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Dec 24

Dec 24

LocoRoco 2 for PSP Rolling to North America Soon!

Tsubasa Inaba's Avatar Posted by

Senior Producer, International Software Development

Is the gloomy economy getting you down? Is fighting the mall crowd gnawing at your nerves? Well, to help you forget all of that, we bring some early holiday cheer today with an awesome announcement for LocoRoco 2, the eagerly-awaited follow up to the 2006 sensation and well-known “happiest game ever.” Nothing fights doom and gloom like the LocoRoco!



I’m happy to officially announce here on the PlayStation Blog that LocoRoco 2 is coming to North America soon! Very soon. In fact, you will be able to play it on your PSP in less than 2 months — it will be available in stores on UMD on FEBRUARY 10, 2009! If you don’t have a PSP yet, this is a good reason to ask Santa for one.

With even more content than the original, LocoRoco 2 will add plenty of gameplay enhancements (like swimming in underwater levels!) and will feature new story-driven stages, unlockable quests and a new twist to the game’s catchy music. We have also added multiplayer mode via ad hoc. More to come on all of these new features and what else you can expect in LocoRoco 2 soon, so keep an eye out for us. But for now, enjoy this trailer and let us know what you think of it!

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mendezgato said:

December 24th, 6:08 am

nice, that would give a reason to get my psp out again, merry christmas everyone here @ the blog

Skater_Ricky said:

December 24th, 6:28 am

I Loved the First one and would love to buy the second one it also would give a good reason to dust off my psp and start playing again on it

Skater_Ricky said:

December 24th, 6:37 am

This Game would of even Rocked my Socks off if the PSP had Tilt Control (SixAxis) and Rumble to it… Who knows maybe in the Future ;)

Well to Conclude… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D

Oh also forgot to add

Put this Video in the PlayStation@HOME in the Bowling Alleys for Great ads might pick up some interests new comers 8)

Gorvi said:

December 24th, 6:52 am

There were rumors floating around that the game would be $20, is that true?

stephenju said:

December 24th, 6:57 am

I hope this will be available for download.

Zezzler said:

December 24th, 7:02 am

I’ve always wanted to get the 1st one but never really felt that i needed it… well now that i’ve seen this stuff and that AMAZING trailer, i think this is a must buy psp game for me. I Really hope it gets onto the psp store too because then i would get it without a second thought!

Fersis said:

December 24th, 7:02 am

I need a PSP A.S.A.P

Zezzler said:

December 24th, 7:04 am

Oh, and Btw everyone at SCEA, SCEE, and SCEC… have yourselves a very GREAT holiday (Christmas, Chanakah, or whatever)

BigRon3400 said:

December 24th, 7:04 am

That was one crazy video! I’d like to give that game a try!

gamer_316 said:

December 24th, 7:08 am

i’ve downloaded the demo from the UK store and its great can’t wait to get it on UMD


I agree, the trailer should be put in Home. it would make people happier and c’mon…ITS LOCOROCO!!!…2 lol

enewtabie said:

December 24th, 7:13 am

Could you make it available on the PSN store on the same day? I really like the downloadable model you have with SSHD portable and Everyday Shooter and full retail releases hitting at the same time the PSN store gets them would be great.

Tassar said:

December 24th, 7:17 am

UMD day one purchase.

Loco Roco is one of the most wonderful games I’ve ever played. Easy, relaxing, and just a nice and happy game. A nice break from so many darker games out there.

This new version looks like massive and must have update to the series.

erico316 said:

December 24th, 7:29 am

so far the psp seem to have a great year in 09

Clinton514 said:

December 24th, 7:44 am

Too many games crammed into Feb! But I do want Loco Roco 2.

funtownarcade said:

December 24th, 8:45 am

The Mui Mui rule!

darkiewonder said:

December 24th, 8:45 am

Can we get this game on the PSP store as well?

benzboi92 said:

December 24th, 8:47 am

Haha, man…Killzone 2, Resistance: Retribution, and now this!?! I know it’s only three games but I’m pretty freaken limited on money because of spring break!


December 24th, 8:51 am

Patapon Jingle bells:

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pon pon pon
pon padda pon padapon,
pon pon pon p pon pon pon, pon pada pada padda pon pon,
pon pon pon,
pon pon pon,
pon pon padda padda pon,
puh pon pon pon puh pon pon pon padda pon pdaada padda padda HEY!!

See you in the new years

bob said:

December 24th, 8:51 am

The original was great but not a lot of people got it so hopefully with the expanded audience it will sell well

homy said:

December 24th, 9:03 am

The head of the marketing team for Killzone 2 should be fired.
Who the hell sends out the review copy this early, more than 2 months before the game comes out.
All the excitement about the game will be gone when the game actually comes out.

Look at all the blockbuster games like GTA4, Halo3, Gears1&2, they all have the review copy very close to launch date. That is why they’ve sold millions of copies.

I cannot stress enough the important of marketing and its timing though.

smokey_vols said:

December 24th, 9:08 am

Wow now that is awsome.


December 24th, 9:12 am

Home I couldn’t agree more but what do you think of the Next Patapon?


