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Dec 22

Dec 22

MLB 09 The Show – Hear Yourself Cheer In-Game

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In case you didn’t catch this early story on ESPN last Friday, MLB 09 The Show was officially announced today, ready to arrive this coming Spring on the PS3, PSP, and PS2. As the market leader in the baseball category, the team did not want to rest on their laurels and churn out a lackluster effort. For this year, the team is including a number of new features and visual detail to once again bring the best and most realistic sports gaming experience available.

Last year we allowed players to import their own music from the PS3 hard drive so they could listen in game. Now, the team has gone a step further by creating the “My MLB Music” feature. This will allow players to use the in-game music editor to create snipits of music that can be saved and used as customized walk up music for their favorite players. Additionally, have you ever screamed at your TV at a bad (or good) play when engaged in a sports game? Well now your voice can be heard IN THE GAME by allowing users to record their own fan chants and yells and integrate them seamlessly into the ambient crowd noise. It’ll sound like you’re really there.


Of course the team is all over the details and as the leading baseball game simulator out there, how could they not? Transitional lighting is now included so players will see the lighting and shadows change gradually from a late afternoon game into night. There are also many more details within each stadium including unique jumbotron animations, realistic fan reactions, and wear and tear on the field. Also for the New York fans out there – you’re probably curious to know how your new stadiums will look like for the Yankees and the Mets? Well wonder no further as MLB 09 The Show will have them in the game, in full detailed glory.


But back to the features. Our exclusive “Road to the Show” mode has been improved with an all-new practice mode, Franchise mode has been expanded to include 40 man rosters, and the new online season leagues are available, allowing friends to get together in a league and pool MLB players together for an in-game fantasy draft.

We’ll be talking much more about this game and showing the goods as we get closer to launch next Spring. In the meantime, enjoy some of these great screen grabs to get an early peek at what the team currently has going.

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BrianC6234 said:

December 23rd, 10:28 am

“oh…and i’m assuming we need a PS3 eye to catch the audio for those cheering features?”

Why would you need that? It’s more likely you need some kind of headset with a mic. They aren’t capturing video, just audio. But I guess you’re one of those people who think Sony is just trying to force you to buy the camera.

EnigmaNemesis said:

December 23rd, 10:34 am

@ 49 & 51

It was already confirmed by one of the devs that any USB or Bluetooth headset/mic combination will work.

SpiderBoy36 said:

December 23rd, 10:45 am

Yeah, I’m a Phillies fan, so you can expect to hear some loud profanity in my in-game cheers.

willacuz said:

December 23rd, 11:03 am

This game looks amazing. Oh my god.. I’m not even a baseball fan. But I was tempted to buy 08..

I will definitely buy 09..

This has to be one of the best looking games ive seen

Lighting – oh my god lighting?

Is that sub surface scattering I see?

Kudos guys. AMazing work.

SDkngsht said:

December 23rd, 11:43 am

@52…cool. thanks for the info!

i have the camera but i’m assuming my earpiece will get better quality vocals.

NEJI64 said:

December 23rd, 11:44 am

cool will the walk on music feature work online…..
oh and my YANKEES taking there rightfuly spot back this year. 1st place LETS GO YANKEES!!!!

NEJI64 said:

December 23rd, 11:45 am

cool will the walk on music feature work online…..
oh and my YANKEES taking there rightfully spot back this year. 1st place LETS GO YANKEES!!!!

NEJI64 said:

December 23rd, 11:45 am

cool will the walk on music feature work online…..
oh and my YANKEES taking there rightful spot back this year. 1st place LETS GO YANKEES!!!!

Keebzerz said:

December 23rd, 11:54 am

Some actual collision detection and less/shorter loading (especially in RTTS) and I’ll buy 09. Players run right through each other like they aren’t even there.

cell989 said:

December 23rd, 12:02 pm

The best baseball game on the market

AranhaHunter said:

December 23rd, 2:21 pm


As long as the ads are not intrusive and are true to real life, I think they would actually add to the game….if they become too much, then I don’t want it.

Inin2winit said:

December 23rd, 5:24 pm

I cant wait for this game to drop. The features are amazing. I wasnt expecting this.

QUESTION: Will the online portion of the game be improved in a way that lag problems and traffic delays will be unheard of?

Warbucks79 said:

December 23rd, 8:34 pm

Just curious, why does the PS3 version never have HR Derby? Theres nothing more fun than getting together and taking your favorite player and showing your skills…..

bigdaddyjane said:

December 26th, 6:19 am

I’ve never played a baseball game before but I will check this one out.

doubleb3268 said:

December 27th, 7:32 pm

why doesn’t the show follow full rosters including minor leagues and stadiums and let you the chance to upgrade your own players with points in the minors and let the mlb rosters stay the same every time i turn it on the potential changes be consistent

rdworrall said:

December 28th, 11:39 am

will you be able to do a fantasy draft on the psp? This is a long overdue feature.

rdworrall said:

December 28th, 11:40 am

will we be able to play minor league games on the psp?

lilwill24 said:

December 29th, 11:45 pm

Is it possiblee the world classic teams are available?? .. i wanna see the dominican team rockkk…

BBerzins15 said:

January 2nd, 5:41 pm

I am a true-blooded Yankee fan. I can’t wait to see what the new stadium looks like graphically. I’ve seen it driving by. From the highway. I’m excited for the game.

2 questions:

A) When is the actual release date all I see in the article is Spring.

B) I have a PS2, what in game would I get. That I would in the PS3?

XUmuskie84 said:

January 10th, 10:36 am

I loved MLB The Show 08 and am definitely looking forward to 09. The music and personal voices are a nice touch, but Im really excited about a the lighting and shadow changes from day to night in a late afternoon ballgame. Will it actually be harder to hit the ball when the batter is in the shadows at the plate while the pitcher is still in the daylight on the mound?

I was also wondering if there are more customization options for your player in the Road to the Show in 09? A couple of minor issues that drove me crazy last year were you couldnt edit you player’s appearance or number once you started your career. So, if you got called up or traded and someone else on the team had your number it automatically rounded up to the next available number. (In one career I started as #4 and finished as #61) It would be nice to be able to pick a different number instead. Also I am a big fan of playoff beards and other quirks like shaved heads or mohawks during the playoffs so being able to edit your player during your career would be sweet!

Thanks for all the hard work you put into your games…cant wait till March 3rd!

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