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Nov 24

Nov 24

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift – Can You Beat Us?

Nigel Kershaw's Avatar Posted by Game Director, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

So MotorStorm: Pacific Rift has been out a couple of weeks, and we’re all back from our vacations, rested, refreshed and ready to give you a run for your money on the online leaderboards in Time Attack.

time attack.jpg

If you’re not familiar with Time Attack in the MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, it’s a game mode where you attempt to get the best lap time possible using one of the vehicle classes on one of the 16 racetracks in the game. It’s different than regular MotorStorm racing, as it’s just you on the track with no opponents to worry about, and it’s all about getting around the track in one piece. If you crash or manually reset the track during the course of a lap, then that time will not be uploaded to the online leaderboards.

There is a different board for each of the eight vehicle classes on each of the tracks, as well as an overall board for each track showing the very fastest times regardless of vehicle used.

Since launch we have had an embargo on members of staff posting to the Time Attack leaderboards, in order to give you guys a chance to get comfortable with the game. Now that embargo has been lifted, and we’ll be on there looking to give you a run for your money (although looking at some of the times that have been posted our ‘leet skills need a bit of work ;-))

Are you struggling to get onto the leaderboards in Time Attack?

Here’s a few tips that might help:

  • Conservation of momentum – Braking (obviously) and hard turning all reduce your speed. The fastest laps are the ones where you brake and turn as little as possible.
  • Explore different routes – Each track is a myriad of routes. The optimal route for each vehicle will need some searching out to find.
  • Exploit your chosen vehicle’s advantages
  • Clear the route – After each lap your timer resets, but any objects you have knocked around the track will stay in their new positions. You may want to use a warm-up lap to clear the track of obstacles before going for that hot lap.
  • Hang time is slow time – Time spent in the air over jumps is lost time – you’re not accelerating. Keep the height and distance of jumps down to a minimum.
  • Turn in the air – While in the air you still have some control over the direction your vehicle is facing. Use this to line yourself up for a perfect exit when you land.
  • Nurse that boost – Save your boost for the long straightaways. Boost is more efficient if used in long bursts, as each time you hit the boost the first ‘surge’ costs you quite a lot.
  • Watch and learn – If you want to know how some of those really fast times are down, take a peek. Download ghosts from the leaderboards and see if you can keep up.

clear the route.jpg hang time.jpg

Early on, there was a bit of a problem with the online leaderboards for some players. This has now been fixed, and we have more than one million scores posted online to-date across all race modes.

Thassit for now, good luck getting those fast times!

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slipping_halo said:

November 24th, 1:22 pm

this is soo sweet, gotta give this a go, your on guys im goning to vream some scores….

Mana Knight said:

November 24th, 1:25 pm

I love the game but the trophies are so hard to get. :( I’ll try some of those time trials though.

Rogerjak said:

November 24th, 1:28 pm

It’s on my X-mas list!Can’t wait :D

Netweb said:

November 24th, 1:36 pm

Don´t have this game yet… waiting for the game arrive…

JohnnyMoses said:

November 24th, 1:36 pm

I effin love this game. Never got into the first one. But, I’m an addict now. I’ll try some of these time trials but….

Any idea on when we’ll see some DLC? I would gladly purchase some content. I would even buy different drivers just for fun.

XxBigP123xX said:

November 24th, 1:39 pm

Have to buy his game.

BabeBro said:

November 24th, 1:41 pm

OMG! I’m so happy you guys have updated on the blog! I purchased the game first day it came out and I love it! Much better than the first one (which I also owned). My question to you guys is, with HOME’s release being right around the corner, are you planning to release a MotorStorm Game Space we can meet at to conduct tournaments? Thanks again for the game and keep up the excellent work!

schwaa said:

November 24th, 1:41 pm

Want this game soooo bad, just saving up some cash right now. Will have by Jan.

JBruno said:

November 24th, 1:41 pm

Buyed last friday, its a amazing game, far better that the first Motorstorm. What a shame Sony let that old crap demo be released, the game in disc is so far superior… You guys need to replace the demo ASAP for another actual game build, missing potencial sales with this one.

eric1018 said:

November 24th, 1:43 pm

Awesome game!

