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Oct 01

Oct 01

PixelJunk Eden: Welcome to our Garden – An Interview with Baiyon and Q-Games’ Tomi

Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar Posted by

President and Executive Producer, Q-Games Ltd.

It’s Dylan Cuthbert here again with more info about PixelJunk Eden, which released July 31, 2008 on the PLAYSTATION Store. If you’ve played the game, you’ll no doubt notice that the music and visual style are crucial elements to the feel of Eden. If you haven’t yet played the game, we really hope that you’ll check it out.

We’ve received tons of great feedback about how much people really like the music. We love it, too. So, we’re happy to announce that the PixelJunk Eden Soundtrack will be available on the PS Store this Thursday, Oct. 2 for $2.99.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We thought you’d like to learn a little bit more about the artist/musician behind the game’s unique style. I will let the game’s director “Tomi” (Tominaga Shouichi) and Baiyon, the multimedia artist with whom we collaborated, answer some questions that were rustled up by Deborah Mars and Matt Morton at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

Yes, I have been lumbered with the translations! Ok, here we go:

PixelJunk Eden creators

Let’s just get this one out of the way, since we know everyone has been asking: What was the inspiration behind the art and music for PixelJunk Eden?

    Tomi: Baiyon’s creations were the biggest inspirations. I wanted to bring across the “liveliness” of his live performances.

    Baiyon: My main interests are multimedia, and everything I have been touched by in the medium until now is reflected in the work I did for Eden. Artworks, Music, Videogames that I have played, memories, experience and my past self, and also RGB and CMYK.

How old were you when you attended your first concert, and who played?

    Tomi: It wasn’t a concert, but when I was about 18 I visited an audio-visual exhibit created by Brian Eno and it left a lasting impression on me.

If you could play Eden co-op with 2 other people, who would it be and why?

    Tomi: I’d like to play Eden co-op with children and adults who normally don’t play videogames. I want to see how they would play the game.

    Baiyon: I’d like to play Eden co-op with my past self.

If you could have any famous piece of art hanging in your home, what would it be and why?

    Tomi: The smallest Paul Klee illustration I can find perhaps. But I try to keep my house as neutral as possible so rather than place famous pieces of art, I try to live modestly.

    Baiyon: I have never really thought about it before because I have too much of my own art, music and works by friends of mine, and favorite records. If I was forced to choose though I would have Marcel Duchamp’s “The Large Glass” (joke).

What is your favorite garden in Eden and why?

    Tomi: Garden 10. The imagery and music along with the overall atmosphere of that stage feels very impressive.

    Baiyon: Garden 9. Because it has a deep feeling like a club dance floor. The background’s motion and colors, mixed with the sound is an especially feel-good combination.

Short answer: Top 5 songs in your playlist right now?

    Tomi: My top 5 albums are:

    • Bcd-2 / Basic Channel
    • Unusual Signals / Quantec
    • The Modern Sound of Harry Beckett / Harry Beckett
    • Asa Breed / Matthew Dear
    • GAME / Perfume (Japanese music)

    Baiyon: I really like:

    • Enfants (Chants) / Ricardo Villalobos / Sei Es Drum
    • Riddim Mood / Johnny D / Oslo
    • Diboneg / Fausto Messina / WIR
    • Albertino / Guido Schneider, Andre Galluzzi / Cadenza
    • the middle / Baiyion / D1 Recordings

    …Also, if you want something good to listen to at home I recommend: Colleen, Francoise Hardy, Stephan Mathieu, Rhythm&Sound. If you want to know more about my playlist, check out my web page.

Who were your biggest influences in art and music?

    Tomi: The media artist Katsuhiro Yamaguchi who was also one of my professors at University. He taught me that “Art is constantly new.” In other words, art can get old. If you want to create art you always have to search for something new.

    Baiyon: I have been influenced by too many people in both art and music to answer this properly. However, Shigesato Itoi taught me how to communicate via creating and selling my work, and also the beauty of drawing further even after you have finished the journey.

Will there be Eden merchandise available for sale and where can we get it?

