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Oct 14

Oct 14

Firmware 5.0 Demo: PlayStation Store on PSP

Grace Chen's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, PlayStation Store

Hi everyone, as Eric mentioned in his post yesterday, we wanted to give you a live demo of the PSP’s direct access to PlayStation Store, which will be coming with the 5.00 firmware update. Now whenever your PSP is connected to the Internet over WiFi, you’ll be able to download and enjoy the latest games, demos and trailers on the go without needing to sync up to your PS3 or PC. Here’s a brief walk-through of what you’ll experience.

On a related note, the PS3 firmware update (2.50) will add Flash Player 9 support to the PS3 Web browser, so you’ll be able to actually watch this video (and all of our blog videos) on your PS3 once the firmware goes live!

In addition, I want to point out that the PlayStation Network is scheduled to be unavailable in North America today from 11AM to 4PM PST due to essential maintenance work.

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zeel said:

October 14th, 12:45 pm

will the PSP 3000 4GB pack ship with this on it or will it not be released that soon?

TheGuardian1973 said:

October 14th, 12:46 pm


Atoms said:

October 14th, 12:49 pm

The 3 is officially a PC now!

Scodo_Thope said:

October 14th, 12:52 pm

Wut a media center the thing, the PlayStation (P & 3) has become…. and I am Lovin’ it!


jorgiex said:

October 14th, 12:53 pm

Can’t wait for the update…Now is the PSN down? It’s 3:54pm EST….?

TheZed said:

October 14th, 12:58 pm

Flash 9 support to the PS3 web browser! Finally, the browser is starting to resemble something actually functional.

Ymaster587 said:

October 14th, 1:03 pm

Flash 9???????????????????? Thank you!!!

isolatebody said:

October 14th, 1:05 pm

Flash upgrade……….yippeeeeee!!!!

EricJensen said:

October 14th, 1:10 pm

This is great but the whole idea of the PSN is to stay connected, what is the PSN without friends list and messaging?

The only feature of the PSP’s PSN access is the Store?


jazzyrider said:

October 14th, 1:10 pm

Wow – is it me or are the firmware upgrades getting better? Just wish they would incorporate these sooner instead of later. And how about a timeframe or date? I would think they do this soon since M$ is about to release an update on their side and Sony would be smart to do something before them.

GGCAN said:

October 14th, 1:11 pm

@104 – zeel.

I’ve been reading the 4 GB PSP 3000 won’t be available until Nov 2008.

seafea said:

October 14th, 1:11 pm

Will the downtime perhaps coincide with the uploading of… something new? :3

Ac3theone said:

October 14th, 1:12 pm


Nito025 said:

October 14th, 1:16 pm

@ 112. I agree with you 100% buttt I was just finally able to view the 5.00 demo on SCEAs You Tube channel, and above the playstation store icon, I DO see a create message icon!!! Not trying to get anyones hopes up, but it does look like you’ll be able to send some type of message! Maybe to network friends? Or emails? Its anyones guess..anybody else see what I’m talking about

ThomasAnthony said:

October 14th, 1:18 pm

I’d like to see open XMB application development. That way more distributed projects can be made, like SETI@Home. Also for open emulators, think of someone making a PS2 emulator for free for you Sony, then all PS3s will have PS2 emulation.


October 14th, 1:19 pm

Flash 9 support? Finally. The Browser will have almost no trouble browsing any websites. Flash support is huge.

brianr said:

October 14th, 1:21 pm


ringorinfret said:

October 14th, 1:22 pm

Can’t wait to try out the flash 9 plug in. I have big hopes for this :)

STMaraj said:

October 14th, 1:24 pm

I was not expecting that Flash Update news here. It really surprised me. Thanks!

