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Dec 24

Dec 24

Resistance 2: Vegetables Sound Like HURT

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by Sr. Social Media Manager

When you were little, did you ever try the old Halloween trick where you’re blindfolded and told that a bowl of cold spaghetti is witches hair, or grapes are werewolf’s eyeballs? Maybe my parents were just strange. But the point is, everyday household food could be used to trick a bunch of kids into imagining something far more terrifying.

The trick still works.

While at last month’s Insomniac Games Community Day, the team that built Resistance 2 revealed a ton of what goes into making a complex AAA title. With the aforementioned example in mind, I found the audio/sound effects presentation to be incredibly interesting: The team revealed that many of the sounds representing gory and gross actions (Chimeran heads exploding, etc) were made by the types of items you might have in your refrigerator right now.

Fine people that they are, Insomniac was happy to share this video, along with an introduction by Dwight Okahara, Insomniac’s sound lead on R2:

I’ll never look at a cantaloupe the same way again…

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mza49311 said:

December 24th, 11:28 am

I love Foley art, watched a few vids on it before, unfortunately I can’t see this one at the moment I am at work and I’m lucky enough to see at least the text here, so I’ll have to view this one at a later time, but thanks for posting it here!

wolverine81 said:

December 24th, 11:31 am

Very cool and pretty funny too!

XxBigP123xX said:

December 24th, 11:39 am

Good lord…

seph1r0th00 said:

December 24th, 11:43 am

I was lucky enough to be at the community day event and the foley part of the presentation was the most entertaining part.

thebestofkramer said:

December 24th, 11:43 am

i never thought of it that way.

zakir8 said:

December 24th, 11:47 am

lol…that was kool

Tassar said:

December 24th, 11:53 am

Just started playing the 8 player coop online mode. Absolutely incredible. Easily one of the best online fps ever. The three classes all work really well together with all three constantly having an active role.

And it is amazing that there is never even a single bit of lag – ever. Gotta love Sony’s standard dedicated servers for all AAA titles like R2.

This game desperately needs a Home launching patch so people can hook in Home and jump right into 8 player coop games.

KnaveX said:

December 24th, 12:01 pm

I lol’d at eating flesh

wavesln said:

December 24th, 12:05 pm

LOL. They killed a lot of fruit there.

OLy said:

December 24th, 12:10 pm

That video pretty much sums up the quality of R2.

Ghostm said:

December 24th, 12:12 pm

Why cant we kill the mobs in the water in R2? That’s just ridiculous! Felt like you guys were cutting corners. Another thing. How come I never see a single person running for their lives during this epic invasion? Makes the game feels a little soulless. I found it odd that we don’t even get to see any families or a group of people fleeing during this invasion.

ftwrthtx said:

December 24th, 12:21 pm

Pretty cool video

Thanks for the insights.

Happy Holidays

Jeigh said:

December 24th, 12:25 pm

Heh, the “Eating Flesh” part was pretty funny. You guys have always exuded good senses of humor. Love the game, especially the online modes, which I can’t say about any other game ever. (I’ve actually already said that on here before, but it was quite aways down so I doubt you saw it.)

Thanks for these looks inside the making of such a great game. May you experience great fortune this holiday. :D

benzboi92 said:

December 24th, 12:32 pm

So that’s what they meant in the credits when they were like “No gargantuan monsters were harmed in the making of this game”.

Jersey-Gamer said:

December 24th, 12:38 pm

Nice melons. ;)

p-s-3 said:

December 24th, 12:53 pm

You can hear all those sounds tomorrow on xMas day while i eat my big xMas Dinner! :D

womfalcs3 said:

December 24th, 12:53 pm

But plants have feelings too! Ah to imaging the pain they went through.

Seriously though, that’s pretty good. There aren’t many ways to generate such sounds without somebody or some animal being hurt.

Good stuff.

BZKlint said:

December 24th, 12:53 pm

I know that in Wall-E, the sound of the wind in the dust storm scenes was made by dragging a weighted burlap sack down a carpeted hallway :)

Fersis said:

December 24th, 12:54 pm

I like how he eats watermellons :D

BZKlint said:

December 24th, 1:00 pm

By the way, I don’t think I heard alot of these sounds in the game. Is Insomniac working on a new zombie game, or am I going deaf? D:

mountain_duwe said:

December 24th, 1:13 pm

hahahahah, awesome video.

kratos93 said:

December 24th, 1:39 pm


…more stabbing!!!