    Tomi: The PixelJunk Eden Soundtrack will be on sale October 2 on the PSN Store, and we also recently released the soundtrack on CD in Japan. We are also planning to make Eden t-Shirts but there is no plan to sell them just yet. Perhaps we’ll give some away in a future Blog entry!

Who at Q-Games most closely resembles a little Grimp?

    Tomi: 1P “Phona” is a crazy adventurer, 2P “Pana” is a vigorous girl, and 3P “Okali” is a studious type. So perhaps Phona resembles Baiyon a little? (joke!)

How did this collaboration between Q-Games and Baiyon start?

    Tomi: I first met Baiyon at a party held by a common acquaintance [Dylan: friends at a local company called Eniac that made the Starfox Command homepage for Japan]. I found Baiyon to be a very interesting person and we started talking about how it might be interesting for him to take part in the PixelJunk series we were just beginning to think about back then. Eden was different than other games in the series because it didn’t start out with a solid idea for the actual gameplay.

I’d like to thank Tomi and Baiyon for taking the time out to answer these questions from Deb and Matt. If you want to find out more about Baiyon, visit (media design) and (music).

Enjoy Eden and the soundtrack!

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Rogerjak said:

October 2nd, 1:33 am

I gotta love the soundtrack. I love techno so this is a big yes yes for me:D

herb420 said:

October 2nd, 4:57 am

F your crappy music. I don’t care how great you say it is, I want custom soundtracks. Techno music is awful. I am not asking that it is removed, just give all the rest of us the option to listen to something that isn’t terrible.

Please, you will get another sale if you add this feature. My one point against this game is the terrible music. Also, I know this is the wrong section, but Burnout could really use a custom soundtrack as well. Not to mention not playing Guns and Roses every F-ing time I turn it on!!! Axel Rose is a filthy Navi Lover!!

Sorry about the rant.

whatisdelicious said:

October 2nd, 7:14 am


I love the music in Eden and Monsters, and these are the kind of prices I want to see from digital downloads. THIS is how digital downloads of music should work. It would discourage so many pirates because it’s so cheap. I remember I was thinking about checking to see if the Monsters soundtrack was available through… “less legal” means, but then it was released for $2.99 and I’m like…wow. That’s awesome.

Anyway, kudos.

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

October 2nd, 7:57 am

When are you releasing a physical copy?

DLC is *not* ownership, and I only buy tangible games that I actually own.

Do you want my money or not?

zeke2040 said:

October 2nd, 8:13 am

that mad cool we’re getting the soundtracks on the store, i can’t wait to load them up… also thanks for the hard work..

FritoZ said:

October 2nd, 8:44 am


IT’S $3.00!!!!!!


if someone DOESN’T have $3.00, THEN WHY/HOW DID YOU GET A PS3????

seriously, just don’t eat at McDonald’s for one meal…that’s it!

day one purchase 4 me!


FritoZ said:

October 2nd, 8:48 am

@54 Wuggybooufuf-

luckily, they addressed that issue already-

and i quote-

“It will be in MP3 format, without DRM restrictions. This allows you to move it to any personal device you want.”

so there ya go, if you *MUST* have it on CD (that’s so 90’s) you can simply burn em directly to cd once you transfer em with a memory card/sd card to your computer!


TheZed said:

October 2nd, 8:51 am


You sir, are very uninformed.

1. Pixel Junk Eden DOES support custome soundtrack…you just have to get all Spectra first. Stinks, i know, but they did it for a reason. The experiance of PJE is on of sight AND sound tied together. They want you to experiance that in full before they allow you to listen to whatever you want while playing co-op or fighting for top scores.

2. Burnout DOES support custome soundtrack. You can access it from the Start Menu or from the Easy Drive menue. It can not be accessed from the In-Game XMB.

3. I do have to agree with you though, listning to Paradise City every time I turn the game on has made me hit Mute on my TV before starting Burnout. And Axel Rose is a jerk.

