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Oct 16

Oct 16

PlayStation Network Temporary Unscheduled Maintenance

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Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

UPDATE: The PSN is now back online. We’ll be updating the PlayStation Store shortly – keep your eyes on the PlayStation Blog for Grace’s Store Update post.

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve temporarily taken down some functions of PlayStation Network – specifically access to the PlayStation Store, account management and registration. Online gameplay will remain uninterrupted. We thank you for your patience and will report back here as soon as the Store and registration functions are back online.

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Steve3D said:

October 16th, 2:30 pm

thanks for letting us know, i like the whole new ” helping the community ” attitude your using. keep it up :)

Clinton514 said:

October 16th, 2:30 pm

Thanks for the heads up.

Will this also delay the release of the patch for High Velocity Bowling?


October 16th, 2:31 pm

I thought my PS3 broke and then socom wouldn’t loggin the first time. I was worried, socom all fine now though. Anyone that rates this lower than a 5 should rethink next time. This is what we are always going on about ” Being KEPT in the Loop”. FIVE rating from me.

snskidtv21 said:

October 16th, 2:32 pm

Good thing I have plans to night to go see Meiko and Priscilla Ahn at the HoB. Otherwise today would have been a total bust. Please have the store update available by the them I get back home tonight.

Vegaz said:

October 16th, 2:34 pm

That’s ok I already got the Motorstorm demo from the UK store. Just hope there’s something else to buy this week so I can get Linger in Shadows.

kingv84 said:

October 16th, 2:34 pm

HOME IS COMING!!!!!!!! yeah right! boo!

The_Archon said:

October 16th, 2:35 pm

Need my resistance beta.. need.. it …. badly..
have code.. can’t download..

AznSniper said:

October 16th, 2:36 pm

Darn it! I was going to download the Resistance 2 beta too!

efiguera said:

October 16th, 2:37 pm

for some reason i cant play Socom. it keeps saying error every time i try to get in from the XMB. Is it because of the playstation maintenance?

Infamous said:

October 16th, 2:38 pm

New avatars please…

we got an awesome new account management that lets us change avatars so fast but it also made me see how poor the selection is…

So take advantege of the newtwork down and add new avatars please.

emosean99 said:

October 16th, 2:38 pm

Should this be affecting my ability to download the firmware update?

Alex_Assassin_08 said:

October 16th, 2:41 pm

I’m sorry SONY, but this is rediculous.

I’m at the end of my tether.

Give us the LBP demo, and give us Home!

I know I sould like a rite wanker, but please Sony.

Constant delays, lost exclusives, and Home was due out a year ago!

Pull it together Sony, were all giving up on the DelayStation 3.

Ratigen said:

October 16th, 2:42 pm

Yeah me too

Violater said:

October 16th, 2:42 pm

Mr Jeff
Where is my QORE beta invite :(

MrCamo said:

October 16th, 2:42 pm

Thanks for the Update, this is way better than my wondering if my wireless router is messed up or something. I would be suprised to see any company issue an outage warning in this time frame.

TheApprentice said:

October 16th, 2:43 pm

o well….no ps store for me for 2 weeks :(
Traveling tomorrow…was looking forward to some motley crue tracks for rock band tonight.

Calvert said:

October 16th, 2:43 pm

It’s to do with the European store. There was a glitch whereby a person could get a free £5 on their account and buy stuff with it.

Ghostm said:

October 16th, 2:43 pm

Thanks for the heads up!

typikal82 said:

October 16th, 2:44 pm

Good thing I redownloaded burnout when I did

terminatorvsmtrx said:

October 16th, 2:44 pm

ahhh what about the store update!!! hurry and fix it!!!!

saf457 said:

October 16th, 2:45 pm

Well, It’s nice to tell everyone that gaming is not affected, but I can’t even play single player Gran Turismo while the PSN is down. I don’t remember agreeing to anything that said I wouldn’t be able to play my purchased content if I’m not connected to PSN. I would have just bought the disc if I had known that was the case. I get very few opportunities to play, so this is entirely unacceptable.

ftwrthtx said:

October 16th, 2:46 pm

It went down 5 minutes after I started my R2 beta download. That was close. Playing it now.

terminatorvsmtrx said:

October 16th, 2:50 pm

It wont let me play warhawk either!!!

phinn said:

October 16th, 2:51 pm

How about you guys fix SOCOM so you can join games with friends and it doesn’t take MINUTES to get into a game but seconds like Warhawk and Bad Company.

Ratigen said:

October 16th, 2:52 pm

It could be because of every one down loading the Resistance 2 beta I just got my code and I have to wait to down load it :-(

decimalator said:

October 16th, 2:52 pm

Always better to hear it from you guys than from the Interwebs. Thanks for the heads-up!

Trieloth said:

October 16th, 2:53 pm

Humm, oh well havent made it Home yet.

