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Oct 29

Oct 29

Killzone 2 on G4TV Tonight!

Mike Graham's Avatar Posted by

Producer, International Software Development

Hello again. It’s been a while, so I’d like to reintroduce myself. I’m Mike Graham, Associate Producer with SCEA Santa Monica Studio. By now a lot of you have seen and commented on the trailers for Killzone 2 coming out of E3, Leipzig and TGS that showcased the single player and multiplayer gameplay in all of its glory. We’re not here to talk about that. Not exactly anyway. The game’s February release is getting closer by the minute, and everyone at Guerrilla and Sony have something they’re really proud of they want to show you. But we can’t just do it here, we want to do it in bigger style than the web can provide.

So. Get your DVR’s ready. Tonight on G4, during X-Play starting at 8pm, we will have the world television premiere of the brand new Killzone 2 Helghan trailer. Yes we know this was already posted to the web a little early, but who wouldn’t want to see it on a much bigger screen with a better sound system? Seriously, it deserves that kind of attention, because it’s just that cool. So tune in, crank it up and enjoy all the explosive goodness. We think you’ll like it.

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mahunoy said:

October 29th, 12:21 pm

Where is my Beta? Are we expecting beta for this game soon? I cant wait to try this out.

B4K4 said:

October 29th, 12:21 pm

Cool can’t wait to see it


October 29th, 12:22 pm

Nice I saw it already and it looks awesome!


scorpio said:

October 29th, 12:22 pm

I might have a peak then…

G4TV is so MS centric though and makes me want to vomit.

perrandy said:

October 29th, 12:23 pm

off topic * i know that killzone is a great ip and all but is there any news about monopoly for the ps3…if the game is going to have an online component to it? thanks

Daver said:

October 29th, 12:23 pm

I cant wait to get my hands on this game! but seriously guys you should stop showing stuff for a while, you will kill the hype

perrandy said:

October 29th, 12:24 pm

btw, i cant see the whole show because i only have basic cable! :(

Al2x said:

October 29th, 12:24 pm

Beta Please? Being in the Underground for around 6 years doesn’t get you anything now?

XxBigP123xX said:

October 29th, 12:25 pm

If anything there is going to be more people on the internet then watching crappy G4TV.


October 29th, 12:25 pm


Will in-game xmb music be supported? I hate how new titles like LBP and Socom have not implemented this feature which should become STANDARD on all new games…


Scodo_Thope said:

October 29th, 12:25 pm

Glad to see G4 looking somewhere else besides MS. I am sure it will still be slanted though.

PlayStation needs there own gamer show.

See you on my DVR!


Razgriz1Ace said:

October 29th, 12:26 pm


u beat to the question…. anyways I cant wait for this game that trailer its awesome it sucks that i have to b in class at the time :( and i dont have tivo or a DVR :'(

mikeja72 said:

October 29th, 12:26 pm

Killzone 2 on G4 TV tonight? Great, how about LittleBigPlanet on PSN working correctly before adding more games with online capability? Isn’t dropping one ball at a time enough for Sony?

(Yes I know one has nothing to do with the other, but I felt like commenting on LBP anyway)

mendezgato said:

October 29th, 12:30 pm

i will record this so i can watch it over and over. then back to lbp for now.

ftwrthtx said:

October 29th, 12:31 pm

I really would like to test the beta out.

Thanks for the heads up about G4

IceCold said:

October 29th, 12:34 pm

Nice!!! man this game has been hiding in the back for along time. I think the beta is already out GAP members only. Not even all GAP members.

DG said:

October 29th, 12:35 pm

Wish I had tivo or the like. I don’t think I’ll be able to pry myself away from LBP or Fallout 3. I can’t wait for this game though.

Jeigh said:

October 29th, 12:36 pm

That’s cool and all, but… well, why did it have to be G4? They’re like my last resort channel in case everything else on at the moment sucks. WHY??

Though, I suppose where else would you premiere it? Thanks for the update.

WHAT said:

October 29th, 12:40 pm

Should have waited and shown it on 24’s premier.

nmc75 said:

October 29th, 12:40 pm

I know hate is a strong word.. but I kinda hate G4. Please let us be able to download the new Killzone 2 Helghan trailer off the PS Store this week. :)

Torgo said:

October 29th, 12:40 pm

G4 NEEDS to go HD.

