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Nov 17

Nov 17

Happy Birthday, PS3!

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Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

November 17 is a special date for us at SCEA because, as many of you fans know, it’s when we launched PLAYSTATION 3. Two years ago today, we delivered our next-generation console, providing consumers with a gaming and home entertainment system unlike anything in the market – the power of the Cell Broadband Engine, out-of-the-box HDMI support for 1080p resolution, and a Blu-ray drive for high-definition movies and expansive games. The PS3’s launch was also when the Resistance franchise was born, and the original title’s success has spawned a blockbuster sequel with Resistance 2 and a unique PSP installment with the upcoming Resistance: Retribution.

PS3 Anniversary Card

But that’s just what we started with, and PS3 has come a long way since November 17, 2006. If you stood in line the night before launch, the PS3 that you took out of the box when you got home isn’t the same system that it is today. We’ve added new features and enhancements that you all have asked for, such as Trophies, XMB access in-game, Remote Play with PSP, DLNA Media Server capability, and BD-Live support, to name just a few. Along the way, we became the first gaming system to be recognized by Guinness World Records for Folding@Home and, because of the strong PS3 install base, helped Blu-ray win the format war.

PlayStation Network has truly hit its stride with unique downloadable games and a video delivery service featuring movies, TV shows, and original programming that you can watch in HD with your PS3, or bring with you on your PSP. And with 14 million active accounts and 273 million pieces of content downloaded, we know that you’re thirsting for this digital entertainment.

Of course, most important to all of you is the game library, and we’ve seen exclusive titles launch that showcase the PS3’s capabilities, from Metal Gear Solid IV: Guns of the Patriots, which takes full advantage of Blu-ray’s massive 50GB capacity to deliver the best installment in the storied franchise, to LittleBigPlanet, whose infectious charm and user-generated content make it a genre-defying experience. There’s something for every type of gamer on PS3, and the efforts of SCE’s first-party development studios (the industry’s largest ) along with our third-party partners will continue to deliver knock-out titles.

Thanks to all of you, PS3’s momentum is stronger than ever. There are nearly 17 million PS3 systems around the world, and in the United States, PS3 hardware sales are up nearly 100 percent from where we were at this time last year. Software sales have tripled from a year ago. Yes, we’re proud about everything we’ve accomplished, and we’re even more psyched about where we’re going with our holiday software lineup (our best to date) and the new Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune PLAYSTATION 3 Bundle, which features a 160GB PS3 and is available now.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without your continued support and all of the feedback you’ve provided here on this blog. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we know that you can look forward to many great games and PS3 enhancements over the next 12 months, starting with the upcoming launch of PlayStation Home’s open beta, which will bring the PS3 community closer together. Then, just around the corner, you’ll have Killzone 2, inFAMOUS, and tons more. So please join me in wishing a happy second birthday to PS3!

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AGQ0105 said:

November 18th, 2:57 pm

Hopefully much like a child our PS3 will learn to run and talk in it’s third year… It needs to run if we are to catch up to the competition.. we need a big library of games and we have to try to avoid the competition from getting games months prior to us. Improvements to the movie service and perhaps a music service as well. Furthermore, the many improvements for the Playstation Network, such as cross-game invites and universal voice-chat. We also need a lower price point, especially in a suffering economy, where a parent and/or grandparent would rather spend much less on a game console. Hopefully, we’ll also see an improvement in other areas such as backwards compatibility.

lou04 said:

November 18th, 3:27 pm

ps3 ps3 ps3!!! the best

djchayan said:

November 18th, 3:34 pm

WOOT! 2 years now and this is my 2nd ps3(1st one got stolen :l ) anyways hope you guys keep up the good work don’t wanna be an ass but plz A little more effort keeping the exclusives tittle exclusives…thanks Sony!!

Koneesha said:

November 18th, 4:28 pm

Happy Belated Birthday

Tsubakii said:

November 18th, 4:38 pm

I remember getting myPS3 60 gig still the one i use for 2 years strong HBD again

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

November 18th, 4:51 pm

To be honest, it’s two years wasted.

Two years I’ve been waiting for great RPGs.

What have I gotten? Sloppy seconds from the 360.

If I didn’t have a 60gb PS3, I would have already sold it.

Sony, you lost me as a customer.

2manyquestions said:

November 18th, 5:05 pm

You guys pown!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!! the ps3 is a beautiful machine!if im not mistaken…. PlayStation the official magazine is celebrating its b-day too that’s a good read. anyway happy birthday playstation3!!!

S-E-G said:

November 18th, 5:26 pm

all you suckup’s should expect your invitation into home very shortly, then again maybe not bahahah

schwaa said:

November 18th, 6:01 pm


Bye! Been nice knowing you! Enjoy the other side of the fence! It’s soooo much better over there (he he he)…

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

November 18th, 6:03 pm


For RPGs – the 360 is way better. That’s just the fact of the matter. I bought a PS3 thinking it would uphold the tradition of the PS1 and PS2, and the *fact* of the matter is the 360 is the home of RPGs this gen.

schwaa said:

November 18th, 6:13 pm

@360 – (how ironic)

You are right…if you’re an RPG fan only, then 360 is the way to go. I’m a pretty big RPG fan, but PS3 is just so much better in every other way. I havn’t seen any innovation in the genre this gen to make me care about switching. Infinite Undiscovery? Have you played it? It kinda sucks. Lost Odyssey was OK, but still wasn’t anything special. Blue Dragon is probably the only one that was half decent. And is it just me or does The Last Remnant just look like more of the same? No one is innovating in this genre right now. Just my opinion.

schwaa said:

November 18th, 6:13 pm

Eternal Sonata was decent too but we got that now (cha ching!)

