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Dec 05

Dec 05

LUMINES Supernova Coming Soon, with LBP Skin!

Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Avatar Posted by

Executive Producer, Q Entertainment

Hello from Tokyo! This is Tetsuya Mizuguchi from Q Entertainment.

As you may or may not have heard, we are happy to announce that we will be bringing LUMINES Supernova very soon on PSN.

Back in 2005, the original concept for the PSP was to be the Walkman of the 21st century. This new handheld machine was packed full of promises, so we worked hard to have a game ready for the hardware launch. That game was called “Lumines”. The inspiration for Lumines came to me one night as I was sitting on a sandy beach looking up at the starry skies. Beautiful graphics, powerful sound, and the ability to affect both while playing, all packed into such a tiny portable package – Lumines was my answer to the 21st century walkman!

So here we are now in 2008. High-definition graphics have become the new standard and online technology has advanced, bringing the world even closer together. Into this environment comes the PlayStation 3, with built-in hard drive and Blu-ray disc support, as well as full online capabilities. I think the PS3 is really helping to drive this technology trend. I am very pleased that the latest version of Lumines – LUMINES Supernova – will be available on this powerful platform.

Well, it’s not 2006 anymore, so of course we have updated all aspects of the game to bring it up to current standards. This includes making the game downloadable, improving the graphics so they are now even more colorful, pumping up the sound, and adding all-new modes!


It was important that LUMINES Supernova be a downloadable game, so that PS3 players from around the world could purchase it instantly and easily at a reasonable price.

Naturally the graphics are displayed in full HD, and the sound is delivered in 5.1 surround sound. Of course this is not the first HD version of LUMINES, however, we have succeeded in making the game even more colorful and vibrant for an even more exciting gameplay experience.

We created several brand-new backgrounds or “skins” as we call it, as well as adding an all-new mode called “Dig Down” mode. This is a mission-type mode in which the screen is already nearly full of blocks, and the player must dig down to the bottom of the screen by deleting the blocks. We have also completely reworked the “Sequencer” mode which was featured in LUMINES II on the PSP. Players can arrange the provided sound blocks any way they like to create their own original soundtrack!

Although LUMINES originally appeared on the PSP, it has also appeared on other platforms. Now a re-envisioned, evolved version is returning home to Sony hardware. I hope you will enjoy playing this latest installment of LUMINES as much as you did the previous versions!

And finally, LUMINES Supernova features a LittleBigPlanet themed skin, which will be included in the Challenge Mode! What more can you ask for than a special appearance by Sackboy from LBP! A big thanks to the kind folks at Media Molecule and Sony Computer Entertainment!


Well, that’s it for now…until next time!

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Ad-Kemp said:

December 5th, 1:09 pm

Wow, this looks awesome

This is a day one purchase definatly

I am a massive Lumines fan, this is a must have. Nice one guys! :)


Scodo_Thope said:

December 5th, 1:09 pm

Awesome stuff. Anything LBP is for me!


smokey_vols said:

December 5th, 1:10 pm

PSN games are being announced left and right, I like it :)

skynidas said:

December 5th, 1:10 pm

Really cool!

psyXcho said:

December 5th, 1:11 pm

looks nice. Now just don’t Nickel and dime us like Q did on the 360…

scorpio said:

December 5th, 1:14 pm

Sounds great. I have lumines 2 on the PSP which is enough for me and to add it’s not an easy game.

lifeRPGs said:

December 5th, 1:14 pm

Meh not interested. Besides, what is happening to FLOWER ?

Half_life000111 said:

December 5th, 1:15 pm

Awsome…….. now I just need the price * hey, if you guys pack a free LBP costume with this * wink wink :p

omarkh92 said:

December 5th, 1:21 pm

I like everything that has something to do with LBP

and yeah like Half_life000111 said A free LBP costumes pack with the purchase of Lumines sounds good :D

Stoffinator said:

December 5th, 1:22 pm

That looks pretty cool.

zookey said:

December 5th, 1:22 pm

Sweet! Can’t wait to hear more!

Mana Knight said:

December 5th, 1:23 pm

I’m so excited about this. I’m definitely buying the game on PSN. I always loved Lumines on PSP. :D Glad to see you post on PS Blog Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

Return said:

December 5th, 1:24 pm



matheaks said:

December 5th, 1:26 pm

What ever has LBP related to it.. its meant for me!
I love lumines, its really fun

Thanks Tetsuya!

DaWolf619 said:

December 5th, 1:31 pm

Now all we need is a release date and Price.

reson8er said:

December 5th, 1:32 pm

Mr. Mizuguchi

First, I would like to thank you for your amazing games created through the years. Rez, Lumines, and your contributions with SEGA over the years have made some very memorable experiences for me.

I would like to thank you for bringing LUMINES Supernova to the PS3! I look forward to playing it with my wife, as we are both fans of this addictive game.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally request Rez HD also come to the PlayStation Network.

I know myself any many others would love the opportunity to play this once exclusive Playstation 2 game on the Playstation 3.

Thank you again for your time and great talent.

supotuco said:

December 5th, 1:33 pm

Hopefully they don’t sell you half a game like on 360

grashopper said:

December 5th, 1:36 pm

Owned the PS2 and both PSP games and have been dying for this to hit the PS3! Thanks Tetsuya!

linebeginstoblur said:

December 5th, 1:37 pm

Hello Tetsuya Mizuguchi!

I cannot wait for Lumines Supernova!

Can you please comment on any possibility of Rez HD and/or Every Extend Extra Extreme making it to the PlayStation Store as well? I’m dying to know. Thanks!