Foxx said:

October 2nd, 9:33 am

Any news on PJ: Dungeons and if it’s still in the works or not? TGS ’08???

ftown said:

October 2nd, 10:26 am

nice, the Eden soundtrack is around $30.00 on amazon & playasia, keep up the good work Dylan. btw, that office looks like a dump, the homemade plywood walls & all, not trying to offend, I’m just sayin’.

    Dylan Cuthbert's Avatar

    Dulan Cuthbert said:

    October 2nd, 9:10 pm

    Hey! Our office is really nice – you need to see the desks in context – we have a hemp floor and the wooden desks fit in perfectly.

    Also, just to mention but you can get the physical CD on import from too for people who want the embossed CD and Baiyon-drawn artwork inlays.

    However, the PSN package is a pretty good deal I think, and the CD import should be considered the Collector\’s Edition.

PyroJack said:

October 2nd, 10:27 am

So you must think that when they raise the price you gas up $3 more that its no big deal either, right? I mean, if someone can’t afford that then why did they buy a car, right? said:

October 2nd, 10:54 am

Matt, thanks for taking the time to respond to people here, even the rude and impatient ones. You’re a better man than me. Although I suppose people clamoring for more is pretty low on the list of worst problems to have. b^_^

I really appreciate the choice to make them DRM-free MP3s. I was wanting a soundtrack for a while and this announcement piqued my interest, but given the draconian rules about the PSN video downloads I was worried. So this was a major relief.

$3 for a full soundtrack is an AMAZING deal, and $10 for Eden was a steal. I’ve payed more for worse games, and I’ve definitely payed a lot more for much worse music.

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

October 2nd, 11:00 am

I don’t buy DLC and I don’t buy MP3s.

It’s not ownership.

Give me a physical game and a physical CD and you’ve got yourself a sale.

No media = no sale.

Come on guys – do you want my money or not?

Put up or shut up.

FritoZ said:

October 2nd, 11:48 am


weakest argument ever…gas is a constant necessity, this is a one time purchase.

it’s $3.00 for an entire album..

nuff said.

@63- “….I don’t buy MP3s. It’s not ownership.”

i don’t even know what to say to that…i take it you don’t have a computer, huh? it is possible with the fantastic new technologies nowadays to burn a PHYSICAL disc from mp3’s…

now if you are an audiophile, you would know uncompressed .wav files have better quality, BUT THIS IS $3.00!!!!!!

it’s never enough for some people.. said:

October 2nd, 3:13 pm

Fact of the matter is even if you buy a disc with the game on it, you still don’t have ownership of it, it’s all licensed code. Legally, your rights are the same. In some ways digital files are more permanent than discs because you can copy them etc, plus with the games you essentially have a lifetime warranty. You delete it, your PS3 goes kaput, get a virus, files get corrupted etc. you can download it again free of charge. What’s Gamestop’s policy? 10 days? In the end you’re just spending an extra $10-$30 on 25¢ of plastic by buying it on a disc.

If you were making the argument that the sound quality isn’t as good etc, I would understand, or even that having album art and supporting local record stores or the band itself are worthwhile, I would totally understand. I still buy CDs, partially for the sound quality, partially because I like album art, partially because I like keeping small labels in business. That stuff is worth the extra $3 or $5 to me (and I NEVER buy DRMed music or video digitally). When it’s priced at $3 for DRM-free MP3s, though, is it really worth an extra $12-$17 for that stuff? That’s a choice I’m happy to have, as there’s nothing inherently wrong or insecure about digital media.

DudeFX said:

October 2nd, 3:25 pm

Love the soundtrack, can you guys post the artwork for the soundtrack? I see it’s nicely attached to the MP3 file itself, but it’s good to have it backed up because sometimes mp3 software like Zune will forget the art and then you’re stuck. All we need it something small like 220×220 would be ideal. Thanks.

DudeFX said:

October 2nd, 3:33 pm

Forgot to add that Baiyon did an amazing job with this soundtrack. My fave track is #2, great beat. Will def use this music in WipeoutHD and other PS3 games.

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

October 2nd, 9:23 pm

>Fact of the matter is even if you buy a disc with the game on it, you still don’t have ownership of it, it’s all licensed code. Legally, your rights are the same

Actually, outside of the U.S., that’s incorrect. Which is why I want a physical copy.

