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Dec 03

Dec 03

Qore Episode 07 is Coming… and it’s FREE!

Kevin Furuichi's Avatar Posted by Executive Producer, PlayStation Network

We have good news for you this month. As our way of saying “Happy Holidays,” the PlayStation Network is offering the Single Episode version of Qore Episode 07 (December ’08) for FREE* in the PlayStation Store. So, this month is your chance to check out an entire episode of Qore starting this Thursday, December 4th.

Episode 07 begins with an inside look at EA’s “Skate 2,” the sequel to the game that redefined what it means to ride a virtual board. Then, Audrey Cleo rolls over to Skatefest ’08 in San Diego for a spin around the boarding scene.

Next, Veronica Belmont makes her way to Capcom to check out two of their latest projects – “Bionic Commando,” the re-imagining of the classic 8-bit franchise, and “Flock,” a really cool PlayStation Network game that definitely does not follow the herd.

We also introduce you to the “Steam Punk” sub-culture as we take a look at Codemasters‘ “Damnation” – a post-modern third person-shooter served with a Jules Verne twist.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Qore if we didn’t have a few downloadable and playable goodies for you in the form of an exclusive Killzone 2 theme and the latest addition to the ArQade – “Blast Qore.”

Annual Subscribers to Qore will find their Download Centers filled with a Qore-exclusive “Flock” demo.

We hope you enjoy the holidays and get a chance to experience this very special episode of Qore!

* PlayStation Network registration required. User responsible for internet fees.

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GGCAN said:

December 3rd, 1:41 pm


If you don’t like Home, you don’t have to use it.

Some of us DO appreciate it and welcome any new ideas for the PS3.

X1rtam said:

December 3rd, 1:45 pm

I remember taking a survey about Damnation a few months back. The “preview” never mentioned a thing about Steampunk, and the game came across as very generic when the truth is that it looks quite unique. I believe the company behind the survey was PSB, who still have some of their answer choices as “I will see this movie on DVD/VHS” instead of “DVD/Blu-Ray…”

bob said:

December 3rd, 1:54 pm

Free FTW!!!!!!!!

jorellano said:

December 3rd, 1:55 pm

I don’t like Qore. I think it’s pretty crappy that you have to pay to get to play video game demos, and to hope for the chance to “get into a beta test.” Beta tests these days are nothing more than pre-release demos. You aren’t required to discuss the game in a focus group, and you are given no tools to report and suggest fixes for bugs. It’s all pretty crappy, if you ask me.

Mattchewie said:

December 3rd, 2:00 pm

@LukaX23 –

You know you would think that would work but go to the SOCOM forum and ask how they feel about releasing what they consider a broken game and patching it later on.

People don’t like delays but they don’t like a crap product either. Therefore your damed if you do, damed if you don’t.

Enforcer_X said:

December 3rd, 2:00 pm

Yup and I don’t plan on using it.
Thanks for the permission. =)

Don’t misunderstand me I appreictae and welcome new ideas for the PS3 and I didn’t say I don’t like Home overall.

Like I stated before I have been in the beta since May 07 and it is my duty to “beta test” Home and provide feedback.

Don’t take my comments out of context and/or put words in my mouth.

Iamw00f said:

December 3rd, 2:02 pm

I paid for the annual membership for Qore and I have to admit I have been dissapointed. I didn’t receive my Resistance 2 beta until days before the beta was over. I have yet to receive my Home beta code and I have been a member since day one. Such a dissapointment, I won’t be renewing my subscription, that’s for sure. :(

PSN ID = Iamw00f

GravityRi4n said:

December 3rd, 2:04 pm

sweet deal guys!! thanks for the free episode, and it will be cool to see what flock is. Thanks a lot guys and hope you had a nice thanksgiving haha

senjutsu_dav said:

December 3rd, 2:05 pm

“Will annual subscriber get a free episode when their subscription is up next year? Because it seem that this episode count as one of our subscription episode.”

