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Oct 25

Oct 25

The PSB, Insomniac & Killzone Recap

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

Insomniac - FullMoonShow

Courtesy of Bryan Intihar – Community Manager, Insomniac Games

  • Full Moon Show: Episode 35 Live! With Ryan away this week, the Full Moon cast welcomes back a suddenly well-rested Marcus Smith to the podcast. We discuss the Resistance 2 public beta and take a look back at this massive game’s journey from the concept phase to going gold. We also go nuclear with this episode’s “Mystery Guest” segment, as Fallout 3’s Executive Producer Todd Howard calls in to talk about Bethesda’s highly anticipated role-playing game. Download the podcast here.
  • The Resistance 2 beta isn’t the only news coming out of this Chimeran-infested universe these days. We’re also on the verge of launching a new community site; an early version is available for your viewing pleasure right now. The current features (user profiles, the “Resistance ticker,” customizable leaderboards, news section, etc.) are really just a small taste of what the full site will offer. It goes live on November 4, the same day that Resistance 2 reaches U.S. store shelves.


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

  • The Helghan Era – An update to the storyline section reveals why the defeated Helghans traded their lives on Vekta for a new future on Helghan – and how they were approached by a mysterious third party called the ICSA.

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ftwrthtx said:

October 25th, 12:01 pm

Thanks for the info. Nice to see some more info on the KZ story line.

Maverick_fox said:

October 25th, 12:03 pm

Is it true that the next Qore episode will include a HOME invitation?

i tought that HOME would be free.

Jeigh said:

October 25th, 12:27 pm

You know, Insomniac has done two things for me this generation. I was never a big FPS player before, but Resistance made it enjoyable for me. And I’m still not a big online player… well, at least I could’ve have said that yesterday. Bravo on Resistance 2. I’m ACTUALLY enjoying the online gaming. You have my thanks, and what might be just as important (maybe), my money. :)

IceBow said:

October 25th, 12:27 pm

cool…. btw Jeff, gravatar makes my email all lowercase, so how do I change my PS blog’s email to lowercase?

if you feel like giving out betas, I’m always available lol

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    October 25th, 1:44 pm

    I went ahead and changed that for you. Should start working soon.

Jayceon_Kidd said:

October 25th, 12:28 pm

woot I just got littlebigplanet

FritoZ said:

October 25th, 12:37 pm

I just got my R2 beta invite!

man i can’t wait to get my PS3 back from repairs!! hopefully it will be fixed and have my info still on it, last time i got a brand new one..

good thing trophies and purchases are stored online!

thanks for the recap Jeff-

you haven’t been commenting as much as usual-

hope everything on your end is good man

you know of course even though alot of us have issues with certain varied things, we all appreciate your work here man..

i just wish they’d tell you more stuff about fw 2.5 so you could tell us!!

have a good weekend PSblog!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    October 25th, 1:45 pm

    Thanks, just been busy with travel, etc. This is my first Saturday at home in, I think, 6 weeks?

    Things getting back to normal, I\’ll be my sarcastic self in no time.

C-h-a-o-s said:

October 25th, 12:46 pm

Can’t wait to get me some GTA4 trophies as well as Burnout Paradise that I just picked up for 20 dollars thanks to Amazon.

KazeEternal said:

October 25th, 12:52 pm

Got my copy of LBP today, download servers are still not up for Nariko or Kratos….what’s up with that?

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    October 25th, 1:46 pm

    I\’ll get some LBP folks on the blog this week to explain how all that will work.

lb003g0676 said:

October 25th, 1:27 pm is quickly becoming my favouritre site with all the hype surrounding Killzone 2.

lb003g0676 said:

October 25th, 1:33 pm

But I can’t wait for the TRICO teaser site!!

By the way, if you’re a Team ICO fan, please check out this website.

P.S I purposely plugged on a second post to make sure it’s moderated.

TheInfectedBy590 said:

October 25th, 2:11 pm

Any news on PSN title Fat Princess?
Also, now that older games are getting trophies is there any chance games like Heavenly Sword, MGS4 and UT3 will get a trophy patch?

XxBigP123xX said:

October 25th, 2:16 pm

Full Moon Show is awesome.

MariusElijah said:

October 25th, 2:43 pm

Gettint LBP tomorrow
Not getting R2 cuz i didnt like the beta..
(off topic)
10 more days for Obama to president

hijaker77 said:

October 25th, 2:48 pm

@ Jeff
Thanks for the update…
Although there are some things I am not very pleased about with the new firmware updates for PSP and PS3. Such as when in remote play I try to browse on the web I can’t listen to music at the same time…this feature was already in there before update 2.5. Also why do videos stop when we press the PS Button… why?why?why? This feature was really awesome in previous firmwares… instead of pausing you can still watch it while scrolling through the XMB… this sucks.

In all honesty I don’t like how Sony don’t have guidelines for games unlike the 360. The 360 was a solid machine from day 1. They have guidelines such as achievements in each game (this trophy thing on PS3 is a joke). Having PS3 as an open console poses few dangers and no full potential for the user. Anyway back to my 360.

schwaa said:

October 25th, 3:07 pm


“The 360 was a solid machine from day 1.”

I just peed all over myself after reading that! Now to go clean up. Keep ’em coming, man, keep ’em coming!

hurtween said:

October 25th, 3:11 pm

yeah. listening to music and browsing the web at the same time used to be there in remote play before 2.50. And being able to sign out in remote play was there before 2.50 and now its gone….

So did in video xmb, where the video didn’t auto pause.

