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Dec 05

Dec 05

Introducing PULSE Presented by PlayStation Network

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Executive Producer, PlayStation Network


For fans wanting even more ways to stay connected and in the know on PlayStation news and updates, we launched a new original program, PULSE presented by PlayStation Network available on

PULSE, a part of our continuous push to provide original video programming, is a video showcase about what’s happening in the world of PlayStation. The program features new Blu-ray disc and PlayStation Network releases from the PlayStation Store, including games, demos, movies and television series available for your PS3 and PSP.

Check out PULSE at work, at home, or on the go with the PSP, appearing every other week on

We hope you enjoy the show.

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XxBigP123xX said:

December 5th, 6:04 pm

$3.99 a episode right?!


Conrad Max said:

December 5th, 6:05 pm

Now, this will be cool. Thank you for this news. We all want information any way we can get it. Thanks!

Microshock said:

December 5th, 6:07 pm

Seems nice and it’s free. Linger in shadows looks pretty good , i’ll probably get it.

Enforcer_X said:

December 5th, 6:08 pm

Now this looks cool! If it’s free!
Obviously I won’t pay to watch a video that tells me stuff I can see under New Releases for free.

Netweb said:

December 5th, 6:16 pm


zookey said:

December 5th, 6:18 pm

Is this kinda like Qore? Or is it a free version? LOL either way on my way to the site to check it out…..

Playing the Flock demo right now BTW–not bad–little weird but fun!

OneShotOswald said:

December 5th, 6:20 pm

how much?

SnoopYTimes said:

December 5th, 6:21 pm


Are the videos also going to be available on the PS Store?

Or a good idea is put a PULSE application in the PSN section on the XMB where you can just stream the video. That would be cool.

Wuggyboobeaufuf said:

December 5th, 6:22 pm

What is the difference between this and Qore?

(serious question)

Microshock said:

December 5th, 6:22 pm

Enforcer, just go on the link in the article above, and the video is free.

Also, sorry for the off topic thing, but play my level called World of Poo in little big planet

blkant said:

December 5th, 6:23 pm

Hmmm, if its free, then you’ve put yet another smile on my face :)

PSPsGTghOost said:

December 5th, 6:27 pm

Wha wat wat is this now?? Sony! Stop sending money on such silly stuff and spend the money in making more games and advertising them. I shouldn’t be having to tell you this.

Plus, why didnt Canada get the Limited Edition Prince of Persia that was promised if I pre-ordered??

smokey_vols said:

December 5th, 6:32 pm

I’ll wait till I see an episode before I can tell if I like it or not.

SnoopYTimes said:

December 5th, 6:33 pm

why dont people just watch the video.
and then comment.

Microshock said:

December 5th, 6:34 pm

Yeah, the freaking video is free and theres a link right in the article!

It’s basically an ad but it shows you some of the gameplay in the game

KazeEternal said:

December 5th, 6:34 pm

So when do we get to see Pulse on the XMB under Network? Would be nice to have this on PSN along with various other Pulse categories listed. Maybe a special section in the Home Theater for Pulse as well.

Qore is kind of a failure in my eyes, should just dissolve it and allocate this to a free XMB project.

cmargary said:

December 5th, 6:39 pm

like everyone already said… this need to be in the xmb, I already saw it and it’s cool but in the xmb to compete with the other console not in the store.

BTW…. typing with the new PS keyboard

bronxchulo said:

December 5th, 6:50 pm

this is a cool new feature to have. i like this better than qore.

SIDE QUESTION: when will ps blog link itself with playstation network so we sign in thru our PSN’s and able to be more networked?

Delriach said:

December 5th, 6:55 pm

The video was pretty entertaining.

Ramage said:

December 5th, 6:57 pm

Sounds intriguing but I do believe the majority of people who come to the blog are very well informed as is. I am curious to see if you will charge for this, but I can’t see why you would(but I thought the same thing about Qore and themes too).

Although I doubt I will be tuning in since I am constantly up to date with blu-ray releases and PSN updates (thanks to you and N4G) I’m sure this will become a welcome feature for those who aren’t as ‘plugged in’ as I am.

God I’m a freakin’ loser.

JohnnyMoses said:

December 5th, 6:57 pm

whoopity doo!

That’s all. Just wanted to comment. I might just watch it because she’s alright looking.

Stoffinator said:

December 5th, 7:00 pm

I don’t get why you guys are doing this if you have Qore? They both seem to be the same thing to me. Just one you pay for and one seems to be free.

El_Scorcho said:

December 5th, 7:00 pm

Solid! But Kevin, if you wouldn’t mind answering, where is the video store for canadians? Us crazy canucks enjoy HD movies too!

Microshock said:

December 5th, 7:02 pm

El_scorcho, i think sony just needs to get the licensing worked out etc….

farmer_steve said:

December 5th, 7:18 pm

Is today news day or something? And as long as this is free; I’m all for it.

If not, then no thanks. I can barely afford living expenses atm, no way I can be spending more.

