LittleBigPlanet Weekly Download Update – Santa Edition

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To help spread a little holiday cheer all the LittleBigPlanet players out there, we are giving a new Santa Outfit on the PlayStation Store starting tomorrow! Now all you LBP fans out there can jingle your way through the holidays in style. The suit will be given away across two release waves over the next couple of weeks.

LittleBigPlanet Add On- Santa Pants Costume_thumb_US

The fun start tomorrow (12/11/08), where we will be giving the Santa coat and a set of trousers for all you SackBoys and SackGirls.

LBP Santa

And next week on 12/18/08, you can complete your outfit with a Santa hat and beard that will be available for FREE as well! (But note, the outfit will only be available till January 8th so be sure to download it before then!)

With this outfit on top of the cool Street Fighter gear we just released, Sack people will certainly be fitted. But the holiday cheer doesn’t end here. For those festive fanatics who are definitely feeling very merry and bright, we have more “in store” for you throughout the rest of the month. So, continue checking back in for updates on upcoming LBP DLC!

On a different note, we are teaming up with our friends from IFC (Independent Film Channel) for a “Play. Create. Share. Short film challenge”!

Visit the LittleBigWorkshop for more details!

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  • XxBigP123xX

    You guys are awesome.

  • Nice!
    I can’t belive how come LBP isn’t selling as well… :( I did my part, but I can’t understand why everyone can’t see that this game rules!

  • darkwing_uop

    This is just perfect!!!!

  • Thats some fantastic stuff.

  • Very cool stuff

  • nice :)

  • The game isn’t selling yet, for the reason of the season. If i’m not the only gamer doing this, get most of the games you want the most for Xmas; i’m just making sure once i get the game all my friends will have it as well or should have it….. :)

  • Letters2Kay

    Awesome! Thanks, MM :)

    Play my levels! I worked hard on them…

    “Sackgirl in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole”

    “Teenage Mutant Ninja Sackboy COSTUME PIECES!”

    Enjoy! :)

  • nice i’m really going to enjoy this one ps i’m all over this chalenge

  • LittleBigPlanet Playstation Home space for when?


  • cool thanks 4 the hard work and happy holiday to ur team and family

  • StalkingSilence

    NOICE! Looking forward to some Christmas-themed levels.

  • Guess I’ll just wait until next week and download both at the same time. Why are you guy’s splitting up the outfit? Have you guys ever thought about doing something with say Marvel comics? I’d love to have a Wolverine sackboy or Captain America or Iron Man sackboys. lol Just a thought since there is a Wolverine movie coming out next year.

    • That would be very cool. I\’ll make sure to pass along the suggestion :)


  • Thanks Mark, appreciated.

  • StalkingSilence

    Part of me has to wonder why you are splitting up the content? Is it so you can say that “X” number of items have been downloaded off the PSN? It would make it seem like more e-commerce is going on. And it’s fun for the users to have limited release stuff, so good for everyone. But – I’m curious if there was more to it than that.

    After all, I don’t want people to start releasing DLC like this for other games – e.g., download the new SingStar songs where you’ll get the first half of the song this week and the second half next week! Collector’s item!!

  • That is awesome. So sweet!

  • @ #2
    How do you know?

    GameStop will offer you $30 for the game. Every game this holiday has been cut to $25 and under except this title. Games that don’t sell well don’t get that type of dollar return especially after a month. If a game has a high trade-in value you might get a revolving door effect.

  • @16

    Likely they have them split up to ensure they get you back on the PSN Store the following week.

    Thanx for the “Free” DLC!

  • Scodo_Thope

    Ho! Ho! Ho!

    Merry Sackmas to all!


  • It’s awesome that we’re getting “Father Christmas” as an addition to one of the best video games EVER, here in the States. =)

  • photomaster94

    keep on supporting your great game MM!!! i love the constant content that is free and not free. could we get some of the submitted costumes for challenge 003 that did not win? i really liked some of the us ones

  • ASyntheticChaos

    Nice, I wish we could have some reindeer antlers though. That would be pretty cool. And for New Years, some 2009 glasses and a party cone hat would be cool.


    Thank you MM!

    Will you guys ever add IN-GAME XMB MUSIC as an option? I play LBP so much even though it has great music I wish we could LISTEN to our own music… Please…

  • squirrel448

    I notice there’s a bit of a rosy blush to the cheeks– will this be part of the beard update, or is it just some photoshopping that won’t be available in the release candidate?

  • darkiewonder

    Ugh. i want this but i can’t because I sent off my ps3 to be fixed and it won’t be here in time ;(

  • MariusElijah

    Love the DLC but levels that go with them would be nice too $$

  • Media Molecule.

    Please fix the glitch with the constantly dying sackboy. I did it on accident and would hate to have to replay the whole game, not that I don’t like it.

    Here’s a link to the LBP forum topic. (4th one down)

    And if for some reason you can’t fix it, PLEASE respond or PM me so I can know.

  • BTW thanks for the free DLC. :D

  • smokey_vols

    Aww so cute lol. Where is Santa’s sack of toys though?


    I’m a sucked for seasonal stuff like this..My daughter will have a laugh also..

    Thanks for the great support…

    What a great time for gaming…

  • Dark General

    I love IFC. Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for teaming up with them.

  • Spiderman1985

    You should have sackboy costumes for the team that whens the NBA finals this next year and the Superbowl. Other sports too. That would be sweet!

    • Well, unfortunately, the NBA and NFL have very specific contracts, but we\’ll see what we can do :)


  • Why on earth would this get split up?
    Is it to make us come back to the PSN Store in the hopes of some impulse buys?

    Can we have the whole thing tomorrow if we pay? I will totally pay $1.99 to have it all tomorrow.

  • Sweet.
    I love LBP.
    I wish Home and every other game was like LBP.
    Or should I say, does some of the cool things LBP does. Like show not just the name of the game I’m playing but also the level. Or my favorite feature, the use of other PSN IDs together in one game.
    Anyway, Happy holidays

  • WANT!!!

  • how do you download it?

    • Go to the PSN store front tomorrow and look for LBP add on DLC. We\’re working on a more user friendly way of getting DLC, so keep checking the blog for updates :)


  • Are you guys trying to beef up Sony’s download numbers? I like the costume and all, but splitting one costume up into 2 downloads seems kind of silly. I’m sure the hat and beard are complicated to design, but really…

  • Half_life000111

    I want the Sephiroth suit… * tear

  • Half_life000111

    @ Vonbae.. post 38…….. Sony doesn’t release download numbers so why do they need to beef it??

  • man i dont want to wait till next week :( for hat gosh lol I wanted to know why you guys dont make some anime style hair ,like spike, o and by the way barely have any good sackgirl hairs no long hairs =( why?

  • Skater_Ricky

    Thank you for the Santa Clause :D

  • alright, more free stuff!

    home, r1& r2, and lbp!


  • Costumes are nice but I want new levels….

    • I\’ve played some new levels… EPIC! All I can say is it\’s \”game changing\” in my opinion. Can\’t wait to see what everyone else thinks :)


  • Thanks for the gift.

  • easyaspie00

    Awesome! Thanks for the suit MM! Now, to work on my Christmas-Themed Level! :)

  • Very cool! You guys should’ve done a Rudolph red nosed costume or a Grinch too.

  • I love IFC, one of the few channels that actually shows great Kurosawa films. Other channels seem to think there is only Seven Samurai.

  • AceOfSpades725

    whoa! santa! haha it looks great! i’ll definitely be downloading this! :D

  • redshoepaul

    This is adorable! Definitely a must download.

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