FeaturePreacher said:

October 14th, 1:25 pm

The Flash update is nice. I really hope the 2.50 firmware adds multiple data album editing since ps3 users are not allowed to create folders. I would hope even more that it would allow users access to their music while playing any ps3 game. Skype for the ps3 wouldn’t be a bad idea either so ps3 users could have persistent voice chat with their friends. Plus skype would be a way to get around any patent issues if there were any. Along with the push to put trophies into ps3 games, please push developers to put in-game music access in there games. Give them the necessary code to do this if they can’t figure it out.

skaterricky said:

October 14th, 1:29 pm

Flash Player 9 is the best news Ive Heard all day today :D Thanks again for the Update and keep hard on rockin some mroe updates in the future PLEASE!

Thanks Ricky,

NewYork214 said:

October 14th, 1:29 pm


you can organize your pictures,music,videos,and games by clicking triangle then information and changing the album name.

i have my PS3 game list going by PS3 games,PS1 games,Ps3 demos.

and videos by Movies,Game Trailers,Shows

its really easy

Masterofallz said:

October 14th, 1:31 pm

Flash Player 9!? ****!
Im so glad I got a ps3.. Thanks sony!

FeaturePreacher said:

October 14th, 1:33 pm

HOME is not a game, just a service.

FeaturePreacher said:

October 14th, 1:34 pm

You can do that, but you can’t do it for multiple pieces of data at the same time. Such an easy issue to fix with a firmware update.

mywhitenoise said:

October 14th, 1:37 pm

The most wanted feature for me is an “Edit All/Multiple” option for music, photos, videos, and games.

1. Make In-Game soundtracks mandatory for ALL games. Don’t leave it up to the developers, just have the music play over the game…then us gamers can adjust the game settings so that we can still hear the SFX, but mute the game Music.

2. Add more color options for the background (like the PSP), and add an option to change the color of the silk…how cool would that look to have a black background with red silk?

3. Add option to have sub folders. It would be nice to view folders by Artist, and then by Album folders for Music.

4. Add the ability to sort files (specifically the games) in the order that you want them. For example, I have Superstardust HD in the middle of my folder, I’d like it near the top.

5. Add a ‘copy all’ and ‘copy multiple’ function to save files for PS1/2 virtual memory cards and ps3 games.

6. Add more icons for our accounts. Here’s some ideas MGS, LBP, Heavenly Sword, GTA, GT5, Rock Band, Tekken, DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Call Of Duty.

7. Add more profile information like the gamers location, hobbies, track games played, bio.

8. Play videos individually, and continuously.

9. Please tie everything to your username, instead of the MAC address of the PS3. You have no idea how frustrating it is that I have to start my Rock Band save all over again, because I had to send my PS3 in for a repair. Rock Band, High Velocity Bowling, among others have locked saves, even with a full system back up they wont transfer to another PS3.

10. Also, when you restore your backup to another PS3, you have to redownload all of your PSN content, and then activate the PS3 to play them…why can’t you just activate the PS3 to unlock the games instead of having to redownload?

11. add BC to ALL PS3 models.

LokeSTL said:

October 14th, 1:38 pm

Um….that TV in the background is an Sony 46″ XBR5. Anyone else notice that the PSP image fills the screen? I own that TV and I assure you that it doesn’t have a zoom that powerful. Hopefully there is a change in this FW that allows us to view the PSP image without the overscan. Wish I could pan down to see if the connection is direct from the PSP to the TV.

MrCamo said:

October 14th, 1:39 pm

Sorry, i did not realise that my last comment was worth moderating, but it was true :) :(

Ghostm said:

October 14th, 1:40 pm

@ 40
Oooohh, yes she is! You guys need to get her in an episode of Qore.

Great PSP update. All we are missing from the PS3 is cross game chat and cross game invite.

CaptnSpaulding said:

October 14th, 1:40 pm

I agree with many on here – why leave the original/first PSP customer out?

Where is our Skype?
Where is our TV Out?

