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Oct 15

Oct 15

SOCOM Confrontation update

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

We’ve noticed a couple of comments today on the blog from gamers who purchased SOCOM Confrontation; you’ve been asking “Where are the trophies?”

Well, I just wrapped up a conversation with the SOCOM team, where they’ve confirmed the fact that trophies *will* be coming, via a patch, within the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned to SOCOM.com for the latest on SOCOM Confrontation.

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brewski407 said:

October 17th, 7:07 pm

This Socom Game is the weakest of the series poor servers, bad player controls. Maps that were reintroduced were the only nice part of the game.

brewski407 said:

October 17th, 7:11 pm

Warning the game is weak sauce…..weak. Poor player controls, server problems still(long load times, players getting booted and stats getting erased). Worst of all maps are too big because there’s always a camper that no one can find.

brewski407 said:

October 17th, 7:15 pm



brewski407 said:

October 17th, 7:16 pm


roadhog99 said:

October 17th, 7:41 pm

First why can I not load my Socom Confrontation Game. I just bought the brand new edition, not the betta, for $50.00 Dollars and it will not load! It disconnects me from play station net work and gives me the error code 80710723. This is bull crap. I call sony and they tell me that SOCOM’S servers are down and so are their servers! But I can play call of duty 4 modern war fare just fine. I also have taken my Socom Confrontation back and exchanged it for another one and it does the same thing so there is nothing wrong with my Play Station 3. I also have all the latest firm ware updates. So why can’t I play my game? Why am I not hearing outrage about this situation because I know there’s more than me who bought the game. I can’t imagine that many if not all of them are having the same problems. I called Game Stop and they tell me the servers are down as well. Well I am sure they have made a fortune on selling SOCOM Confrontation why are the servers not up and running? I am pissed and I won’t try to hide that fact. I am so pissed that if I ever get to play this game it had better be one hell of a game or It’s the end of my socom buying days. This is ridiculous and crazy. Apparently I am doing nothing wrong. For some reason the game kicks off the play station network and the above error comes up. Even when the file down loads its says it is corrupted. Well I had come on here for some Ideas but I vented instead. Well apparently nothing can be done right now but if sony and game stop are feeding a bunch of bull can some one possibly tell me what is wrong! Good Night.

ironman143a said:

October 17th, 10:53 pm

Anyone having problems downloading the update? if so how did u correct this?


fletch1 said:

October 18th, 7:02 am

socom on the ps3 is a flop there are to many problems with the servers game wont start you keep getting booted .how could sony let this happen this is suppose to be their halo,i had more fun playing socom on the ps2 than the ps3 these problems dont happen on the xbox360.for every 1 thing you do on the xox360 you have to do 10 things on the ps3 the only good thing sony did was the new headset. come on sony,you used to be the king of games,get your act together!!!!!!

loccs831 said:

October 18th, 8:39 pm

[DELETED] socom, on ps2 it was the [DELETED], now it booted me from every game, now fails to initiate network, i always have said and will still continue to say that xbox360 [DELETED] on playstation3, never have problems with my xbox360, playstation has the weakest online store, xbox dashboard is the best thing, and ps3 keeps getting connection errors and all this other crap

Doh_Nutz said:

October 18th, 9:17 pm

this game may get better eventually but I do not consider this SOCOM. I took mine back to Game Stop and got a full refund. Let’s hope Zipper releases the Real SOCOM.

loccs831 said:

October 18th, 9:52 pm

for the past 3 hours ive been waiting to just connect to the fckin server!

Sikario said:

October 18th, 10:57 pm

I have a problem with Socom Every time I try to connect I get Network Initialization Failed ! Anyone ??

efiguera said:

October 18th, 11:01 pm

i have the same problem, i downloaded the game for $40 on the PlayStation Store and don’t work, i’m getting the same error. the worst part is that i wont get my money back, so i said f*** it. i bought CD for $60. Now i wish i could go back in time and say screw you Sony and Slant6.
This is the worst game I’ve played in my life. so roadhoog99 don’t waste your time or your money.

swatranger said:

October 18th, 11:05 pm

Wow, the game is pretty cool when i can play it. Old maps, good graphics but the servers are so screwed up that I’ve played twice in three days and spent $60 to get a game that keeps telling me initialization failed. Seems to be around midnight, cst.

