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Dec 17

Dec 17

PlayStation Home System Maintenance

Abigail Murphy's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, PlayStation Network

Sony Computer Entertainment will conduct system maintenance for PlayStation Home on Thursday, December 18, 2008. At this time PlayStation Home will be updated from ver. 1.03 to 1.04. The system maintenance is scheduled to start at 12 midnight (PST), and the service is expected to resume in approximately 6 hours but may change depending on the circumstances. PlayStation Home will be unavailable during the maintenance window.

The reason for this maintenance is to ease the difficulty some people are having accessing PlayStation Home due to the high demand for the service.

Additionally, as part of version 1.04, the voice chat feature within PlayStation Home will be temporarily suspended. As soon as we are ready to resume the voice chat feature, we will inform you via and PlayStation.Blog. In the meantime, we encourage users to make use of the Wireless Keypad for PLAYSTATION 3 or any USB or Bluetooth-enabled keyboard for text chat and also the “phone friend” features to communicate within PlayStation Home.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and kindly ask for your understanding.

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d3br34k5 said:

December 18th, 8:33 pm

taking voice chat out of home KILLS it.

wtf sony? this is an absolutely deplorable move.

KUSHman666 said:

December 19th, 12:38 am

why do i have to DL all the places again?

garrettleland said:

December 19th, 12:49 am

PLAYSTATION. After updating home i log in to find alllll of my rewards from arcades completelty gone… whyyyyy in the world would you do that? please write back if you have any information. I have spent so much time getting all of them and now they are all gone.

Crazy_DJ777 said:

December 19th, 1:22 am

I am tired of playing arcade games all day to earn clothes and trophys then everytime i log on all my clothes and trophys are gone!Me and 8 of my friends agreed to never go on PS home again until we get all of our stuff back.

Crazy_DJ777 said:

December 19th, 2:38 am

Does anyone know how i can change my password on here?

mostwanted1989 said:

December 19th, 9:07 am

Can Somebody help me I can’t sign in to playstation network.

BossBitch said:

December 19th, 11:48 am

What is the purpose to making us pay for new cloths and accessories for our character? Are we going to have to start paying rent too?

fun4you said:

December 19th, 5:02 pm


You must use IE and not Firefox. I kept getting an invalid current password error when trying to use FF3. But IE worked. Go figure!

I don’t know why this is so hard to find, and not a link at the top of the page?

Ethan90z said:

December 20th, 10:20 am

I luv the Home Network I also luv Playstation Network all without Question, but we all need to have the same fun. I hate to complain but its not really fair that Japan is having a ball on the Home Network with the Namco Arcades and clothing and we are not. Whats really good Playstation should be Playstation not that 1 region deserves better everyone pays the same price for the System, Play Fair!

CONZI 7 said:

December 20th, 12:12 pm

Is the eu home diffrent to the usa version?

vampireanarchy89 said:

December 20th, 3:16 pm

why am i loseing all my stuff in my home 2 i put stuff in my home and now its gone why is that?

vampireanarchy89 said:

December 20th, 3:25 pm

this hapen 2 me 2 times now

pacer1975 said:

December 20th, 4:20 pm

hoping that Voice chat comes back to PlayStation home as I am dyslexic and disabled and it was more easier to communicate to other uses for myself I know you get those who use it badly but it a great use for myself and others who just like communicating but then again parental guidance for users under-aged I walked around PlayStation home noticed that some uses are explicit in nature when speaking in texts to each other not knowing who is under-aged but I hope things get sorted soon you could do with a feature that allows the use age to be a above the avatar that would help or some think

ravencrow said:

December 20th, 8:41 pm


home looks graet see you added more clothing in store but not onr free thaing. next time try to give at lesa one thaing to us too us. that is one of the reason the playstation store is doing so well. it will help homes image a little to see one free every mall store. and once you fixed the vanashing act of the fenatuir. it would be nice too pay for thaing like a pool table to go in personal space that you can still play and i know user would like that kind of stuff. paying for thank that can play like the arcade games. becuse to be tureful i want to play the pool game but it is all ways full every time i login. and a place made souly for games like a theme pake that has rides and games and in this one room the avatar move set go to way up. to thang like jumping grabing cralling just alot of lively action. just one place to let your hair down. something to thak about. but right now justget the bugs worked out. home going be the new XMB or just a big chat room.

ravencrow said:

December 20th, 8:50 pm

soory for selling error useing key pad . i like the key pad but (NO) sell check so i make a lot of mistack don’t spell to well so verey sorry!!!!!!

bobby8211 said:

December 20th, 10:31 pm

This is bullkrap. Sony, do not take out voice chat for good!

lil meachy said:

December 20th, 11:40 pm

on home its good and all but the characters need to jnteract more, real movies in the theater, throw parties, buy t.v.s ,more funiture, stereos, clothes and more places

lil meachy said:

December 21st, 7:20 pm

i would like 2 have more features

Speedybull said:

December 21st, 10:13 pm

Ok its good

Uzowa said:

December 24th, 8:04 am

Lol voice chat isn’t gone for good. Sony’s been having trouble with the high demand for the service, so they temporarily disabled voice chat to free up some servers and bandwidth to support the millions of users that want to log on and try out Home.

