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Oct 08

Oct 08

TGS 08: Sackboy Solid Snake and Sephiroth to join LittleBigPlanet

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Minutes ago on the Tokyo Game Show show floor, the Kratos and Nariko Sackboys/girls made a couple of new friends. Welcome Sackboy Solid Snake and Sackboy Sephiroth!


I caught up to Media Molecule’s Alex Evans minutes before the announcement was made, and he talked about this dream collaboration:

It all started with the Helghast thing. It was really funny because we were aware of a lot of possibilities of who we could work with. I remember the first time that Final Fantasy was mentioned, and there was a bet over whether it would be happened since it’s such a precious franchise.

And with Metal Gear, I bought my PS1 for Metal Gear Solid, and I didn’t have a memory card – so I left the game on when I went to work and came home and played some more.

To be involved with MGS is… slightly bizarre. When we were looking at what options as a studio we’d have to work with, they were under the “yeah, right!” category of games.

and Sackboy have a strong identity and flavor. So then you try to find the translation to Metal Gear and Sephiroth, and the guys that made the characters really brought the flavors of LittleBigPlanet and Metal Gear together and kept the flavor of both of them

[On Final Fantasy collaboration:] It’s a whole universe, and they’ve built up this ethos. And we’re honored to be let into that universe.

We’l have more details on LittleBigPlanet’s newest residents soon. In the meantime, click here for more hi-res pics.

solid_snake_new_001 seph_render_black

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ChuckD said:

October 8th, 11:05 pm

Oh my god!!! That is freakin’ sweet!!!

3AM said:

October 8th, 11:06 pm


TheInfectedBy590 said:

October 8th, 11:07 pm

no Cloud?

ChefOo7 said:

October 8th, 11:08 pm

To see those two iconic characters reimagined for LBP is ridiculously amazing :) let’s hope they’re available on the final version!

and, just as a joke, is this image of Sephiroth be the closest thing we’ll get to a Final Fantasy VII for the PS3?! Say it isn’t so! ^_^

3AM said:

October 8th, 11:08 pm


momba0014 said:

October 8th, 11:09 pm

OMG!!!!!!!!!!Solid Snake + Sephiroth=freakin awesome!!!!!Im buying this when ever it comes out.

XxBigP123xX said:

October 8th, 11:09 pm

So that’s Killzone, God of War, Metal Gear, and Final Fantasy.

Keep going! :D

warezIbanez said:

October 8th, 11:10 pm


Lol, the Solid Snake Sackboy makes this article 5/5.

hijaker77 said:

October 8th, 11:12 pm

Sweet. This is only getting better :)

sld_snk said:

October 8th, 11:14 pm

OMG! Yes… PLZ bring more characters. Bring the whole FF7 gang. I would 100% buy a pack that included the final fantasy characters.

TheHater said:

October 8th, 11:14 pm

OMG, I am having a heart attack here. Where their is Sephiroth, Cloud is soon to follow. Need a Cloud Sackboy also

sublimentality said:

October 8th, 11:14 pm

Nice!! You should only allow PSN users level 5 or higher to download these guys. That’ll shut the trophy haters up. Oct. 21 is going to really kill my wallet with 5 must have PS3 titles coming out. Good Job!

jimmyn28 said:

October 8th, 11:16 pm


railenmiles said:

October 8th, 11:18 pm

Whoa, can’t believe this actually made me feel a bit better! Go sackboys and sackgirls!

But I’m still bitter about the report of Tekken 6 going multiplatform — er.. don’t mind me.

Go sackpeoples!!

wocyob said:

October 8th, 11:21 pm

awwwwsoome…. need more chars lile cloud… redxiii would be funny… gogo to them to get more…. also can you find out if these guys are free or are they DLC?

thanks for such awesome info

lifeRPGs said:

October 8th, 11:23 pm

Oh my goodness, sephiroth is smiling!

ftwrthtx said:

October 8th, 11:23 pm

Thanks for the info.

The game has been alot of fun

AceOfSpades725 said:

October 8th, 11:24 pm

whoa! how awesome is this?!?! :D

yet another reason to pick up this game as soon as it comes out!

i can’t wait!!!

Thanks Media Molecule! and Jeff for posting this and making me even more excited!

what a great thing to see before going to calling it a night!

Chaosdnc said:

October 8th, 11:25 pm


wolverine81 said:

October 8th, 11:25 pm

Pretty darn cool! I love the beta! Can’t wait for the full thing to come out. How do we get our hands on these beautiful creations?