maddmatt69 said:

October 19th, 4:39 am

well i have been able to play a few games this weekend, and with what i’ve seen it’s a pretty good game.

all you can do when it says ‘error logging onto servers’ is to keep trying. It seems that after awhile it will let you on, but it takes a long time to get it.

huge disappointment is all i can say about this game. huge.

efiguera said:

October 19th, 6:44 am

comment 312 was meant for roadhog99 (comment 307) but for some reason his comment was pushed back to 306.

gregnj78 said:

October 19th, 8:47 am

ok, purchased socom on friday, now its sunday afternoon and i have yet to be able to play 1 second of socom!!! when did console games become as fustrating as PC games??? i have been trying for countless hours over 3 days to download the 1st update (on a brand new game???) the one time i got it to download i tried to play, and it said the data was corrupted, delete and download again…..now here i am 24 hours later, still trying to download the update!!! [DELETED]!!! the original socom was the game that got me into online play, now i am older with kids i dont have 3 [DELETED] days to devote to trying to start the [DELETED] game…. maybe i should smash my ps3 and go to pc games, it seems the ease console gaming is gone!!!!

Tigrero said:

October 19th, 12:17 pm

Is anyone else having problems with SOCOM?
I was playing the game just fine then suddenly it froze and I had to reset the PS3, since this freeze the game is refusing to start (appears a message box with an error code in it and saying that it had a problem in the start process).

I don’t know what to do (I have already tried the basic procedure of reinstalling the game, but didn’t work)

Can anyone help me?

Tigrero said:

October 19th, 12:18 pm


I’ve read that some people are also having the same problem as me… so, forget about my silly message.

zafar007 said:

October 19th, 2:16 pm

This game was pretty good its no Call of Duty IV though. The survers on this game really sucks. The survers are really slow and not very fluid. In game play was exceptional but it it was apt to freez up on many occasions after prolonged game play. The channel options was another big negative. I did find the controler custimization really cool though. It is quite easy to format the controler setup to mimic that of the call of duty IV settings. The headset is awsome, it is perhaps the best headset for the PSIII out on the market. It is a good game but needs work on key areas.

nxp3 said:

October 19th, 7:20 pm

Damn it, I said I wasn’t going to get this game, but I did. Unfortunately I haven’t even been able to play it because I’m getting server connection problem. What is up with this game. First the update took forever and after I update I can’t even play. How the hell do I get my money back for this, If you’re not finished with the game, please don’t sell it to the public for christ sakes.

xspainx69 said:

October 19th, 7:28 pm

I am sorry to say this……But this is by far the dumbest game I have ever played in my entire life.

I am a die hard Socom fan and I cant believe what they have done to the name “Socom” , I played Socom when 1,2,3 and Combined Assault came out. This Socom Confrontation really sucks. No Campaign, No Story, No Plot. All you can do is either be the White Navy Seals or the Black Mercenaries LOL. Its an all out freakin race war LMAO

Socom….You guys did a bad job! Shame on you for killing it like this! I am replugging in my PS2 and Im gonna play real Socom!


October 19th, 8:26 pm

I have yet to buy the game but my friends tell me that some things have changed and that they are even unsure if they think it was worth the money (other than the headset) either way the old socom was about the slow draw and intensity of being the last guy and knowing everyone is watching you and yelling at their t.v.s that the enemy is behind you. Or slow sniper matches that you would play all day and know where the enemy was hiding but still had a hard time shooting them in the face because of soft spots or leaning in and out of corners. COD4 is fast paced and fun but the intensity is not there. Either way I hope that they can fix the lean problem and bring it back and keep people from glithing like in all the other Socoms. Also I think it would be great if they eventually made all the old maps available in map packs. I would love to play Enowapi or the Fish Market from Socom 2. Any way mot having an offline campain does suck and really makes you wonder if you are getting your moneys worth since all the other Socoms had both campains and Socom 1 had a headset as well, and all were the same price. either way I am going to buy it because I have to and I hope it will turn out to be a good game. The map pack idea would be a great feature to have in the future. I think hat keeping all the features that the players have grown used to should be very important to the Socom team. K.C.

efiguera said:

October 20th, 8:10 am

can someone please tell me what error 80710723 means? every time i try to logging a message comes up saying unable to logging (error 80710723). this is not a server issue. please help.