December 24th, 9:16 am

sorry for double post but that was supposed to read homy not Home

wavesln said:

December 24th, 9:41 am

Loved the first one and the sequel looks even better. You should make it available through PSN though. That’d be great.

WHAT said:

December 24th, 9:46 am


Ajora said:

December 24th, 10:12 am

LOL! This looks great! I never played Locoroco before but Iwas always interested, now more than ever :D lol

I’ll check it out defenetly, reminds me of PataPon.
And you’re right, it looks like a game that can put a smile on your face.

doclloyd said:

December 24th, 10:13 am

Has there been any thought given to putting games like Locoroco2 or Patapon 2 (when it comes out) into Entertainment packs? It would get these unique, awesome games into more hands of new PSP owners and I think the games would lend themselves very well to colorful and fun marketing for the PSP and the games themselves.

Clinton514 said:

December 24th, 10:35 am

@20 Hey bright guy…did you get a review copy? If not, what are you complaining about? No one is putting out reviews until the embargo is lifted for them. :|

Kevyn.B.Grams said:

December 24th, 10:43 am

Finally, this is probably the best franchise on the PSP. As far as pick up and play goes this game is my number one.

Lets see it on PSN and you guys got a sale. I will never again buy a UMD, I don’t care what game comes out on PSP.

Tassar said:

December 24th, 10:46 am

“I will never again buy a UMD”

What an idiot.

Jayceon_Kidd said:

December 24th, 10:47 am

any word on a ps store release date?

RxBallin said:

December 24th, 11:12 am

I think they should put Tomba(1 and 2) and twisted metal in the store for ps3 and psp. I have searched and heard this game was a hit and which i have played before I also think they should bring it back and put it in the playstations stores. My friends love this game and if it was on the playstation store me and them would buy it. This games rating was 88 out of 100 which is a great rating for a PSone game. It is pretty much 9 out of 10 or a 4 star rating. People should comment about this game to Sony because im sure people would buy this game because it is so good.

triple_lei said:

December 24th, 11:13 am

I too would like it available for download – unless the game is 900 MB or something.

Chaos_Bladez said:

December 24th, 11:33 am

You guys should put this on PSN.

poisonedsodapop said:

December 24th, 11:34 am

I don’t own a PSP and I’ve not played the first one but I have to say I’m surprised this game did so well in the US. I’m glad it did though. Looks really cute.

thebestofkramer said:

December 24th, 12:00 pm

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all

Jeigh said:

December 24th, 12:16 pm

WoW! I LOVE that trailer! Such a catchy song and so upbeat. Reminds me of slightly better times (I’ve never really had “good times” :( )

Thanks and Happy Holidays! :D

krae_man said:

December 24th, 12:20 pm

What in the world made you guys think releasing it after christmas in North America was better then before Christmas(like you released it everywhere else in the world).

I’d import the UMD, but I want this game on my memory stick and you cant have more then one PSN account tagged to your PSP.

Evildude said:

December 24th, 12:51 pm

Great, i’ve been waiting for this….thank you

mza49311 said:

December 24th, 12:57 pm

Happy Holidays to everyone! Failed to mention that in any of the other comments I’ve left and felt a bit humbug about it, so I figured what better post to put it on than the upbeat cheery LocoRoco Post! I may give this game a shot, though the gf doesn’t think it’s a manly affair lol, maybe she’ll give it a try and get addicted lol

smokey_vols said:

December 24th, 1:34 pm

Can you make this game downloadable for the store too, instead of it just being a retail release?

Daver said:

December 24th, 2:44 pm

looks awesome! i bought the one for ps3 venver tried the psp version

Vanilla_Face07 said:

December 24th, 3:43 pm


For ONCE a game comes out first in Australia…4 MONTHS AHEAD OF AMERICA!!

Ramage said:

December 24th, 5:37 pm

Will this be released on the PS store as well? Although I am mostly opposed to DL titles for consoles I believe it makes more sense for handhelds as you want to minimize what you carry around and it also helps bring down the likelihood I’ll forget a game or misplace it during travel.

DL titles for home consoles suck
DL titles for handheld consoles rock

Bring LocoRoco2 and others to us digitally through the PS Store!

krae_man said:

December 24th, 7:00 pm

I thought I herd all PSP games in 2009 will be available in both UMD and Download form. Did Sony ever confirm that?

SFJAGS said:

December 24th, 9:43 pm

I have been waiting for the sequel and now it’s finally coming…. I love Locoroco!!!

xneonxstarx said:

December 24th, 10:14 pm

OMG FINALLY!!! I been waiting for the second one to come out! It looks so awesome!

ftown said:

December 25th, 6:29 am

PS3 version also?

Dew87 said:

December 25th, 7:16 am

This game puts a huge grin on my face everytime I see it and the music just gives me an irresistable urge to dance. I can’t wait to play Locoroco 2. I loved the first one, this looks even funner, cuter and wackier. The trailer was very well put together and showcased the game very nicely. It seems they have added a lot more diversity to the gameplay. That’s a day one purchase for me. Well done Japan Studio =)

PullusPardus said:

December 25th, 9:19 pm

Is the gloomy economy getting you down?

Is fighting the mall crowd gnawing at your nerves?

Well, to help you forget all of that

This game always cheers me up

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