PlayStation Home is Now Live!

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Hi PLAYSTATION 3 community,

I am so very happy to announce that PlayStation Home has now officially entered into Open Beta. Restart your PLAYSTATION 3, and you will see the PlayStation Home icon under the PlayStation Network column of the XMB. Click on the icon, and you are in.

Getting to this point has required a tremendous amount of participation, input, care, and passion from the thousands of beta testers who helped make PlayStation Home what it is today. So to all of you that have tested, from all of us on the PlayStation Home team here at Sony: “Thank You!”

For those of you that are new to PlayStation Home, be sure to plug in a USB keyboard (or pair your Bluetooth headset) and start meeting your fellow PS3 owners. And remember, even with all the spaces, rewards, items, and activities available today, what you see now is just the beginning. Home will grow, change, and evolve very quickly – and it is all based on your feedback.

This is your community, and we are listening.

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  • Hopefully everything will run smoothly. Cheers to Home.

  • warezIbanez

    Thank you guys for your free service. It was great to be a closed beta tester.

  • Nice :)

  • I keep getting some weird network error

    • Jeff Rubenstein
      Jeff Rubenstein

      We are aware that some of you are experiencing network-errors. We are working to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

  • If you’re listening, please allow sub-accounts into Home! My 30 year old girlfriend is very unhappy.


    Yea I keep getting C-931 network error, guess you get what you pay for.

  • It crashed 50,000,000 it isn’t up stable, so not everyone needs to go check it out ;)

    Errors: D35 C-931 C-991 and so on

  • I keep getting:

    Network Error
    The connection to the server was lost

  • Congrats, I hope all works out

  • smokey_vols

    Thanks Sony!

  • Ahhh, you mean Network errors? like c-991 and c-931?

  • warezIbanez

    Oh, quick question; although I’m not sure if you’re into the technical details on this, Jack, but is the development team able to add in additional spaces in the World Map without having the client receive a software update? (aka Server-side updates via 3rd-party areas)

  • It’s sweet looking but i got this weird network error called C-991 and C-931

    I was on for a little bit but got booted off.

  • Seri@lkiller

    finaly its here.
    to bad that just like everyone lese im having the same problems.

  • sick, i finsihed downloading and thanks


  • dehumanizer_666

    awesome, thanks for everything! the wait is now over. =)

  • Not working, when trying getting the C-931, C-991 and C-948 on a random basis :(.

  • HELP! My cousin has a sub-account is above 21 and is not allowed into HOME! All sub-accounts are being prohibited from using HOME! Sony please fix this!

  • Gen_Genocide

    Cheers for home. Also any word on sub account access wife isnt happy about not being old enough. She’s 30 aint no access please fix. Beside that good job.

  • DeforMAKulizer

    Some errors… But its ok!!! =D YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!!!!!!
    PS3 will shine! Thanks a million Sony!
    *Big Boss Salute!*

  • We are in Utah and we keep getting that C-931 error. Has anyone found a fix for this error yet?

  • See everyone in Home!!

  • Pirate-King-Jing

    Hey Mr. Buser, I have an issue.

    Now, I am a sub account and the Master account has already agreed to the terms, I am over 13 years of age too, so, when I go to log in, it says i am not old enough to access Playstation Home! What do i do? I really wanna jump in and play too!

  • yes yes yes

  • i’m getting the error c -931 as well.i just hope that server connections improves over time.

  • Help! I’m getting this message:

    “You are not old enough to access Playstation Home”. I’m 17. I thought the open beta was 16+

  • 60 gig here im gettin a C-991 error

  • Thank You! This day have just become historical!

    But here in RUSSIA we are still getting network error ” the connection with server was lost”

    I hope SCEE will fix it up VERY soon! %)

  • Congratulation to Sony! You did it ! Home is on and Popping!

  • C-988….

  • Where is the Warhawk game space?? I was looking forward to that the most. Hopefully you guys still plan on including it.

    Please answer one way or the other!

  • We love you Sony!

  • @ Jack,

    Just so you know I was in the closed beta, anyways I logged in about 30 minutes ago and re-downloaded my summer house and central plaza – the new look is great by the way- but I got booted out. Now when I log back in it gives me a “Connection to the server was lost” C-931.

    Maybe you know what C-931 is.

    Anyways welcome HOME everyone I hope it starts running smoother shortly. As soon as it dose dance party, Red Bull, and the Mall here I come.

  • Pirate-King-Jing

    Well guys I found out the issue, just got off the phone with Sony, the servers are not up supposedly! Now, why get all this hype up now and not have the servers up? Just plain silly, or the lady lied to me…..

  • adamska2020

    Ok, people let’s not bust out the victory champagne just yet. I wonder if anybody in America can access this right now. Homeless another day it seems.

  • Stoffinator

    Good luck signing into it. lol

  • It’s a bit unstable at the moment. I got in right when it went live, but now I am trying to get back in and having a lot of problems. Hopefully you guys get this sorted out. I loved the new Central Plaza though, that little UFO game is fun.

  • Spartancloud

    All i get is a C-931, and C-988 error, also i was in the original beta if that matters, but i still got the 4 in 1 update to version 1.03.0

  • c-931

  • You would think someone on sony side would comment on the error message. expecially after saying home servers are up and functional?

  • thats cool that its available for everyone now, as i beta tester i just hope that home will continue to bring things like you said that will make us come back again and again

    Congratulation on launching the first part of what will become huge and hopefully very successful as an interactive and virtual world
    and thank you

  • Hi Jack,

    No USB keyboard for me, thanks. I’ve chosen the Sony Wireless Keypad. It’s more convenient, as it clips right onto the controller!

  • nguoixulanh

    Hi. Are anyone here vietnamese?

  • Absolutely incredible.

    The new central plaza is gorgeous with people playing the new game in the pool.

    The Uncharted bar Space is very cool. Got into the locked area. The Far Cry Space is boring.

    Everyone is having a blast.

    Well done Sony, you have the most amazing online service ever.

  • JordanBlack68

    Some errors but going well Thank you

  • Do I get to keep all my crap from the closed beta?

  • darkwing_uop

    Congrats Sony! I’m in the Beta and enjoying it!

  • DawnOfAshes

    home is a failure, i cant log to the home due to some “network error”

  • Very, very nice. I’m very, highly, incredibly excited about this development! It’s 4 minutes until 4 p.m., CST, and I can’t wait until I get to go home from work at 5 to update my PS3 and start the HOME experience. Thank you guys so much for all of your thousands of hours of hard work and effort. I really hope that we users will be able to submit any bugs we find/anything else we can suggest as a development. I can’t wait – this is going to be the slowest hour for me this year, I think…

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