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Oct 16

Oct 16

Resistance 2 beta begins… today!

Greg Phillips's Avatar Posted by Senior Producer, SIE

Heya, it’s been a while since I’ve been seen around these parts as James Stevenson, Bryan Intihar and the others at Insomniac have been doing most of the Resistance 2 posting as of late. Along with my return to the blog, I bring a few announcements with regards to R2:

  • Today, October 16th, the public beta for Resistance 2 will begin in North America. The beta will offer gamers a glimpse at Resistance 2’s online competitive and co-op modes ahead of the game’s launch on November 4th. We will be admitting players in two waves: a Premiere wave which includes those that pre-ordered at GameStop, individuals who subscribed to QORE for one year and/or bought the episode featuring Resistance 2 and a recent contest from Those of you in the Premiere wave should be receiving an email with a registration code between now and tomorrow afternoon. A second wave is starting in the middle of next week, and you apply to be a part of it by going to once the site goes live (later tonight). For those of you across the pond in Europe, the public beta will also begin next week.
  • The Beta will include competitive maps from three locations in the game. These maps include 60-, 40-, and 20-player maps from Orick, 40- and 20-player maps from Chicago, and the 10-Player map Sub Docks (Bay Area). New modes Skirmish and Core control will be supported, along with Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. The co-op portion of the beta will focused on Orick, and will support randomization of your play-path. Both co-op and competitive will support matchmaking and class/character progression up to level 10. This will allow unlocking of new equipment, upgrades and berserks for character customization.
  • Speaking of, the beta version of our new community site goes live tonight as well. Customizable leader boards/user profiles, individual blogs and ‘ticker’ that provides players with up to minute information of happenings on the site are just some of the features the beta site has to offer. Leading into the November 4th North American launch of the game (and the months to follow), we’ll be adding several more features that will make the destination for all Resistance fans.
  • And, finally, Resistance 2 has gone gold. As a special treat, the below image gives all of you PlayStation Blog readers an idea on just how big just the online coop campaign mode is :)

HiRes Co-op graph

That’s all for now. Keep your eyes open for more R2 announcements as we lead into launch. If you have any questions, write them in the comments sections and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Sephiroth said:

October 20th, 7:08 am

no key for me yet? DAMN!!!

jose23va said:

October 20th, 8:55 am

well one more comment this morning is 20th 4 days after premiere and no key for the public beta whats wrong? and the beta be out this week in europe and in 2 more weeks the full game be out still no beta key please help us sending us the codes thanks

shibby_ftw said:

October 20th, 9:36 am

im english and got mine of and it wont let me access it either. is the beta us only or something? and if so why would an english site offer it with a preorder.

ShamanNY said:

October 20th, 11:16 am

OK i’ll finally breakdown
I haven’t gotten mine either…
(wow thats a load of my shoulders)

Dilldude35 said:

October 20th, 1:55 pm

Well, now I’m just plain angry. I’m mad at Sony. Why promise us a beta when you can’t give out the codes in time? I’m disgusted. Insomniac games worked hard on this and Sony f***s up.

nofearintheworld said:

October 20th, 2:34 pm

man this sucks i still don’t have the beta key yet, i bout qore 3 when it came out how much longer do i have to wait…ima cry if i dont get it soon lol

LeonBlade said:

October 20th, 5:02 pm

It’s 8:02 PM and still no beta…
Sony sure loves delaying stuff!

jose23va said:

October 20th, 5:05 pm


LeonBlade said:

October 20th, 5:12 pm

Oh, and Sony.
Don’t bother to tell anyone what’s going on. We just love to complain and hearing nothing from you is like fuel to a fire and we are the fire Sony…

So continue to feed the fire, cause if you don’t put it out, we’ll burn you up.

schwaa said:

October 20th, 5:32 pm

I thought Qore episode 3 buyers got it a week after premier access started. I’m in the premiere, and I got mine last Wednesday or Thursday, so you guys should really wait till the end of the week before flipping out. A week after last Thursday is…..wait…this Thursday! So just chill for a minute a realize that once you get it the 8 player co-op is going to blow your mind.