Thwip said:

December 24th, 1:40 pm

The cantaloupe part made me think dirty thoughts…is there something wrong with me? :-)

Happy Holidays!

CrimsonFox13 said:

December 24th, 1:42 pm


A few parts in that made me cringe. XD That’s totally awesome, though!

And yes, something is wrong with you. :P

DTS MAN said:

December 24th, 1:43 pm

Simply Brilliant….have a great christmas.

PirateThom said:

December 24th, 2:01 pm

More, please!

Love this kind of thing!

WHAT said:

December 24th, 2:22 pm

Two button rule.
Razor burn confirmed for HD version.

Daver said:

December 24th, 2:45 pm

lolll Awesome video! thanks for sharing

Gnob said:

December 24th, 3:15 pm

@11 chimera hit with spires before any attack. by the time the ships got there everyone is infected and comatose.

edward_moffet said:

December 24th, 3:22 pm

lol thats so awesome!

Slayer612 said:

December 24th, 3:23 pm

wow i will never make a salad the same again

MegaClank said:

December 24th, 3:41 pm

I’d be terrified to cook again with vegetables for fear of thinking those noises were happening to me. XD

superaktieboy said:

December 24th, 4:17 pm

hey Jeff, you know what would be cool to do.. showing us the PS3 stats every week/month.. like erm, what’s the top play game on PSN for that week/month, top purchased game for the week/month etc..

just an idea.. ^^,

Have a merry christmas everyone..

minestrone11 said:

December 24th, 4:26 pm

I love posts like this.

NewYork214 said:

December 24th, 4:35 pm

ha. cool video.why didnt you show the killed by headshot noise. when it sounds like the skull gets crushed. or maybe that was the celery.

younghustla561 said:

December 24th, 4:57 pm

SONY needs to firmware upgrade the PS3 to allow multiple PSN accounts to login at the same time. This will allow games like Warhawk/Resistance/COD to have “player 2” stats to save. It will also allow your friends(rl friends) who play at your house to log into their own PSN account and add to their own stats, instead of messing up yours. It will make PSN the greatest service ever. I’m surprised this wasn’t a launch feature. SONY CATCH UP PLEASE!!

NewYork214 said:

December 24th, 5:15 pm

yeah im with 36. only reason my brother doesnt play R2 is because we cant play split screen with his stats saving

mendezgato said:

December 24th, 5:22 pm

damn you Jeff that watermelon was a friend of mind lol merry christmas

mendezgato said:

December 24th, 5:22 pm

meant to say mine sorry

elmonstro said:

December 24th, 9:53 pm


Terminator_TX3 said:

December 24th, 9:54 pm

I find that independent companies in any media will be one of the most creative with the money spending, lol.

icecoldgangstaa said:

December 24th, 11:24 pm

LMAO! That was hilarious…Eat a Watermelon to simulate zombies eating you guts…

SpiritThief said:

December 25th, 1:16 am

“and he bore me unto a vast farmland of our own midwest, and as we descended, cries of
impending doom rose from the soil… one thousand, nay, a million voices full of fear…and terror possessed me then…

and I begged, “Angel of the Lord, what are these tortured screams?” And the angel said unto me, “These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots…

You see, reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the
holocaust.” And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat like the tears of one
millions terrified brothers and roared

“Hear me now, I have seen the light, they have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul, damn you! Let the rabbits wear
glasses, save our brothers…”


Raacky said:

December 25th, 4:26 am

Sweet…now wheres are full screen co op?! food is so awesome..

Dew87 said:

December 25th, 7:12 am

LMFAO.. that was very… enlightening!

Eating Guts bit cracked me up XD

bigdaddyjane said:

December 26th, 6:24 am


Trieloth said:

December 26th, 8:36 am

Cool video and thanks for the awesome game.

maluraq said:

December 26th, 4:49 pm

@ghostm: you weren’t really paying attention to the story line, were you? The game takes place in locations already completely taken over by the Chimera. Those who would be ‘running for their lives’ are in the cocoons being slowly transformed into the enemy.

Chicago especially is well-described in the game as taking place way behind enemy lines.

Ciscorucinski said:

December 31st, 1:49 am

** Just testing to see if this blog post is closed just like the 20000+ blog post from John at Capcom **

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