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Dec 16

Dec 16

PlayStation Network Regular Scheduled Maintenance

Patrick Seybold's Avatar Posted by

Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

Parts of PlayStation Network will be down this morning for regular scheduled maintenance. We’ll update you here on the PlayStation blog when everything is back up and running properly.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Fersis said:

December 16th, 5:04 am

I assume that it has to do with Home :D

wbrinkman said:

December 16th, 5:12 am

Couldn’t you put this ahead of time?

Have a link to the timetable?

vanace said:

December 16th, 5:22 am

European (Madrid) since 5pm to 8.50pm

I thing this is the timetable, you only have to convert to your region.



FL_Stud said:

December 16th, 5:36 am

I don’t mind these hold ups at all, they make everything better.

albertperk said:

December 16th, 5:42 am

Glad I’m not at home and would have to wait for the update! Hopefully it’s for Home though. As long as it makes things more smoothly.

DeforMAKulizer said:

December 16th, 5:43 am

Sure hope things get better,,, Should we expect any surprises in Home?!
Red bull space for example?! Or maybe something else…
Thanks anyways!

Rambling Johnny said:

December 16th, 5:44 am

Hummm I smell a Firmware upgrade!


December 16th, 5:44 am

Doesn’t matter for because my PS3 is DEAD!

kspraydad said:

December 16th, 5:48 am

Thank you for using the blog to communicate this instead of burying it in the PSforums.


vanace said:

December 16th, 5:49 am

Requiescant In Pace your ps3


my friend, I am really sorry.


kspraydad said:

December 16th, 5:49 am

Oh…I’ve often wondered…

Why not push a message out to all users using PSN about a day in advance? That way I’m on my PS3 and up pops an official communication about this. Wouldn’t that make sense?

hijaker77 said:

December 16th, 5:51 am

Thanks for the update… its all good, at least you have updated us that some parts of PSN will be down. Cheers!

Maybe Firmware?

StalkingSilence said:

December 16th, 5:52 am

Pretty good. Hopefully you guys will update the error screens in the future or just link to this blog posting from the PS3 when trying to logon.

Regular maintenance – no problem. I don’t need anymore features, please stop updating the PS3 and Home! haha I need to catch up on the games I already have!

hijaker77 said:

December 16th, 5:53 am


I think that is a great idea… a notification from Sony stating maintenance slightly in advance via PS3’s messages!

Never thought of that one but yeah it would be a nice add-on!

lifeRPGs said:

December 16th, 5:59 am

Home related?
Firmware related?
On just regular maintenance?

lakaihigh said:

December 16th, 6:08 am

Don’t look to much into this guys… you’ll only get let down :( but on the brighter side any kind of maintenance can only be a good thing. i like to view the glass as half full and not half empty ;)

Oh and great idea kspraydad!


jorellano said:

December 16th, 6:25 am

I really hope it’s because you’re all taking the “Chain Swing” “song” out of HOME. That song is terrible. Absolutely horrible. lol

tretle said:

December 16th, 6:28 am

@kspraydad – I have wondered the same thing before. pushing out irrelevant or needless news through the PSN messaging would be a bad thing I’m sure everyone would agree but getting messages about psn downtime wouldn’t really be considered spam.
Maybe in a future update you can get updates like this and maybe choose what you want to be notified about, like having a message to tell you the store has been updated with 2 demos 6 trailers and 7 forms of downloadable content.
Wouldn’t be the highest thing on the priority though, I think that game launching invites should be included in a future update so if you get an invite outside of home you can click on it and be brought directly to where the game is being launched in home. Of course that would mean getting rid of the Playstation home policy agreement to speed up the loading time but would be a great feature for the xmb.

TheHakku said:

December 16th, 6:34 am

I’m sure it’s just regular maintenance and that nothing will appear to have changed.

StalkingSilence said:

December 16th, 6:39 am

Yes, I asked for some further explanation and received word that it’s just regular maintenance and not related to any massive PSN overhauls or new firmware. CydoniaX’s post on the PS forums leads me to believe this is possibly related to the back-end stability of Home, but whatever it is – the front-end will stay the same for us, and nothing will appear to have changed.

p-s-3 said:

December 16th, 6:47 am

Hope it fixes the Europe HOME log in? Keep getting Error messages, takes ages to get on it :(
+The Europe HOME is the worse out of all of them for New content to. Open beta was the same as the Closed beta?
Keep up the good work anyway SONY :)

r-nice said:

December 16th, 7:02 am

Has there been any talk of adding a “Most Played on PSN” list of some sort that we can look at? I think it would be an interesting list.

psFAN4LIFE said:

December 16th, 7:07 am

@ 11 Hey i have said that myself :) They should send out a message here of course and to PS3 owners. Alot of people don’t even come here like my friend, he hates forums & blogs “crazy huh”.

ftwrthtx said:

December 16th, 7:14 am

Thanks for the info

isolatebody said:

December 16th, 7:35 am

This happens sometimes, no need to start speculating about anything.

