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Oct 09

Oct 09

Resistance: Retribution & Resistance 2 Interoperability and Then Some

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Creative Director, Bend Studio

Hi everyone, my name is John Garvin, co-director of SCEA’s Bend Studio, and I wanted to give everyone a quick update on Resistance: Retribution. Chris Reese (my co-director at the studio) and I are in Tokyo this week presenting Resistance: Retribution at TGS. After our game was revealed at E3 in July, we got a lot of questions about connectivity between Resistance: Retribution and Resistance 2 on the PS3. We’re pretty excited to announce that yes, we will be providing additional game play and features if you connect R:R to R2! Here’s how it works.


Connect R:R to R2 using a USB cable. Go into the R2 options screen, and select “Infect your PSP!” That’s all it takes.

Infected mode lasts until you power down your PSP. So, what is “Infected mode”?


Infected mode provides an alternate story within our alternate history. While in prison for desertion, Grayson is recruited by Specter Lieutenant David LaSalle (from the R2 storyline) and is infected with a mutated version of the Chimeran virus … a different version of the virus that infects Nathan Hale.

While playing in “infected” mode, Grayson wears a Specter uniform and has glowing Chimeran eyes. He gets to use one of the new weapons from R2: the HE .44 Magnum, which fires explosive rounds that can be triggered remotely. He has regenerative health and no longer needs to look for health packs. He can breathe underwater, allowing him to reach hidden areas that he could not reach before. And we’ve added another whole class of Intel that are hidden throughout the levels. Collecting all of the “infected” intel will unlock another R2 weapon, the Plasma Grenades.

Another cool feature we’re including is something we call PSP Plus!


Activated from the R2 options screen, PSP Plus! allows you to play Resistance: Retribution using your Dualshock 3 wireless controller. We remove aim assist and increase the challenge level of the game. We even support the vibration function of the controller. If you’re playing at home and want to experience Resistance: Retribution in an all new way, this is it.

That’s it for this update. In the near future we’ll have some news on our multiplayer game. Stay tuned.

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kspraydad said:

October 9th, 7:00 am

@49…um…you can already play PSP games on your TV…this just adds the ability to use your DS3 too.

stinkey said:

October 9th, 7:01 am

I have to do some serious saving Now. I Gotta get R:R and the PSP 300 with the 4gig mem plus new surround speakers and all the hot titles that are coming out this fall. Starting next week with FIFA 09

stinkey said:

October 9th, 7:01 am

I meant PSP 3000

walls99 said:

October 9th, 7:01 am

@51. I have the original PSP which doesn’t allow playing on the TV.

According to the last image the owners of the original PSP are screwed. Way to go Sony. Cut off the #&^% of your early adopters. Bravo.

LokeSTL said:

October 9th, 7:05 am

Nice…make it work for all PSP games, and that will me a major plus for me. Can’t wait to be able to play all my PSP games on the HDTV with the wireless control of the DualShock. Now I just need a good up-converting home theater receiver to get the PSP picture to fill the screen. Bring on PSP+!!!!

NewYork214 said:

October 9th, 7:07 am

sounds cool. and i doubt u cant use this on psp phats. if thats the case then that sucks because im not buyin a new PSP yet

bp9801 said:

October 9th, 7:08 am

That sounds pretty sweet.. adds a ton of new content into the portable game and even a new way to play it. Looks like I definitely have to get both now. Maybe pick up the component cables to play my PSP 2000 on my tv. Never really needed them before.. may want them now haha.

Shotaro Kaneda said:

October 9th, 7:08 am

Good work

.Seiven. said:

October 9th, 7:08 am

THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT…finally some gameplay cooperation between my 2 favorite systems…can’t wait for both releases.

rexor0717 said:

October 9th, 7:11 am

This sounds great. I was already going to buy the both games, but this gives me another great reason. Please do this more often, or just the PSP+. Have it be a feature from the Games part of the XMB. It should become a standard for PSP games.

Lord Raoh said:

October 9th, 7:12 am

thank you for this.. i’ve been asking for more of this since crosstalk between socom on psp and ps2.

a highly underused feature by sony. hope to see more of it in the future.

