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Dec 12

Dec 12

PlayStation Home Beta Update

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

We are aware that some people may be experiencing difficulty in accessing the PlayStation Home beta at present. This is due to overwhelming demand for the service as people access Home for the very first time since it became Open Beta and appeared on the XMB.

While we prepare solutions to ease the problem, you may continue to experience difficulties accessing Home. We kindly ask for your patience as we work to meet the incredible demand for this revolutionary service.

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IxNiPeI said:

December 16th, 5:38 pm

well I keep getting the same connection error as everyone does, the thing is that I would liike to know if its actually possible that this error wont happen again after some sort of update

madmalcolm619 said:

December 16th, 5:43 pm

Hi, i have been wondering how to get playstation home beta. i have searched youtube and google on how to get playstation home and all of my attempts have failed.
I have downloaded the latest software and am just wondering are only a limited amount of playstation users able to get playstation home and if not how come i am not able to get it?
P.S. If only a limited amount of playstation users are able to get playstation home how do they choose from the customers?

vcutkelvin said:

December 16th, 9:57 pm

Hello I got a question, I was wondering why I cant download PlayStationHome. I have the latest update but when I go to PlayStationNetwork theres just PlayStationStore and Acount Setting. Anyone know what the problem is?

boyeseee said:

December 17th, 5:06 am


evilwayz1975 said:

December 17th, 6:44 am

how about at least putting in new rooms where people can connect to people in there area ,time zone or some what near each other. after all u are the almighty sony

Speedybull said:

December 17th, 8:34 am


Home will update soon with the new deisle store and more from this time to December 31st so plz just be patient

markstew said:

December 17th, 10:58 am

did sony underestimate something?

duskywolf50 said:

December 17th, 1:02 pm

Home is not bad but no excuse because it been years to develop this project and we get limit place to go which I do not understand this. We keep get postpone message from you because of issue and this is hopeless. you can do better than this. No way.

spyderman_18 said:

December 17th, 1:20 pm

i think they should add some platform game rooms like lil big planet resistance 2 and mgs4 and be able 2 play w other ppl in the room

nirvash95 said:

December 17th, 2:06 pm

I remember reading the requirements and it said you have to be 13+ and i am it says im am not old enough to access this content can anyone help me?

nirvash95 said:

December 17th, 2:15 pm

and i am 13+ man i cant believe i waited so long for this and i can’t even use it way to screw up once again sony

nirvash95 said:

December 17th, 2:16 pm

but dont get me wrong though sony is a great company

Speedybull said:

December 17th, 3:48 pm

All OF U SHUT THE **** UP U crie like babies home is here and its here so god just enjoy it updates tommorow so stup crying. Now home will be bigger wat they have planned idunna all of it and neither do u so stop acting like 3 yera olds

therat said:

December 19th, 6:45 am

Is it me, or did the update yesterday do absolutely nothing?

suprtong said:

December 20th, 11:09 am

ok i downloaded the software and when i launch playstation@home it loads then the screen that lets you know it accesses the hdd and not to turn off while running comes up and to continue you need to click x but nothing happens when i do…any idea as to why?thanks in advance

techp13 said:

December 20th, 12:34 pm

i think playstation home is awsome!!!

Shadowsurfer26 said:

December 28th, 11:06 am

I am having trouble logging in. I get an error that says There was a problem downloading content. It takes me back to the login and says continue but i keep getting this error and I cant log in. What can I do. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing as well. Any help would be appreciated.

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