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Dec 21

Dec 21

Voice Chat Feature on PlayStation Home Resumes

Abigail Murphy's Avatar Posted by PR Manager, PlayStation Network

PlayStation Home update 1.05 is scheduled to be released on December 22. With this new update, users will be able to use the voice chat within their personal space and clubhouses to communicate and share with friends online.

By clicking on their PlayStation Home icon on the PlayStation Network column of XMB, users will be able to update PlayStation Home to 1.05. Users who are online with PlayStation Home will need to log-off and click on PlayStation Home icon.

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SuperSonic1305 said:

December 22nd, 4:52 pm

You can’t censor voice chat so there really is no other choice but to disable it in public spaces.

markstew said:

December 22nd, 5:12 pm

a better way to disable voices and background noise would be nice sony!!!
when i play pool there are some tv’s which make allot of noise and repeating the same tracks over and over…

disable other people’s voice chats, text is not so much a problem but some people are screaming on their headsets!!!
i can’t keep blocking everybody who makes allot of noise, it takes way too much time to deal with.

MidgetguyII said:

December 22nd, 6:23 pm

COOL! I think that this is a VERY smart move, but I agree with some of the people above, there should still be a way to communicate with Mics outside of private areas, but we should only be able to hear our friends…

That would be cool!

ADawg SFSD said:

December 22nd, 6:24 pm

some one said this already and I totally agree… voice chat in public by invite only… that way everyone is muted and you only voice chat if you want… I for one am totally for freedom of speech… as long as it’s not hateful or racist. as for the crappy rap music.. I got used to it in burnout… I just muted them

psn id: ADawgSFSD

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 6:32 pm

@ 145 ok you think background check would be a problem to do but credit check is what sony should do? wow that funny if you gave yourself time to read the whole blog i writing that background check will be one of many step to improve home oh by the way the company you have your credit card from did a background check on you but you probably dont know or you dont have a credit card oh yet i got your little joke so cute background check reality check hehe we get it. when you have kids or a girlfriend or marry come back later to comment ok stop thinking of yourself and start thinking about others .

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 6:49 pm

@132 well come back to me later on when something happen to your kids and let see if you feel the same way as you do now. go look at the my space issue was it the family fault that there girl took her own life because she got bully on myspace ? sony dont let this be you dont let that happen on your product dont be fool by closed mined people .

linuxguru said:

December 22nd, 6:51 pm

I think 145 was right…and if you read HIS entire post you’d see that he even said that Credit Card Verification was not the way to go either.

Conrad Max said:

December 22nd, 6:51 pm

Okay. A new thought. Voice-chat would only work via phone calls, invitations and automatically when playing games with others (with the option to mute if required). I basically don’t want to have to ask permission of someone I am playing with or to have them ask me.

I’d prefer that voice-chat be a default with the option to mute. The original voice-chat is what firt=st drew my interest to Home when i first read about it.One thing that can be added is that when someone speaks, their name would flash in a corner of the screen so that we would know who was talking. It would also help to know who is being abusive so that a report can be generated. Right now, no name appears so that I do not know who to send a report on.

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 7:10 pm

@157 no he didn’t read MINE comment at first i saied that background check will NOT BE THE ONLY THING FOR SONY TO DO i gave 5 steps not 1 there no magic pill to take or no one answer thing to do

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 7:20 pm

@ 157 i read HIS post agin and it saied HE all for credit check and doing a background check will be a waste of time wow you people really dont know huh and 157 try reading first ok before you try correcting people . what the rush?

NinjaHunter said:

December 22nd, 7:21 pm

Cool but I have a question:
Why is the European theater so much better than the one in the U.S Home?

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 7:27 pm

@161 or anyone i have a question for you why japan home look better then u k or u s home? why they have more features then u k and u s?

bob said:

December 22nd, 7:31 pm

Woot…more hair options please!

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 7:32 pm

i know sony is so big they have sony japan ,sony u s and sony u k but you would think they would all pull together for home .

