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Jan 01

Jan 01

PS3 How To: Starting a Video Chat

Kristin Neirinckx's Avatar Posted by

Marketing Manager, PSP

Happy New Year!

Hoping to stay in more in touch with family and friends in 2009? If so, you’re in luck! For those of you with the PlayStation Eye or other web camera, video chat is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, and this video will teach you how to get started. One of the best features of video chat on the PS3 is the ability to talk with up to six people at a time. So take a look at the video, give a try and let us know if you have any questions.

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dag25 said:

January 1st, 3:55 pm

@Ghostm I’ll second that one.

I wish Sony would say that the PS3 can’t do in game chat. I don’t think it can. All I know is the system that can do in game chat gets most of my $$$$$$. Sigh.

gold5225 said:

January 1st, 3:59 pm

This is a awesome feature but i dont know if i could ever gets 6 friends to want to use this at the same time let alone them all having the PS EYE i have it and i love it but i just wish more people got it.

viprdude said:

January 1st, 4:57 pm

please allow access to the internet while chatting and listen to music while chatting.

P_tear_griffin said:

January 1st, 4:59 pm


Allow us to chat and mess around with at least one other thing on our XMB (music listening, video watching, photo slideshow, internet browsing, etc).If you want to add cross game chat in there I’d be happy but we can start small ;-)

P_tear_griffin said:

January 1st, 5:01 pm

See, I’m not the only one asking for this.

Theossie said:

January 1st, 5:08 pm

How To: Get the video to look that good.

Theossie said:

January 1st, 5:10 pm

In game video or voice chat would be (or will) a cool feature… I agree..

skaterricky said:

January 1st, 6:39 pm



We need Messaging in Voice Chat… Just like PlayStation HOME Message Window In the Bottom Right Corner.

I had a Friend That I Myself had a Bluetooth Mic but they only had a Keyboard. So we Chated Throw XMB while I myself Talked Throw My Mic. It how ever a Over all MUST NEED.

#2 Request… CROSS GAME VOICE CHAT OVER XMB with having a Ringer just like calling up your Friends in PlayStation HOME.


chriscowboyd said:

January 1st, 9:02 pm

@ 48 your whole comment was over the top ridiculous i never saied in game chat was going to be use to that level but that what people do they say anything lol clam down . let stop for a second and talk about what the ps3 can do video chat, send message and home you have 3 ways to communicate with your friends so why would sony allow in game chat ? it make no sense . like i saied before i dont care if we have it or not but this idea for it is a dead for now not enough people want the feature and if you want it so bad buy a 360 there not this large maket for it you guys need to stop making ps3 a 360 just buy a 360.

Vanquish23 said:

January 1st, 9:50 pm

Yo… I don’t know if anyone knows this, but that dude in the top row in the middle, was a dancer on the past season of MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew!! That is so weird seeing him there.. he was on the crew Supreme Soul.

BitRunner303 said:

January 1st, 10:45 pm

This would be a lot cooler if we could do it WHILE IN A GAME…

Letters2Kay said:

January 1st, 11:09 pm

No store update this week? :(

Sad face.

WassupWhite said:

January 2nd, 6:49 am

When is the next Playstation 3 system update coming out? I was thinking one where I could play my own music while playing LBP. It’s hard to create a level listening to the same music over and over.

xarkzila said:

January 2nd, 6:57 am

This is all well and good, but no one has yet to answer how this thing works! We’ve been trying to set this up for over a week now and have yet to be able to connect. No one seems to have an answer. My wife bought this for me for Christmas because it clearly states you can use it for “friends and family.” Yet, we are unable to connect! My wife never shows up online, (she uses a PC,) to me and I never show up online to her, yet we’re both logged in! If ANYONE knows how to get this working it would be far more helpful than showing a tutorial that doesn’t tell me anything I don’t already know.

safil said:

January 2nd, 7:59 am

Firt, to the person who has 10 $50 PSN cards, welcome, now help a fellow member out:P Ok, For those that don’t know, Jeff is the one in charge or just the one who usually answers some of us and he’s not here until next week so, save it until he comes back. 2nd, I can’t go on without hearing another “if you don’t like the ps3 than go get an xbox” rant, really? so settle for less than when we know sony is capable of better than? the only reason there is an xbox to begin with is cause M$ saw what sony was doing with the ps1 and said, we can do the same and better. A console isnt ever gonna surpass or be better than another until it has the same basic features and than some! the x-game voice chat and video messaging and game invite, launching, etc. etc. should of been here by now. and technically, that is why this blog is here AND gets answered frequently in a timely fashion. Jeff is great with answering our questions and if we bug him enough, he makes the higher ups listen! so please, lets start this new year right and no more take the ps3 how it is or leave it, we don’t need you anyway, and go to the xbox. im sure that’s what sony wants anyway, for us to stay away from them and gravitate towards their competitor.

safil said:

