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Dec 10

Dec 10

PlayStation Home Open Beta Launches Tomorrow

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Senior Director, PlayStation Now


The day we’ve been waiting for is here! And this is just the beginning…

Today we announced that PlayStation Home will enter into open beta, and will be available to everyone tomorrow. This milestone represents the very beginning of a long journey together, as PlayStation Home is an ever evolving, always changing, organic experience — full of new friends to meet, new events to enjoy, and new content to explore.


If this will be your first time in PlayStation Home, be sure to talk to folks that have been around for a while, as they can show you the ropes. We also have a tutorial built in that will get you started with the controls, as well as help menus for you to reference in the Menu Pad. If you don’t have a USB keyboard or Bluetooth headset paired with your PlayStation 3, now is the time to do so – either option will allow you to easily talk and meet everyone.

One of the first things that you’ll notice that there are always things going on – parties, tournaments, events – some of which will be announced, and some of which that will just happen. You’ve got to be there to be a part of the party, so make sure to log in often to see what is going on.

If you want to know what’s coming up, check out the PlayStation Home forums, as we will be announcing events, tournaments, content updates, and feature revisions there, and by actively participating, you will be the first to know. You’ll also find that the PlayStation Home forums are alive with conversation from the PlayStation Home community discussing everything from feature requests to new clubs to join.



Home Uncharted

Many of you will have already seen the news regarding participation in PlayStation Home from your favorite game publishers and brands, including Activision, Disney, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Lucas Arts, THQ and UBISOFT as well as Sony Pictures, Paramount, Red Bull, Ligne Roset, and Diesel. As you can imagine, with this many partners already on board, PlayStation Home will grow rapidly, so you’ll need to check back often to see what is new. We’ll do our best to keep you informed on what is going on, but with so much happening in PlayStation Home, there will always be new surprises and secrets to discover. If we simply told you about everything, then it just wouldn’t be as fun for you to discover…

For those of you that have been in PlayStation Home for a while, I wanted to take a moment to discuss something very cool that you will notice right away. Once you get in, you’ll see that a redesigned Central Plaza is there to greet you – we’ve made major upgrades as a result of your community feedback. Thank you!

First of all, the Central Plaza now features a new 4 player mini-game called “Saucer Pop,” where each player launches a flying saucer from a take-off pad and flies around popping bubbles. These bubbles contain stars that have points attached, but watch out for the bubbles with bombs which will take you out if you’re not careful. You also must keep an eye on your saucer’s fuel gauge and collect bubbles with fuel cells or else you will quickly meet a watery fate. Success is all about the high scores, so good luck out there! I’ve been playing for a while now while we’ve been developing the game, so I’m getting pretty good…for those of you that know me, prepare to pop!

Secondly, you will also see some changes to Listen@Home. Now, you’ll be able to select from a number of songs and vote on your favorites. Which ever song gets the most votes plays for everyone, so be sure to get your voice heard and get down on the dance floor.

I could go on and on about all the cool new things you are going see and find in PlayStation Home, both on day one of open beta and beyond. The important thing to remember is that PlayStation Home will continue to evolve and change overtime, so be sure to get in often so you don’t miss out…

See you in PlayStation Home.

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zookey said:

December 10th, 2:00 am

Full. Of. Win! Welcome new HOME users!

herb420 said:

December 10th, 2:03 am

That kind of sucks for us Qore subscribers. I got two days before the rest of the world. Oh well, it seems that while Qore does get you in early, it is only just enough so that Sony isn’t called a liar.

With that rant out of the way, I can’t wait to see where they will go with this. It isn’t great right now, but it has alot of potential. See everyone on the inside, barring a huge crash from server overload.

kingv84 said:

December 10th, 2:04 am


EvoAnubis said:

December 10th, 2:05 am

HOLY ****! i didn’t think it’d be this soon! Great!!

Everyone! Welcome HOME!!!

cyberworm said:

December 10th, 2:10 am

Is this going to be Thursday in Europe or Thursday in the US?

Alpha2 said:

December 10th, 2:28 am

The Uncharted and Farcry spaces were hard to find because they weren’t there after the last update. They were removed to have some work done on them as were some of the arcade games, hopefully so they could be replaced with this surprising update.