Aeneman said:

November 24th, 1:48 pm

No, I can’t beat you. I can barely handle rank 3 races.

NathanJ said:

November 24th, 1:50 pm

Amazingly fun game. Easily the most intense racing game out this gen.

However, the absurd Friendship Trophy needs to be patched so it can be 2-4 players. Or just gotten rid of entirely.

It’s unbelievable you guys thought the vast majority of players who play this game at home alone should be denied getting the Platinum Trophy without going out and buying 1-3 extra controllers if they want to complete the Trophies for the game.

GGCAN said:

November 24th, 1:52 pm

Thanks Nigel.

Gotta agree with a few others here…very difficult to get the trophies, but I love this game.

SDkngsht said:

November 24th, 2:01 pm

working on that trophy now.

i usually just folloe the developer ghost then boost & explode past them at the last second.

Schitthammer said:

November 24th, 2:04 pm

I love the game Nigel and I’m pretty sure all of us would love to see a MotorStorm-themed Home Space. :)

SDkngsht said:

November 24th, 2:06 pm

the hardest trophy in my opinion to get is the trophy for winning with less than a 0.1 time difference.

the rest that i need are all trophies that will take time (winning a certain number of races and beating the developer ghosts). i’ve gotten most if not all of the quicker ones though.

TouchyEd said:

November 24th, 2:06 pm

Is the actual game better than the demo? I was totally disappointed in the lame demo.

Kevyn.B.Grams said:

November 24th, 2:07 pm

Nice to here from the team. This has ended up being my most played PS3 game this holiday. I felt let down by Resistance 2, and as much as I love Little Big Planet I just can’t sit extended periods with it.

I am nearly done with the ticket mode, and will soon move onto timetrials, and online. One thing I would love for the team to look into is giving less skilled players a option to make the game a bit easier. It has not been bad for me, but my father really wanted this game, and he lost all intrest because of the stiffness of the rubberband AI.

Thanks for the awsome game. Hope to see lots of DLC in the future. I will be picking up whatever you guys put out.

frostquake said:

November 24th, 2:08 pm

Too many games out right now to go and buy this one, sorry guys. Will pick it up in March 2009, when on sale for $19.99…The Demo just did not offer enough of a reason to buy the game at full price.

SDkngsht said:

November 24th, 2:21 pm

@17 and 19…your loss. the game is incredible. and with online and split screen it’s definitely a must buy. i’d at least tell someone i wanted it for xmas and let them get it for me. :lol:

lakaihigh said:

November 24th, 2:37 pm

still on my 2 buy list. trying to finish up a few games right now. I apologize in advance guys.


WHAT said:

November 24th, 2:53 pm

I only have one person on my FL that has this game. He sent me some horrible looking photo from it I think. He has grabbed a lot of the Trophies already. I was not going to get this. I been somewhat disappointed in the Sony holiday line up so far. It’s like buying a broken toy and waiting for the glue to come in the mail. I’ll send him a message to see if it’s worth it.

Trieloth said:

November 24th, 3:23 pm

^^^@WHAT you poor confused soul. “somewhat disappointed in the Sony holiday line up so far”? ROFL..I could be rude but, Meh.
The game is great and more people need to buy it cuz your are missing out. There are way to many games for me to play to get all the trophies for this yet. LBP and R2 are very time consuming :/. But when I want to race I just pop in MS:PR. :)
P.S. thanks for allowing me to play my own music this time.

remanutd said:

November 24th, 3:32 pm

im a HUGE motorstorm fan and to me pacific rift is better than motorstorm in almost every single possible way , I LOVE IT , best brutal off road racing game without a doubt, im working on my legend trophy at the moment but after i get it , i’ll head to time attacks lol and sony line up disappointed ? lol good joke man lol

remanutd said:

November 24th, 3:36 pm

oh i forgot to say thank you for bringing the motorstorm costume to little big planet , a little bit expensive but i just had to have it lol

Angelus_55 said:

November 24th, 3:38 pm

Hey Nigel, awesome game you guys made. Just wondering if this will affect the “Ghost Rider” and “Hire Me” trophies? I.e. if you guys start posting new, better times, will it make those two trophies even harder to get? I’ve already got “Ghost Rider,” did I luck out by beating the “easier” times?