BobbySteez said:

October 20th, 5:36 pm

Still no news about the premium beta invite I was supposed to get from Qore….

Then why did I buy this Qore episode????

I’m still waiting Sony!

PSNID: BobbySteez

Just in case you didn’t get it right the first time….

pbzjunk said:

October 20th, 6:06 pm

wheres my code for r2 beta pbzjunk

Reefer_Smoker97 said:

October 20th, 6:11 pm

i bought qore ep3 still no code for the rfom2 beta email
psn reefer_smoker97

LeonBlade said:

October 20th, 6:20 pm

It’s 9:20 EST and no beta key… wow…
Oh, and just a few short hours is when LittleBigPlanet was SUPPOSED to come out.
But Sony delayed that too…

nofearintheworld said:

October 20th, 6:53 pm

well i hope i get mine soon enough my email is

jose23va said:

October 20th, 7:47 pm


phelixian said:

October 20th, 7:55 pm

I just got one from GamePro. Weird.

schwaa said:

October 20th, 7:57 pm

I can’t stop posting about how awesome this game is. Just wait till you see how you unlock the armor, weapons, berserks, and accessories.

mongo527 said:

October 20th, 8:18 pm

I am with you guys… still have not gotten mine.

Wonder whats going on…

lathieeshe said:

October 20th, 8:21 pm

the policy for qore should be better outlined somewhere. why doesn’t qore have a website for itself? letting us know whats coming up and etc. just a thought.

i still haven’t gotten my beta key either. i wonder how long it will take.

danklown said:

October 20th, 9:10 pm

wow, you guys are mad… i can’t even log into the PS blog from my ps3 without it locking up or telling me i don’t have enough system memory to load the page… are you serious??? wow, just sad.

(on topic)
so i like many others bought the Qore episode of resistance2 simply just to get the beta offered and like everyone else i seemed to be left out or whatever excuse the guy who needs to b fired wants to give me next.

at the moment in time i don’t even want the stupid code cause I’m tired of supporting this little advertising game for your products i already planed on buying.

I really don’t even like coming here to complain or even praise a game of news about one due to the lack of maturity and/or point to saying anything i have already heard so many times.

I’m so glad i found other ways to enjoy my ps3 then to wait for this guy/girl (the one who matters that reads this.. if you even exist) to NOT tell me anything.

I’ve never gotten anything but grief from this blog. never any answers to my questions, in fact because i have used my PSN ID i have even been harassed by other childish users because of my honesty.

Why should I even want your “beta” code if the game this already been tested? (I’ll answer for you since i know you won’t reply to me due to my honesty). Hmm, maybe cause i paid for it…

This is not a real beta, if you read back thru the comments it’s even mentioned by the replier that this is the final build… so why even call it a beta? Have we forgotten what “beta” stands for in the digital world? I haven’t. I have tested so many of the games that have come out for the PS1 and 2 but this 3 is the worst i have ever seen.

Paying to be in a testing program is like me asking you (whoever is reading this) to kick my square between the legs (i’m a guy…) and then pay you for it… no thanks.

these are just my opinions. i refuse to post my email on here cause i’m not going to make a new email account due to harassment.

I don’t even remember the last time i posted here, i think it was when i said i couldn’t stand this site and didn’t want to come back here.

So who do i talk to about either my beta code i am entitled to or my refund for the Qore episode i bought?

sad thing is I’ll have to check this site for 3 days before i give up due to not getting an answer. I’m sure I’ll never see my beta code and/or my refund.

honestly i would like to know what i did personally to be treated so poorly. I have spent nearly 500$ on the PSN on just movies and games which i quit buying due to if i delete any moves i have to buy them again just to redownload them… so much for a bigger HDD, there no point.

I’m nearly down with the gaming industry which is sad cause i quit playing other consoles just to back sony who is now and has been giving me the shaft.

wouldn’t be surprised if they ban my account for being so honest. wouldn’t be the first time i’ve heard of this happening, but i don’t care anymore. you can ban me if you want. Most games i have seen for this console have only brought drama to the gaming world. most of the comments i read on this blog are so negative that gamespot sounds more inviting (shudders at that thought)

as i said i only want my code on principle that i paid for it. if not i would like a reply telling me why i am not entitled to one. Its next week already… Where’s the second wave? i have g-mail, it’s your guys buddy… you know… google… but your mail is always late to me, like 3 days sometimes.