Ac3theone said:

October 29th, 12:46 pm


big_tim said:

October 29th, 12:46 pm

Anything else besides the trailer being shown? Any news that hasn’t been on the internet yet?


October 29th, 12:47 pm

Is there a 3rd person perspective “option” in this game?

APaz said:

October 29th, 12:49 pm

Sounds epic.

Asshandler said:

October 29th, 12:52 pm

The trailer is terrific. :)

lostprophetpr said:

October 29th, 12:54 pm

Killzone 2 FTW. Now were is the Beta.

vandam said:

October 29th, 12:59 pm

I don’t have G4 with my cable I just have basic cable and high speed internet… So why don’t you hook me up with BETA… PLEASE!!!!

BrianC6234 said:

October 29th, 1:00 pm

#12 – You can always watch the replay of the show Thursday night. They seem to replay the previous night’s episode at 8:30 pm the next night.

CrimsonFox13 said:

October 29th, 1:03 pm

Heh, I already favorited it yesterday. And I don’t get G4TV on my TV, for some reason, or Comedy Central, and I have like 800 channels. >_>

Not bragging of course. I’d honestly trade over 600 of those channels for G4TV and Comedy Central.

GGCAN said:

October 29th, 1:12 pm

Thanks Mike, I’ll be watching for it.

@28 – vandam….if you install TVersity on your pc and stream to your PS3, you can watch the show.

lakaihigh said:

October 29th, 1:15 pm

killzone2 is my most hotly anticipated game of 2009 and i can’t believe its coming sooo early! it would’ve been nice to have it this year but you guys made the right choice when you pushed it back. Ima be sooo busy with all the games coming this holiday that with any luck will tide me over till this drops.


Stoffinator said:

October 29th, 1:17 pm

To bad I cancelled G4 tv. Why not put an HD version up on the blog instead, least then we know it won’t be poked fun of. ;-]

Atoms said:

October 29th, 1:17 pm

DVR on standby…

Rampge76 said:

October 29th, 1:17 pm has an HD version of this trailer.

scorpio said:

October 29th, 1:21 pm

@5 I’ve seen Monopoly for the PS3 in store shelfs already.

yungder said:

October 29th, 1:24 pm

Just make sure the game “works” online once it is released. We have been waiting for KZ2!!

PSN: yungder

reson8er said:

October 29th, 1:32 pm

I don’t have G4 but humbly request it be put on the PlayStation store this week so those that don’t have or like G4 can view it in HD too.

Thank you :)

TheGuardian1973 said:

October 29th, 1:35 pm


Trieloth said:

October 29th, 1:40 pm

G4? :( I stopped watching that show ages ago, because the show is way to bias. There always humping there 360’s. Please release it at the PSN store.
Anyways cant what to check out the game! :)

aaquib2 said:

October 29th, 1:43 pm

One more thing…

G4 sucks…

dehumanizer_666 said:

October 29th, 1:47 pm

I don’t have those channels

seph1r0th00 said:

October 29th, 1:49 pm

Please don’t advertise for G4 on the PS Blog. X-Play is named as such because all they play and talk about is their Xbox. They show no love for PS3. It would be better if this article was telling us about how we can download the HD trailer from the PS Store.

Jenovah said:

October 29th, 2:05 pm

Please, PLEASE do an open beta, I am dying to play this!

VenomX said:

October 29th, 2:30 pm

The trailer is epic. I loved every single second of it. I watched it over a 100 times. I can’t get over it.

icarus69 said:

October 29th, 2:31 pm

This game is really awesome, and the trailer proves it!

Now would you kindly give all drooling fans a taste of the beta by releasing it on PSS (like the MGO-beta), and please: no freaking “beta key hunts” on websites.
Also, as SOCOM: Confrontation’s and LBP’s betas has shown us: limited open betas DOESN’T ensure good online components with the final releases!

Thanks to GG for Killzone 1 and the fantastic sequel!


October 29th, 2:53 pm

This game is gonna rock!
I juss hope that its not over-hyped.

wavesln said:

October 29th, 3:00 pm

Give beta to the people :)

EViD said:

October 29th, 3:01 pm

Are we ever getting the beta?

tirminyl said:

October 29th, 3:18 pm

Great news. Fortunately, I have seen the trailer already and I am just floored at graphic fidelity. The blur, filters, my head just explodes.

Unfortunately, G4 does not have a HD channel so I will not get to enjoy the trailer in it’s HD amazingness.

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