16-bit said:

October 16th, 2:54 pm

Thanks for the update.

proArchy said:

October 16th, 2:54 pm

my god, this post has been up for an hour and some of you are acting like its the end of the world. just chill out, you’ll get your store update today.

dragonzblaze said:

October 16th, 2:57 pm

yes increase server stability give us home sweet home baby going 2 the ps store as soon as its up

xStatiCa said:

October 16th, 2:58 pm

Woah. Did I hear that correctly? PSN purchased games like Warhawk and Gran Turismo will not work even single player when PSN is down? That is a deal breaker for me with PSN games. Can someone at Sony comment on this?

jbat17 said:

October 16th, 2:58 pm

i’m guessing socom’s to blame for this.. man, that game will be so good, it only it’s not broken beyond repair

FritoZ said:

October 16th, 2:59 pm

thanks for the heads up, does this have anything to do with the firmware 2.5 hiccups?

SantanaClaus89 said:

October 16th, 2:59 pm

Does anyone else remember the store update when the first episode of Qore came out?

They didn’t update the store until like 4AM… I have a feeling it’s about to happen again lol.

terminatorvsmtrx said:

October 16th, 3:00 pm

maybe its just me but my warhawk wont start up now

navidee said:

October 16th, 3:01 pm

How come I have not received my R2 Beta code yet?

I thought qore subscribers were supposed to get it before anyone else?

TNitaliano said:

October 16th, 3:01 pm

smokey_vols…what’s your PSN ID? I’m gonna add you as a friend. Any Vol fan is a friend of mine.


grimr77 said:

October 16th, 3:02 pm

ok I have qore i have waited about half a month and so can u just tell me why i havnt gotten into the resistence 2 beta. so can i just have a reson i havent got emailed

efiguera said:

October 16th, 3:04 pm

what about those people that downloaded Socom like myself. do we need to wait until the network comes back up?

MSplatter said:

October 16th, 3:04 pm

It’s a bit of a kick in the teeth if you got the R2 beta key, can’t “go on as normal”, normally I’d be downloading the beta… :( Just pouting after lasts nights debacle of Socom, this isn’t horrible, just … not pleasant.

DemonOfRazgriz89 said:

October 16th, 3:04 pm

i’d reaaally love for this to mean that they are putting Home open beta on the servers along side the Thursday update.. i mean, the last thing i heard from a Sony rep was last month them saying “we are waiting for the 2.5 firmware update to launch” well, it’s come and gone sooo :)

MrCamo said:

October 16th, 3:05 pm

Warhawk is Online only, I have noticed that Gran Turismo will not work if you have no network connection. I have the downloaded version and think this is feature is stupid. You should be able to at least race offline and not accumulate $$ towards your account.

TheHater said:

October 16th, 3:05 pm

Jeff, why hasn’t I receive my Qore beta invite for Resistance 2 as yet

Fersis said:

October 16th, 3:06 pm

Bummer, i have to download the R2 BETA but i cant redeem the code :(

GTSonTHC said:

October 16th, 3:07 pm

B.S. imho. ive been looking forward to R2 since i finished F.O.M.,, now its staring me in the face,and i cant even get my code*sigh*

MSplatter said:

October 16th, 3:07 pm

The PREORDER open Beta is starting now (if it’s the same as Socom, which I think it is) Qore only members will have to wait 2 additional weeks. This is my GUESS, that’s all, but I have a ghost memory of something like that being said.
efiguera: Socom isn’t effected, well… that’s hard to say after last night, but this down time isn’t whats gonna mess up Socom, Slant6 is doing fine on their own.
GTSonTHC: … Yes, you have company in that rage of yours.

SolidSnake500 said:

October 16th, 3:07 pm

It’s all good

Violater said:

October 16th, 3:08 pm

Who is in charge of the QORE R2 beta codes?

We at least deserve an update on that, seeing as though we paid for the so called “premium access”

GTSonTHC said:

October 16th, 3:08 pm

qore subscribers get premium access. this means NOW!!

jonathanm1978 said:

October 16th, 3:09 pm

Post #112, Alex_Assassin_08:

I had to register and be able to reply just because of that comment. I have never..NEVER in my life seen such an immature group of folks. To take something that is FREE, given to you at NO COST, to be used for you PLEASURE while gaming, and because of the PEOPLE using it, it encounters a problem, then the people using it want to talk down about it? Grow up. There’s nothing about the PSN or the store, or any other part of the console that says this stuff is OWED to you because you bought a PS3. They owe you NOTHING…and to show appreciation for it, this is the comments they get…how repulsive. Its literally sickening to sit here and read this crap that you people post, talking bad about them and making prude comments, but when everything is working fine, they are A #1. HYPROCRITS. Maturity is NOT one of the strong assets here is it?

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