Shinogu said:

December 5th, 1:37 pm

Are there licensing issues involved with bringing certain songs from previous installments of Lumines into Supernova? I really liked Lights by Nobuchika Eri and the Genki Rockets songs.

JakDak said:

December 5th, 1:37 pm

Lumines 2 was my favorite PSP game. I sold my PSP because of all the great games that came out this fall, but now I can get my Lumines fix again…in HD!

Can’t wait, hopefully by very soon you mean next week

Schitthammer said:

December 5th, 1:39 pm

Oh yes! The day I have been waiting for. I loved this game on the 360, and even enjoyed with that atrocious d-pad. Bring on the Lumines and bring on the DLC!!! :D

Jer1ch0 said:

December 5th, 1:39 pm

Wow, just seeing a post from Tetsuya Mizuguchi makes me want to buy this game. A true gaming God and responsible for some of the most original, enjoyable games on any platform. SOLD!

squirrel448 said:

December 5th, 1:42 pm

@lifeRPGs (#7)
“Meh not interested. Besides, what is happening to FLOWER ?”

You’re asking the wrong guy. Mr. Mizuguchi is executive producer of Q Entertainment, not thatgamecompany. Get your facts straight before you post stupid questions.

jqtaxpayer said:

December 5th, 1:44 pm

Great! Easily my most anticipated upcoming downloadable game.

While you’re here, let me just say that I agree fully with #16’s observations, and that you are truly a credit to this industry and a very talented individual.

Just as an aside, though it’s already been brought up, any chance of Rez HD making it to the PS3?

schwaa said:

December 5th, 1:47 pm


ftwrthtx said:

December 5th, 1:53 pm

Thanks for the info.


December 5th, 1:58 pm

haha. lumines over an old littlebigplanet wallpaper.

poor sony…

greeble said:

December 5th, 2:04 pm

I’ve never played Lumines… and I have a psp too. I keep hoping it will be released as a downloadable game for it.

Neil said:

December 5th, 2:06 pm

Sweet, I will consider buying this very much so.

EnigmaNemesis said:

December 5th, 2:08 pm


lifeRPGs said:

December 5th, 2:09 pm


LOL get out. I wasn’t asking Tetsuya, but any SCE staff / studio. In case you haven’t realized, every company reads blog posts and comments, and do reply to them if it related to their game.

SpookyJuice said:

December 5th, 2:17 pm

Will there be trophy support? and in-game music support?

lantus said:

December 5th, 2:23 pm

Sweet, definitely getting this! Please have remote play! :)

lakaihigh said:

December 5th, 2:37 pm

LBP skin + Lumines = BIGwin. I loved lumines on PSP and was a perfect marriage of puzzle and portability. all of this sounds sooo great. i cannot wait to D/L this.

@ lantus – i think if they added remote play it would kill the portables sales. i think? guess we’ll see, would be an awesome incentive.


Masterofallz said:

December 5th, 2:46 pm

Q Entertainment?
Didnt you guys back off of Sony when you saw that Microsoft had the better business?
Also, please bring rez HD to psn. I mean, seriously… Come on.. :/

EvoAnubis said:

December 5th, 2:54 pm

Sounds good! Trophy support?

RandomEarthling said:

December 5th, 2:58 pm

Get it released within a month and put it up for $9.99 and you got yourself a deal.

DeforMAKulizer said:

December 5th, 2:59 pm

IGN just confirmed trophy support…
=D I have always wanted Lumines on PS3 =D
And now with LBP… Its even better!
When can we expect it?!

Stinkin Mushroom said:

December 5th, 3:07 pm

Lumines is still one of the coolest PSP games… will buy this one for sure. :)

darkiewonder said:

December 5th, 3:07 pm

Consider this game bought!

Letters2Kay said:

December 5th, 3:37 pm

Yay!!! SOLD! Just let me know how much money you’d like and when. ;P

Koroshiya said:

December 5th, 3:40 pm

Mr. Mizuguchi,

It is an honor to see you post here on the PlayStation blog.

You are a true hero to the gaming industry. I still own a Dreamcast and play Space Channel 5 and Rez quite a bit. Those games are still so much fun all of these years later.

I just want to say thank you for every game you’ve ever made as they are all masterpieces of gaming history. You are one of the best game designers in the entire industry. Sadly, very few modern games ever even come close to the amount of creativeness and originality you put into yours.

I will be buying Lumines Supernova the day it’s released. Please NEVER stop making games! :D

eksMAN said:

December 5th, 3:51 pm

awesome! very cool!! :D and by any chance will rez hd be coming to the ps3

Clinton514 said:

December 5th, 4:16 pm

I dreamed about falling blocks for months after my Lumines, Lumines II & Lumines Plus! binge.

Yes, I’m that sick and I’m waiting for Supernova!

TheHakku said:

December 5th, 4:34 pm

Okay, Q Entertainment! Now bring us Rez HD for PS3! Please! Please! Pleeeease!

Theossie said:

December 5th, 4:35 pm

My first PSP game.. looking forward to this version..

bigman606 said:

December 5th, 4:40 pm

Great addition to a excellent game. Looking forward to playing this title.

jcasanova said:

December 5th, 5:16 pm

I’ll purchase this as soon as it comes out!!!

I’ve watched some videos of Rez HD after reading an article about it in Gamasutra and I’d love to play it on PS3 or PSP!!

TheInfectedBy590 said:

December 5th, 5:31 pm

Oh damn, I want this NAO!!!

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