetside.jp (media design) and http://baiyon.com (music).

Enjoy Eden and the soundtrack!

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EvoAnubis said:

October 1st, 12:47 pm

The music in Eden is VERY enjoyable, but I do wish custom soundtracks would’ve been an option prior to beating the game.

Also, any word on a PJ Monsters trophy patch? Or, better yet, ANY news on PJ Dungeons?

Theossie said:

October 1st, 12:51 pm

Very cool.. I was playing Warhawk the other day with the songs from Monsters…

I’ll pick this up..


NewYork214 said:

October 1st, 1:02 pm

i didnt get to all levels but i liked the music and art style alot. only one garden i didnt like but forget which one it was.

i need to go back and play eden. i got to level 6 i think and stopped to play warhawk i think and never went back yet. will soon though. when will next pixel junk game be announced.

nbnz said:

October 1st, 1:08 pm

Sounds great.

Question though, what format will the soundtrack be in and what (if any) DRM will be used?

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Matt Morton said:

    October 1st, 3:20 pm

    It will be in MP3 format, without DRM restrictions. This allows you to move it to any personal device you want.

skynidas said:

October 1st, 1:09 pm

Good interview.

Any news on the trophy patch for PixelJunk Monsters?

PyroJack said:

October 1st, 1:13 pm

I have a question. Why not just give it to the people who bought the game for free? To me that would make more sense because it would be like a thank you to the customers for buying the game. And you could still sell it for $2.99 to the people who don’t buy the game but still like the music and would like to buy it.

Am I right?

twooh said:

October 1st, 1:14 pm

Couldn’t you just give the people who bought the game, the music? I mean, didn’t they already kinda buy the music?

Only if all companies were as giving as the awesome Burnout creators.

Jeigh said:

October 1st, 1:15 pm

Very cool. More soundtracks are definitely welcome. (Hear that, other game developers? ) I hate having to order off of Amazon or use iTunes (why the… “heck” can’t I put my music on my PSP, Apple? ).

While we’re quasi-‘on-the-subject’, any word on Q-Games’ next project? :D

ur_not_ready said:

October 1st, 1:18 pm

Great game, i wonder if they ever plan on releasing add-ons.

VixDiesel said:

October 1st, 1:22 pm

So i aleady bought the game, if I want the soundtrack, i gotta spend more money?

maybe, but jeez.

anywho, no content updates?

Johnbot5k said:

October 1st, 1:23 pm

I sometimes just pause the game and leave the music running while I clean up around the house. I love it!

Dark_Vincent said:

October 1st, 1:26 pm

I love PJEden =) I’ve been playing it slowly but steadily, enjoying each Garden playthrough with my friend when he comes over. It just never gets old!

Scodo_Thope said:

October 1st, 1:28 pm

There is music in this game?


C-h-a-o-s said:

October 1st, 1:28 pm

I haven’t finished eden due to garden 7 being too much of a freaking pain. Good game though.

Ghostm said:

October 1st, 1:37 pm

Great interview!
When are going to see the PJMs Trophies?

erico316 said:

October 1st, 1:39 pm

i think sony should add a music store to the playstation store .btw i love how you guys keep bring out the soundtrack to yours games.

WestSiide said:

October 1st, 1:47 pm

so when can we expect to get some interesting news around here..?

GGCAN said:

October 1st, 1:50 pm

Thanks for the post Dylan.

@16 – erico316….I agree with you on the music store to PSN….another idea…maybe to have a jukebox in Home where we could listen to all types of music and then download to our PS3 or PSP.

I would be interested in that.

Ti_dus said:

October 1st, 1:51 pm

I’m in love with this game :) I love Eden, I love Amplitude, I love Lumines :D Please make PJE2 ;) I’m buying it definitely!

kleanx said:

October 1st, 1:53 pm

good interview, it’s always interesting to know more about the people behind the curtains. I have not yet played any PixelJunk game but i had a look at the music in the proposed playlist and it’s kinda cool, reminds me of the Kompakt party I were last week in Paris.

Do the people interviewed are themselves Djs btw ?

please continue to deliver soundtrack and other coolstuff via the PSN !

saintfighteraqua said:

October 1st, 1:57 pm

I would like to see some add-ons and customized sound tracks in the game….even though the music is great how it is.

If you make some add ons, please make some easy ones and hard ones too. I stink at the last few levels, and finally gave up (for now) But they were awesome!

any more word on PJM trophies? I want to go back and play it again, and trophies are the perfect excuse.

MeltTech said:

October 1st, 2:10 pm


Love the game, awesome. Best $9.99 I’ve spent in a long time. This lasts alot longer than those microbrew 6 packs too.

You mentioned 2p co-op and all. Is this a glimpse into the future and you’re gonna release some online co-op play for Eden? This would be great. You could make tons more trophies too.! Great idea, let’s see it come to realization!

EmThor said:

October 1st, 2:17 pm

Support these fine artists!

3$ well spent, thank you Tomi (& the Team) & Baiyon!