(wouldn’t be surprised if this gets comment removed due to the truth that is here and it doesn’t look got for the sony PR guys, but just a note: i was on topic about the R2 beta code and never used profanity but i’m doubting that’ll stop ya from removing it from the board.)

sad day when i admit $ony is turning into micro$oft: i can’t believe you let that DLC from soulcalibar4 happen the way it did, it’s not even DLC, it’s already on the disc. pay to unlock something… just like pay to test and pay for demo’s… what else do i have to pay you for to play a video game? nothing, thats what i seem to have paid for here… with no code shows me i paid for a worthless episode of Qore that i could have got all that info and watched the movies else where.

Good thing the PS3 is open-source of i’d sell it for peanuts cause i don’t need money as bad as these companies $ony is supporting seem to.

Man, i always like $ony too… no wonder people try to mod your hardware…

danklown said:

October 20th, 9:15 pm

p.s. so premier means 2 weeks before it comes out… but only if you paid for it? like there isn’t so many people that paid for a code one way or another that the free sign up at the myresistance site must be pointless to have entered. It’s like home all over again… which i have yet to get even though i’m part of a massive folding team, spend hours on the psn either chatting or gaming or giving sony my money… but i must not be cool enough… even my psn friend feel bad for me. they all think i’m getting the $onyShaft as we started to call it. it’s starting to feel like it too.

LeonBlade said:

October 21st, 3:54 am


Sony has not turned into another M$ yet, but they need to get their act together if they wanna survive.

Like I said before, all they are doing is feeding the fire, and soon the fire is gunna come back and burn them. And they wont be able to put it out anymore because it’s far to big.

Sony never tells us what’s going on, and it seems like they are always on vacation. I mean… how hard is it to send out E-Mails? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s easy as it is to blink. So why haven’t us Qore users got it yet? Because you guys are too lazy to send it out?

All your getting is complains on the blog, so why don’t you do something about it instead of cowering behind your blog where nothing can hurt you. Just ignore our comments or you know what, you’re probably not even reading them.

But the minute we say something “bad” it gets read for questioning. So I guess put a swear word and they’ll read it… but chances are they wont let it through…

It’s 6:50 AM EST and still no beta code…
I should be getting LittleBigPlanet today, but you guys wasted all that money trying to support people without internet. WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD BUY THE GAME WITHOUT INTERNET?! There isn’t a point really…

So you wasted lots of time and money so you could be fair to all, but I think it’s another excuse for you to delay stuff.

I’ve always have been a big Sony fan. And I still am, just not as much as I was because I’m sick of this bull… crap.

My LittleBigPlanet Beta code was messed up too. You guys gave it to people out of the 1,000 range on the SCEA LittleBigPlanet News site. And I didn’t get it till FOREVER later from my friend. And then I finally got the one from you guys last…

I’m shipping in my PS3 to you guys so you can fix it, and I really hope you don’t delay that either…

docgonzo101 said:

October 21st, 7:39 am

i purchased qore ep. 3 the day it came out and havnt received a beta code yet
psn id: DocGonzo

fijski8 said:

October 21st, 8:06 am

bought ep 3, still waiting><….
psn id: fijski8

s0njas0n said:

October 21st, 8:37 am

if i downloaded a episode 3 from a code i got in playstation magazine on the 13th would i be eligible for a download key in either of the waves?

danklown said:

October 21st, 9:04 am


I never said i have fully admitted to $ony being the same as micro$oft, but merely pointing out the close likeness they are starting to have.