Shqype said:

October 8th, 11:31 pm

This is awesome. What location will I have to pre-order LBP from to get these? :D

Chaosdnc said:

October 8th, 11:31 pm

Im sorry I’m more calm now, what I meant to say is this is a-freaking-mazing. Good work Mm and good work SONY.

Jenovah said:

October 8th, 11:34 pm

Sooooooooo Awesome….And Adorable!!

KeyWii said:

October 8th, 11:35 pm

OH SNAP! Awesome. But hey, give Sackiroth his sword, would ya?

DevilWillcry said:

October 8th, 11:37 pm

AWESOME now do Ico and Wander. I know you want to Sony!

irk_t_great said:

October 8th, 11:37 pm

Awesome, very cool. I can’t wait for this game. I’m lovin the beta!

ScarSlasher said:

October 8th, 11:41 pm

Estuans interius
ira vehementi
Estuans interius
ira vehementi
doo doo, doo doo,

ScarSlasher said:

October 8th, 11:41 pm

What about the awesomeness of the music that is…


hife said:

October 8th, 11:41 pm

With the two exclusives already leaked and now this, Sony has already won TGS. Now for those 9 other PS3 exclusives…

verybadbeetle said:

October 8th, 11:45 pm

Please excuse me while I pick my jaw up off of the floor. I must have those!

Jeigh said:

October 8th, 11:49 pm

I don’t… understand… Did I miss it or was it just not said: are these just more pre-order bonuses or are the DLC or are we getting them with the game…? Please, please, PLEASE say it’s the last one. :D

Either way, that’s frickin’ cool. Annoying about Tekken 6, but hardly an issue considering that pretty much EVERYONE saw it coming, but NO ONE saw this coming. I’m going to be the fricking flame-walker of LittleBigPlanet. Bring on the burning village! :D

Neil said:

October 8th, 11:50 pm

So amazing.

illegalprelude said:

October 8th, 11:58 pm

One question…How do we get these? Do we download them…are the just for fun and not for public? I want!!!!

Delriach said:

October 9th, 12:01 am

So awesome. :)

stlthriot said:

October 9th, 12:03 am

That is pretty darn sweet! Most excited to see Sephiroth, although, to see Cloud would be even more amazing!! :D
Maybe even an FFVII level set!

EViD said:

October 9th, 12:10 am

OMG! So how do we get them?

DawnOfAshes said:

October 9th, 12:10 am

Woah! this game will be awesome. I wish to MM and Sony the best for this

Stoffinator said:

October 9th, 12:11 am

What about a young Snake and Big Boss? Hell, the whole MGS line up would be nice. :-p

GameDreamer said:

October 9th, 12:17 am


That’s some badass news.

Jiminy Cricket said:

October 9th, 12:18 am

Dreams… really can come true.

PaNDaSHaT said:

October 9th, 12:18 am

They look great! This game just gets better and better.

alucard2023 said:

October 9th, 12:19 am

amazing best characters ever, all left is to include ocelot :D,
dont make us wait months for this characters :(

B1ack_Mage said:

October 9th, 12:23 am

Unlike a dumb theme, I will definitely pay for these

TheApprentice said:

October 9th, 12:23 am

I still want Nariko sackgirl and MEDIA MOLECULE still hasn’t announced it for Canada.

THe latest I heard is that they’re all done in Canada without ever being announced :(

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Mark Valledor said:

    October 9th, 2:58 am

    Nariko SackGirl is at FutureShop in Canada

DawnOfAshes said:

October 9th, 12:24 am

when sony will hold his conference?

warezIbanez said:

October 9th, 12:26 am

Haha, I KNEW people would be raving for Cloud if Sephiroth got in LBP. :P

Exclusivity on gaining trophies isn’t a bad idea- I’m at Level 6 w/ 169 trophies myself…

KaiserSosate said:

October 9th, 12:26 am

They all look good, lets just hope they are in the game and not as preorder materials.

AceGamer said:

October 9th, 12:31 am

Seriously. You guys should get Nintendo to Jump on.

Maybe not the whole Nintendo cast… but maybe Mario & Luigi?

Yawn_monkeyboy said:

October 9th, 12:34 am

Great news!

I’m just concerned about one thing; The Kratos and Nariko costumes are available in a lot of countries with either pre-order or magazine purchase. But how does it work for us in the countries that aren’t able to get these? I tried buying a UK Magazine here in Sweden just to get the Kratos code, but unforturnatley it’s not possible to obtain outside of the UK. So how are we, forgoten souls, able to get our hands on those costumes? I’d really like an answere for this. Thanks.

Johnny Sasaki said:

October 9th, 12:35 am

w00t! Old Snake! :D

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