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Dec 05

Dec 05

Introducing PULSE Presented by PlayStation Network

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Executive Producer, PlayStation Network


For fans wanting even more ways to stay connected and in the know on PlayStation news and updates, we launched a new original program, PULSE presented by PlayStation Network available on PlayStation.com.

PULSE, a part of our continuous push to provide original video programming, is a video showcase about what’s happening in the world of PlayStation. The program features new Blu-ray disc and PlayStation Network releases from the PlayStation Store, including games, demos, movies and television series available for your PS3 and PSP.

Check out PULSE at work, at home, or on the go with the PSP, appearing every other week on PlayStation.com.

We hope you enjoy the show.

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remanutd said:

December 6th, 8:03 am

at liferpgs , i agreed with all your points but one , stop selling exclusives ?????? they arent selling them, the exclusives the ps3 has lost (ff13,gta4,dmc4,re5) are all third party games , they can released their games in the consoles they want, ps3 exclusives cant be matched (while the competition its promoting dlc for next year we are getting blockbuster games) sony clearly has the upper hand here man , i agreed with everything else you said, and ps3 is all about software dude , psn library of games are growing incredible fast , add to that all the exclusives blu ray games we got in the last two monts and killzone2 just two months away NOT BAD AT ALL man

diablo103 said:

December 6th, 8:19 am

that was really good and informative. is there any chance that this will come to the playstation store?

TheGraciousOne said:

December 6th, 8:24 am

doesn’t work on a psp

Starstew said:

December 6th, 9:04 am

It’s been asked before, but I see no answer to the obvious question of “what does this mean for Qore?”

I love my PlayStation, but the PR division seems thoroughly confused or at odds with itself.

BIG-SLUG said:

December 6th, 9:10 am

What’s the difference between this and Qore? It seems like it covers all the same things.

JakDak said:

December 6th, 10:18 am

Did anybody else catch the announcement that Lumines Supernova is coming NEXT WEEK? That alone made watching that video worth it.

tirminyl said:

December 6th, 10:20 am

@lifeRPGs – For someone who supposedly has been working with games or be in the game industry for over 25 years certainly don’t show any knowledge about the industry or how a company operates. Regarding your post #97

1) The yen has surged while the dollar and lb have dropped. Any Japanese exporter is hurting due to conversion rates. This means that Sony is losing even more on every PS3 sold. You will only see a price drop once the market conditions are right. Getting to profitability is their main concern NOT satisfying fanboys by having a price war. Sorry but I want the company to be successful first!

2) Gaming is their priority. Sure they lost their way in the beginning but they have been turning things around on many facets and have been making gaming the sole focus.

3) Change the architecture of the console to split the userbase for future games that take advantage of such features?

tirminyl said:

December 6th, 10:20 am

@lifeRPGs – continued

4) Is BC really that big of a deal? Most people complain about not having it but never purchased the machine when it did have it. And if they did have it most don’t use it. Only the raving hardcore care about such a feature. Hint- You wanted the price lower, they cut features to lower the price.

5) Are you insane? Do you know the difference between 1st party, 2nd party, and 3rd party developers? Are you seriously saying that Sony should dissolve it’s massive internal development studios and stick with 3rd parties to provide games for their system such as Microsoft? Is that what you are really saying? Seriously? I hope you do realize that Ray Maguire was speaking about 3rd party developers/publishers (Square Enix, Capcom, Atari, CodeMasters) no longer viewing console exclusives as a viable option in the current market conditions, including the rise in development costs between the two HD consoles.

tirminyl said:

December 6th, 10:20 am

As for others: What’s the difference between this and Qore?

PULSE- Bi-Weekly update regarding what you can get on the PSN now in regards to games and movies. Also featuring the top content in the games and video section. It is nothing more than a video interpretation of the Playstation Store update blog posts.

QORE- This is your monthly in-depth behind the scenes access to specific game content as well as special content such as demo’s, betas, themes, etc. Although they can now do away with the Game and Blu-Ray upcoming sections.

@93- Nintendo has never pushed a console to market with the mindset of losing on hardware gaining on software.

Hardcore said:

December 6th, 10:28 am


crazyeighty8 said:

December 6th, 11:24 am

Just watched the first episode of pulse, it was OK. When they mentioned XAM’D on the store as being original content. My idea is for playstation to create more content only available on the network. I have no idea what XAM’D is but if the network produce anything original along the lines of south park, or family guy that would be amazing.


December 6th, 11:37 am

Is this gonna be useless like Qore?

jng562 said:

December 6th, 12:54 pm

wow christina is super hot

ven0m136 said:

December 6th, 1:02 pm

yeah they said the samething with qore

triple_lei said:

December 6th, 1:30 pm

Speaking of “PULSE”, how about releasing the DLC for WipEout Pulse???

Korlithiel said:

December 6th, 2:19 pm

It would be nice if all of this was made available on the RSS feed, the text, audio, and video so we could take this with us. And it’s not like the RSS feed matters since it shows nothing when added to my PSP and I access it.