Fersis said:

December 10th, 2:31 am

Awesome simply awesome :D
See you there Jeff and SCEA guys and gals

Netweb said:

December 10th, 2:34 am

I have the beta…
Need to download again?

hejjj12 said:

December 10th, 2:36 am

Can’t wait to try it out :D

dirty_jim said:

December 10th, 2:36 am

Home FTW !!!
Keep up the good work Sony, THX.

xxdeathdoctorxx said:

December 10th, 2:36 am

got a ? if we are already in close beta do we need to delete close beta and download open beta?

ScarSlasher said:

December 10th, 2:44 am

LOOT THE MALLS! Get your free stuff while you can! Trample the doorman if need be!

Also, for those already in the beta, how will we get it? Update or store?

Dark_Vincent said:

December 10th, 2:46 am

Good news, I do hope you address some issues now that it’s going Open. First and foremost: the queue on mini-games It’s ridiculous to have to wait to play a game. Sure it makes it feel more real, but it’s one of those real experiences no one likes or cares about..

chriscowboyd said:

December 10th, 2:53 am

i been in home for about 16 weeks now and you guys are going to love it i do believe that sony will open the full version of home in december 17 great work sony things are picking up for you guys .

ari_solid86 said:

December 10th, 2:56 am


OK thanks for your reply, can’t wait to see what we’ll get tomorrow.

wavesln said:

December 10th, 3:02 am

About time.

NewYork214 said:

December 10th, 3:03 am

good job sony. ive been in beta for only 2 weeks. so havent gotten to try alot of the stuff yet. bowling is really fun though

Conrad Max said:

December 10th, 3:04 am

“Open your heart, I’m coming Home!”

Thank you!

JordanBlack68 said:

December 10th, 3:13 am

You said before Christmas this year, and you
kept that promise. Excellent work.

blackdisney said:

December 10th, 3:26 am

Home is pretty good concept. I would like to see a club scene added. the outdoor are is fine but i like to see a real club with a bar and dance floor. The clubs P.Diddy get shot at. with VIP rooms and dance on the bar table or the pole. should be able hang loose and dance. Home is a good idea ..I hope more Ideas come to play even Yacht(fancy boat) Party

hijaker77 said:

December 10th, 3:32 am

LETS PARTY :):):):):):):):):):)

Add me:


warezIbanez said:

December 10th, 3:36 am

Wow, thank you guys for this, I’ve been in the beta for quite a while, so it’s good to see that others will be able to partake in Home as well. Hopefully the game spaces will be back in tomorrow, but who knows?

Also, that Red Bull game area looks awesome.

incredible e said:

December 10th, 3:38 am

Finally…I have been waiting forever for this since I wasn’t able to get into the closed beta. I figured it would be soon since Christmas was almost upon us. Just in time to bring in those who are in search of a new console.Thanks Sony.

Exoskeletor said:

December 10th, 3:40 am

Amazing, now the only think that is left is srt support and mkv :)

p-s-3 said:

December 10th, 3:43 am

Thanks SONY :)

LightAce said:

December 10th, 3:46 am

Thanks, I’ve been waiting for a while for this. I just hope your servers can handle the rush of people

Underworld666 said:

December 10th, 3:47 am

About time! :D

Debo2U said:

December 10th, 3:51 am

-Im glad to be here. Happy holidays to everyone reading.
-Warhawk is my addiction Sony, Thank you. My whole family gets in on the action. The best thing is seeing my son copy me when he plays. Everything from my excitement, too my sixaxs. And hes only three. I can see I’ll be playing this game for years.
-Home is amazing and was more so to me before LBP.
-Home needs a better user interface. One like LBP. With arm and face movement.
last thing
-local co op in Home please. Profile selection like LBP.
ok thats it
Im oUt
PSn: Pigeon_hawk or Debo2u
Peace and good times to all
RAVENS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

crazyeighty8 said:

December 10th, 3:54 am

I have been testing the beta, and have a couple of problems. When in movie theatre and you zoom in on the trailer, etc you still get a border which looks annoying on my large HDTV. Secondly avatars should be gender specific to the network account holder, too many guys running around pretending to be women. Theres a word for guys who court male attention.


