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Nov 20

Nov 20

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Cometh!

John Diamonon's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, Capcom

It’s a great time to be a Street Fighter! It’s with great pleasure that I announce that HD Remix will arrive on the PlayStation Network real soon! Now you have the chance to debate which legs are more appealing, the turkey leg you’re about to have or the ones on Chun-Li.


Here are the details:
Release date: November 25, 2008 (I know, finally, right?)
Price: You’ve heard it here first! Only $14.99!
Trophies: Not at launch
Online Play: Of course
Graphics: 1080p baby
Gameplay: Two types – Original and Rebalanced

Here are some videos that will get you hyped for the game and will make you say, “Put him in a body bag!”

But wait, there’s more! Exclusive to the PlayStation Network, fans will have the opportunity to download the Street Fighter Underground Remix Soundtrack for free! I was able to get a few of my favorite hip hop artists to create original songs inspired by the series. Here’s the line up: Redman, Hieroglyphics, DJ Qbert, DJ Toure, Zion I, Mistah F.A.B. and Oh No.

SFHD Music

Oh yeah, we also have a “little” Street Fighter surprise coming later this holiday season. Let the speculation begin. Talk to you next week!


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SantanaClaus89 said:

November 20th, 11:59 am

Hell yeah John! Thanks for letting us know the price, too! I’m so pumped for Tuesday I’m already setting up a tourney for Tuesday night.

The “little” suprise is obviously Street Fighter-themed LittleBigPlanet DLC. I’ll take it.

Great work my man, come back soon to tell us about Marvel vs. Capcom 2, will ya? ;)

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    November 20th, 1:18 pm

    When I have news, you\’ll be one of the first to know.

Sakimori_X said:

November 20th, 12:03 pm

Thanks for answering so many of the questions posted in the comments, John. It’s nice to know you don’t just pop in to make a post and then disappear.

Also, great idea on the LBP costumes!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    November 20th, 1:19 pm

    That\’s not me. I didn\’t say anything about LBP.

EvoAnubis said:

November 20th, 12:03 pm

*laughs* Hey; that’s how I roll! Add my trophies, and it’s a done deal. Toss RE:DC and RE2 onto PSN, and I’ll buy those too.

Come to think of it, didn’t I see one or both of those titles on the JPN Store? I want ’em too!

EvoAnubis said:

November 20th, 12:05 pm

@48: Early update due to the holiday, just like last year.

davivman said:

November 20th, 12:06 pm

That great news about the arcade stick you are teaming up with Mad Catz on. I’ve been hoping you guys would would make one. Any idea on when it would be released?

mrcaine said:

November 20th, 12:08 pm

oh wow another thing that ISNT HOME… yawn

amco_pirate said:

November 20th, 12:11 pm

@42: From what I can tell, all Canadians can purchase RE: Director’s Cut from the Capcom store right now for $6.99. The only problem is, once you buy it and download it, it doesn’t work!

uumai said:

November 20th, 12:14 pm

Excellent, finally get to have it. Any word on the UK release date?

Someone talk sony or Capcom into doing a Sega Saturn style pad for this and SF4…. Please?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    November 20th, 1:19 pm

    We have a pad coming out based on the Saturn design.

Rai_11 said:

November 20th, 12:16 pm

All I ask is for a Trophy Patch in December.

SonnyJim said:

November 20th, 12:18 pm

Hadouken Indeed! Can’t wait. One of my favorite fighting games of all time.

Clinton514 said:

November 20th, 12:19 pm

I love Capcom!

SF IV demo incoming…that’s the surprise. ;)

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    November 20th, 1:20 pm

    That would not be \”little\”. :)

willskate4free said:

November 20th, 12:20 pm

so in the videos i noticed competition brackets… will there be brackets for online? say online tournaments?

Ghostm said:

November 20th, 12:21 pm

$14.99 without any Trophy support? LOL Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just wait for Super Street Fighter IV. Hopefully SSFIV will have full Trophy support.
Another major let down by Capcom ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure the 360 counterpart have full achievements. Am I correct?

Damn, another game I’m not buying from Capcom. Bionic Comando Rearm and now Super Street Fighter HD remix.

Lets see if you guys actually get the point of Trophies by Resident Evil 5.

Monster Hunter 3 for the PS3!!!

RandomEarthling said:

November 20th, 12:22 pm

There is way too much gaming goodness going on right now. This is great news. I’ve been waiting for this day. I’ll download and play this until SF IV comes out.

len1978 said:

November 20th, 12:24 pm

No Trophies for the ps3 but Achievements for the 360…looks to me that MS wrote Capcom a nice check am I right

litobirdy said:

November 20th, 12:27 pm

Ok, wait, your saying NO IN GAME MUSIC? so no music while fighting? what da hec? what about custom soundtracks then?