XxBoR1CuAxX said:

October 9th, 7:12 am

simply amazing

NewYork214 said:

October 9th, 7:14 am


look at the picture right under it. he is playin on his PSP screen. so maybe ur not screwed

Enforcer_X said:

October 9th, 7:27 am

Wish it worked wirelessly but a cool feature all the same!

Can’t wait to Infect my PSP!

DarkArcon said:

October 9th, 7:27 am

Does it say that you can only access these features until you turn the PSP off… I think it would be better if you could access them any time as long as you have saved while ìnfected

Dice_for_Death_ said:

October 9th, 7:27 am

Well, I’m sold. Whether I need a new PSP or not, I’m pretty well bought and paid for, now.

Rai_11 said:

October 9th, 7:30 am

Wow! AMAZING FEATURE! This better work with my PSP phat!

TheHater said:

October 9th, 7:32 am

Both was a muct buy for me, but now with these features, the are a MUST MUST buy for me

Scodo_Thope said:

October 9th, 7:34 am

PSP-3000 soon!


walls99 said:

October 9th, 7:36 am

@63. I hope you are right.

ftwrthtx said:

October 9th, 7:36 am

I’ll be pre-ordering Retribution now.

zeke2040 said:

October 9th, 7:41 am

oh man, now i can fully enjoy Resistance: Retribution… sometime playing FPS on psp is a mission… thanks for the update for this game, and what it can do for us…

Joe said:

October 9th, 7:50 am

Does this feature work with any version of the PSP or just the PSP 3000?

Also this is a great feature and I hope to see many many games use this feature too.

subbed said:

October 9th, 7:54 am

Great idea. Only wish you could transfer the video up via the usb since I dont want to get a new psp. I like the idea of playing on my tv with a ds3 when at home.

jcasanova said:

October 9th, 8:03 am

It could be good if all ps3 games had some kind of unlockable on the PSP!!

DTX said:

October 9th, 8:06 am

Now this is the kind of stuff I wanted to see happen for the PSP and finally somebody answered. I can’t wait to pick up both titles. This shows just one of the many things you can do with the PSP & PS3 together. WooHoo!

eratyptin said:

October 9th, 8:08 am

that is absolutely badass! I can’t wait!!!

Toast said:

October 9th, 8:09 am

Wow, that’s some sweet connections. I’ve always disliked the psp ‘analog’ thumb thing, getting to play with the DS3 is an awesome addition.

keep up the great work guys, it’s good to see companies putting customer satisfaction as an important aspect of the company.

saturnneo said:

October 9th, 8:12 am

gotta have ’em

TLSBill said:

October 9th, 8:12 am

I’ve been asking for PS3 games to do more with the PSP for a while now, and I’m very glad to see that somebody is going forward with ideas in that vein. So, good job, congratulations, and thank you!

That said, there might be better ways to go about it… I believe Infected mode should be time based (24hour bug) or something other than powering off. Your Resistance game is great in that it can be taken with you, but once you keep users from powering off the device, you’ve locked them to their houses. If they are staying at home anyway, what incentive do they have to play the PSP game instead of going on-line with R2?

Also a question, does PSP+ work only with PSP’s that have a video out, or can those of us with 1000 series still use the DS3 on our small screens?

subbed said:

October 9th, 8:12 am

ghostm TGS just got going but yea it doesn’t look like Sony is going to steal the show. We will see.

Back on target a bit more I dont have a slim/3000 but does the audio go though the connection to the tv or is it still just out of the psp?

skaterricky said:

October 9th, 8:29 am


Don’t Know if I’ll Get Resistance Retribution or not since R2 will take up alot of my time.. but Resistance Retribution will be a great way to go portable when your away from the PS3.

I also hope more developers do use this PSP Plus Feature to its Core! Hope all you Developers out there Read This!!

Why Not use for the PS3 Connect PSP use the Wifi functionality with the PS3 and PSP its more likely that No one is going to be so far away from the PS3 anyways if they want to hook it up with the TV funcality on the PSP to use to play Resistance Retribution with the funality with the DS3.