December 10th, 3:57 am

Thank You for making me $100 richer. I bet someone It would be out within the week and they were like” Home won’t be out for in time for Christmas” Welll I’m going to love bringing the blog up on his werk computer today. Imagine the look on his face. I know you don’t really care but I can’t wait till tomorrow now myself. Here’s to a GREAT LAUNCH and many great days to play b3yond.

crazyeighty8 said:

December 10th, 4:00 am

Yes we need off-line co-op via home.Its more than a social network.

Debo2U said:

December 10th, 4:02 am

PS: Sony And Jack Buser
The forum thing is awsome.
I hope you listen Sony.
The chat pad is awsome, but could Home get a custom text input screen. One background friendly.
And Sony if you bring out another chat pad please add light up keys.
peace to everyone Posting’

aaronisbla said:

December 10th, 4:04 am

thursday shall be a good day

DarkGeist said:

December 10th, 4:12 am

I’ve been waiting for this since it was first announced at GDC 2007!

Thank you Sony! And a second thank you for making your service free of charge!

absolute said:

December 10th, 4:18 am

I guess the entire internet will be down over the weekend. Can’t believe it’s finally here. Great news, Sony. I’m very much looking forward to seeing new content very soon. Where’s the trophy room?

TheInfectedBy590 said:

December 10th, 4:32 am

Wow, looks great!

Any trophies? …j/k :p

BZKlint said:

December 10th, 4:43 am

The HOME is NOT a lie!!! :D

bigshynepo said:

December 10th, 4:46 am

YES!!!! I can’t wait to get in there and start mingling and checking out the sights. Hopefully there will be lots of avatar customization right off the get-go.

Thanks for finally making it happen, Sony team!

PS Home has to be even more requested on this blog that the in-game XMB was. I simply can’t wait for tomorrow night.


December 10th, 4:47 am

Congrats! I’ve been in the Private Beta for some time, but after you ‘closed’ the Home Beta Forum {never could access it] So not sure if this question is answered elsewhere. Any chance Home can be confirmed for PSP remote play? or just for the PSP in general?

megabite75 said:

December 10th, 4:50 am

Awesome! Just hope the number 2 things r in soon.
#1 Vurtal tv, photo, and sound systems for r private space. “streaming”
#2 Crossgame chat/calling/ game launching from in Home or xmb.
i’m sure Playstation 3 will kill sells in 2009 with Home, and these features. keep up the good work.

feedDUNK_All said:

December 10th, 4:50 am

Ok, I’ll check it out.
Wasn’t to sure if I cared about Home but you all got me excited.

BZKlint said:

December 10th, 4:54 am

And what do you mean by, “for those of you that know me”? :)

the_icon said:

December 10th, 5:01 am


GGCAN said:

December 10th, 5:08 am

Thanks for the post Jack.

Looking forward to all the new people and friends that will now have Home access.

Remember what Sony said…it’s Open Beta, so there may be a few things to still iron out.

As well they’ve said that it will be an ever evolving space and there will be constant updates to enhance this application, so don’t be too demanding the first few times you use Home.

Home has great possibilities and just for a meeting place, I think this is a great concept.

People who don’t like the application are not being forced to use it; it’s there and if you want to use Home, do so, but if you don’t want to, let others enjoy it.

Keep up the great work Sony.

redthehaze said:

December 10th, 5:12 am

I hope they add in a character preset for an avatar of Asian descent. I was offended for the lack of one in the beta.

LukaX23 said:

December 10th, 5:16 am

DREAM COME TRUE! THANK YOU EVERYONE AT SONY! :D Happy day isn’t it? ;) Expect a BOOST in sales! :D

C-h-a-o-s said:

December 10th, 5:21 am

Is it possible to make the Home icon smaller, it pops out at you (in a way) every time I go to sign into PSN. Just a small suggestion.

ScarSlasher said:

December 10th, 5:24 am

So no trophy room yet? :(

Raacky said:

December 10th, 5:27 am

This is wonderful, Home decides to launch when my ps3 is in TEXAS for SERVICE, arrgh, oh well when i get it back i guess i wont have any downloading issues..hopefully….home or bust from here sony, hope people love it….even if i don’t it’ll be free and i’ll still be die hard sony

Vito Raliffe said:

December 10th, 5:27 am

Awesome, I just started messing with the closed beta last night, and explored all of the content. Glad to know everyone can try it out tomorrow, along with a bunch of new stuff to do/see!

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