Whether they’re streamlining their software and/or buying more servers/bandwidth, I don’t know, but I do know that voice chat will be back. Sony pretty much intended voice chat to be Home’s selling feature.

Uzowa said:

December 24th, 8:12 am

I normally don’t double post, but I forgot to mention that this is a beta. The main reason for having an open beta is to test the system. Sony could restrict log-ins to certain times of the day or turn off user apartments if they really wanted to do so. As Home isn’t a finished product, they don’t really have to offer much.

TheShukun said:

December 27th, 1:07 am

it would be cool if you would could customize the hairstyle for the fina version of HOME in the avatars just like on the ear size theres an advanced option!

Tayshan said:

December 27th, 9:27 am

I know playstationhome just came out and its really good so far but i think some things at the mall should be free or u guys should invent a way to win money doing games like that ice breaker game and the sauser pop there should be a thing that if u get an amount in the score u get home money it could be called “homepoints” but besides that playstation home is the ****


December 28th, 8:18 am

Tried to sign onto home this morning and I got a message saying ” There has been a problem downloading content”. Is the system down or is it just me?


December 28th, 8:25 am

Don’t think it is me. I downloaded a demo from the playstation store. It downloaded fine installed and played fine to. The disk drive went out on christmas day while playing Rock Band2. Still in warranty for 3 more weeks thank goodness. Sony is sending a box to ship it to a repair center. Anyway I was on playstation home last night it worked fine. Now nothing just that download content message.

SupremeG said:

December 28th, 5:16 pm

i don’t even see this icon to log into playstation home i restarted my system and ahve the lastest up date. wats going on? and yes i restarted it acouple times

waddles10 said:

December 28th, 7:18 pm

so, i didn’t know that the error downloading content was a common error, so i thought if i deleted home, i’d be able to redownload it, but i can’t what do i do??? anybody know??

zodan269 said:

December 30th, 4:20 pm

Hello I wanted to say thanks for getting home done this year! It really looks great and despite not being able to tell ages it is a great way to meet new players. the setup up your own house is cool too. I want to ask will home be available on psp also and when?

Da_DaDDy_08 said:

December 30th, 10:52 pm

why i still have no HOME icon under XMB..

billaps3 said:

January 2nd, 7:30 am

i made a list of thing sholud be in home
.sholud able go to sleep
.more game to play
.big pool to swin
.have pets
.just walk in the store no loding sceen
.watch tv by connet the play tv
.lister to songs
.more place to go
.more ways to edit the player

FameNGlory said:

January 2nd, 7:35 am

how long it gonna take… i dont mean to sound impatient… but i wouldn’t mind finishing my summer house and seeing what ive seen on youtube about PlayStation home… please let us kno or at least can u put something new everyweek… to keep us patient…

FJGoodman said:

January 3rd, 7:13 pm

I downloaded the software for Playstation HOME, and when I launch playstation@home it starts to load, then the screen that lets you know it accesses the hdd and not to turn off while running comes up, and to continue you need to click x but nothing happens when I click x. Any solutions, or is it just a waiting game for Playstation to get things fixed?

Randomdood said:

January 4th, 4:02 pm

I think, Sony, that your company should take ideas from PS3 users on how to improve the updates your company puts out on things like Playstation Home. Dont get me wrong I think your company is doing fine I just think you need something other than the ideas you have as a company.

M-82 said:

January 4th, 10:51 pm

I understand y u guys have moderators walking around home but can u please tell them to stop abusing their power. My account got flagged because I was supposedly impersonating a moderator. I was in a phone a friend conversation and my friend couldnt hear me when i spoke. He asked me if i could hear him. Meanwhile a guy that neither of us know is typing, just as my friend gets done asking if i could hear him, which i could this guy enters what he was typing it said “(My friends psn id) are you a moderator?” i was already typing my response of “yes” to my friends verbal question, he types “no” to the question specified to him by this guy.

M-82 said:

January 4th, 10:52 pm

The moderator in the room comes over and types “(My psn id) why are you impersonating a moderator?” at which time my friend said verbally through the headset hang up the call leave the plaza and come back and call again to see if both headsets work properly. I did so and when I called back they both worked. He then broke the news to me that the moderator typed up that my account had been flagged for impersonating a moderator. That to me is abuse of power and ignorance. I say ignorance because, I see where the MOD could assume i was but, if he/she read closer the question of being a moderator was directed specifically to my friend not me. It was cooincidental that the unknown guy typed up the question just as i was responding to my friends verbal question through phone a friend to me.

M-82 said:

January 4th, 11:04 pm

And I hear you guys do console bans so that specific ps3 can never go on the psn again? I personally think thats steep especially if you have moderators going around flagging people for talking to their friends, and making assumptions that could lead to the banning of an innocent persons console. I happen to like Home and being able to play my games online. It kinda scares me that I can get suspended and/or banned from psn just because a MOD feels like doing it. Look at the text logs for eefinem Jan.4,2009 between 6:30 p.m. est -9:00 p.m. est. This incident will be in there.

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