I myself would like that Functionality that way I can play it upstairs on my TV in the Bedroom when im sick ;)

Thanks Ricky,


Eternity_Viper_Snake said:

October 9th, 8:36 am

Sweet can’t wait but does any 1 know about the public beta i got my code (@ gamestop) followed instructions and nothing (no email) or conformation and used two beta keys and still nothing it said thank you and just look in you playstation network e-mail box and nothing am i the only one having this problem :(

Elsa43 said:

October 9th, 8:36 am

Does this work with the original model of the PSP (1000 series) or just the newer versions??

… excellent concept and it’s great to see the interoperability between the two units!!

wolverine81 said:

October 9th, 8:37 am


EvoAnubis said:

October 9th, 8:40 am

Very impressive!

EvoAnubis said:

October 9th, 8:46 am

I have a question. Why do some of the posters here keep asking if the video-out works for all three models of the PSP when the answer is not only completely obvious, but also was explained in a nice big picture?

No offense meant, but are some of you guys just dumb?

lpguycu said:

October 9th, 8:48 am

Well done. This will make both games a day one buy.


October 9th, 9:09 am

Man this is what Sony is really about, innovation. I can’t wait to buy both of these now. Also I hope further down the line the psp plus option will be available for more games and made retroactive with a patch for just psp games. Either way it’s a great feature, that’s only on PlayStation. Sony today is a great day to play.
Kudos and keep em coming like this.

gener1c said:

October 9th, 9:11 am

Doesn’t this defeat the whole Idea that the psp is suppose to be portable?

BabeBro said:

October 9th, 9:15 am

Bring on the Open beta! R2 is a must! Thank you guys for making such a wonderful game!

AwRy108 said:

October 9th, 9:30 am

While I applaud the innovative ideas here, I have one burning question: why not just launch a “PSP2” (instead of the PSP-3000) with Dual Analog sticks on it?

crystalx3d said:

October 9th, 9:30 am

These guys are not just dumb. They’re wondering if the psp+ feature can be used with the psp fatty to enable DS3 controls in the game even if they have to look at the tiny psp screen. Obviously the fat psp can’t connect to the tv. However, some might wonder if the usb cable can also be used to uplink video to the ps3 system so that the psp game video is displayed through the ps3’s video connection to the tv, kinda like a reverse-remoteplay. I would say that this is highly unlikely for this game if it’s even possible at all.

EricJensen said:

October 9th, 9:43 am

It shows in the last picture that you can play on the tv (psp 2000/3000) or on the psp itself (all psp)

crystalx3d said:

October 9th, 9:47 am

This is great. I’ve been wanting more interconnectivity for some time. This is a good start. Actually, the best idea I could think of for interconnectivity would be if future ps3 titles would take advantage of the psp’s game sharing feature or maybe just provide psps with a downloadable app that would extend the functionality of the main ps3 game. (moogle virtual pet for FFXIII maybe?) As far as playing the game with the DS3, sure it takes the portable out of psP, but on the other hand people on this very blog have been asking for a feature like this for a long time. So if you don’t like it, don’t use it. That simple. While it might not be as convenient as connecting the psp directly to the DS3 or allowing the connection to be wireless or letting anyone watch the video on the tv by sending it through the usb cable to the ps3, this is at least a step in the right direction. I’d personally like it if developers would take the game sharing approach, so then features like these wouldn’t be limited to psp and ps3 games of the same franchise coming out at the same time.

lakaihigh said:

October 9th, 9:49 am

badass! you had me at ‘hello’ hahaha no seriously, I will be buying both of these games and cannot wait to try this out. so once you ‘infect’ your psp you can connect the psp to your tv and play the game with the dualshock 3 on your tv? that is intense. I love it and will use it. please don’t abandon this idea it is soooo great and I want to see more games follow suit. I know there are titles already released that can be updated to support this *ahem* syphon filter *cough*. but def future games should do this. boosts replay value and game sales fo sho!


madtyger said:

October 9th, 9:59 am

Finally! I’ve been waiting for a game to bring features like these. Great work, I’m looking foward to checking out how well the PS3 to PSP connectivity really works!

cell989 said:

October 9th, 10:32 am

Plasma Grenades? How do does work??
I want them now!!

Snap said:

October 9th, 10:43 am

Nice work Bend Studios!

chrisrhymz said:

October 9th, 10:44 am

thats some pretty awesome features…

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