LOL, like he said, it’s weird for those who pay. But I guess that letting us poor boys be able to see it ONE time is no big deal for those who pay, at least I hope so, it not they are really arrogant, lol.

Ajora said:

December 3rd, 2:33 pm

I swear I am never subscribing to Qore again! I can’t belive how bad it’s starting to get… It used to be alright but now it’s really lame with no good content wahtsoever.

herb420 said:

December 3rd, 2:38 pm

Gotta go to work now. Come on Sony send me my Qore promised home beta to play with when I get home.

(fingers crossed)

PSN: HerbertFortoon

GGCAN said:

December 3rd, 2:40 pm


No permission required.

Home is Beta…won’t have everything there until Live comes out and even when Live is out…didn’t Sony state it will be an ever evolving place ?

So I’m sure what people will suggest to be included in Home for future updates will be considered by Sony.

I like it to meet up with my other PS3 friends and to get together for gaming sessions.

Much better than texting those people on the PS3…Would rather use the headset and actually talk to the people.

For that, I feel Home is entirely worth the effort.

TheVesra said:

December 3rd, 2:50 pm

least we forget, annual sybscribers ALWAYS got extra content that single buyers didn’t. claiming us annuals getting the flock demo should compensate for the fact everyone on psn (US baby) will be getting the issue free is moot. thats like saying i should be happy my game informer comes with extra subscribe now cards than the on the shelf versions. i, like many others, am quite upset.

now, how about special LBP outfits every month for us subscribers for free? sounds like a win idea does it not. want to get new subscribers, this sounds like a great way to win them over.

cLokwerk_ye11ow said:

December 3rd, 2:52 pm

To Qore subscribers complaining about this free epsiode:

When you subscribe, it clearly states you are getting 13 episodes for your annual subscription. That is one extra episode. If you were to buy 12 episodes at $2.99, it would cost $35.99. Your $24.99 price was your discount for subscribing, plus one extra episode (this month’s) which was clearly planned. Doesn’t look like you’ve been “cheated” to me.

b0n3z said:

December 3rd, 3:18 pm


I am in exactly the same boat as you. I was not given the beta key for R2 until 3 days before it was over. Now I am still checking my e-mail for a beta code for Home which was will probably never arrive. Lesson learned. I will not re-new either.

ven0m136 said:

December 3rd, 3:18 pm

free WHAT!!! comon thats not fair for the people that got the annul subscription we should atleast get a beta or an extra month of qore free because i dont want this to count as one of the months i paid for

minusculegiant said:

December 3rd, 3:22 pm

Good job Sony. Screw me on my Home beta invite then add insult to injury by giving everyone an episode I paid for for FREE.

Great way to reward your loyal fans.

TheUsedVersion said:

December 3rd, 3:23 pm

@ Enforcer_X
How about you stop trolling and GTFO?

Merry Christmas Playstation Blog. I am an annual subscriber and appreciate the free episode. Cheers!

Enforcer_X said:

December 3rd, 3:31 pm

I have been on this blog from day one.
No one is trolling here.
Why don’t you pay attention …
So enough off topic garbage.
Thanks for the free Qore!
I am out of this post!

kleanx said:

December 3rd, 3:44 pm

hey Miss PS blog, why are you in Paris during the 1st part of the video ??? I can the Alexandre III behinh you !

Ramses_13 said:

December 3rd, 3:53 pm

Annual subscriber to Qore over 5 months received resistance 2 beta late, still no Home invite. Now I am paying for a free episode? I will NOT be renewing my Qore membership next year. I want my money back.