Death Touch said:

December 5th, 7:18 pm

This does need to have access from the XMB as well as the blog and the forums. You sign into the PS network you should have access to everything on it.
Other than that this seems to be kinda a cool news highlight reel thing, look forward to this

ftown said:

December 5th, 7:21 pm

well done, edits were tight, info was short and to the point. color seemed a little washed out on my screen, nice to see some footage from the prince side scroller finally, demo would be better. keep it up, 9/10.

hife said:

December 5th, 7:27 pm

I’m going to assume you saw my post on the last post and decided you better get on this story. That’s right everyone, the world revolves around me.

CrimsonFox13 said:

December 5th, 7:30 pm

I saw this earlier today by accidently clicking something on the Playstation website. I though it has been always there, but I had never seen it or heard of it before. Hehe

SpookyJuice said:

December 5th, 7:34 pm

Kevin or Jeff, another good idea for Pulse would be something similar too the most downloaded title on the PlayStation Network, but this would be the top 5 most played online games. Say Resistance 2 has 10,000 hours played This week. It would be posted, then list the 4 top played games under that.

This would also help people who are looking to find the online action.

Btw it would be awesome of Pulse was somehow integrated into the XMB, and not just a weekly video we download.

tirminyl said:

December 5th, 7:35 pm

Watched this earlier today and commented on it in the PSForums. Very nice. This is great for providing summaries of what is available on the Playstation Network. I liked that the Prince of Persia classic was featured when speaking about the latest Prince of Persia release.

As mentioned on this blog post and within the forums, this should definitely be featured on the PS3 as it’s own application or within the Life with Playstation App. Allow us to launch a Playstation Network app that streams the feed to us or make a permanent link on the info bar. If Microshock (post #3) is anything to go by, featuring this in a more open spot can definitely get more people into the store.

tirminyl said:

December 5th, 7:37 pm

@ SpookyJuice- Great idea! Not only do I like seeing and hearing what the top downloaded content is but I would like to hear what the top online games are for the week as well. Sony doesn’t have to release numbers but at least let us know what the top online titles are.


December 5th, 7:38 pm

shes pretty hot. i like asian americans.

Masterofallz said:

December 5th, 7:38 pm

I hope its free. Sony, at least give us this free…

Nymo said:

December 5th, 7:41 pm


One question: How can we watch PULSE on the PSP?
Is there a way to watch it on my PSP now? I’d like to watch on my computer, but it’s rather choppy on my computer…

anyways, Keep up the great work!

jayyy91 said:

December 5th, 7:47 pm

You guys should put this in the Home Theatre.

Clinton514 said:

December 5th, 7:49 pm

Looks like you have to launch your web browser in your PSP then bookmark the page. I thought it would be a download, but this is good enough for me.

onisat said:

December 5th, 7:50 pm

Seems like a cool idea can’t wait to see how it developes

digplans said:

December 5th, 7:57 pm

This kind of thing should be included in Home videos just playing in the background. If not, it would be a big miss. I’m almost sure they plan on integrating this kind of stuff in Home, maybe even this blog.

No info on Home though? Really? Your silence does not impress me, it’s like a big middle finger up my arse, and then presented to my face. I’m completely serious as i’m saying this.

jrriddle said:

December 5th, 7:57 pm

Mildly entertaining, Qore lite. I’ll watch it but mostly for Christina Lee.
No problem watching it on the PS3, could not get it on my PSP where I would like to see it since Qore is not available on remote play.

tekm0sis said:

December 5th, 7:58 pm

How is it possible to watch this on the psp without using remote play, I repeat, without using remote play?

JohnnyMoses said:

December 5th, 7:58 pm

Hey! I can’t watch it on my iPhone! Not good!

GanjaQueen said:

December 5th, 7:59 pm

@ 35,

Yeah, that is a good question b/c I tried to access through my PSP to watch PULSE–but all I got was the large freakin’ announcement-like saying ‘Now access the PSN store from you PSP’ type of ad (which did leave too much room for nothing else). :(

Would’ve been cool to look at from my PSP.

Totobeni said:

December 5th, 8:00 pm

hello , you should put this on Playstation Store yet ( SD and HD ) , it will be good for PSn users to see what new on the Playstation Store this why .

shadow7126 said:

December 5th, 8:06 pm


XxBigP123xX said:

December 5th, 8:07 pm

Wow, that was surprisingly good.

Make a XMB icon and put this under Playstation Network next.

Jeigh said:

December 5th, 8:10 pm

Yays!! We (the PlayStation community) have our own correspondents now! Way to make me feel all special on an otherwise mediocre day! Thank you and PLEASE have a good weekend. Between this and Killzone 2 footage you should be proud enough to sleep easy for two days at least. :D

lakaihigh said:

December 5th, 8:14 pm

and you guys keep pumping out the content! very awesome. i love the direction you guys are headed with everything. you seem to be keeping every1 in the know and that by all means is fantastical.


remanutd said:

December 5th, 8:17 pm

very very good, i like it a lot but pulse needs to be in playstation store and in playstation home , that way it’ll be getting on more playstation fans , very very good, this is what sony needs

Nick212004 said:

December 5th, 8:43 pm

See now Sony needs to do something similar for the commercials instead of wasting the time and money advertising things most of us already know about. Just something for Sony to think about.

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