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

October 2nd, 9:24 pm

And, fact of the matter is that’s factually incorrect to begin with. A physical copy is *mine*.

If I want to rip it to my computer? MY right.
If I want to rip it to my MP3 player? MY right.

A physical copy *belongs* to ME.

Tondog said:

October 2nd, 10:28 pm

Wuggyboobeaufuf, stop complaining in EVERY post about a downloadable game. The fact is, these games are not possible on a physical medium because they just don’t make economic sense. Does it really make sense to press a ton of discs for a small game and sell them for $20 when you could save the company and consumers money by offering it up for $10? No, it does not.

However, I would like to see some kind of PSN compilation disc in the future. Sort of like a “Best of PSN” collection on a Blu-ray.

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

October 3rd, 12:44 am

@70 – I’m going to complain in *every* relevant thread until my demands are met.

Sony should be satisfying *all* its customers – not just some. said:

October 3rd, 9:54 am

I find it hard to believe that copyright law is THAT different in EU or Australia, especially considering the prevalence of EULAs. First off, it’s explicitly stated that it’s a LICENSE agreement in the name, and secondly most of them make it clear that you’re not allowed to copy, reverse engineer etc the code, and that contract overrides the baseline law (you can make copies for your personal use). They still hold the copyright on the code or the sound files, and the very definition of a copyright is that you get to control who can and can’t make copies of your creation. I love it when copyright holders let me copy their creation for my convenience, and I go out of my way to support them, especially the most permissive licenses like GPL.

Is it yours to the extent that you can learn the songs verbatim from the CD and perform them live and charge admission? Can you make copies and sell them? Most people agree that’s wrong. At that point, the thing you bought (which is really the music moreso than the disc itself) doesn’t *belong* to you in this absolute sense you’re trying to portray it. I’m not saying this means it’s illegal to make backups or put it on your computer AND your MP3 player, I’m saying that framing the discussion in terms of absolute ownership doesn’t capture the reality of the situation.

Again, if you want to argue the practicality of disc-based media over purely digital media, I’m on board. But saying that what you’re paying for is something fundamentally different and your rights are different is simply false. The only difference is the delivery method.

But the copying issue is moot in the case of the Eden soundtrack, because by making them DRM-free MP3s, they HAVE made it simple for you to copy them onto your computer or MP3 player without issue, and there’s no license agreement that takes that right from you.

the6one said:

October 3rd, 11:16 am


PS4 needs to be just like be PS2! It doesn’t need to be a carbon copy of PS2 but rather it should incorporate everything that made the PS2 a hit and the best selling console with over 140 million plus in sales. Secondly, PS4 needs to scream fun and adventure as opposed to being superior and technologically advanced. PS3 is a great console and should do well over its 10-year life-cyle but PS4 will and should serve mainly and at this point only as a games console with our brand of computer entertainment. Playstation brand controls have proven the test of time but now it is time for something new, different, and innovative from SCEI. I believe in PS4 and that the system should strategically launch sometime in late 2010. If not 2010, definetly in Spring 2011. Let’s beat the beast Microsoft to market. As for as current plans, continue to produce both 1st party and third party on the PS3 as well progressing through our online strategy for HOme, LBP, and other MMO’s. PS4 should not be an evolution but rather a separation from PS3. It should be more user-frienldy and less tech savvy. Hope everything goes well with the development of the new platform of Playstation brand of the future Signing off…..


artofwar420 said:

October 10th, 12:27 am

This is great that the music so far in the PSN has been DRM-free, I just wish that Sony would do the same with the videos. They’d get soooooo much money, soooooo much.

40cal said:

October 12th, 7:36 pm

Ok, I loved Junk Monsters. Got the e-mail, download Junk Eden get more Junk Monsters for free right. Now the wife and myself have wasted the entire weekend with Junk Eden. And with more Junk Monsters on the way there wont be much getting done around the house for a while. Thanks(Sarcasm)

Really, Keep up the great work people.

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