Qore-daddy said:

December 3rd, 4:03 pm

Please love Qore for what it is, you don’t NEED to pay for it, it’s a premium service…and a brand new form of media!

angel27 said:

December 3rd, 4:16 pm

107 and 115
YOUR lucky I was not given the beta key for R2 AT ALL WTF.

lowerfactor said:

December 3rd, 4:17 pm

sweet a free episode of qore

Iamw00f said:

December 3rd, 4:20 pm

I couldn’t help but chuckle that I am considered “lucky” by receiving a promised beta code late. Makes me feel sorry for the unlucky ones :(

With any luck, I may receive the Home beta code after launch day! =))

Ramage said:

December 3rd, 4:25 pm

Pretty neat you’ll be giving us a free ep. I must say that having not seen what Qore includes I was very unwilling to purchase and although I probably still won’t become a subscriber because I see no reason why the content shouldn’t be free at least now I’ll KNOW that I’m glad I’m not paying and not quasi wondering what I’m missing.

elemeNt907 said:

December 3rd, 4:54 pm

Wow. Are you people THAT butthurt over such a small amount!? It’s worth freakin three one dollar bills lol…GET OVER IT! Ha cuz you know $3 is so much money lol i wish i was wealthy enough to afford an episode of Qore! Lol could you people cry more!? The word of the day: Pathetic

holyphantomcow said:

December 3rd, 5:05 pm

SONY=HOME YOU PROMISED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AT LEAST KEEP US INFORMED GEZZ its not that hard. PROBLUM NOT ENOUGH servers OK WHATEVER JUST LET US KNOW THE PROBLUM or do you just like to drive us nuts??????FINAL FANTASY!!!????GREAT ROLE PLAYING GAMES!!!!??? nope. nowhere…

elemeNt907 said:

December 3rd, 5:08 pm

This moron who just posted above me is a virgin btw and only stoped breast feeding a month ago lol

holyphantomcow said:

December 3rd, 5:13 pm

married actually lol and 2 kids and they are driving me nuts figured i might attract some attention cuz i told them about home and they thought it was cool then sony didnt release it i figured they would forget about it but they didnt the rpgs are for me thou lol

WHAT said:

December 3rd, 5:24 pm

Looking forward to trying out Flock. First new PS Capcom title in years.

elemeNt907 said:

December 3rd, 5:47 pm

Oh well you should know by now that complaining to sony is like voting for president; your vote means nothing its just a suggestion cuz the final outcome is decided by the electoral college(sony) lol not you! And in this case not even the collective word of playstation users will make an impact on major decisions because sony for the most part just doesnt care in my opinion.

ctg867 said:

December 3rd, 6:48 pm

Wait a second, I paid $25 for a damn 13 month ANNUAL subscription. You better find a way to fit two more paid issues into there before my first paid month comes around, or I’m gonna be one unhappy customer. See: this crap better not count towards that 13, and there better be some sort of second “holiday” issue that’s paid and an E3 issue that’s paid.

Seriously though, it’s $25 for a really bare bones digital magazine that doesn’t have native 720p video at a good bit rate, with under half an hour of video, which often reuses the same screenshots or video clips if there are multiple videos for the same game. The least you could do is actually give me what the hell I paid for.

DemonOfRazgriz89 said:

December 3rd, 7:05 pm

Qore should have been free from the start…

Angry_Qore_Subscriber said:

December 3rd, 7:09 pm

Annual Qore subscribers who havn’t got Home invites yet, I have news.

I just got off the phone with Sony’s phone support and they said they get dozens of complaints regarding it a day. They have no power to give out codes so all they can do is pass along the complaints where they apparently just get ignored.

I also got an email reply regarding the issue claiming that I didn’t get one because I have “do not email” selected on my playstation network account.

This of course is ridiculous because Subscribing to Qore is consenting to recieving these emails and superceeds the “no not mail” status in these narrow instances. Which is why I recieved the SOCOM and R2 beta codes Qore Subscribers got no problem. I was also told to reply with my PSN ID and email address and he “would see what he could do”.

So basically the various branches of SCEA are incapable of working together to achieve a common goal. The goal in this case being following through on the promise of beta codes to all qore subscribers or in my case specificly properly addressing a customer complaint.

Angry_Qore_Subscriber said:

December 3rd, 7:15 pm

To the people running Qore:

I and several other Qore subscribers are unsatisfied with the quality of the product and service we’ve recieved from Qore.

