A Very Special Message from David Hasselhoff

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Hello everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood David Hasselhoff here. I know you’re probably wondering “What in the KITT am I doing on the PS Blog?” right? Well…settle down…settle down! I’m here to let you know straight from the Hoff’s mouth – I’m coming to PAIN! And it hurts so good! Don’t believe me, PEOPLE Magazine just broke the story and I’m talking about it on my blog.

Hasselhoff in Pain

What am I doing in PAIN you ask? It’s the Movie Studio! What’s a movie studio without The Hoff? You can now put The Hoff into a launcher and fling me into harm’s way – exploding crates, cars, people – everything is fair game. And best of all, you’ll never even put a scratch on this mug of mine!

When I was first approached about PAIN, I really didn’t know what to think. I mean, it’s great to think that someone would want to put me in a game, but THIS game is all about flinging people into walls, smashing them into cars, and spanking monkeys. While I wholeheartedly approve of the monkey spanking, I wasn’t too sure about the rest of the game. When I finally got my hands on PAIN though, everything changed, and I “got it”. If anybody can understand silly fun, it’s me.

Hasselhoff in Pain

I am a man of many emotions so when you throw me around the Movie Studio, I need to express myself. What better way than in song! So to commemorate my invasion onto the PS3, I made a cover song of Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me” exclusively for PAIN. I’m really happy with the way the track turned out. We definitely brought something new to such a classic, well-known tune, and when you hear it, you’re going to like it. Sure, you know David Hasselhoff, but this song is like nothing I’ve done before.

Hasselhoff in Pain

So, after a lot of hard work by a bunch of talented people, Hoff Day is coming on Nov. 6! I’ve got the keys to the Movie Studio … who wants in? After all, do you REALLY want to hurt me? Wait….don’t answer that. Just go download The Hoff and play PAIN!

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  • This is redonkulous! THE HOFF!

  • XxBigP123xX

    Ha ha, oh wow.

  • Oh wow… nice

  • everett1992

    odd combo, could i hear that cover

  • Now I have to get this game. LOL


    T h i s i s a m e s s…. IM OK

  • Whoa! There should be a trophy for getting him to lay on the ground with a broken up cheeseburger under his mouth.

  • Deutschland Uber Alles!
    haha you are the man Mr. Hasselhoff!
    What’s next in Pain? Chuck Norris? Mr. T
    this is freakin awesome!

  • Now we just need Chuck norris.

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams
    Travis Williams

    I LOVE IT when a plan comes together.

  • illegalprelude

    @11 aka Travis….

    Is there a chance we can get Norris? like omg….

    but hey Hoff! Awesome to see you in the game culture man! We appreciate that.

  • mind = blown

  • JimmyMagnum

    Don’t Hassle the Hoff

  • LMAO, this is awesome

  • meta1militia

    The Hoff will kick your ass, Jared.

  • Total shocker! I can’t wait for this. It would be nice to toss you at KITT as a trophy award.

  • ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? OMG this made me laugh so hard. Are there going to be all your catch phrases? This is a nice update. I can’t wait to smack the carp outta tha movie studio with your hide. I remember the Original Knight Rider, When I was a kid. Hey guess what Hoff, I’m 36 now. Hows that feel. Are you gonna have any Babewatch outfits??

    How about PEE WEE HERMAN!

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams
    Travis Williams

    I honestly tried to get Norris. He was on my short list. Hoff was always #1 since we started PAIN. It awesome that he said yes. He’s awesome to work with.

  • bling_singh

    Dear Mr. The Hoff,

    Thanks for reuniting East and West Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

    You efforts in the arena of international relations have not gone unappreciated nor forgotten amongst the PlayStation hordes.

  • “After all, do you REALLY want to hurt me?”

    Honestly, yes. But your character isn’t worth my money sorry.

  • Sign up Eric Estrada from Chip’s.

  • The Hoff deserves his leather jacket from Knoght Rider!! And don`t forget to exagerate his eighties hair style!!

  • XxBigP123xX


    You should be made into a Pain character so every time you post and I don’t see “Multiplayer coming soon!” I can throw you around a bit.

  • smokey_vols

    Wow lol this is halarious. Maybe Jacki Chan also?

  • Cool ad, the game is great, just a little hard to get all trophies, but great.

    Pamela Anderson as the next female character? lol?

  • Instead of ‘America’s Got Talent’ we can now say ‘America’s Got a Painful Hoff’

    Sounds like fun to me!

  • So release date Nov 6th?

  • This post is made of win; can I rate it higher than 5?

  • Glad to have you Mr. Hasselhoff.

    You are my hero….

  • JordanBlack68

    Yea the trophy is very hard, but this post is win!

  • Man this is soooo awesome !!!
    Pain sales on germany are gonna up like 3000% !!!

  • Maverick_fox

    You sir, are awesome.

  • I’ll get it just to hear what he says.

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams
    Travis Williams

    @BigP123: Wow so hostile. It’s coming. I promise. Tough crowd on the PS Blog. I love you too :)

    @Azmo85: Yes 11-6-08

    @Jcasanova: Hoff has three outfits. One looks oddly like his swim gear and another has a leather jacket and jeans… I wonder where that comes from.

  • How about one of the James Bond portrayers? lol, not sure if that is a word…

  • darkiewonder

    Is this really him posting on the blog or did one of Sonys people just decided to be funny?

  • Hahahahaha!!!
    I have PAIN, don’t play it much and never buy new content (c’mon guys, it’s a bit of a rip-off to ask us to pay for EVERYTHING when the game itself is so bare-boned) BUT despite that, I will just HAVE to get Mr Hasselhoff.

    And thanks to him for his time also, much appreciated. :)

  • jordan199311

    Well you see, if norris was in this game, they would have to change the name of the game to No Pain…

  • Is it just the Hoff or movie studios expansion can you let us know how many trophies coming and is it a expansion as was amusement park so will add onto our pain trophy list

  • The Hoff?


    What an epic win.

  • Lol, the Hass man in Pain! Now I have seen everything! Now, what about George Bush!? I woud love to shoot that guy out of a giant slingshot

  • Off-topic, but where is SF2HD?

  • Wow. Please tell me “Hooked On A Feeling” plays in the background? Awesome!

  • i am sure everyone in Berlin is cheering for him.

  • I’m actually still stunned by this.

    While we’re doing requests, Jack Bauer? :D

  • What about shootin some women out like Jessica Simpson and Pamela Anderson…? lol :D

  • Hahaha crazy.

  • Homer Simpson would be the ultimate Pain character in my opinion.

  • sublimentality

    Hey Travis,
    Does this mean the movie studio is coming the 6th as well or just the hoffenator’s character? Day 1 purchase for me btw. Keep up the good work guys.

  • One of my friends that likes to play PAIN when he visits will enjoy this. He has a calendar of you in his living room.

    Looking forward to this:)

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