MegaClank said:

October 1st, 2:27 pm

I now need $3.18 to purchase it. Where can I find THAT kind of money? Do you think I’m THAT rich? :P Will buy when I can.

EktorOni said:

October 1st, 2:28 pm

SO getting this. Will go well inside my WipEout HD’s custom soundtrack playlist. :D

TRIX_BOL said:

October 1st, 2:29 pm

Are we getting trophies on PixelJunk Monsters?
Because that is the only reason why i bought it!

MrCamo said:

October 1st, 2:29 pm

I am so going to make a PJ Eden level on Little Big Planet tonite…. Thanks for the inspiration!!! I can see it now….. The music might take a while for me to get put together though…

RandomEarthling said:

October 1st, 2:34 pm

I will always support seeing stuff like this on the PSN. The music is definitely part of what makes Eden a great game.

ftwrthtx said:

October 1st, 2:49 pm

Eden is alot of fun.

Thanks for the info

FritoZ said:

October 1st, 2:56 pm


i love this game…and the music..

everyday shooter, PJ Monsters,a nd PJ Eden have some of the best music ever in videogames, imho…right up my alley

but no matter what, someone will not like it, so having custom soundtracks for all games is a must!

thanks for this great post!

eksMAN said:

October 1st, 3:00 pm


TheInfectedBy590 said:

October 1st, 3:11 pm

Art is what fuels imagination!

Sakimori_X said:

October 1st, 3:11 pm

Glad to hear the PJE soundtrack is getting a US release. Wish I’d known sooner, though. My copy from Japan should be here tomorrow morning. Oh well…


October 1st, 3:16 pm

Any chance there will be a Theme area in Home for PJE? It’d be cool to have animations of the swinging action in the background and the cool music. Just a thought. Keep games like that coming…..

jqtaxpayer said:

October 1st, 3:17 pm

@ #6: If you give everything away for free, you don’t eat.

Anyhow, great game, great music. Any chance of a clock-free mode? There was a lot of feedback on that too!

twooh said:

October 1st, 3:27 pm

@#35: If you buy everything twice, you can’t eat as good.

PyroJack said:

October 1st, 3:31 pm

@35 I’m not saying that they shouldn’t sell it at all. I think the people that don’t buy the game should have the option to buy the songs for $3. But I think the people who buy/bought the game should get it for free. It seems fair to me.

BZKlint said:

October 1st, 3:41 pm

Kinda off topic, but what are the typical specs of computers used to build games? Just wanted to know since I’m building my own PC and was gonna take up game art/design and 3d animation in college ;)

dan1066 said:

October 1st, 3:41 pm


    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dulan Cuthbert said:

    October 2nd, 12:40 am

    We had a last minute hitch but the patch is definitely moving through the pipeline now.. I\’m sure Matt will have some more info about that soon.

XxBigP123xX said:

October 1st, 3:59 pm

Any updates on the PJMonsters trophies?

nbnz said:

October 1st, 4:04 pm

Another question…will this be available on the EU (specifically UK) store?

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Matt Morton said:

    October 1st, 4:18 pm

    The EU store is going to release PixelJunk Eden as well as PixelJunk Monsters soundtracks tomorrow, I believe.

jcasanova said:

October 1st, 4:52 pm


I visited your site the other day and I kind of understand your are developing two more games, when are you going to reveal what are those!!!!!

I love Monsters and hope you release anotheer island sometime in the future!

SantanaClaus89 said:

October 1st, 5:28 pm

Pixeljunk Monsters trophy patch, please…

PSPsGTghOost said:

October 1st, 5:28 pm

When is the update coming to Eden? You know, the difficulty options, getting rid of the lame play every garden 5 times to win! Thats just lame lame lame.

What happened to Monster’s trophy patch and again difficulty options update?

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

Matt Morton said:

October 1st, 6:14 pm

There will be a more official announcement regarding an upcoming patch for PixelJunk Monsters soon. I wish I could say more. :)

Stinkin Mushroom said:

October 1st, 6:58 pm

Cool, thanks for the EU versions! :)

PS: Can’t wait for PJ Monsters new patch! Trophies baby! oh and euh.. make Pixeljunk Monsters 2 .. or show PJ Dungeons already!

Chaos_Bladez said:

October 1st, 7:01 pm

The music in PJE is really kick ass. I really like it. Too bad I haven’t bought it yet. I promise I’ll get it next time I have money for a PSN card!

Seriously, the music in the game slapps pretty hard. :D

Captain Fury said:

October 1st, 7:04 pm

yes! was waiting for this…

gonna WipEout to some PJE music!

tearsofash said:

October 1st, 7:57 pm

Cool. I might take this soundtrack to work Saturday and play it in the morning.

will_orz said:

October 1st, 8:16 pm

I’ve already found the soundtrack through…less than legal…means, but I am definitely buying it tomorrow to support such a great game, team, and artist. Plus it’ll find its way to my PS3 hard drive a lot easier.

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