NinjaHunter said:

December 22nd, 7:37 pm

Yeah they should at least have somewhat similar spaces but the fact all of them are so vastly different, Europe has ten different screens in their theater while U.S has one, is pretty stupid.

chriscowboyd said:

December 22nd, 7:44 pm

@165 i agree with you on that whenever i go to the u k i go check what preview you guys have.

raoxl_xxl said:

December 22nd, 9:33 pm

well so far I have had fun with the new psHome…. and I don’t even care if they want to charge for real estate or clothes….
I would like to see far more choices!!!! in hair, beards clothes…. how about character clothes……. dress as a super hero or your favorite movie character!!!!! for now I would be happy with more styles of beards and hair

ravencrow said:

December 22nd, 10:04 pm

sony why don’t you just put it mic to mic like in the games. like cod4 the only one mic can talk to is mic . those with out mic have to get one to talk to the one with one. that with the mute should be fine. the one geriping about mic most likely don’t own one. becuse the one who do pay for open chat. so that is what they sould get. typeing is not all that plesant either.sorry to say your not going to please everyone and the ones with the mics are the ones that open up to others yea there are those that abuss that gift but don’t ponish everyone. aftwer all home is about meeting others and what better way to met others then hearing who the good,bad,and ugaly are. sorry but you just wast time and money trying stop the world from being the world.

love home wiating to see more
P.S.free stuff not much one thang in store a week!!!!

audioslave99 said:

December 23rd, 4:45 am

define personal space apt?

pumabkny said:

December 23rd, 4:50 am

home is great idea i am disappointed that u guys took away voice chat in public places if people dont want hear other players theres a mute button or disable voice chat its too quiet in there now also i know its a beta but home gets boring very quickly a awesome solution to this problem would be to add the ability to put tvs ,radio,and picture frames in my owned spaces so i can watch , listen and see whats on my hard drive with friends or else my owned spaces dont have much use . the ability to throw a party in my summer house would be awesome those features would keep people happy and interested in home while you guys keep expanding it…please consider this .

chriscowboyd said:

December 23rd, 4:51 am

well am a big sony fan but if they dont do something in home by the end of february its going to hurt them in sell and turn off alot of playstation 3 user home been out more then a year now so no more excuses or asking for time it now or never .

audioslave99 said:

December 23rd, 5:14 am

I agree with 125 totally

ilkhani said:

December 23rd, 5:57 am

It is amazing how much of this grief you guys at Sony would be without, if you just made UNIVERSAL voice chat on the XMB instead of this Home business.

Give people the ability to have voice chat on XMB and allow that voice chat to work regardless of what each individual user wishes to do outside of the program.

daddyknowsbest said:

December 23rd, 6:18 am

I like the idea, but I would like to see it back in all areas. There are some people that don’t like typing, and there are some people with no fingers. So wouldn’t this help our the disabled people wanting to use Home? I would like to see Sony giving us the option to purchase a juke box or live tv to stream content from our HDD. Is this in the works?

daddyknowsbest said:

December 23rd, 6:21 am

Also here’s a suggestion, how about the owner of the space give users in his space permission to invite others than for the people to be invited to my place be a friend on my friends list. We ran into that problem last night, we had a party but for everyone I wanted to invite, the host had to add them to his friends list. Is it that hard to add a permissions option to allow anyone in your space to invite people from their friends list?

Conrad Max said:

December 23rd, 7:26 am

Please, return voice-chat as it was before. But, include the option to mute people or disable the function.

Have a speakers name apperar in a corner of the screen so that we will know who to mute and/or report for abuse.

Word ballons are annoying when we are watching a “movie”. Word ballons also dance around a table when I am shooting pool.

When reading about Home, the voice-chat was the key feature that attracted me to this program. Please, if oossible, return voice-chat to Home. Give us the option to disable it or to mute “rude” chatterers.

Thank you.