Ghostm said:

November 20th, 12:29 pm



I’m heard that song before John Diamonon. “Seriously, unfortunately. We couldn’t delay the game even longer, could we? Not a confirmation. We’re evaluating all of our digital titles and looking into it.”

Ghostm said:

November 20th, 12:33 pm

How come all 360 games have achievements and custom in-game music but not all PS3 titles does? OMG, this is getting pretty tiring. These developers should know better. Stop releasing gimp version for our console.
I know there are more 360s in homes but us PS3 owners are not far behind. I spend just as much money as a 360 owner on my system. I actually spend more since my PS3 cost more. I’d like to receive the same kind of treatment.

FeaturePreacher said:

November 20th, 12:34 pm

Hey John,

When you guys are evaluating titles to patch for trophy support, could you also add in-game access to music for those titles as well?

u_nick said:

November 20th, 12:37 pm

SF sackboy’s? Damn, you people know how to force me to spend my money… ;)

Oh yeah, and SF2HD too! Woo! I’ll be there Tuesday!

Trophies or no, I’m down. It will just be a nice added bonus should you decide to implement them later, and just another reason to keep me playing! :D

Thanks Capcom, you guys are doing great these days.

supermoore1025 said:

November 20th, 12:37 pm

Hey will capcom ever consider bringing marvel vs capcom 2 and power stone to the playstation network, please please lol

KazeEternal said:

November 20th, 12:38 pm

This is pretty sweet news. Any plans to bring any of this action to PSP users by any chance?

Also Trophies Please ^^. nothing more upsetting than when capcom leaves out these features.

MarkMan said:

November 20th, 12:38 pm

Hey John! Those official sticks are looking nice eh? ;)

Can’t wait until HD Remix, I’m hyped!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    November 20th, 1:23 pm

    Yup! We both know it\’s going to be the best stick in the market.

EBE said:

November 20th, 12:39 pm

I don’t buy anything from capcom. And I do a lot on PSN, PS3, and a litle bit even on XBOX 360. Not supporting trophy is just showing miserespect to ps3’s player base..

Bionci commando’s rearmed. Trophy patch following relase, promised (dixit capcom).
is it released `?

Seriously, I just think capcom’s direction is telling “implementing trophy cost 5’000$”, for that price we can do a wii game. We’ve better to do. If only MS didn’t FORCE us to implement achievements..

capcom doesn’t exist anymore to me (32y old)

SDkngsht said:

November 20th, 12:41 pm

is there anything to say besides HELL YEAH!

ps: you guys should use the “hadoken” Capcom logo at the beginning of the video on every capcom game. classic ish.

darkelite said:

November 20th, 12:43 pm

I’m definitely buying this one. When I was younger I played a lot of Street Fighter. I think John is talking about a Street Fighter 4 demo when he said there is a suprise coming this holiday season.

Mana Knight said:

November 20th, 12:45 pm

I’m quite excited for this myself. I don’t think people here would be very happy if the PS3 version was delayed until next year or so JUST to implement trophies (while fans on another console are enjoying the game). So that’s why I’m glad Capcom went ahead and released it.

I can’t wait to play this online with friends chatting. I’m very glad to see the game is in 1080p also. Basically, I consider this the appetizer until SF4 hits. :D

supermoore1025 said:

November 20th, 12:45 pm

Making he is talking about Marvel vs Capcom 2 lol

nmc75 said:

November 20th, 12:46 pm

Consider this one bought.. but until Trophies are out, not played much. It’s not like I will need practice in the meantime though, as the special moves for each SF2 character are embedded in my DNA now (and should be in any true gamer’s DNA).

Kevyn.B.Grams said:

November 20th, 12:47 pm

Glad to here this is finally coming. I will buy day one, but I will hold off playing until a trophy patch is released.

DarKaoZ said:

November 20th, 12:49 pm

Is so great to see the game finally done, is been close to 2 years of developing I bet. This will be nostalgic, still I kinda miss the old style you guys were trying to make, it looked more like the old SF2, this style looks more animeish, ala Alpha since it has less colors.

Still a great job none the less, I bet it was hard. Hopefully Capcom decides to release SF3rd Strike and/or MvsC2 with online functions and upscaled to HD so we can play the games online. I know they can’t make it HD because that will take A LOT of time, but I bet they can just upscale it and use a filter to make it look nicer in bigger screens.

Anyways, badass job you guys did here!

narde15 said:

November 20th, 12:56 pm

now im more interested in this one then sf4! great vids.

Clinton514 said:

November 20th, 12:56 pm

Ungrateful people as usual. They give us a free Soundtrack and people chastise the third party that has supported the PSN the most. Shameful what the PlayStation community seems to be turning into.

