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Oct 16

Oct 16

Far Cry 2 comes Home today

Bertrand Helias's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, Far Cry 2

Hi All, the Far Cry 2 Space is launching in PlayStation Home’s closed beta as we speak!

Far Cry 2 at Home
The space will invite players to dig deeper into the game’s vast African landscape. Users will have the opportunity to investigate in-game environments, including a bombed-out train station that has been converted into the ad hoc office of Reuben Oluwagembi, a journalist caught in the middle of the propaganda conflict between the warring UFLL and APR factions.

Far Cry 2 at Home
In Reuben’s office, you’ll be able to analyze an interactive map of the game world to strengthen your knowledge of the Far Cry 2 environment to develop your strategy for future missions. Locate guard posts, safe houses to save the progress of your game, weapon shops to buy new weapons, and bus stations to expedite your travel across the expansive land.

Far Cry 2 at Home
Players will have access to Reuben’s files containing various pictures, articles, and dossiers that will delve deeper into the background of The Jackal, as well as that of the other warlords and opposing factions. And finally, multiplayer game of Mancala that uses bullets as game pieces will be fully playable.

Hope you enjoy it and be sure to look out for new features as we’ll be updating the space regularly.

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SpyderMonkey2k8 said:

October 17th, 8:34 am

Please Sony send me an invite in the next wave. I applied like a month or so ago and still nothing. Well hope sony will be nice to me and give me an early christmas present..

zeke2040 said:

October 17th, 8:38 am

nice addition… i just visited it, and it looks mad nice, that would be great for all thos far cry fans… also the uncharted one’s look great too

Azured_Scorpio said:

October 17th, 12:36 pm

I found the most fun at the train station space where there was some funny moments going on (no spoilers). I like the office part where you can see the entire map of the actual FC2 game (i think!?) Awesome place this is, I just can’t wait to have my friends invited here!

crisman13 said:

October 17th, 11:55 pm

man i don’t know how to get the stupid home i want it so bad )=

crisman13 said:

October 17th, 11:58 pm

ya me to man i downloaded everything and never got is plz sony sent me playstation home plz ill go online more i promise and please send me an invite plz <3

Bam316 said:

October 20th, 12:27 pm

at Comment 152 Shut yer Trap I Been On My Ps3 since Day One of Getting it And been very active with it and also Downloaded the PS3 Home Theme Appilcation and did I get it No so before you put your 2 cents I think you better A) Reword what you going to say due to the idiotic scramble you posted and
B)If You Got Home like you say you and your so called friends do you shouldn’t wave it around like you are the Playstation Network King cause in my view you are Not

markstew said:

October 23rd, 8:05 am

about ff time to release the thing already!!!

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