Wantley said:

December 23rd, 7:40 am

HOME IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

subbed said:

December 23rd, 7:48 am

Add voice back.

also if its not there cause I dont remember it make a section that shows people talking so people dont have to look around for who is talking. maybe a three line log that when selected goes to 10 lines with the option to mute right from there. I know it adds more hud but whatever its better than removing voice.

chriscowboyd said:

December 23rd, 7:58 am

@174 i understand people dont like to text i get that but if you dont have fingers how you going to use the controller ? you going to have to hold it, push , pull something to make it work or talk . there not 1 game out there you can play without pulling or pushing something on your controller and the same as for home .

chriscowboyd said:

December 23rd, 8:15 am

@174 a key broad or pad would work but i get and understand some people dont like to text. as for sony removing open voice chat there have to be some reason why and it not because of bugs in home but if it for improper language , racism and sexual language then when voice chat come back there will be change in the voice chat system you wont be able to say like you did before .

se7enthsign-psn said:

December 23rd, 8:30 am

I think that the best answer is allow public voice chat only for those on your friends list. I think that pretty much solves all of the issues.

chriscowboyd said:

December 23rd, 8:52 am

@181 i agree with that the best ideal so far

Conrad Max said:

December 23rd, 9:05 am

Being able to only chat with people who are only on your friends list defeats the purpose of one aspect of Home. Namely, being able to interact and meet people. Most of the people on my friends list do not have mics.

I would prefer to be able to walk up to someone and say “hello”. If they do not wish to voice-chat, they can mute me and/or ignore me. I don’t want to have to ask people permission to voice-chat everytime I want to invite them to a game or for directions or whatever. Most likely, as i might be a stranger, they will not respond or refuse the invitation.So, I just wasted my time trying to contact them.

When asking for the above, it would be nice to do so freely without the invitation and hope that someone in the area would respond to my query.

Conrad Max said:

December 23rd, 9:30 am

Besides, asking people for permission to speak with them seems to me a little desperate.

And, once they respond and I hear how they talk, if I decide that I don’t want to talk with them, I just wasted both our times.

I want to be allowed to make my own choices and not have them made for me. If I do not care for the company of others, I want to be able to mute them. My choice – no one else’s.

That is all i am going to say on this topic. I love Home and what I have accomplished there. I will be here to be a part of its growth. Be seeing you. Ciao!

Conrad Max said:

December 23rd, 8:11 pm

Just got done playing pool. Boy, I miss voice-chat. Talking with the person I was playing with and helping someone at anothet table via typing was rediculous. So much easier if I were able just to talk.

Not complaining. I love Home. I just wish I could freely talk.

garrettleland said:

December 30th, 12:10 am

NOW please fix losing all the achievments from the arcades!? pleeeease???

excon322633 said:

December 31st, 1:52 pm


BitRunner303 said:

January 1st, 10:52 pm

I’m sorry but… Home is really just awful at this point. I don’t even see the point anymore.

You’ve got childish users trying to abuse the reporting system and at least 2 people I knew who were highly respected users during the closed beta were banned temporarily for no good reason.

You guys took voice chat out of public spaces and you think *THIS* is the solution? You want us to keep removing people and adding new ones to our Friends Lists to work around the 100 user limit just to be able to voice chat with people?!

Then you’ve got Jack Buser wanting to tell us we haven’t suggested Picture Frames and TVs when the forums are FILLED with those requests?

Jeez… I’ve played MMORPGs with better social networking… sad…

jennzPS-3 said:

January 2nd, 12:07 am

Does anyone at Sony pay attention to the suggestions being made at the Playstation forums?

BitRunner303 said:

January 2nd, 1:35 am

@189: Of course not, or Jack Buser wouldn’t have said “You need to post on the Playstation HOME Forums if you want it” in regards to Picture Frames/TVs/Stereos. It’s been the most requested feature in Home for months, including during the closed beta after they pulled Picture Frames.

Rude_Sparthan said:

January 13th, 8:50 am

really but really….. private, cross-game/XMB voice chat.. it’s a MUST now… in Home or not in Home.. with invites. the online gaming is always evolving.. and it’s frustrating playing for example Motorstorm PR and ear a nine years old kid screaming with is friend and play music in my ears!! :o) really sony please.. also in Home I’m wondering why I have to push R2 to talk with my friends.. It’s the only features where PSN is failing. Please

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