You need to set your own email address or phone number to handle Qore subscription complaints.

What’s the point of phoning Sony’s customer support line or emailing Sony in general if they have no power to do anything regarding Qore?

You know what you should do at the end of the first year along with Episode 13?

You should write an open letter to all Annual Qore subscribers appologising for how badly you have treated them, give them another year of Qore for free, promise to make it up to them and treat them right in the next year and actually follow through with that promise.

Korlithiel said:

December 3rd, 7:42 pm

Don’t suppose this means this will make it to the PSP’s store.

death_bomber said:

December 3rd, 7:49 pm

will there be trophies for the game Flock?

death_bomber said:

December 3rd, 7:51 pm

Annual Qore user here with no HOME!

ven0m136 said:

December 3rd, 9:36 pm

its things like this that make me wanna get an xbox but i wont cause i respect sony and they should do the same by not doing this bs to its costumers

Ramses_13 said:

December 3rd, 11:12 pm

not several, but hundred of unsatisfied Qore customers.

Ramses_13 said:

December 3rd, 11:27 pm

at #127 elemeNT107

It’s not about the money, it’s about what Qore promised it’s customers. Since you have no idea what you are talking about you are obviously not a Qore subscriber, which means you have no say in the discussion at hand. To put it in simple minded terms for you, Qore customers were guaranteed private access to SOCOM, Restistance 2, and Home betas. Did some subscribers receive this? Yes “some” did. The Home beta is by far the worst, promised in the CLOSED beta and almost a month later thousands of annual Qore subscribers left in the dark. Sony claims no responsibility and there is no answer from Qore. The next time you post here you better think about what you type because obviously you have no idea of what your talking about.

herb420 said:

December 3rd, 11:38 pm

I am reasonably satisfied with Qore. There have been a few things that I didn’t care to watch, but for the most part Qore was well worth the fifteen dollars paid(after the free ten dollar game included). I also received both the SOCOM and R2 betas, and I’m pretty sure I selected not to receive marketing emails from Sony. If we need that turned on for this specific beta please tell us. I’m sure many people will turn it on for the content.

PSN: HerbertFortoon

piano said:

December 3rd, 11:47 pm

Umareh!!!!save image in a folder named as mnt12 , here is the link

TinkerGuru said:

December 4th, 2:53 am

Same here #50.

“Annual Subscribers to Qore will find their Download Centers filled with a Qore-exclusive “Flock” demo.”

wow…damn…can I have a refund now. This “mag” has not been worth the subscription price (hell this isn’t even a “blog”).
Many times the “mag” doesn’t come out until mid month, many “exclusives” are not, OPSM inputs a download code (for the recent episode) in their mag for anyone to take,…literally it has been the worst loss 25 ever.

wavesln said:

December 4th, 3:03 am

Qore is pretty good if a bit short. Annual subscribers (and I am one) complaining cause Sony gives one issue for free is absurd. Then again people here complain about everything.

chriscowboyd said:

December 4th, 4:02 am

@142 i agree with you when i read 127 comment i think he or she have no ideal what the post is about . i just dont get the connection to how sony money and qore make or even add up. yes am a annual member of qore yes i been in ever beta accept lbp because mm wanted to make the beta into some kind of man hunt and k2 i have no ideal how to get in that beta but am not upset because at the end of the day i will buy the full for some of you that didnt get in that may because you have two email address and you have them sgin in to sony hey sorry but that more your flaut then sony . to the rest of you hey am sorry you didnt get in you must had sol sorry . qore had some good things about it and a lot of bad things but i will buy another annual members but fyi you guys need to have more in it i know am just talking to mineself because the people who run qore dont read this blog sorry to say that but it true.

Stoffinator said:

December 4th, 4:48 am

Now if we could just get all of them free. ;-]

xfoxbatx said:

December 4th, 5:24 am

So I’m paying for something you’re giving to everybody for free now? And to compensate I get a free DEMO of a mediocre game? Go flock yourselves.

the_icon said:

December 4th, 6:57 am


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