ZIP07055 said:

October 20th, 8:37 am

it’s un believable that people are complaining about trophies when you cant even sign on or once you do sign on you get booted or the game freezes or 100,000 error messages pop up. you cant even have a game with your friends because it not supported right now. this game has some major issues. this was supposed to be the biggest release for sony ps3. socom 2 was the selling game in ps2 history. so you think that this release would have been perfect. not just for the old players that waited 2 years for this release but for all of the new customers new to sony. this was a big deal and look whats happening. we’re playing a beta version that sucks!!!! sony kept pushing it back and pushing it back and then they said, well… we cant push it back anymore so just release it. they will buy it anyway and we’ll fix it as we go. that really sucks, but we all learned a big lesson this time. wait at least a month before you buy a sony title thats been pushed back because they could care less about there customers as long as they make money & that my friends is why sony is doing so badly right now……. thanks sony! we consumers are the idiots for supporting you guys. i own 3 ps3’s and have supported you guys for 20 yrs. wake up!!!

raycorn said:

October 20th, 10:18 am

Why is my system freezing while playing socom confrontation ever since i installed it on my PS3 yesterday. Does anyone else experience this or do i have to reinstall the program that came with the disc?

l3laster420 said:

October 20th, 1:04 pm

I am extremely disappointed in the final game. There is no single player/ Co-Op. There is so much lag, I can’t even play competitively, that’s when I can connect at all. The graphics are not even close to COD4 with alot of graphic ‘glitches’. It would have been much better to get the game right, instead of rushing it to the market. This may have earned Sony some quick cash THIS TIME, but I very much doubt if I will ever pay money for anything saying “Socom” in the title

jrace said:

October 20th, 9:07 pm

Will someone please tell me how to get this bluetooth working? I have it paired with the PS3, using discovery mode, but not getting anywhere after that.

HargisMob said:

October 21st, 2:40 am

jrace, plug your headset into the USB port without using the dock, just use the USB cord. You should see a message pop up (top right of the screen) saying wireless headset connected, or sumthing like that.

HargisMob said:

October 21st, 6:32 am

I am also irate about this incompleted “socom” game we all have purchased. Slant 6 better be crapping there pants to find a resolution for us $$$$ paying customers. Wasn’t the beta used to sniff out the problems we are seeing in the final product? This is B/S….

schwaa said:

October 21st, 6:46 am

Can we get an update on this game? This is getting embarassing!

schwaa said:

October 21st, 6:51 am

Oh wait, they updated yesterday on the Socom site. I guess they’re working on the servers everyday for about 3 hours. Hopefully they get everythig rockin pretty soon cause I’m not buyin till they figure it out.

jrace said:

October 21st, 8:33 am

Hargismob, Thanks for the input however, I want to be able to use my bluetooth device wirelessly. My USB cable is like 4 feet long and I am not going to sit within 4 feet of a 46 inch LCD.

Can someone tell me how to make this thing work wirelessly? I have the latest software update and my device is registered. Thanks

jomalley said:

October 22nd, 8:56 am

Sony,you are promoting this game with these features. all LIES.

Unrivaled Community Features with increased clan & ladder support

Tournaments available at the regional, national and global levels

Advanced player matching enables players to form teams with their friends or join an online game


raycorn said:

October 22nd, 11:43 am

JRACE, if ur sure the bluetooth is synced then u need to go into “ACCESSORIES” then go into “AUDIO SETTINGS”and change the “INPUT & OUTPUT” from default to “WIRELESS HEADSET”and it should work.

snaga81 said:

October 22nd, 4:19 pm

All things aside it is a great game. Still a bit laggy but whatever.
Watch your backs everyone! lol

TIMER065 said:

October 22nd, 4:58 pm

I was going to buy this game but, by here what people have been saying on many web site it sound to me you put a product out that’s not done.

c me no more said:

October 23rd, 11:14 am


Kcrim said:

October 23rd, 12:24 pm

OK i have seen a better server connectivity less lag and that good but the problem that im having right now is that if i paly more than and hour or so my game freezes, thats cant be good for my system can it???