Don’t get me wrong that i am excited for resistance, but not to support $ony in anyway anymore. Only to support insomniac games as a great game development company. It didn’t take just $ony or just their money to make or even come up with the idea to make the PS3… it was a collaboration from multiple companies. Being from the origin of the company Intel’s main HQ (in oregon that is) i have the fortunate ability to understand easier then most about how and what it takes to build a console from scratch. The second selling point of the PS3 was the Cell processor… it’s available to be put in Pc’s now… so why’s the ps3 so special… it can’t even load the blog site for posting a comment or even logging on… WEAK!!!

i do agree with you though but not about them surviving from anything. It’s not like the playstation franchise is what $ony is built on… walkman, blu-ray, sonyericson and many other products are doing just fine if they are just worried about cash flow. they will be fine even if most of us “true” gamers or consumers just give up and leave, but i do think it is starting to seem like we need a new company to head up a new generation of gaming. I’m not talking about a big huge corporation but more like back when nes/famicon or Genisis and even the Atari days. these were all innovative and ground breaking with little to no support from anyone else besides themselves. Not to mention that only nintendo of those is still making games (way to be a Nazi $ony, gas them all out with your cash like Mr. gates… bet that gets deleted)

Who here remembers when there was a day that only one system supported it’s “type” of games? Since when does it matter that both games and systems that are completely different in every way needing to have similar games or even similar features? Public demand? Raising the bar of standards in the gaming industry? Or just money hungry companies trying to get a piece of the “other guys” pie…??? (i’m going with the later)

Glad i never bought anymore Qore or the year subscription. Seems it really was just too good to be true. All though to be a sexist pig for a second, that chick is really hot for a gaming reporter, but not as hot as the chick on G4… i think her name is veronica…??? even my girl thinks shes hot!!!

Take care all you people who are just as pissed as i am about the current $ony endeavor’s or possible the lack there of.

I want me code just cause i can ask for it. i paid for it, you care about your money and mine so why can’t i care about my code that i don’t have? E-mails have not gotten harder to send over the last few years so how the heck are you messing that up too?

I feel bad for and am glad that Insomniac is not the one’s sending out the codes, that would have atleast made sense considering the size of their company… verse’s yours… i’m talking to you $ony… not in league with Mr’s $bill gates himself. welcome to the not so good spot light. the one we hoped you would have and did stay out of for soooo long. at;east we have the good memories, like a loved one long gone… hope you can fix your errors soon but i see nothing but down hill. i’ll check in a few years from now and see what happend. i got better stuff to do with my time, real life stuff. not a fake digital world that hasn’t came out yet…

danklown said:

October 21st, 9:05 am

this is nice to see…

“Your comment is awaiting moderation.


I never said i have fully admitted to $ony being the same as micro$oft, but merely pointing out the close likeness they are starting to have. ”

from my last comment…

danklown said:

October 21st, 9:06 am

Fyi, the last comment was pretty long… maybe they don’t like it when people have alot to say about them… or a topic like resistance 2 beta not going over very well… but only on the sony side…

danklown said:

October 21st, 9:09 am

*jeopardy theme song*

gotta love the wait for beta keys… maybe they should see us a DLC of elevator music at a ridiculously high price to listen to while we dream about how cool the “public” beta for R2 is…

danklown said:

October 21st, 9:13 am

whats even funnier about the Ps3’s lack of system memory is how the PC i’m using is about 4-5 years older then it. it’s so much less powerful and i believe even has less system memory then the console that we all would like to love…

hope R2 doesn’t have the same problems that the PS3’s upgraded browser has

schwaa said:

October 21st, 10:03 am

This game is amazing.

bluelemons said:

October 21st, 10:15 am

Anyone ever figure out the problem with the invalid Gamestop codes for the Resistance 2 beta? I just got my code today, having the same problem, and not sure how to get it resolved. Any help would be appreciated.

wildbloodbath said:

October 21st, 10:21 am

still no beta code please sony i bought the qore magazine for a whole year and no beta code… hook me up

Lencer said:

October 21st, 12:38 pm

I have Qore!! please give me beta code

pbzjunk said:

October 21st, 1:40 pm

still never got my code i bought qore ep.3 psn:id pbzjunk

pbzjunk said:

October 21st, 1:44 pm

whats the prob!! need code!!