BraMbleR_ said:

November 24th, 3:56 pm

I am really loving this game, but it gets extremely frustrating in the single player level 7 and 8 races. The AI makes it their sole objective to piss you off. I wish we could turn down the difficulty a little bit. I probably can’t finish the single player portion of the game without throwing my Dualshock 3 at my TV

gmk218 said:

November 24th, 4:34 pm


NevilleThegame said:

November 24th, 5:17 pm

Quite lame you need the internet to edit users name. Who’s ideal was that? So when we play 4 player split screen, we are our only known as Player 1 2 3 and 4 how stupid is that? The default music is horrible but u allowed in game music but its flawed. 1. You have to paused the game 2. unless its just my system, but some playthroughs the game will freeze when using in game music. It would of been better to just allow players to add music to the soundtrack which that way when changed the music on the fly.

P_tear_griffin said:

November 24th, 5:44 pm

Got this game over the weekend (finally) and I am loving every second of it.

nmc75 said:

November 24th, 6:19 pm

Nigel, I wanted to let you know in case you aren’t already aware.. over at the Official US Playstation Motorstorm board, we’ve detailed a few of us who have come across corrupt game save files. We believe the in-game XMB use during load or messaging may be causing this. Can you please let us know if you guys are working on this?

Jeigh said:

November 24th, 6:23 pm

I’m not sure whether or not you can confirm this (you probably can’t) but I’ve heard that there’s a PSP version of Motorstorm on the way. That’d be pretty cool, I have to admit.

skynidas said:

November 24th, 6:49 pm

Thanks for the tips guys, this game is simply amazing! :)

-Deadpool- said:

November 24th, 7:40 pm

Had to register to leave a comment here.

Picked up Motorstorm: Pacific Rift on day 1 launch here in Australia, had the Festival wrapped up by the weekend, and just recently got the Silver Trophy for beating the developer times.

Some of your times were incredibly difficult to beat! Particularly that darn Monster Truck on Wildfire! Argh, so close so many times!

Brilliant work once again with the sequel to one of my favourite off-roaders of all time. Love the cars, love the tracks.

Thanks for the tips on the Time Trial stuff – will definitely be taking some of this to the track for some challenges me and mates have coming up. Awesome.

Good to see developers taking an active interest here, really great work.

Cheers for my new favourite racer.

Lunatics Unite.

jbat17 said:

November 24th, 9:26 pm

so the best racer this year is? burnout, wipeout, gt prologue or this. played them all and i will have to go with motorstorm.

wavesln said:

November 24th, 9:35 pm

Going to buy it in a few days. Have to say though, the “You must have 4 controllers in order to get the Platinum” is beyond absurd as some guys here said. Change this please.

p-s-3 said:

November 25th, 5:46 am

Amazing game guys. Nice one :)

huiboo said:

November 25th, 9:12 am

Great game, in fact the best racing game for the PS3 yet!
Now if you wouldnt have released such a bad demo, you probably would sell much more copies and would get more posts here aswell.
Although fantastic game, thanks!

ross_k said:

November 25th, 10:10 am

whats you guys at Evolution Studios PSN IDs? and are you planning on another WRC game cos I loved those games and apart from the late, great Colin McRae games theirs no rally games on the PS3

remanutd said:

November 25th, 10:54 am

im with 38 , you guys need to released a new demo from the actual game and pick up another track ,kanaloa bay, paradise beach or even riptide would be the perfect choices , my favorite one is THE EDGE though

Kamahl said:

November 25th, 5:48 pm

nice, after i beat the game im gonna start with the time challenges


December 5th, 9:30 pm

Yo! Motorstorm devs! Why is it every time I try to upscale my game the highest it goes is 720p? Also, wheres my dlc? Man you guys need to start talking to us more because this game is exactly what the playstation needs to get back the respect it used to have like it did in the ps2 days. Why are you guys not giving any feed back on any of the questions sent out to you. Its not like this isn’t the official playstation boards or something.

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