Thanks for letting us know

kspraydad said:

December 16th, 7:50 am

Battery Icon Fix?


hijaker77 said:

December 16th, 8:16 am

Battery Icon needs to be fixed!
Also I have trouble sending pictures…. that’s st*p*d!!!

hijaker77 said:

December 16th, 8:18 am

I think they are finding some difficulty with that *slaps forehead*

hijaker77 said:

December 16th, 8:22 am

For not being able to attach an image in a message I keep getting an error:

The message could not be sent.

Anyone else getting the same problem? I keep getting this error for any image I try to attach!

nYc_FrEeWiLL_82 said:

December 16th, 8:30 am

im sure its for sumthing kool..cuz why else would they anounce something so small. they couldve put this on psn themself. so prepare yourself for sum kool updates!

DJ_DTM said:

December 16th, 8:44 am

Thanks for the info!
can’t wait to see what’s new.

Snack_Eeter said:

December 16th, 8:56 am

Awesome SCE! Glad to see the PSN is getting better

TheInfectedBy590 said:

December 16th, 9:08 am

Keep up to good work, guys! :)
Also, Lumines Supernova, you know you want to! ;)

sleepee said:

December 16th, 9:09 am

impatiently waiting heh =p

kingv84 said:

December 16th, 9:11 am

YES! PSN Maintenance update! Awesome! Bring us some new Home stuff!

kingv84 said:

December 16th, 9:12 am

FIX the battery icon overlapping the time! Thanks.

StalkingSilence said:

December 16th, 9:40 am

That would be cool as we know Major Nelson tracks and reports that for [the other console]. However, I’m not sure Sony logs all of this data – since they don’t provide servers for all games and don’t manage it as tightly as Micrsoft, I don’t think.

vanace said:

December 16th, 9:48 am

hi to all,

does anybody RESPONSABLE FROM SCEA OR SONY in this blog know something about socom us navy seals confrontation patch 1.30 released date.?

can we expect it to be updated before x-mas?

and I am really sorry if it is not the best place to asnwer these, but thousand of ps3 user (SOCOMERS) are waiting for information about the expected patch, for a great game. Socom.


estrafo said:

December 16th, 9:56 am

by the way it sucks that when i am watching video and now hit the ps button it pauses,,,, bring it back to the way it was, and let us make video playlist’s

estrafo said:

December 16th, 9:58 am

and if we can get a personalised avatar here on the forum, why cant we have it for the PS3?

TouchyEd said:

December 16th, 10:05 am

Please don’t ask Sony to move the battery icon down a few pixels so that we can quickly check the time while playing games…

A simple, intelligent solution like that would make too many people happy — which goes against everything Sony believes in.

vandam said:

December 16th, 10:12 am

Ha LOL I’m glad you are updating the PSN but come on I took today off from work to play online the only day this month I take off they shut it down (that’s my luck) Any way C U online LATER :D

kassasah said:

December 16th, 10:19 am

i don’t really mind this updating, because they are making the ps3 better in a way, we should be patient and see what happens…
give them some recognition

EvilAaron said:

December 16th, 10:34 am

LeeSan420 said:

December 16th, 10:46 am

thats good 2 hear but i think i speak for all us LBPer’s WE NEED a SPACE NOW! with game launching this would make home IMO 5 times better than it is. most of the time i just run around saying LBP LBP anyone sometimes i meet new people but if LBP had its own spot just think of the creativity that would flow from that spot. SO PLEASE next games space MUST me for LBP!!!! :)

bigdaddyjane said:

December 16th, 11:01 am

I was about to get pised off cus I can’t get into the PS store.Also,I’m trying to register my headset and it’s scanning but it’s taking so long.

techjo said:

December 16th, 11:56 am

Good job, Sony, on keeping up with maintaining a rapidly growing network that continues to offer more exciting services and features. I look forward to what the future of PSN holds in store. I love my PS3!! :-)

Skater said:

December 16th, 11:57 am

Fix error 8022D11 now SOny!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nito025 said:

December 16th, 12:17 pm

If I may, Where in H-E-double hockey sticks, is jeff?!? He’s been having way too much fun @ the VGA’s and hasn’t kept us up to date on much…like whatever happened to the whole PS Blog/PSN avatar intergration? I thought something new was coming? Also, what about some info on firmware updates? Has Sony put such a HiGH Priority on Home, that they’ve pretty much forgotten about improving their hardware with features that WE (the psn community) have been asking for?..Just a couple thoughts running through my head. Thanks in advance to anyone from Sony willing to answer.

ThomasAnthony said:

December 16th, 12:51 pm

If its scheduled maintenance why don’t we know about it :/

Didn’t bother me but you should post a schedule of these things, while you’re at it put a schedule for releases on it.

At least it was on a Tuesday and not during the weekend like some Live “updates” that still don’t help bad service.

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