TGS 08: Kotani-san Answers Your Patapon 2 Questions

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Last week, we gave you the chance to ask Patapon 2 game designer Hiroyuki Kotani your questions about the follow up to this year’s unique PSP hit. A few days ago in SCEI’s Tokyo offices, I passed those questions on to Kotani-san (through an interpreter). He was happy to answer your questions on camera:

The next day, he introduced Patapon 2 Don Chaka (Japanese title) to the media at Tokyo Game Show. I transcribed the event, which should answer even more questions you may have about the game.

Kotani: We received a lot of requests after the first one, which shaped Patapon 2

• More customization
• Want to create original Patapons
• Want to play Patapon Longer
• Want to enjoy Patapon with friends.

The game takes place on an unknown island after the first game. There, the Patapon are blocked by the Karmen, a mysterious masked clan, blocking the Patapon’s path to the true Earthend. That’s where you come in.

Early on, you’ll encounter a lost Patapon, who is the Hero Patapon. The Hero Patapon features in both single player campaign and multiplayer.

In ad-hoc MP, the missions involve Magical Eggs

Kotani-san brings 3 players up to help, including Andrew Yoon of PS3 Fanboy and Dale North of Destructoid. One controls the new wizard class of Patapon (Mahopon), another takes control of the bird rider (Toripon), another new Patapon class.

The goal of the mission played is to carry an egg to the goal, where the egg can hatch and reveal a mask, which can then be used in the single player campaign. The 4 players cooperatively battle a giant bird boss equipped with a lethal, um, gas attack. When they get into Fever mode, meteors rain from the sky in attack.

Once the players get into the rhythm, they are able to take down the avian monster using Attack, Withdraw, and March commands. The players are then launched a rhythm game (similar to the “make it rain” miracle in the original Patapon), only longer and more complex. At the end, the egg hatches, and they receive a mask, which is equippable in the single player mode.

Kotani-san runs through some comparisons with the original game (basically, significantly more levels, items, Rarepon varieties, classes, and more in the sequel). He also reveals a Game Sharing mode, where 4 players can play missions with a single Patapon 2 UMD.

All of the new features were added due to player feedback, and Patapon 2 is more accessible than the original. He finishes up by saying that he designed Patapon 2 with “the idea of players smiling in enjoyment” as they play.

We’ll continue to bring you Patapon 2 news as we get closer to release, which will be 2009 in North America.

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  • cool

  • Masterofallz

    You get your sleep Jeff? :P
    Looks awesome.

  • Great!

    i really enjoyed the 1st one! Patapon 2 looks to be even better!

  • still no news on porting Patapon to the ps3?

  • So awesome that you found one of the Wizard of OZ munchkins to translate the interview.

  • XxBigP123xX

    2009 in North America.


  • I also enjoyed first one, will gladly buy part 2

  • everett1992

    totally, i thought they were all dead, but apparently they found one.

  • Thanks for the post Jeff.

  • Thanks for the info.

  • SWeeeeeeeeeeeeeet the first game Rocked

    ADD ME: Th1zzMan

  • Rockerchicbev I LUV YA

  • Is Fumito Ueda doing an interview ?!


    Don’t expect me to stop moaning anytime soon :P

  • Howabout a PSN version for those of us too broke to buy a PSP?

  • wolverine81

    Good work Jeff! Excellent information!

  • I like the first part .
    Ill buy the second part .
    thanks jeff .

  • saintfighteraqua

    Yay!! I hope they will also make us a patapon PS3 game!!

  • If you make a PS3 version I’d definitely buying it!

  • darkiewonder

    PLEASE tell me this game will be one of the supported game for the Ps3/psp connectivity so I can play local ad-hoc using my ps3!

  • jeff any news on the release date of patapon 2 for the usa?

  • ya first one was great i am glad they made the 2nd one and locoroco 2 two great games for psp,they should have made them for ps3 too ,wonder why they didnt.