Yes, I’m a bit upset that there won’t be trophies at launch but I cannot hate on Capcom seeing all the goodness they’ve done.

ps. While you guys are working on the trophy patch, please evaluate adding custom tracks in there. It would be nice to use this soundtrack in game. ;) Keep up the good work.

froghorn484 said:

November 20th, 12:56 pm

Anyone with me in thinking the “little” surprise could be “Super Gem Fighter Mini-Mix?”

bader said:

November 20th, 12:57 pm


MUGEN02 said:

November 20th, 12:58 pm

Will the demo be out on tuesday also? If not then I’ll just try the demo out on the 360 the next day.

Shendow said:

November 20th, 1:00 pm

It likes beautiful, an its going to be fun giving friends a mouth full of fireballs, only one character in the game I want to play as and I hope he is playable.

Akuma!!!! Because notthing says I thank you, like a quick beat down.

NeoMagus said:

November 20th, 1:00 pm

Why are you people complaining about trophies in a fighting game like SF…beyond me.

I’ll be buying day one..hurry it up.

SDkngsht said:

November 20th, 1:02 pm

at first i laughed at the exclusive soundtrack but those are actually some dope artists. i might have to check that out.

ps: the song selection was hilarious. i might have to go dust off the dvd collection.

zookey said:

November 20th, 1:03 pm


Although ‘little street fighter surprise’

unless it is something else other than these two:

A) The ESRB already ok’d Street Fighter Alpha’s 2 and 3 for the PSN

B) rumor has been going of you guys doing a HD remake of Marvel VS Capcom 2 for PSN

it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise LOL–although those are both good things anyways no complaints here

but yeah more PSOne classics please–Resi 2, Dino Crisis, maybe the 3D Street Fighter for S&G’s–yeah the more the merrier!

SDkngsht said:

November 20th, 1:04 pm

i second what NeoMagus said.

anyone complaining about not having Trophies for flippin Street Fighter is a complete f****ng retard.

it even says not at launch which basically means later. if you need trophies to know why Street Fighter 2 is great you should not call yourself a gamer EVER. f’in whiney @$$ noobs.

illfigja said:

November 20th, 1:04 pm

I’m so thrilled about getting this game, it’s like Chinese Democracy, and I know it will be worth the wait.

But dare I ask if it could be available early in the day on the 25th?

SDkngsht said:

November 20th, 1:05 pm


Andronix said:

November 20th, 1:07 pm

How come you had the time to add ACHIEVEMENTS
for the Xbox 360?

How come you never had the time to add TROPHIES for the PlayStation 3?

I want this game but “no time” is a lazy excuse.




SDkngsht said:

November 20th, 1:10 pm

Andronix = f’in tard.

go away. if you need trophies to buy this then you’re a tard.

Enforcer_X said:

November 20th, 1:11 pm

Now this is “ALMOST” how a blog post should be.

Listing the trophies, the resolution and all the other important info … accept XMB Music. Although reading down the question has been answered but it should have been listed in the post.

Good post though glad to see the constructive criticism works =)

I too am a trophy whore and I just will not be picking this up without them. Sorry, I am sure it is a great game.

mikeja72 said:

November 20th, 1:16 pm

Response from 39 when he said he’d buy it when trophies were patched: “So you’re gonna take my free music but not the game!!!! UGH!”

No trophies confirmed :-P

Did a trophy patch ever roll out for bionic commando actually? I don’t know I skipped that game because there were others I wanted to play (and had trophies) :-)

ChefOo7 said:

November 20th, 1:17 pm

@Clinton514 , NeoMagus

I agree with you two completely. To sit here and read the negative comments about people bashing Capcom for not implementing Trophy support at launch makes me livid and embarrassed to be a part of a community where this kind of activity is commonplace. If they did a little research, they’d know that most game devs are (pretty much) required to implement achievements whereas Sony doesn’t. To insinuate that Microsoft bribes Capcom to put achievements for them and not Sony is not only insulting to Capcom, but shows ignorance on the poster’s part (you know who you are).

All the complainers do is whine and cry like babies, showing lack of respect towards developers, and not being the least bit grateful. Shame on them. It’s Capcom’s business when it comes software programming, not yours; the least you can do is show some support, class, and respect.

ssp619 said:

November 20th, 1:19 pm

Hey John,
Is there any chance that you’ll release the PSP Mega Man games on the PSN, there impossible to find where I live :(
I’m pretty sure they don’t take that much resources ;)

DJ_DTM said:

November 20th, 1:19 pm

DJ Qbert !!!
That’s my boy!!!

Played a show with him a few years ago, good guy,
Wicked skillz

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    November 20th, 1:27 pm

    DJ Qbert is one of my hip hop heroes. It was a pleasure and honor to work with him. I even got to check out his octogon kitchen table.

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