TIMER065 said:

October 23rd, 4:34 pm

Your makeing the NAVY SEALS look bad with this game and the NAVY SEALS are the best in the world, so don’t you think you would make this game that way. It should be better than Call of Duty 4

spikeless said:

October 25th, 5:35 am

Same problems here. “Network initialization Failed” errors and PS3 repeatedly freezing. If this hadn’t come with the bluetooth headset I’d be taking it back. Very disappointed.

snaga81 said:

October 26th, 4:43 pm

I joined a clan but I don’t know what I need to do to get the new weapons.

i.e. FAMAS rifle

How do I do that?

Lord Raoh said:

October 27th, 11:56 am

Will Sony or Slant 6 address the Socom: Confrontation issues any further?

i find that the only time i play with no server issues is after 12 midnight Eastern time.

I get network stutters or unable to play without getting booted from the server any other time.

I’ve yet to hear any thing else regarding the promised but yet to be released features like “Quick Match”.

i do enjoy the game the few times i can play but the server issues and lack of attention has disappointed me greatly.

It saddens me even more that sony has been looking for that online shooter all this time and its been here the whole time. its called socom and sony has given it little to no attention outside of the bundled headset.

Socom, in my opinion deserves the same attention and budget if not more than resistance 2 and killzone 2.

roerobertjr said:

October 27th, 4:11 pm

First and foremost… I am a diehard Socom fan and have been since Socom I. I love the latest version and hope to see some improvements. Honestly the trophies are ok but not one of the major components missing from the game. There are many missing features to the game that I hear many people talking about. One of the reasons many people buy and play online games is to get toghether online with friends. Meetting up in a battle with friends online is not as easy as it should be. At any point in the game you should be able to send a friend invite. You should also be able to get online and see what server and room your friends are in, so you can join them unless that friend selects an option to hide this from friends as they do not want anyone to know where they are playing. You should also be able to accept invites from anywhere in the game and be taken directly to that game. Or see friends and what games they are in to join them in the same way.

roerobertjr said:

October 27th, 4:12 pm

Clan games have always been a big hit on Socom. I am not sure why more time and effort was not allocated into developing a better clan gaming system. Many gamers have to go out to Gamebattles or another site to upload and save data. This data should automatically upload to a Sony Game Battles site that tracks and ranks clans throughout the world for a competition. This site should be for all online games featured on Sony’s gaming system. I think there should also be a help section of the game. There are many aspects to the game that many are still unaware of. Most of these things have been discovered over time. This would be very helpful though.

ScrappyCocoa said:

October 27th, 4:31 pm

Where are my trophies….

jafu420 said:

October 27th, 4:49 pm

First I’m a diehard SOCOM fan as well, had all 3 games. Dont know if I like this one because haven’t been able to play it yet. Been trying for a day. Your lucky I’m not a navy seal cause if I was, I would camp out at the creators houses and assassinate every friggin one of them!!!

jafu420 said:

October 27th, 5:12 pm

If your having the updated software problem just keep trying it will work somewhere on your 30th to 40th try

jafu420 said:

October 27th, 5:41 pm

Once you updated the software on ur 40th try or so, it will come back corrupted. You have to delete ur SOCOM Saved data utility not (make sure not the game data utility) then u should be ready to go to WAR once restarted.

wicked1 said:

October 30th, 3:48 pm

overall this game is extremely dissappointing, gameplay, graphics and community features are less than ideal, although the sounds in game are awesome. If there wasn’t so much cheating in combined assault I would rather play it. I expected a much better effort, can’t wait for call of duty 5

lostitboy said:

November 2nd, 6:13 pm

I just bought my game couple days ago and didn’t have time to play till this weekend. After updating my PS3 software, double checking my network connections, still keep getting signed off while trying to update new software patch 1.2, If they would have put some of the game on the CD then I would be able to play something. Not sure in other states but in CA this is starting to sound like a scam possibly a class action lawsuit. There is no link on SOCOM’s website to download the update yourself, Slant6 website just has a number to call for support. I have majority of SOCOM’s, even PSP, At least with Zipper the game worked. Which are owned by Sony. I guess I’m hitting the 40th mark, hope I get an update soon.

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