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Nov 14

Nov 14

Changes Coming to PlayStation.Blog

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Hello, faithful PlayStation.Blog readers. We appreciate the hundreds of thousands of you that come to visit us every week … and we listen to what you say. To that end, we’re getting ready to make your blog-reading experience better with a radical re-design.

Well it’s not *that* radical (internally we’re calling it “PSB 1.5”), but it’s definitely the biggest set of changes we’ve made since the blog rolled out in summer of ’07. Take a look:

PlayStation.Blog v1.5

As I see it, the main problem with blogs in general is that if it’s not at the top – nobody’s going to read it. With a worldwide reader base, a post that lives at the top of the page California-time might be buried at the bottom when our European friends wake up. That’s not good.

So the aim of PSB 1.5 is to get as much info at the top of the page as possible. At a glance, you’ll see our top story of the day, the most recent 4 posts (about 24 hours’ worth, typically), and a persistent link to the most consistently heavily-trafficked post of the week – the most recent PlayStation Store Update.

Recent Twitter updates will scroll along the very top of the page, and we’ll be updating it more often in the coming months. And in the upper right, you’ll have handy links to all the places PlayStation.Blog lives, such as Facebook, Flickr, Viddler, and our full list of links. We’ve also reorganized the categories to make them a bit clearer, and put them into handy drop down menu for easy sorting of past posts.

Finally, we took some of your comments into account with some smaller features such as an “older posts” button at the bottom of the front page.

In order to deploy the new design, it’ll be necessary for us to take the blog down for a few hours on Monday morning; everything should be up and running by 9am Pacific. We hope you enjoy the “new” PlayStation.Blog, and we’ll want your feedback on what else we can do to make your experience better. I can tell you that we’re currently working on a *lot* more features, and you should be hearing about them pretty soon.

Thanks for your continued support and involvement.

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Supraking said:

November 15th, 6:46 pm


Clixster said:

November 15th, 10:25 pm

Very nice, looks very fresh, lol. Good Job on the PSB 1.5

tnation said:

November 15th, 11:21 pm

Will the redesigned blog also prevent Sony from lying to the community? In the August 18 blog post, Michael Shorrock announced that music game instruments would be be cross-compatible. Despite Sony’s claim, the Guitar Hero World Tour drum set is in fact NOT compatible with Rock Band 2. Sony has neither posted a correction to the blog entry nor provided any update on the issue, abandoning gamers to discover this problem AFTER the purchase has been made. It is extremely frustrating to make a purchase decision based on such a blog post only to find out later that the information was entirely untrue.

Onna76_NL said:

November 16th, 4:39 am

Well I really gotta say this, SCEA is the best within the Sony PlayStation company. No lack of support to their fans from there, that’s for sure. Kuddos to all the people at SCEA ;-)

Zezzler said:

November 16th, 8:15 am

Looks GREAT! I really hope that you guys sometime soon will integrate PSN ID’s with the blog or something of the sort, and I’m espacially looking forward to some more AWESOME posts from devs and the like.

Danny_D said:

November 16th, 9:42 am

Great news! I hope all falls into place on Monday and the re-design goes flawlessly. I can’t wait to find out more about those other features.

rockmanjoey said:

November 16th, 12:31 pm

Well I am from the UK but I still consistently view this blog as it is very good. I feel that the PS Blog could really benefit from PSN Integration.

sroundsound said:

November 16th, 10:57 pm

is anyone else having problems playing games or dvds/bdvds after this latest firmware update?

NissanFlyboy. said:

November 17th, 11:47 am


Not here, if you ever have problems call SCEA, they’re tech support is really nice and usually knows what they’re doing :-)

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