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Dec 24

Dec 24

LocoRoco 2 for PSP Rolling to North America Soon!

Tsubasa Inaba's Avatar Posted by

Senior Producer, International Software Development

Is the gloomy economy getting you down? Is fighting the mall crowd gnawing at your nerves? Well, to help you forget all of that, we bring some early holiday cheer today with an awesome announcement for LocoRoco 2, the eagerly-awaited follow up to the 2006 sensation and well-known “happiest game ever.” Nothing fights doom and gloom like the LocoRoco!



I’m happy to officially announce here on the PlayStation Blog that LocoRoco 2 is coming to North America soon! Very soon. In fact, you will be able to play it on your PSP in less than 2 months — it will be available in stores on UMD on FEBRUARY 10, 2009! If you don’t have a PSP yet, this is a good reason to ask Santa for one.

With even more content than the original, LocoRoco 2 will add plenty of gameplay enhancements (like swimming in underwater levels!) and will feature new story-driven stages, unlockable quests and a new twist to the game’s catchy music. We have also added multiplayer mode via ad hoc. More to come on all of these new features and what else you can expect in LocoRoco 2 soon, so keep an eye out for us. But for now, enjoy this trailer and let us know what you think of it!

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Tsubasa Inaba's Avatar

Tsubasa Inaba said:

December 26th, 11:17 am

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your holidays?

Thank you for your support and comments.
We hope to follow up with more blog posts between now and our release in Feb.

Stay tuned!

Ti_dus said:

December 26th, 2:21 pm

I already have this game :D Awesome ;) Better than the first one. Sometimes is good to live in EU.

DiscoJer said:

December 28th, 12:20 am

SCEA’s treatment of the PSP has been disappointing and in cases like this, extremely baffling.

Why delay a game like Loco Roco 2 for several months (it was released in other regions in November). The game is already in English, so it’s not a localization issue.

There was a whopping 1 game release for the PSP in December (to cap off a very disappointing second half of the year). Something like LocoRoco 2 (and an ad push) could have ressurected the PSP, or at least breathed some life into it.

zodan269 said:

January 14th, 8:43 pm

Looks great what’s with the one in the hat lol
stylin uh

darkstar123 said:

January 19th, 2:29 pm

i will have to get this game next month

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