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Dec 15

Dec 15

PS3: Not Just For Games Anymore

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Marketing Manager, PlayStation 3

Hi Everyone,

Starting tonight, our Video Delivery Service campaign officially launches with our first airing on Monday Night Football, but we’re giving our loyal fans an early look right here.

When the Video Delivery Service launched on July 15th, we broadened our content offering to include TV shows and movies to make the PS3 the total entertainment package. With nearly 1000 full-length movies and 2700 TV episodes for download onto the PS3 or PSP, the Video Delivery Service brings you digital entertainment right into your living room (popcorn not included). So check out great titles like The Dark Knight, Hancock, Iron Man, Family Guy, and much more.

The TV spot uses humor to convey that the PS3 is not just a gaming machine but also a “movie downloading machine” when a guy tries to win over his skeptical girlfriend. You’ll have to watch the TV spot to find out how this classic guy vs. girl face-off plays out to see who wins in the end.

And don’t forget, you only have until December 31, 2008 to save $150 on the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3 by signing up for a PlayStation credit card!

We know you guys are a vocal group and we look forward to reading your comments. Enjoy and roll the video!

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B1ack_Mage said:

December 15th, 4:19 pm

Nice to see a commercial show off the features of the PS3, but it should have been mentioned that it was also a blu-ray player. (but what do I know, I’m only majoring in marketing)

PS fanboy said:

December 15th, 4:21 pm

is this an add?
anyways when is it coming to other countries?

TheSmokingManX said:

December 15th, 4:22 pm

Is MNF going to be live, or will you be able to download it after the game is over? Will it be free or will you have to pay?


December 15th, 4:24 pm

As long as the Ps3 stays a gaming system first Blu-ray player second its cool, I didn’t purchase mine to watch movies. Games first, Movies second!!

gate1975mlm said:

December 15th, 4:26 pm

Cool PS3 Rocks!!!

I used my new Playstation Vista card to but the PS3 at Will I get my $150 credit? Is there anything I need to do besides waiting?

massa212 said:

December 15th, 4:27 pm

I guess when you have no games to advertise, you might as well go for the next best thing.

And since a price drop is not possible, you scrape the bottom of the barrel to find something at least.

bob said:

December 15th, 4:27 pm

Share the love Canada dosent have the video store(Make a deal with Canadian brodacasting already) or PSN cards……Boooo

slipping_halo said:

December 15th, 4:28 pm

Can you please tell us if this is going to be able to be used in canada yet?

Wheels86 said:

December 15th, 4:28 pm

This is why Sony rules but will this service be available in Canada?

KFBradley said:

December 15th, 4:28 pm

I want this in Canada! Come on guys, this can’t be that hard. The movies share the same region code, we watch American TV, I don’t understand what the hold up is.

AranhaHunter said:

December 15th, 4:29 pm

This is a good commercial for a change. The Buzz Quiz TV commercial was good too. About time Sony started giving us some good commercials.

estrafo said:

December 15th, 4:30 pm

“Not just for games anymore”, that’s cool but, games should always come first

BlindMango said:

December 15th, 4:32 pm

not too bad, but please guys … package the PS3 headset with the PS3. almost NOBODY has headsets when joining games. (sorry that was off topic but its needed)

p-s-3 said:

December 15th, 4:33 pm

Europe Video store? Still waiting :(

AceOfSpades725 said:

December 15th, 4:33 pm

haha good commercial! can’t wait to see it on tv!

estrafo said:

December 15th, 4:35 pm

by the way give home the ability to download video and music, that will bring more people xD said:

December 15th, 4:36 pm

Why on earth don’t you guys mention Blu-Ray?
Its shocking that a billion dollar company has a lot of commercials that don’t give the right information to the consumer.

The previous announcement that Sony was reviewing every division might be good for them, hopefully they will ” level up ” the marketing guys, because lately the commercials of the PlayStation 3 are ridiculously.

blkant said:

December 15th, 4:38 pm

Well…. Please start actually offering movies in HD, also your missing all of the simpsons and only have one season of futurama, no futurama movies etc… Also, your renting policy is way to short, itunes offers a better policy and even at lower prices. Come on guys, you can do better. Also I agree with the above post, games should always come first, but then again, you guys probably know that :P

Stoffinator said:

December 15th, 4:38 pm

Now it would be nice to have this else where besides the U.S.

AranhaHunter said:

December 15th, 4:39 pm

They have mentioned Blu Rays a plenty on other occasions, obviously this commercials is for their downloadable service, as well as the PS3 and a couple of quickies on R2 and Motorstorm PR. If you didn’t like this commercial, you should’ve seen their earlier ones.

BlackShadows14 said:

December 15th, 4:39 pm

Cool commercial :)

L said:

December 15th, 4:40 pm


TTP said:

December 15th, 4:42 pm

Bring this to Europe please.

Sgt.King said:

December 15th, 4:42 pm

i have not been able to dl moives yet is it out for japan…im confused :S

schwaa said:

December 15th, 4:43 pm

Good commercial! Now please put it on prime time as much as you can.

schwaa said:

December 15th, 4:44 pm


Who let the troll in here?

matsam88 said:

December 15th, 4:46 pm

Please bring this to Canada ASAP! I’d love to rent/download movies directly to my PS3’s HDD. Please!

