Killzone 2 Cover Revealed

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Hi all, my name is TJ and I’m one of the guys working on the Killzone 2 marketing team. We are, of course, very excited about the game and wanted the PlayStation nation to be the first to see our Killzone 2 packaging. Check it out:


Guerrilla has created some awesome Holiday-themed Killzone 2 PC wallpapers. Check them out on


Now for the plug: Killzone 2 is looking phenomenal and will be in stores February 27th, 2009. Make sure to preorder your copy now… as it’s gonna rock! But don’t just take my word for it, check out PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s world exclusive review hitting newsstands soon.

Talk to you more in January 2009.

Happy Holidays!

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  • Let there Be Chaos When This Game Finally Comes Out
    Looks Freaking Sweet

    Nice Job Sony and Guerrilla


  • mountain_duwe

    that’s some bad-ass boxart.

    straight and to the point

  • That Wallpaper is Going on My PS3

  • smokey_vols

    Only two months away, I can hardly wait! Nice cover btw.

  • Release the game sooner or my Helghasts will eat your souls.

    Cover looks hot, promote the heck out of this game.

  • sick. this game is gonna be awesome!

  • smokey_vols

    Just wondering about something. The game releases in Feburary and the review copies have already been sent out? IGN said there are a few problems with the game that need to be fixed and they said they would give it an 8.5 if it was released right now. Are Guerrilla going to iron out those problems before release or are they done with the game?

  • Snack_Eeter

    Looks very very very nice!

  • Great cover! cant wait for this game!

  • i am getting this baby

  • awesome cover!

  • WOW! Looks fantastic.

  • Can’t wait for this game!

    Happy Holidays

  • WOW! The box art looks amazing!

  • EnigmaNemesis

    Very nice looking cover.

    Reminds me of the anime, Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade!

  • Out of curiosity, since the game is a Euro product and this is a US-centric blog… is this a global cover, or US-only?


    man, that would sure grab your attention on a store shelf…

  • All will fear me for i bring death. KZ2 looks phenomenal.

    PSN ID: stennex.
    GAP member.

  • Good cover, though I’d like it better if the colors were a bit more muted. Something like this:

    With all the gameplay footage I’ve seen of the game, brightly colored box art just doesn’t match, IMO. I know the brightly colored art will probably pop more on the shelves (increasing the chance the game is seen by more casuals), but from an aesthetic sense I think muted colors work better.

  • Love the cover and wallpaper. February will be an awesome month!

  • Azured_Scorpio

    Kick @$$!!!

  • Let me add to my previous comment that I’m buying the game regardless.

    Class based multiplayer FTW.

  • Traveler1990

    looks good, can we expect a collector’s edition?

  • My birthdate is Feb. 18.

    How’bout an early release date for me?

  • That cover looks amazing.

    Now, can you tell us when we’ll know about the Limited Edition?

    Please respond to this post.

  • TheGuardian1973

    I love the cover, it pwns, SOLD!!! :D

  • OMFGPWNAGESIZZLEx10 TO THE MAX! Great job on the box cover! Simply WOW! :D

  • bad ass cover but im more interested in the collector’s edition one , we know its coming and i’ll preorder the game as soon as you guys unveil the collector’s edition will all the goodies lol , hope to see a 6″ helghast figurine in it lol

  • Darnell0216

    Was in the beta and I’m so stoked. Still waiting on definitive word on a premium edition before I place my preorder. Once I’m sure there is or isn’t a Collectors/Limited bundle I’ll know where to put my money :D.

  • Cool box art… can’t wait to see more of this one.

  • Wisdom Wanderer

    Excellent Cover. The Helghast are the true stars. :D

  • I’m not a fan of this boxart. It’s not particularly exciting or original.

  • darkiewonder

    Needs more playstation plastered on there.

  • chriscowboyd

    who care what ign or any magazine or game show give if anyone buy games base on there star or point systems need to look at there track record they hit and miss on alot of games . killzone should sell 2 million in 7 days . i played the beta and it that good it not like the shooter that are all ready out that why ign gave it that review its not halo boys just better and different . please dont give me that 360 vs ps3 crap because my comment are not for that crap.

  • Awesome, brilliantly simple.

  • Greatest. FPS. Ever.

    End of story. No debate. It’s almost here.

  • click on the link and you’ll see how I feel.

  • I don’t think it will be the best ‘FPS’, though its looking nice.

    Nice cover.

  • Looks cool :P

  • Pure joy :)

  • Wish the wallpaper was on the PSN and large enough for the PS3.

  • Is there going to be a pre-order campaign? I want to pre-order but don’t wanna pre-order too soon and have to call up GameStop to fix anything.

  • Skater_Ricky

    Sweet Thank you.. Made my Day Even Better :D

  • Pre-order yes! Need collector’s edition info.

  • @TJ:

    Please, please, please, please, please, please advertise this game so much people will dream about it. This is the best looking game ever, and with its amazing gameplay it could sell millions. So please, get TONS of TV Spots, advertise it everywhere and anywhere, make everyone know this game, SHOW GAMEPLAY, SHOW GRAPHICS!.. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THOS AWKWARD ADVERTISMENTES SONY HAS BEEN DOING LATELY THAT NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS ABOUT!

    If I see a story about Killzone 2 not selling is going to be your advertising team’s fault. No one elses.

    I wish you a very happy holiday!

  • like europes better but ours is still good.

  • Darnell0216

    @39 Re: Wallpaper Size

    Go to the Flickr page the image links to, click the Sizes button in the top left, you’ll find the original 1920×1080 image there.

  • younghustla561

    until this game gets 4-player split screen, it will never be the greatest shooter ever. cod4/warhawk will be always be the choice game when playing with buddies. sad, but true :(

  • Happy holidays!!! Sony dudes!! I wish the best for sony for the nex Year!!! and i will help by buying great Games like This!! keep it Up Sony!!

  • @colonel970- Relax, let them worry about doing their job. If you’re already interested in the game just worry about getting it into your own hands.

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