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Oct 15

Oct 15

Major Update to High Velocity Bowling

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Team RamRod

Hello everyone! Team RamRod here, the developers of High Velocity Bowling. Today we break our long silence with an equally long blog post.

To give you some background on the HVB development team, we are a small team who works on several projects. As some of you know, Big Ern has left our neck of the woods (we still miss him). But, the team has since picked up the reins and is now leading a new charge for HVB.

A lot of you have been asking about HVB, and we are here to deliver great news. We are pleased to announce that we putting the finishing touches on a new update for HVB, which will hit the PlayStation Network TOMORROW! Excited? Well, the best part of this is that the new update – all new features included – is FREE! For our brothers and sisters in the north, that means FREE for you, too.

Online_Mike_Setup_1 Online_InGame_Joe_Celebrates_1



We can hear you now … “Wait, what? Really? I get online play in the update? Will it support my Playstation Friends List?” YES to all of the above. You will now be able to play with your friends online AND be able to chat with them using a PS3 headset or microphone. Feel free to chat and talk smack after comparing your stats and rankings on the online leaderboards that will be updated weekly.


HVB_trophies HVB_trophies2

Yup! PSN Trophies – 12 new shiny and purty trophies (7 bronze, 4 silver and 1 gold trophy). The only way to earn these is to play online (fortunately, we added that too, ‘cause we’re awesome!). If you’re worried you don’t have the skills, don’t stress — if you’re persistent enough, you will still be able to earn most, if not all, of these as well. Here’s the list:


  • Score 180 or higher in an online game.
  • Achieve an online rating of 1600 or more.
  • Knock down a total of 500 pins in online games.
  • Get 10 strikes in online games.
  • Get 15 spares in online games.
  • Win an online game.
  • Play 3 online games.


  • Score 250 or higher in an online game.
  • Knock down a total of 5000 pins in online games.
  • Get 25 wins in online games.
  • Get 75 strikes in online games.


  • Get 150 strikes in online games.



You can access the XMB while in-game for your own custom soundtracks, with support for playlists. We had custom music before, but were not able to incorporate playlists. Now with the new XMB custom music feature, you can bowl while listening to a mix of Beethoven, Frank Zappa, Britney Spears, Weird Al Yankovic, Gregorian Chants and Nirvana! And with the improved audio options, you’ll be able to crank up your tunes, character voices, and ambient sounds, OR turn them off altogether!


That’s right, we’ve included a section on the menu to start posting additional trick shot challenges. You’ll be given two new challenges with your update, and additional trick shots will be created for download in the future. These challenges will not only help you earn patches that you missed out on during your normal gameplay, but get you more stars for the leaderboards!


We’ve added a new and more realistic Ball Bag system in HVB. You can only bring four balls with you onto the lane in each bag, so you’ll have to choose wisely. You can name and save up to 24 different ball bags so you don’t have to individually choose four balls every time that you want to play. Be sure to mix and match so that there are some good hooking balls and some good straight rollers in your bag. This way, you’ll be prepared for any oil pattern or pin leave!



You can now choose which lane to play on (as long as you’re not in a tournament). This means that you can play in Spider’s Garage, Tiffany’s Toybox, the Zen Garden, or wherever you want!



We are going to continue to provide new content for HVB. This content will include more sinister Trick Shots, more wacky characters, cool bowling balls and quirkier costumes.

Anxious to get your game on and strike it up? These exciting new features for HVB will truly make your bowling experience fun. We made the extra efforts to make sure we delivered a lot of fun into a whole lot of FREE for our devoted fans! Please make sure you continue to check back here for future updates on HVB. You’ve all waited so patiently for more – we’ll be sure to make it worth your wait!

Until next time!

Team RamRod

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rynedee said:

October 28th, 12:22 pm


I’ve had the same issue. I left the game running during a hang-up for quite some time (cooked, ate, cleaned up dinner) with no change.

I don’t know what the issue is, all i know is that i have an issue with the online play. I can understand the developers (Mike, et. al.) focusing on the stats issues since that seems to affect a greater number of issues.

All i’d really like is some acknowledgment that they are aware of this particular issue. I don’t need a fix yesterday, i just want to know that it’s a known issue and being looked at/worked on.

chicubbies10 said:

October 28th, 6:54 pm

I have the same problem as you rynedee. It seems that this is happening to quite a few individuals and some feedback or help regarding the issue would be greatly appreciated.

jsgamelord said:

October 30th, 11:26 am

Hi, Mike.
Thank you for bring Online for us HVB hard core pro players. It has become a problem with people refuse challenge then challeng you back with their oil pattern of choice. A lot of us are getting tired of this childish behavior. Some people suggest the oil pattern should be random. How about make a friendly match, where no Rating points are involved. This rating points system is getting a lot of people to go crazy. Some people is tearing each other up becuase they would not accept challenge. Some of us is also wishing a Tournament mode, where more than 2 players can compete in the same room, and maybe bowl 3 games instead of 1 game.
I am a top ranking player, consistently from 3 to 6, and I enjoy a lot of HVB, have been playing for over a year. I really like the new characters Chastity. She is great and can beat Hiro anyday. Thanks Team RamRod for a wonderful game. Cheers.

jsgamelord said:

October 30th, 11:33 am

Hi, Mike:
Suggestion on ranking. Instead of rating points. Go for simple Win/Loose ratio. The person gets highest win/loose ratio will be on the top of leaderboard. That way you can play anyone, not just someone equal or higher rank than you. What I found when I get to the top rank, is that no one want to play with me. Either my rank scares them, or they are afraid of loosing points against higher rank people. What do you think ?

pantik said:

October 31st, 5:46 am

Hi i like to know when arrive the update for europe because i love this game but need the online now!!! you have any date for the eupean update? thanks

Breathe_1 said:

October 31st, 10:48 pm

hello everyone ,as soon as i heard HVB got online i purchased the game,,,to only not be able to get online!!! i get online in all my other games but this one,i hear other people talkin they got the same issue,but a so called “patch” was released and fixed the problem,but I still can’t get online,infact when i join a match or accept a challenge ,it freezes my ps3 completely ! i have to hold the power button and hear the nastiest 3 beeps that i fear the most..can anyone help me please !!!!i feel like i lost 10 bucks!!!!

wee-danny-g said:

November 10th, 11:02 am

this is my last post ill be making i was just wondering if u have an update on when this is coming to uk because ive waited to long thats the thing about ps3 these days you are always waiting for everything would be most appreciated an estimite date would help thanks

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