  • DankandSticky

    Awesome, Thank you very much Jeff this is Sick!!

    I loved Patapon so much… I own one of those Rolito Patapon Bearbricks unopened and everything!! ;)

  • Ill wait for patapon on ps3. Even though i have a psp.

  • Thank god they made an easy mode, I honestly sucked at fever mode which hindered me a lot while playing the first game. I love it when devs improve sequels via user feedback. I can’t wait for Patapon 2!

  • This is a must buy. I will purchase with the WHITE PSP-3000 when ever it comes out. Can we say Bundle!!!!!

  • Oh and Jeff man you are one underappreciated guy, thanks a bunch for getting our questions out to Kotani San (right you add that after their first name?) and all the things you do for us bloggers. I’ve been a PlayStation Fan since it’s launch and never really had any real interaction until this blog came along, very grateful for it.

  • Mudpick…wrong thread…you posted your views already…are you REALLY ‘sorry’?

    Yeah for Patapon.

  • When is it out? And hopefully they keep it at the same price point as Patapon. Also they need to bring a PSN version, cant have enough Patapon.

  • Its just i wanted Jeff to see it, after all he is social media manager, if its so annoying where can i show it to the Sony Staff?

    After all i know you’ll like to see some of those things in your PS3

  • @30 Mudpick

    Right hand side of the blog: CONTACT US


    The PSN is scheduled to be unavailable tomorrow, Oct. 14, during the following time:

    * 11AM – 4PM Pacific
    * 2PM – 7PM Eastern

  • Can’t wait.

  • PSXNation26

    This is one of the most anticipated games of 08. PATAPON 4 Life

  • If a list of firmware updates is posted under every single article, I’m going to be calling for more use of the BanSword.

    I LOVE the game-sharing feature! Should make it all the easier to find someone to play with! :D

  • @ 24 Mudpick
    Whats your problem man? It says Patapon 2 on the thread topic! Not what would you like PSN to become! We al want PSN to be great but come on!

    Other than that grerat news! First PataPon = Best PSP game by far! :D
    Looking forward to the sequel!

  • @ Ajora (34)

    So true. Patapon’s the first game on the PSP I’ve really consistently come back to. There’s something special about it, though it gets annoying how everytime someone needs to talk to you, you end up screwing up your beat. It’s a trade-off, but for such a great game I think it’s a good one.

  • I am certain to get this when it comes out!

  • (not very)Funny, on the official playstation(3) blog you can not see the movies on the ps3!

  • Is there Trophy support?

    Loved the first game, can’t wait until the 2nd.

  • Loved the first one. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • @39

    The PSP doesn’t have trophy support and the first title didn’t have “in-game trophies”.

  • lobotomies4free

    We need a console Patapon and a real LocoRoco. PSP games come to the ps2 all the time (apparently easily).

    Thanks for PS2 Lumines btw

  • StalkingSilence


    I have never really understood how to use game-sharing, but I bought my brother a PSP and now that more games are doing some unique things with it, I think it might warrant a PS.Blog post. Kinda like you did with the HDD replacement tips.

    It’d be great to see some general PSP tips on the blog to celebrate the launch of the PSP-3000!

  • Cannot understand a word the translator says. Next time add subs…

  • @38…visit in two days!

  • I’m pleased we won;t be getting this till next year actually. Too much coming out now and it gives me something great to play next year when it comes out when releases dry up again.

  • Yes, Patapon 2 looks like it will be even better then the first one.
    The only must-buy for me when it comes to upcoming PSP games, although:
    – When will it be released?

    Also, Jeff, tell Kotani-san (if you can) to at least consider the PS3 versions of both games.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Port to PS3 please. I am tired of my PSP for now… Music machine until something new comes out.

  • Really enjoyed the original Patapon. Will Patapon 2 be $20 as well?

  • snowboardzombie

    any chance this will come to PS3?

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