XxBigP123xX said:

December 15th, 4:47 pm

Now casuals get to see Sonys DRM in work


Skater_Ricky said:

December 15th, 4:47 pm

Thank you for the Nice addation to our Loyal PS3 8)

hopefully it brings great joy this holiday!


To add Were is our New face of our PSN ID going to hit on our PlayStation Blog?

smirk said:

December 15th, 4:47 pm

That’s cool, glad to see some PS3 awareness getting out there. I love my Playstation, but I personally would never rent movies through it because I already have a Netflix subscription. Every time someone asks for Netflix capabilities on the Playstation forums there are a slew of responses about how Netflix is irrelevant/lame/whatever, but financially it makes great sense (for me). I pay $15/month for all the movies I can watch (two DVDs at a time) including Blu-Ray and including as much downloadable content as I want.

So, kudos for launching your own video store but please consider opening the platform to Netflix. You’re not losing money; we Netflix subscribers already bought a Playstation and have no intention of renting videos from Sony.

LightAce said:

December 15th, 4:48 pm

I haven’t seen one of these in years. Was this actually a Playstation 3 ad?
You guys really gotta up the advertising in the U.S. I’ve seen more than 20 Xbox ads in one day then I’ve seen PS3 ads in a month

digplans said:

December 15th, 4:48 pm

All well and good, for those living in the US. Anywhere else in the world and you’re [DELETED] out of luck. That includes me, you see. I’m in Canada.


Mort said:

December 15th, 4:48 pm

My wife was so very skeptical about my PS3 purchase, but now she loves it because of LBP and the fact that I can take videos of our son on my Sony HD Camcorder and play them back from the PS3, or do pictures by hooking the camera straight to the PS3. I have a 1TB USB hard drive where I store all my home movies and pictures for display on my HD TV via the PS3. This often overlooked functionality should be highlighted by similar ads during prime time. I am fed up with seeing ads for the competition. Time for Sony to bring it.

Mana Knight said:

December 15th, 4:51 pm

Very good idea SCEA.

Along with the video store, there should be advertisements for the PSP remote play features with the PS3, and many other PS3 media features. Multiple commercials would be good, so everyone knows the PS3 is the best $400 investment out there.

blkant said:

December 15th, 4:53 pm

Also another thing that bothers me, is that sony has been sponsoring xgames for a very long time now. Why on earth don’t you guys get coverage of it on the PS3? I don’t mean like the playstation pro things either, I mean ACTUAL coverage of it. I don’t expect live or anything like that but actual event coverage like maybe buy the big air comp on the store or go all out and offer them to us for free (thats what i really would expect) Features like that are system pushers. Please consider it, Please!

Daver said:

December 15th, 4:58 pm

Canada video store anytime soon?

Letters2Kay said:

December 15th, 4:59 pm

“You’ll have to watch the TV spot to find out how this classic guy vs. girl face-off plays out to see who wins in the end.”

Hey, let’s be real. Everyone wins. :)

remanutd said:

December 15th, 4:59 pm

very good , i like it a lot, i think when the guy says Resistance2 and the new motorstorm you should have shown a little gameplay of those games , i love the playstation video store , but games are priority here guys, this is what sony needs MARKETING , keep them coming

Daver said:

December 15th, 4:59 pm

Nice commercial btw ;)

Sakimori_X said:

December 15th, 5:01 pm

I guess the obvious question is: Why haven’t we been seeing this commercial since the video story first went up SIX MONTHS AGO??


December 15th, 5:03 pm

Not for anything Anymore, Mine’s Dead.

Neil said:

December 15th, 5:04 pm

Funny commercial, the actress looks like Pam from the Office.

The PS3 needs a global communication feature such as cross game voice chatting. That way I can talk to my friends while I’m watching a movie while and they’re in Home, playing R2 or using the web browser. It would also be cool if it told people when you were watching a movie or Bluray disc.


December 15th, 5:05 pm

Lack of Backwards Compatibility is hurting PS3 sales A LOT! bring it back

ftwrthtx said:

December 15th, 5:05 pm

Great to hear it’s finally starting to be promoted.

Now what about download codes added to blu-ray purchases so we can have a digital copy that works with our PSPs.

blindrocket said:

December 15th, 5:09 pm

Good commercial.

Kevyn.B.Grams said:

December 15th, 5:11 pm

Very nice job SCEA marketing team. This is the way to expand the PS3 market. Straight forward commercials that show exactly what the product is about.

Keep this idea in mind when pushing the awsome line-up coming out next year. Killzone 2, InFamous, Heavy Rain, and Uncharted 2 all have the potential to sell millions with this kind of straight forward marketing.

Once again. Amazing job with this commercial, and keep up the briliant work.

tirminyl said:

December 15th, 5:13 pm

This. THis. THIs. THIS.

This is what your commercials should be! They should show the features of the console and they should show the games on the console. I admit that some of the commercials as of late have been great stylistically but they can still be confusing and they don’t show off the games.

Something like this, so simple and to the point, goes a long way! Great ad!

TheApprentice said:

December 15th, 5:15 pm

I was kinda nervous before playing the vid that it might sort of stereotype the girl video gamer…

But excellent ad guys :D

lakaihigh said:

December 15th, 5:16 pm

50 first dates, now that made me laugh. great commercial though but lets stick with the games. lets not overlook that 2009 is going to be packed tight with some sick nasty exclusives!!!


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