Honestly, it seems like the PSP is shunned when it comes to finding ways to deliver news.

StalkingSilence said:

December 6th, 2:35 pm

Lumines Supernova coming to PSN Store next week… cool.

Suly2k said:

December 6th, 3:10 pm

That was AWESOME!

jbat17 said:

December 6th, 3:34 pm

she hot. i hit that.

chriscowboyd said:

December 6th, 5:01 pm

this isn’t a race but a marathon when it come to sony sell in games and systems . 2 there will be no price drop on the ps3 anytime soon . 3 stop the dumb madness about a systems war 4 next gen games to me isn’t about in game chat and music if sony allow it or not it wont mean a loss on sales real gammer want games 2 play. 5 sony can walk and talk at the same time so they can cover all things plus game so chill.

crystalx3d said:

December 6th, 7:10 pm

Question: How do we watch this on the psp and take it with us? Will this happen through the website or a downloadable on the store or a RSS vodcast or what? Right now the psp website just tells us to use the store (not very helpful). Will we be seeing an updated website with more news and stuff in the near future? The old psp site was rather clunky and hardly ever updated. The only reason I ever checked it was to occasionally download a demo. Now that all downloads happen through the store can we see a redesigned psp site, perhaps one that’s streamlined and mostly text with few images? (That’s because image-heavy websites cause the browser to really slow down)

Terminator_TX3 said:

December 6th, 10:16 pm

Linger in Shadows is a pure advanture game something developers should explore more. Can’t wait for Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer another pure adventure game.

BStreakX said:

December 6th, 10:37 pm

I liked the charts, it’s interesting to see the rank of what people are downloading.

But is it really necessary to advertise Hancock and Indiana Jones? Who doesn’t know about those movies? How about spotlighting movies and games that we haven’t seen advertised a hundred times already, like hidden gems and indie games?

UAE79 said:

December 6th, 11:33 pm


Ajora said:

December 7th, 8:13 am

Well…it’s cool I like it.
I hope you guys are not gonna charge it?

polyergos said:

December 7th, 3:52 pm

is this account still working?

Masterofallz said:

December 7th, 5:35 pm

The only reason the Wii has sold so much is because it targeted small kids.
You mentioned that it focused mainly on games.
Ye-.. No.
First off, its the same stuff over and over again. Mario, Link, Kirby.
All the same crap.
“SCE must asap FIRE all its marketing executives, because they are doing things wrong. I am not saying all the ‘extras’ should be dropped, the_icon, all i am saying is that GAMING should be Sony’s priority. ”
Maybe. If this isnt free, then, I agree. Its absolutely ridiculous.

Neil said:

December 7th, 7:11 pm

Nice, I just watched this full screen on my PS3 and it looked great. Now I understand what the latest firmware does :D

ArcaneAltair said:

December 8th, 2:41 am

Looks intresting.

EvoAnubis said:

December 8th, 8:52 am

“Oh wow…another useless marketing move by Sony. When will you understand that what the consumer wants is a machine to play games? We don’t care about your little useless softwares such as Life with Playstation, Qore or whatever. Stop taking the GAMING part in the PS3 in second place. Take it back to your priority. This is only way you will succeed.”

Who the hell is this “we” person you’re talking about? Don’t think you can speak for me, Chuckles. I LIKE Life With PlayStation (more cities would be great, though). I like Pulse. I like the non-gaming aspects of the PS3 just as much as I like the gaming stuff.

I LIKE the fact that pandora.com works on my PS3 now. I LIKE watching hulu videos. I LIKE going Home and acting a fool in the Central Plaza.

Don’t ever attempt to speak for me again, becasue as I think I just proved, I am more than capable of speaking for myself.

PSWii2008 said:

December 8th, 1:46 pm

Meh. It’s a good source of information about everything going on in the PSN, but Christina Lee, and Pulse, just don’t have any personalilty! Nice idea, but not executed that well. I’ll stick to Kotaku, and maybe X-Play.

un-discovered said:

December 8th, 2:06 pm

I don’t know why but i don’t really like Christina lee… something about the way she talks.. like the expression in her voice doesn’t do it for me… veronica bellmont(?) on the other hand… good job.

Kreddog said:

December 8th, 9:01 pm

I think Pulse has the right idea behind it. The target audiences are casual ps3 user’s that don’t have time to browse the entire PSN store for new updates nor do they follow online sites. BUT…It would be better for the video to be streamed in the PSN store and be available in home. They should also support handheld (PSP/ iPhone)but i guess thats the websites problem. anyway, at least its free and theres a girl…i dun think i need to rps this one.

djratchet said:

December 9th, 6:46 am

As long as we aren’t charged for it, this will be awesome. Make it accessible from the PSP PSN store! ^.^

rez33 said:

December 12th, 2:28 pm

Pulse announced Lumines Supernova for December 11th, and it didn’t happen. How much can we believe from Pulse?

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