Id00urmomma said:

October 21st, 2:16 pm

Whats the point to a Beta if its only for two weeks… You guys should just admit you [DELETED] it up, and rename it a demo… Its too late for any real “beta” testing anyways…

Id00urmomma said:

October 21st, 2:21 pm

Please redesign your blog to work with the PS Internet Browser aka..Psp and ps3….how dumb is it that your very blog doesn’t work with your products…

LeonBlade said:

October 21st, 3:53 pm

It’s 6:53 PM EST and still no beta…
My PS3 is being sent to you guys now UPS has it. Let’s see how long it takes for you guys to get it and repair it.

LeonBlade said:

October 21st, 3:54 pm

I cannot log on the PS Blog on my PS3 either so don’t worry. The browser needs to be updated…

ShamanNY said:

October 21st, 4:27 pm

On GAMESTOP error:
I helped a friend figure it out, try inputing the code exactly as you see it… CAPS and dashes.

LeonBlade said:

October 22nd, 3:53 am

It’s 6:51 AM EST and still no beta code…
We were supposed to get it on 16-17th but look where we are now… it’s the 22nd and still nothing…


You guys should get my PS3 today… it was being sent to Texas with 1 day air.
Lets hope the people who fix everything don’t delay stuff like you guys…

docgonzo101 said:

October 22nd, 6:38 am

if i dont get a code soon im saying to hell with qore for the future, the only reason i bought it was for this code. I purchased your episode of qore which promised something, and i got nothing, and all i was looking for was an email with some numbers and letters! so this must mean i get a refund right?

wildbloodbath said:

October 22nd, 11:03 am

does anyone know what day the second wave starts on? i think the premier codes went out on last wendsday so everyone else gets 1 today fingers crossed…

LeonBlade said:

October 22nd, 12:06 pm

Sony said 16th or 17th… not the 22nd…
So why the hell didn’t we get them?

Because Sony sucks… that’s why…

It’s 3:06 PM EST… and still no beta code.

One_Full_Clip said:

October 22nd, 1:11 pm

a fairly average beta i got the beat the day it was made available around 1pm pretty good at first but the cooperative gameplay needs some serious changes made for it to be more fun after a while u get really bored of it all it needs is health regeneration over time for every class and enemys who drop ammo more often.

GoldenGotGame said:

October 22nd, 1:54 pm

I’m a loyal Sony supporter, but I’m starting to get really frustrated. First off, I had to go in the other room and fire up my PC in order to post this because I can’t seem to log in the PLAYSTATION Blog with my PLAYSTATION 3. But that’s minor compared to the fact that I bought Ep. 3 of Qore the first day it was available for only one reason: R2 beta access. A week later, where’s my code? I don’t know. I tried everything to get in the LBP beta, didn’t get in. I tried everything to get in the Home beta, didn’t get in. But I paid $2.99 for the R2 beta access. WHERE IS MY CODE? There’s at least 12 people on my PSN list with the beta. People from my clan on the first Resistance. And I can’t play with them.
Since the first Playstation I’ve been pro-Sony. Launch PSP and PS3, and I’ve convinced countless friends, associates, and family members to purchase PSPs or PS3s. I’m not going to type longer, but I think I deserve to get into the betas that I’m interested in. Especially Resistance 2. After all I PAID FOR IT!

haskell said:

October 22nd, 5:44 pm

It is amazing what some of you write, and not just once, it’s over and over and over again. If it’s not phrased one way, it’s another.

What makes you think your owed this? Because you buy a lot of their products? Because you come here and post something? No one has ever said, or implied to any of you, that you were owed the Beta, that you earned the right to be INVITED into the Beta, or that you should be thought of, JUST because you bought and play a bunch of games.
You know what, MILLIONS of people buy, and play PS3, PSP and PSN games. Plenty of them didn’t get the Beta either for R2, or Home, or LBP, or SOCOM Beta either, even though, “they really wanted into it”. You can’t fit a few million people into a Beta Test of 1000 people, or even 10 thousand, hell, even a hundred thousand people.
It is a possibility ya know!! Millions of others didn’t get it either.

I bought the QORE season subscription like many of you. I agree the episodes are way too short. And yes that chick is hot. I would think I would get more for my money, but I did pay basically spend 2 bucks a month for it, and for what it lacks in content, it’s made up for in the demo’s I get and invites to Beta Testing.

