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Dec 15

Dec 15

SPIKE 2008 VGAs: Media Molecule win Studio of the Year, LittleBigPlanet Best PS3 game

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A few short hours ago, Media Molecule were the LittleBigWinners at the SPIKE 2008 Video Game Awards. The Guildford, England-based developers won Studio of the Year honors (over the likes of Bethesda, Harmonix, and Rockstar North), while their masterpiece, LittleBigPlanet, was named the best PLAYSTATION 3 game of 2008.

I caught up with MM’s representatives at the show just minutes after the lights went down to capture their reaction:

From left: Kenny (in the kilt!), Danny, yours truly, Siobhan, Alex.

In case you didn’t catch what Kenny was saying about drawing a blank – they were still on cloud nine having just met Hideo Kojima!

We’ll have more from the Spike 2008 VGAs later on today.

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Letters2Kay said:

December 15th, 12:37 am

Congrats, MM. You deserve it! :)

tezasaurus said:

December 15th, 12:42 am

I personally think Criterion and all their free support this year should’ve netted them Best Studio, but MM is certainly deserving of the title as well. Kudos, guys!

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    December 15th, 6:57 am

    Burnout Paradise *did* win for Best Racer…

darkwing_uop said:

December 15th, 12:50 am

congrats MM and LBP!

DLB said:

December 15th, 12:55 am

From the Community Congrats to Media Molecule, and SONY!

Also God of War III and Uncharted 2 looks great.

But to be honest I think Uncharted 2 looked a little better then God of War III visually.

What do you think Jeff Rubenstein… Be honest, no PR answers…LOL


AceOfSpades725 said:

December 15th, 1:01 am

Congrats MM!

i recorded the VGAs but i haven’t been able to watch it yet

oh and Jeff thanks for updating your twitter while you were there, it was cool getting updates from you on this

oh and btw jeff, that shirt is awesome!

Maverick_fox said:

December 15th, 1:15 am

Congrats MM!

now put those Kratos and Nariko costumes on the store so (we :( )the unlucky ones can get’em.

buckster said:

December 15th, 1:17 am

Media Molecule deserves this so much. I was ecstatic when they got the studio of the year award. I really couldn’t believe it. So congratulations, MM!

hijaker77 said:

December 15th, 1:45 am

LOL, watch the wording….
Best PS3 GAME!

wavesln said:

December 15th, 1:47 am

Wholly deserved for the studio and their fantastic game.

IGLOO05 said:

December 15th, 1:49 am

Congrats to MM and LBP. Oh and Jeff, I expect a full report on Kim Kardashin.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    December 15th, 12:49 pm

    She didn\’t read her lines so well… \”It\’s a book!\”

HorrorGod said:

December 15th, 1:53 am

Congrats! It was an awesome show. Wish I could of been there!

digplans said:

December 15th, 1:57 am

It’s good to see so much excitement on the part of the lbp team. We’re all looking forward to the future and how it will evolve! Start with a funky Home space, where we can find a billboard of some sort that ranks the week’s top levels or something :)

Congrats, MM! Thanks for a great game!

WHAT said:

December 15th, 1:57 am

I actually tried to watch the show this year but fell asleep before the first commercial break.

Makasu said:

December 15th, 2:15 am

Congrats! LBP & MM are ridiculously awesome!

Conrad Max said:

December 15th, 2:23 am

Media Molecule’s Little Big Planet is a very innovative game that makes use of the Sixaxis function of the DualShock 3, the PlayStation Eye and player content. The game is fun and challenging. They are very deserving of the award and recognition.

kenji said:

December 15th, 2:36 am

Hey Jeff what are the chances you guys can get the God of War 3 and Uncharted Trailes to play in home so that we’re not stuck watching twilight 24/7?

warezIbanez said:

December 15th, 2:43 am

I thought this year’s VGA tanked, but congrats to MM for your hard work; I wish you guys the best and hope that these awards can get you better attention for the public to buy a copy (or two)

I’m also glad that Criterion got Racing Game of the Year; it was either them or Motorstorm: Pacific Rift…

superaktieboy said:

December 15th, 2:58 am

IMO GTA IV shouldn’t have been GOTY.. LBP deserved it more!! GTA IV was well over hyped.. hell.. meh.. i guess you can’t do much about it..

Fersis said:

December 15th, 3:21 am

Congratulations MM :D

LeonBlade said:

December 15th, 3:46 am

VGAs sucked… very one sided…

EViD said:

December 15th, 3:58 am


(I miss Phil)

vandam said:

December 15th, 4:00 am

MGS4 and MGO was best game of the year and yes I have LBP (in my top five though) I like it but not as much as MGO…. :D

BigRon3400 said:

December 15th, 4:08 am

Did they also happen to win the award for most outrageous prices charged for DLC?

womfalcs3 said:

December 15th, 4:12 am

Congratulations to Media Molecule.

How can LBP beat out GTA IV for best PS3 game, but then lose to GTA IV in GOTY?

mlataupe said:

December 15th, 4:39 am

I agree with poster #1, Criterion deserved it as well.
Congrats to MM though, you guyss ef-in rock!

TheInfectedBy590 said:

December 15th, 4:55 am

Congratulations MM! Job well done! :)
I wanna meet Kojima too! :(

Mana Knight said:

December 15th, 5:38 am

Congrats to Media Molecule. :D LBP certainly is an awesome game and definitely VERY happy with my purchase.

I was angry to hear GTAIV got the GotY. Should have gone to MGS4 or LBP. I wish R2 won shooter of the year, since it certainly is mine.