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

November 18th, 6:22 pm

@361 – The only decent RPG that Sony has coming out in the foreseeable future is Persona 4.

And that is for the *PS2*.

Who’s not innovating?

ScorpioN912 said:

November 18th, 6:45 pm

Happy birthday!

Ghostm said:

November 18th, 7:24 pm

Good move with the whole M$ NXE/Netflix movie deal!

thatsmartguywiththefro said:

November 18th, 7:38 pm

Happy Birthday! I’ve been along since the beginning, and I’m very grateful for the improvements so far, some much needed and others just nice to have. Bring on Home! I recently got in to the Beta, but I’m looking forward to sharing this experience with the rest of the world!

PiPo101 said:

November 18th, 7:41 pm

i love my PS3 and im also lovin my killzone2 beta =) cant wait for that and GOW3

Transient said:

November 18th, 7:56 pm

Happy Birthday and congrats to everyone at Sony for creating such a success.

lildrummer220 said:

November 18th, 8:26 pm

Happy Birthday PS3!

phinn said:

November 18th, 8:51 pm

Happy Bday PS3! Now release Home and for the love of God fix SOCOM.

killzone1 said:

November 18th, 10:23 pm

Happy Birthday from your number one fan. Chaoz

KVPS said:

November 18th, 11:53 pm

I WISH YOU A MASSIVE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PS3, from the beginning I always have been an extreme PS supporter, always have, alaways will be. Man I Luv all the PS3 exclusives, but we need more…anyway HAPPY 2nd Birthday !!!

UAE79 said:

November 19th, 2:37 am

Long Live PS3

bigdaddyjane said:

November 19th, 5:13 am

Happy B-day Ps3!I would like you to get me some more tv shows for the video store for christmas.

Half_life000111 said:

November 19th, 6:04 am

awsome…….. happy b day……… I really do want to know when we can have in game chatting and a pure HOME release :(…. should have beaten Microsoft… really

Keeng said:

November 19th, 10:55 am

Happy belated b-day, PS3.

I spent 12 hours outside a mall being snowed on for this thing and it was SO worth it.

ruffneckc said:

November 19th, 2:04 pm

Happy Birthday PS3!

artofwar420 said:

November 20th, 4:13 pm

Happy times, and happy birthday PS3.

markstew said:

November 22nd, 5:12 pm

now all we need is Sony to advise it’s developers to pay more attention to shadowing and non-glossy streets games need to be more raw and edgy (ala sin city).

also sony should make an defacto algorithm to do Anti-aliasing right! move away from the GPU and use 1 SPE dedicated to anti-aliasing.
i hope somebody at sony reads this, because i am getting a bit tired of the bad shadow bad jaggy experience on the PS3!

xX-Ghettonerd-Xx said:

November 22nd, 5:18 pm

WOOT, WOOT! Sony still #1

Luigifest said:

November 24th, 11:26 am

Happy belated birthday!


November 24th, 12:53 pm


superdynamite said:

November 24th, 12:54 pm

It’s November 16th. You’d think they’d know that.

Paddy said:

November 24th, 1:37 pm

I want Home!

X-EndlessChaos-X said:

November 24th, 9:02 pm

Feliz Cumpleanos PS3!!!

alan91 said:

November 25th, 4:21 pm

woo hoo happy bday PS3



November 27th, 6:51 am

I think Ill go buy my PS3 some B-day presents such as a blu-tooth headset and a brand new GH WW guitar yea I love my PS3 Happy B-day!@@@@@@@@@

Le36123 said:

November 27th, 12:34 pm

Dude i still havent got a invite to HOME omg this blows ill be checking my e-mail and play my xbox until then. =(

thewho70 said:

November 27th, 3:59 pm

When will Home officially be released?

skydiddy23 said:

November 28th, 1:43 am

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY PLAYSTATION 3!! Im gonna celebrate playstation by purchasing some classic ps2 titles!! YEAH!!

KelXor said:

November 29th, 3:03 pm

Happy Birthday to the most powerful console to date!!!! yeeeeehaaaa!!!

thewho70 said:

November 29th, 8:00 pm

sorry to post again but WHERE IS HOME!….*starts crying*

Heroofthewinds said:

November 29th, 8:52 pm

Happy Birthday to one of the most promising gaming consoles ever put in homes today!!!
(BTW: When is Home coming out?, I cant wait!)

Masterofallz said:

November 29th, 9:39 pm

Home is coming out “this year”.

xGreenLanternx said:

December 1st, 8:36 am

hello if i just applied for playstation Home How long can i expect to get an invitation?
or is it too late it will be greatly appreciated if somone can reply back……thanks alot

bloody_sight said:

December 1st, 6:03 pm

i hope that the invitations come asap…my friend got his yesterday so i think they still giving invitations…but for now we are homeless my friend…and we will have to wait either for the invitation or wait till home comes out…but i have a question and please people just answer if you are 100% sure…
is home going to be free…because i read that it was gonna cost some money but im not sure…thankzzzzz

xGreenLanternx said:

December 2nd, 8:53 pm

well they said its free on that mini vid on thsi site……but i was reading some of the comments ont he blogs and jack buser reply to one saying that the open beta is going to be coming out in Autumn it is pretty much winter i hope jack buser can reply back with a answer for all of us who are waiting for home to come out!!!!!!!

drastikmysoul said:

December 8th, 4:19 pm


psxpert said:

December 10th, 7:48 am

Yeah! I was celebrating my birthday when the PS3 launched.
It’s so cool to have the same birthday.
Happy birthday Playstation 3!!!!

zoom_n_kill said:

December 11th, 8:22 pm

Happy Birthday PS3 :)
Best Console ever.
Never once regretted it, since I bought it
Sony 4 ever!

Thank you :)

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