Please get Sony to bring these features back Jeff!

hijaker77 said:

October 25th, 3:15 pm


Thanks for the heads up :)

hijaker77 said:

October 25th, 3:17 pm


Yeah other than the RROD the console was good.

schwaa said:

October 25th, 3:19 pm


I know, but RROD is a big deal. Check this out, it’s on Yahoo’s front page right now

schwaa said:

October 25th, 3:32 pm

There are a multitude of reasons why 360 sucks. They’re all overlooked because M$ bought all the RPG’s and Xbox Live is somewhat revolutionary (somewhat)

Voozi said:

October 25th, 4:29 pm

Where’s my Qore Annual Subscriber Resistance 2 beta code?

Still waiting on that email…

Thanks =)

djratchet said:

October 25th, 4:39 pm


I agree with you, but trust me, you aren’t going to get very far trying to convince a ton a fanboys that the 360 is just as good in many areas if not better than the ps3

djratchet said:

October 25th, 4:41 pm

There is a reason, after all, that PSN has been getting more features to catch up to Live ;)

Still love PS3 though :P

len1978 said:

October 25th, 4:46 pm

I see a lot of folks got LBP today from gamestop is there any way of getting the Servers on so we can Create and Share not just Play. Thanks Dude
Tucson, AZ

Hishoko said:

October 25th, 5:05 pm

Keep up the good work Jeff

fed315 said:

October 25th, 5:06 pm

gd week jeff got my socom game & resistance 2 beta from playstation uderground and pick up my copy of LBP awsome game when LBP server goin up and kratos code too goin up right now not workin peace

brimstone4814 said:

October 25th, 5:22 pm

The “Full Moon Show” podcast link above is broken. I went directly to to get it.

schwaa said:

October 25th, 5:29 pm


brimstone4814 said:

October 25th, 5:59 pm

To clarify, I have *never* listened to the “Full Moon Show”, that is why I clicked the *broken* link. I hoped by posting my previous comment that I would let Jeff know the link was broken and, provide an alternative link until the *broken* link is fixed. I am not vouching for the “Full Moon Show”s quality of content.

djratchet said:

October 25th, 6:03 pm


I know, and it’s okay. lol

lakaihigh said:

October 25th, 6:19 pm

hey Jeff if you’re still floating around the blog can you tell me how to get the little big planet tshirt “i was there week one” i think that’s what its called?


IceBow said:

October 25th, 6:32 pm

thanks jeff

PSN: IceBow ( first letter is an L)

schwaa said:

October 25th, 7:32 pm


Sorry, can’t help it sometimes…I’ll shut up now

lb003g0676 said:

October 25th, 9:50 pm

Why are there so many 360 fans trolling here?

Nevermind, eh? I would have been happy with the PS2 stae oif online all over again, but the PS3 has been doing tons of thigns right to be honest.

John Schappert the other day said he’s lie to move away from the bi annual updates for LIVE, so they can be more incremental. Shockingly like the PS3 firmware situation no?

Sony is doing VERY good.

sublimentality said:

October 25th, 10:19 pm


Dude the red ring of death is a big deal. Most everybody ive ever known with a 360 has gone through AT LEAST 3 systems. Thats a bit ridiculous. My brother is on his 5th system. And they still dont even acknowledge that there is a problem or even fix it. Leave it to microsoft to put out an inferior product AGAIN, just to be first out the door and steal from all the competition. (They did it with Apple way back in the day). They’ve never really innovated anything ever, and im not just talking about their gaming system. The only thing in my mind that they’ve ever gotten right was their live system, id have to agree they started with the best online experience available. However PS has rapidly been catching up and as far as exclusive games available on the networks, my little fanboy inside me tends to point toward the PSN. You just wait til Fat Princess, Flower and Crash Commando come out. Dont be a sheep and stick with the rest of the flock.


October 25th, 10:49 pm

when does home come out?? can i has it?
can you put skype on ps3 tomorrow please.

tnation said:

October 26th, 9:18 am

Hi Jeff, something you may want to pass on to Michael Shorrock over there… Back in August he announced on the PS3 blog that Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour instruments would be compatible. Fact is, they are not. Harmonix hasn’t said anything about it yet, but right now Mr. Shorrock looks quite the fool. I hope he can push Harmonix to patch RB2. Ironically, compatibility is fine on the Xbox.

rugdocter said:

October 26th, 9:29 am

This is the next “BIG” game because slant 6 is showing “SOCOM” is not that good. Bring on Killzone!!

40cal said:

October 26th, 9:33 am


I got my copy on Sat. night. My Game Stop pre-order code dose not work. I called my local Game Stop and got them to give me another one, it did not work either.

Can someone e-mail me another one, PSN ID jimmy903 or activate the ones that are already out? Thank you. I need me some Kratos Sackboy.

Oh, and this is the best game ever made. If not then damn close. :)

djratchet said:

October 26th, 12:05 pm

I never said Sony was not doing good, and am not at all a 360 troll. I am simply saying to give credit where credit is due. I’m getting a PS3, actually, before I even get a 360, even though the 360 is cheaper now, Because I love the games coming up for PS3.

the6one said:

October 27th, 8:27 pm

You guys need to overhaul your current marketing strategies to fit a broader demographic as opposed to just the tech-savvy. Make PS3 FUN!!!! and not grim or scary. Your current PS3 adds are atrocious at best, especially the way PLAYSTATION 3 appears at the end of your adds. This does not appeal to the general demographic. If you want to know what great adds are, look no further than the PS1 and PS2 adds. Snap out of it SONY. When will we be brought back to the glory days of playstation? Key word: Play. We need more appeal SONY, or else we’re done. U need to stop with these changes, and go back to what worked, i.e.-bring the color back into the playstation marketing emblem on the PS3 adds and on the boxes and everywhere. Be proud of playstation instead of trying to make it something that you feel fits company standards. People in general, right now, do not care about the PS3’s advance tech over our competitors, however, they do in fact care about the software and content of the system.

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