Sony should either sort us out or allow us to exchange our ‘Phat PSP’ in for a ‘Slim & Lite/3000’ with a discounted trade in price ($30 sounds reasonable!)

grimgard said:

October 14th, 1:44 pm

Great mke it easier for me to spend my money :P

Now if Sony could only make Remote play work 100% I would be happy. As it is now I am luck if it works 50% of the time :(

esodeez said:

October 14th, 1:45 pm

Grace, these updates are good but I still feel alienated on PSN. I log on and send text to my friends and hardly get responses. They don’t know how I look, sound, or anything, so why would they respond! We need more personalization on PSN! We need audio/video messaging, cross-game invites, and just a plain easier way to get in contact with friends. It is VERY frustrating.

SonnyJim said:

October 14th, 1:48 pm

Sounds like a great update! Finally a flash update for the browser. A little late though as I just bought a PC so I could web browse. Thanks none the less.

EricJensen said:

October 14th, 1:50 pm

Sorry to burst bubbles, apparently everyone thinks that icon is for messaging, that is just the account management icon.

EViD said:

October 14th, 1:51 pm


Enforcer_X said:

October 14th, 1:54 pm

I can’t believe Eric didn’t mention Flash 9 support!


Anyway nice Demo look forward to updating my PSP and PS3!

Keep rocking PlayStation!

Nito025 said:

October 14th, 1:55 pm

@137. Absolutely rite dude, thanks for the confirmation…I guess no friends access this time around…

Wheels86 said:

October 14th, 1:57 pm

Wow I* cant wait for this to be released Sony does an awesome job yet again

womfalcs3 said:

October 14th, 1:58 pm

Will download! Keep it up Sony.

iceman said:

October 14th, 2:01 pm

when when WHEN!!!!!

glad to see that the flash player will finally get updated was hopeing it would come soon

chriscowboyd said:

October 14th, 2:01 pm

@ 127 read mine comment i saied name 5 games that xbox have no others system, i gave 6 but the point being you can not play home on a xbox360 . but please answer my question name me 5 127? dont worry am still waiting.

vlad01234 said:

October 14th, 2:03 pm

Awesome I can’t wait.

jbat17 said:

October 14th, 2:03 pm

@102/ i’m also worried about the r2 beta, vandam. it seems too late now. but i did read somewhere (ign, me thinks) that it’ll be out on friday! seems likes a 2 week beta to me, though

not really hyped about the flash update. i mean, megarotic works fine on the current browse and that’s all i need.

wolverine81 said:

October 14th, 2:04 pm

We need access to our ps3 friends list from the psp, not just the store. That would be a great addition.

LightAce said:

October 14th, 2:06 pm

Flash Player 9 for me would of been more important than the Screen Capture ability

Koroshiya said:

October 14th, 2:09 pm

Flash 9 FTW! You guys do listen! Thank you :D Now, about those PS1 games we’ve been asking for… ;)

FeaturePreacher said:

October 14th, 2:15 pm

Gears 2, Fable 2, Star Ocean 4, Left 4 Dead, and Halo Wars.

And I’m not even a fan of the 360. The real point to wanting features such as in-game access to music, cross game invites, and persistent voice chat is that it will draw more people to the ps3 and fewer to the 360 especially since the 360 doesn’t have free multiplayer. If the 360 can draw more people with its features that the ps3 doesn’t have, then that means the loss of more exclusives for the ps3. The exclusives I’m talking about are titles such as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the next Metal Gear Solid 5, and quite possibly the next Zone of Enders game. You may not care about 3rd party exclusives, but they have proven their value – just look at ps3 sales when MGS4 was released. More importantly, when you lose exclusives, you lose the developers ability to use ps3 hardware to its fullest extent. So that’s why people should continue to voice their desire for these features.

Jman8 said:

October 14th, 2:16 pm

wait, so can we not download/’rent’ movies directly to the psp through its new store capabilities? if not, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for next time =D please answer..

Wheels86 said:

October 14th, 2:16 pm

Im just curious if there is somewhere we can go to see if there will be any updates for Life With Playstation.

Thanks guys

Fatal_Bullet said:

October 14th, 2:17 pm

Will I be able to access my friends list via PSP?

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