January 2nd, 8:00 am


3rdly, if that is a word, this last post, #62, i don’t know who told you but, you can’t video chat from a ps3 to a pc. i mean, it is right if that is indeed what it says, you can use it for “friends and family”. but, not in that way. the ps3 can video chat with another and only other PS3’s, not PC’s or mac’s or anything else. sorry you were misinformed but, from what you wrote, using it for “family and friends” can mean alot. i mean, sorry i have to tell you but, either way, don’t get rid of it. its an awesome system. you can surf the net, watch you tube and other videos and play music and download and watch movies and tv shows from the ps store, for a fee. and, for the price of it, you can’t beat it cause it plays Blu-ray movies. most blu-ray players are the price of a ps3 but without all the other functions. well, gotta go. wasn’t gonna write until Jeff came back as there was no point but, was reading this post to see if there was anything new with the video chat and couldn’t resist. by the way, i have a xbox camera and i bought a ps eye because it has a mic and some of the others don’t. that and cause there are a few games, programs for the eye on the ps store.

xarkzila said:

January 2nd, 8:26 am

Thanks. I could care less about the net, it’s just annoying. I’m also not a gamer so I don’t really care how “good” this system is in the minds of it’s users. (Wish it would stop asking me to “login” when I’m playing Tiger Woods. This is MORE than annoying!)
This is VERY misleading information from SONY and I’m greatly disappointed in them for this. Now I have a useless camera that was purchased ONLY for this purpose. Thanks SONY. The one thing I get for Christmas and it’s completely useless! You make great stuff, but your marketing leaves a LOT to be desired. I certainly won’t be recommending this, or the PS3, to anyone.

venneer said:

January 2nd, 9:09 am

I am and was pretty calmed down, if you got the impression that I was attacking you or that I felt attacked, sorry for that, not my intent… aside that, I just think it would be a cool feature to have if it could be done, not saying that much more, really…
Also, I don’t really care for a 360 nor know if it does or doesn’t have said feature… I’m not trying to make PS3 a 360, just questioning whether a great product could become an excellent one by adding what should be a very elementary communication feature… a not sure where you got that one from.

Mk.II said:

January 2nd, 4:27 pm

I don’t think somebody wouldn’t know how to do this. What will be your next guide how to turn on the PS3?

safil said:

January 2nd, 5:24 pm

well, sorry to hear that. I can’t say if their marketing was misleading or not but based on what you quoted, that you can use it for “friends and family” isn’t misleading unless you have perceived views already. I mean, if someone told you that the ps3 was capable of video messaging, than it indeed is true, but not with a pc. I am sorry that you received the ps3 thinking you would be able to video chat with a pc but, nothing for nothing, should of done some research! It is not sony’s fault that you interpreted something they said to mean something else. Like a car, pc, house or any other product/purchase over $100, consumers should always do their own research! I know, your upset so, please don’t take it out on me. If you don’t want it then why don’t you just return it or exchange it for a laptop? Best of luck…

MakaiOokami said:

January 3rd, 1:17 am

Any chance you guys are working on the rumored Cross-game Video Chat? Even if it’s just 1 on 1 chat being able to give advice on Penny Arcade Adventures to my friend while he’s playing it, while I’m playing Crash Commando getting advice from him, both of us in different games would be so awesome.

Also to be able to sit and watch the look on my friend’s face as he stumbles on a land mine I placed hidden from sight just before he takes me out would be so sweet. I heard rumors it was coming, but that was months ago and I’d love to have any information. If it’s a rumor and nothing is being worked on it’d be great to be able to let my hopes down rather than wait for a feature that’s not coming.


Mattchewie said:

January 3rd, 11:22 pm

I think the chat app is really cool if you have friends just sitting idle and not doing much.

However, most the time my friends nor I are being idle and that is why DIRECT CHAT IS A MUST and is needed like, yesterday.

I have a dream of being on my PS3. I’m surfing the store and I see new content for game X that finally came out. I bring up my IGXMB and ask him to accept my invite for chat. We talk about all the cools things this new add on will do when we see our mutal friend coming online. We break up the direct chat and great a party line and invite our friend in where we resume talk of the cool add on that released as we are downloading it. Then, as the last person finishes the download, we launch into game as group and have loads of fun.

SONY: you have the vision, now run with it :P.

Benn said:

January 4th, 10:30 am

hEY SONY OVER HERE READ ME PLZ!!! just one problem any chance you could update the ps3 to get private voice chat in game i dont understand why this wasnt done when you guys released in game xmb and trophies. i know that you won’t REPLY to this message!!! but can you guys keep us in the loop like that there a few problem that where working on. thank you!!

Rude_Sparthan said:

January 11th, 10:36 am

yes really but really….. private, cross-game/XMB voice chat.. it’s a MUST now… with invites. the online gaming is always evolving.. and it’s frustrating playing for example motorstorm PR and ear a nine years old kid screaming with is friend and play music in my ears!! :o) really sony please.. also in home I’m wondering why I have to push R2 to talk with my friends.. It’s the only features where PSN is failing. Please

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