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Dec 02

Dec 02

SingStar Updates

Aaron Orsak's Avatar Posted by US Producer

With SingStar ABBA hitting the shelves today for PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation 2, we wanted to share with you some new SingStar updates.

SingStar ABBA

We’ve been listening to your feedback over the last few months and wanted to let you know that we will be adding 60+ songs to the North American SingStore over the next few months. We’ll be sure to keep you all posted as we begin rolling out new songs to the SingStore. In the meantime, here’s a highlight of songs to appear in the coming weeks:

  • UB40 – ‘Red Red Wine’
  • Billy Joel – ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’
  • Chumbawamba- ‘Tubthumping’
  • David Bowie- ‘Let’s Dance’
  • Pink – ‘Get the Party Started’
  • Queen- ‘The Show Must Go On’
  • New Order- ‘Blue Monday 88’
  • Men at Work – ‘Down Under’
  • Starship – ‘We Built This City’

Just in time for the holidays we will also be releasing a Christmas song pack to the SingStore in mid-December featuring popular Christmas carols from top artists such as Toni Braxton, Celine Dion and Paul McCartney. The pack will be available for $6.99 and will include the following tracks:

  • Toni Braxton – ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas’
  • Babyface – ‘Sleigh Ride’
  • Shakin’ Stevens – ‘Merry Christmas’
  • Paul McCartney – “Wonderful Christmastime’
  • Celine Dion – ‘Christmas Eve’

For all you SingStar fans with an extensive PS2 SingStar Library, a free game update will be made available by Christmas which will let you play your existing PS2 SingStar titles on your PS3. The new feature will work with all current PS3 systems and will not require a system software update. Just note, this feature is only compatible with SingStar discs.

Thank you all very much for your support and feedback. We’re committed to improving the North American SingStore and will keep you posted with new releases and updates.

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ShamanNY said:

December 3rd, 10:12 am

I finally bought the game for PS3 as a gift to my wife… but been having a bit of buyers remorse, in making my purchasing decision i was looking at the singstore catalogue, guess what, the country was set to UK, so visiting the US store left me underwhelmed (i still found the UK lacking).

Now add the 1 console policy of the store, lack of trophy support, lack of online modes, and the slow track release (in this day and age anything less than RockBand DLC frequency is just plain wrong) and i am questioning my purchase.

ShamanNY said:

December 3rd, 10:30 am

Part Deux

I understand that licensing is a complex business, and that its hard and expensive(and therefor hard to justify) the worlwide licensing of certain music… but c’mon

So in that light some comments and some unreasonable requests.
– Why do i find myself envying some tracks in LIPS (GASP!) despite my blind hatred for MS
– I have two PS3’s you do know where im going with this!
– Everyone wants their favorite artist/genre in the game im no different:
–Gimme latin pop, rock, salsa, whatever (Spain probably makes you money but give latinos in the States a shot… at least make the latin packs/edition available in the US.
– VOLUME 2? 30 songs?, separate disc?

ok im done

israelnoir said:

December 3rd, 11:04 am

Actually this is a GOOD update. Loving 5 of the songs in this update. Perfect in the tradition of karaoke. Mixing in a little bit of old with a little bit of new. I would LOVE to see some of the songs from the UK version of Singstar. I am a huge fan of

-Depeche Mode
-Spandau Ballet

I would also love to see more

Pet Shop Boys
Soft Cell
The Smiths
The Clash
Missing Persons
Drama Rama

I have a question. When we use the disc swapping feature with PS2 games will the gameplay feature look the same as the PS3 version of singstar?

Parapraxis said:

December 3rd, 11:26 am

I hope Sony is reading the signstar forums.

scorpio said:

December 3rd, 2:14 pm

Agreed, songs should be made to be downloaded to atleast a few consoles. I do plan on owning a second PS3 and that would be very annoying not being able to play the song on both consoles.

ericsan21 said:

December 3rd, 3:07 pm

Me and my friends love Singstar. Anychance you will release a singstar latin or release spanish songs to download on the PS3 Store?

Cactaur said:

December 3rd, 6:03 pm

I’m a little upset at this. Why do we have disc swap? That’s kinda cool… If this were a PS2.

But we have a PS3. With HUGE hard drives! I have ALL the SingStar’s, why can’t we rip our old collection to the PS3?

It’s not like it can’t be done; Rock Band 2 did it and it was a huge convience!

I hope someone sees this, and probably the many other comments from people like me, who want to see this feature!

Seanscythe2 said:

December 4th, 9:11 am

Why did it take this long? Is it because Lips from MS is going to challenge Singstar? Singstar needs more recent song and not just rap. I’m talking rock, and not just from the 1900’s Try getting Linkin Park, shinedown, MORE 3 doors down, more good country. Why no Metallica?

Also get songs people know not the songs that are on the cd but are not popular.

israelnoir said:

December 4th, 3:08 pm

Hey does anyone know if when using the disc swapping feature on your PS3 version of singstar will the same gameplay and overall look of the PS3 version apply to songs from the PS2 disc? Or will it just be like playing the PS2 disc? I hate the PS2 versions of singstar with their dated graphics and the fact that you can’t adjust the latency on them.

Titanya11 said:

December 4th, 8:12 pm

I agree with some of the folks above! Singstar is a phenomenal family game, but they do need some older 50’s-60’s and younger Disney to cover all generations!:) I’d love to see this happen for the PS2. How come only Europe gets the good stuff?! Cmon state side!! PLEASE!:)

Mana Knight said:

December 5th, 1:38 pm

Thanks, glad to see the SingStore updated. Only concern I have is didn’t you say the other music (such as from Queen and P!nk “Get The Party Started”) will be making its way over, over time.

Mana Knight said:

December 15th, 5:30 pm

I was hearing that the update to play PS2 SingStar games (on PS3 if you own a copy of SingStar) is coming tomorrow to Europe. Will NA be getting that update too? Thanks a lot. :D

Also, was the songpack section suppose to be removed from the SingStore?

watersp said:

December 29th, 10:49 am

Cool…sorta! Can’t wait to try out my PS2 discs (which have been getting dusty since I prefer the PS3 game format). I say ‘sorta’, as I’ve already spent some money in the SingStore downloading songs that were on the PS2 versions (with the intent of getting rid of the PS2 copies).

My remaining wishlist:

– More songs! (a specific one: Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman – Something Stupid. I see videos for it, so I assume it’s available elsewhere in the world for SingStar) Otherwise, as others have said, more recent top 40’s stuff would be good.

– Would be nice if I could “suck” the songs I want off of the PS2 discs to the PS3 HDD so that I don’t have to swap discs

– How do I report incorrect lyrics?

– How about turning down the menu music a few notches? It sucks to have to turn the music up to sing a song, then turn it down before the menu music blasts you out of the room, then back up for the next song.

abspara said:

January 1st, 9:54 am

A small update with old music and one track that’s most people probably already own on the vol.1 disc! Fantastic.

You guys over at Sony know how you the 360 has outpaced you in console sales here in the U.S.?

that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you with Singstar if you don’t get your act together with updates. Incase you guys have been living under a shell the music video game market is on fire here in the U.S.

You are missing a PRIME opportunity to market on this by releasing craptastic updates that are few and far between.

Eventually your customers will go to a game which offers them a better value. Explain that to your bosses why you lost the opportunity after the fact.

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