I saw in the message boards someone saying he got his beta code from QORE. I thought [DELETED] is that about, where’s mine? So I EMAILED Sony through the HELP section, I told them their was a problem because I saw a few people talk about it in the message boards. I should have received one because I bought the QORE season subscription. Please check my account and let me know what’s happening. Thank you.
24 hours later, Thursday, I got an email saying sorry and their was the code. Now the next day, Friday, I DID get the email from the PSN, and it was the Beta Invite from my QORE purchase and it had the same exact code I got in my email reply, over 12 days ago. So it did come on time.

The people who just bought episode 3 just for the R2 beta, you may get it Thursday or Friday. You do not get it the same time as the season subscriptions, or the people who pre-ordered it. We got into the Beta last week, as with the people who pre ordered. So be patient for christs sake. Sned Sony a email tomorrow afternoon and tell them you bought Ep. 3 and you haven’t gotten your code yet. let them know, let them be aware. B

But all it is in here, is hate hate hate. Not one ounce of reason, or understanding, or even patience.. WHAM! It’s not here the 17th, they said it would be here the 17th, [DELETED]! SONY U [DELETED].
And NOT ONE OF YOU, NOT one of you, has even said, I emailed SONY to ask them where my code is, because I bought the season subscriptiono for Qore and I did not get it yet. NO ONE.
What, you just sit around, getting jealous and impatient up the wazoo, snapping, whining, crying like babies when you don’t get it their way, or when they want it.
One thing else I know, the gentleman who writes this Blog, Greg Phillips he’s one of the Producers at SCEA.
Dthe I won’t even, actually I will I am in the HOME Beta, as well as the Little Big Planet Beta, AND the SOCOM BETA, and now the Resistance Beta, where I got my code, FORM QORE!Where is my code?
I bought the single episode, so why havent i got it yet?
I bought the season subscription and I got nothing yet!

A LOT of you think your owed the world, answer to ALL your questions

I understand some people who say, Hey, I’m using my PS3 all the time, why don’t I get it..

haskell said:

October 22nd, 6:11 pm

ACCIDENTLY HIT A BUTTON AND IT POSTED.. Hence why that last paragraph is screwed up with stuff not in it. and words are off..
This is what it should have said..

One thing else I know, the gentleman who writes this Blog, Greg Phillips he’s one of the Producers at SCEA, and the head poster on this Blog. Do you really think, that when he, or Jeff comes on here, and reads your evil spewing, that YOUR going to get an invite into a privleged Beta Test? HAHAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!.

If anyone of you actually paid attention, when the HOME Beta was going to be released, actually it goes for most BETA invites that gets released, you would have read HOW they choose people to be in the HOME Beta:
– The people who downloaded the HOME theme,
– Members who are very active on the PSN, and in the message boards
– members who are over 18, AND.. AND. probably the MOST IMPORTANT ONE!!!

AND YOU ARE NOT UPSTANDING MEMBERS OF THE PS COMMUNITY! You have proven that with each vile, angry, hating, snapping post directed at Sony, or Greg etc.. and yet, you ask.. WHERES MY BETA INVITE..WAH WAH WAHHHHHH
Come on, be serious, who is going to invite you? Let alone invite you now?

If I was them, I’d say, Yeah, Ok. I’m going to invite ANY OF YOU into a privelaged BETA TEST, the same exact people who day in, and day out, scream at us, tell us off, curse at us etcetera etcetera etcetera.

And finally.. many people are in multiple Beta’s LIKE myself, for good reasons, unlike some of you who better learn to bite your tongue, or, OR be a adult, and start actually emailing, maybe even phoning Sony and asking them what is going on etc.
IF, IF you are waiting for a beta code from your QORE subscriber.

For those people who buy the single episode, your going to have to wait until maybe the week before the release. Don’t complain about it, NOW saying, “Oh.. it’s a week before the release..what’s the point now.” THEN DON’T COMPLAIN WHEN YOU WDON’T GET INTO ONE!! Your still getting in. And if you complain that you should be in the 1st stage, your back to square one and you will never learn.

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