XxBigP123xX said:

December 15th, 5:46 am

Media Molecule is the best.

Snatch them up Sony.

DJ_DTM said:

December 15th, 5:54 am

snatch me up too!!!

Jedi_webslinger said:

December 15th, 5:58 am

@ 28 nope best shooter went to gears of war 2 :(

GGCAN said:

December 15th, 6:02 am

Thanks for advising us about the VGA on Spike yesterday Jeff.

Watched the show which was really good for an awards show and happy to see Media Molecule win Studio of the year award.

p-s-3 said:

December 15th, 6:09 am

It should say –

LittleBigPlanet Best Console game this year

egres said:

December 15th, 6:12 am

Game of the year! Yay!!!

Over a million in sales! Yay!!!

Now give us 1080i/p support!!!

I love your game and all but there are some people out their that have early HD Tv’s that do not support 720p.

They also do not have an option to purchase the game for any other system being an exclusive an all.

Clinton514 said:

December 15th, 6:15 am

Congrats MM.

acerazer1 said:

December 15th, 6:22 am

Man, I can’t believe a game that has broken multiplayer on PS3 and all those issues on PC won game of the year, what the heck? It’s just laziness not to fix it.

Obviously the people in charge of these awards are pros at reading things about games rather than playing the games themselves.

Kenshin001 said:

December 15th, 6:44 am

Jeff Rubenstein, your head looks huge in that video. Also in the freeze you appear psychotic. The look Danny is giving you is a classic.

    Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar

    Jeff Rubenstein said:

    December 15th, 12:51 pm

    Thank you. Top down angle does me and my huge head no favors.

cmargary said:

December 15th, 6:48 am

Hate to see GTA4 GOTY because it was just overhyped… I even like it that much but oh well, LBP it’s really a good game and deserve to sell more

chip5541 said:

December 15th, 6:49 am

Congrats MM on the award. I would love to play the game myself but the kids keep hogging the game.

I will say though that thank god I recorded this. I don’t know how anyone could sit through 2 hours of teh show. Your patience is greater than mine and I fish! Fast Forward rules.

Enforcer_X said:

December 15th, 6:53 am

Awesome well placed award!
Finally an awards show with some sense!

Congratulations to MM and LBP!

Sony published the game and helped finance it why shouldn’t it be exclusive?
If you have a 60GB PS3 or a PS3 with BC on it, I will be happy to buy it from you if you are not happy with it.

The game rocks! What would you say should win? Every game so far has had issues.
This game is not the standard shoot em up or anything else. It deserved the award hands down for breaking the mold and being a new IP.

Jersey-Gamer said:

December 15th, 7:00 am

Congratulations to Media Molecule! I love LBP and I can’t wait to see what they’ll be cooking up next.

Enforcer_X (#40), I think acerazer1 was referring to Grand Theft Auto IV in his comment.

Skater_Ricky said:

December 15th, 7:05 am

Congratulations to Media Molecule for doing a great job at The Biggest Game of the Year!!!

And Keep up the DLC ;)

With out LBP there wouldn’t be so Much Women Gamers Playing Video Games!

Chears to you for doing a wonderful job and keep up the great work ahead! 8)

Skater_Ricky said:

December 15th, 7:13 am

Any Word on Bringing a Update so we can have Online Multiplayer while Creating a Level in Little Big Planet?? :D

I’ve had a Friend Turn down LBP because it didn’t have Online game play while Creating a Level for LBP.

Hopefully it can be done! Because it would bring SO much better levels and bring our warming hearts together to create a Masterpiece. ;)

40cal said:

December 15th, 7:13 am

MM studio of the Year
Little Big Planet PS3 game of the Year and highest ranked game of the Year.

Congrats. By the way I love the game. Any word on when we will see the expansion packs?

shystie1 said:

December 15th, 7:21 am

CooL! Thanks for the video. We need more things like this, more often for the PlayStation community.

I would personally like to see the ability to check out the Playstation Blog and the Playstation Forums in Home. It would allow you something else to do while there and keep up with the latest news and happens but that’s for someone to reply too.

ftwrthtx said:

December 15th, 7:22 am

Congrats to all the winners

StalkingSilence said:

December 15th, 7:54 am

Congrats and props to the decision-makers on rewarding innovation!

nYc_FrEeWiLL_82 said:

December 15th, 7:56 am

man that vga show was kinda boring…and dissapointing..gta4 (aka the back stabbers..the bandwagons) game of the year..hell no..METAL GEAR SOLID 4 should’ve took that trophy home!…gta4 was jus like th other gta games ive played b4 with us better upgrades no customizations..nothing new..i would understand the 2nd best but not the was kool that lbp won..its a great game..kinda short..but very fun.

SPARDA said:

December 15th, 7:58 am

Congratulations to MM and Sony.
LBP has been the one of the best gaming experience that I had in a long time. My wife and I have finally found a game that we can both enjoy. It puts a big smile on our faces from when we play it, or even talk about it. The CREATE and SHARE part of it is unbelievable truly hope the game keeps getting more and more sales. MM deserves it


PS: if you get a chance please check out my LBP level ( SPARDA’s QUEST ). A lot of work went into it. I hope you enjoy it.

KazeEternal said:

December 15th, 8:00 am

Congrats to Kojima Productions and MM, but unfortunately that show was perhaps the most boring 2 hours of my life. I’m also a bit pissed that God of War 3 is the only preview on the PSN right now.

shaneosan said:

December 15th, 8:01 am

I love this game.. game of the year yes… studio of the year should have gone to Criterion.

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