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Jan 08

Jan 08

And your MLB 09 The Show cover athlete is…

Alex Armour's Avatar Posted by Senior Manager, Public Relations

Hey there MLB fans,

We wanted to follow up our recent announcement of MLB 09 The Show with a note to introduce the newest cover athlete for the game. This year’s spokesperson is Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox. He’s the latest star athlete to grace the cover of our MLB franchise following in the footsteps of his teammate David Ortiz as well as recent players such as David Wright of the NY Mets, and Ryan Howard of the World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

MLB09 PS3 Cover

Not only is Pedroia a Gold Glove second baseman and 2008 AL MVP, his work ethic, intensity, and overall game skills make him a perfect fit for our best-selling MLB game. We’re excited to have Pedroia become part of the SCEA baseball family and look forward to his participation in all facets of our campaign. In the meantime, please check out the sweet box art for MLB 09 The Show and we’ll check back in with more for you soon.

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c-murph said:

January 8th, 6:16 am

1st and cool.

gewurztraminer said:

January 8th, 6:24 am

I wonder if there are other baseball teams not located on the East Coast?

Nah, that’s a silly idea.

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 11:43 am

    Not a fan of east coast teams huh? Well… if you look at the lineage of the franchise: Pedroia 09, Howard 08, Ortiz 07, Papi 06, Vlad 05, Chavez 04, Green 03 and Bonds 02. Given the last 8 years we\’re looking at a 50/50 split east coast v west coast.

viprdude said:

January 8th, 6:32 am

awesome. when is the game set to launch?

and will it have voice support online??

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:05 pm

    Look for MLB 09 The Show to hit shelves that first week of March. And yes, it will have voice support online in-game.

Renck said:

January 8th, 6:48 am


C-h-a-o-s said:

January 8th, 6:50 am

PSP version?

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:00 pm

    Absolutely. The Show goes on the road every season. Additionally, for those who haven\’t yet made the leap to PS3, the PS2 version is on the shelves for you as well.

MizzouStud said:

January 8th, 6:56 am

He’s such a cover model ;)

themule said:

January 8th, 6:57 am

The dirt on his uniform is a nice detail. Taken from a real game or produced in a studio, either way it gives the cover more realism and remarks Pedroia’s intensive play. Well done.

BrianC6234 said:

January 8th, 6:58 am

Not my favorite cover. Yuck. Why not have someone from the Phillies? Most baseball fans are sick of the Red Sox and Yankees.

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:07 pm

    Phillies again huh? We just had Howard on there for you last season. You wanted a repeat?

ftwrthtx said:

January 8th, 7:08 am

Congrats again to Dustin Pedroia. The Woodland, Ca. native is really making a name for himself.

Charliesdad said:

January 8th, 7:08 am

@7 Maybe…but the cover is given to an individual…not a team and while you might think ‘most’ fans are ‘sick’ of the Red Sox and Yankees I think that more fans recognize individual Sox and Yankees players than Phillies players despite their series win. PS… GO SOX! FTW! :-)

amco_pirate said:

January 8th, 7:16 am

Sick of seeing anything sox or yanks. I’ll still buy the game though :(

Chrisrahosiris said:

January 8th, 7:20 am

Lol, as much as I hate the Red Sox, I cannot be angry with choosing Dustin as the cover athelete.

Dante989 said:

January 8th, 7:24 am

im a Yankee fan, BUT he did such an amazing job in 2008… he definitely deserves it.


January 8th, 7:25 am

Wow he looks just like my friend Cecil. He’s a good guy too so I bet this game will be.

Side note: when’s the socom update coming?

Dante989 said:

January 8th, 7:25 am

@ 7…Brian… MLB 08 had Ryan Howard. They aren’t going to use the same team back to back years.

happy_spud said:

January 8th, 7:43 am

He looks like he’s straining.

pudgenet said:

January 8th, 7:43 am

Awesome. Love ya, Lil’ Dusty!

YippyKiAy said:

January 8th, 7:49 am

Is their a demo on the way? If so, when?

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:08 pm

    Look for the d/l PS3 demo in Feb.

DG said:

January 8th, 8:06 am

Red Sox Nation!

sk8erdh36 said:

January 8th, 8:23 am

Man I can’t wait for this game. Keep the info coming to keep us excited!

eisbrecher said:

January 8th, 8:46 am

Not a bad cover, but I’m with #2 on this one… variety is the spice of life after all.

I’m hoping for a Justin Morneau cover next year ;)

Atoms said:

January 8th, 9:03 am

The game is the best baseball game ever made. Go Dodgers!

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:12 pm

    On behalf of the dev team – thanks Atoms. Every year their goal is to one-up the previous year and deliver the most realistic baseball game ever made…

UNCyrus said:

January 8th, 9:34 am

Boooooo! Way to alienate all the loyal Yanks out there… Boo Sox

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:13 pm

    I guess that\’s a bit of a catch-22

Ghostm said:

January 8th, 10:00 am

This might be my first baseball game. I’m thinking about it. A few of my friends from Brooklyn are big into baseball. I might make an effort to buy this game if the online works well.

momba0014 said:

January 8th, 10:15 am

nooooo!!!!!…Boston Sucks!!,still I might buy this,im just gonna have to rip off the cover and replace it with anything else.

Baked said:

January 8th, 10:54 am

That cover is weak! I’m still gonna buy this game, but I’ll tape a Tim Lincecum baseball card on the cover.

SalMoriarty said:

January 8th, 10:57 am

Sun Devils represent!

acerazer1 said:

January 8th, 11:10 am

Yeah, I’m a Yankees fan, but I like to see small market stars make the covers. Ya know, someone from other than the Mets, Red Sox, and Yankees. That’s all we ever get. Maybe next year consider putting on Evan Longoria, Josh Hamilton, or Dan Haren. Those guys work just as hard, and have just as much talent, but don’t get any publicity because of where they play.

    Alex Armour's Avatar

    tmack said:

    January 8th, 12:20 pm

    Like where you\’re going with this and you call out some solid players. But with Pedroia this year – aside form being a dedicated, hard working, scrappy ball player – he\’s just the third player in history to be named Rookie of the Year in one season and MVP in the next. Know the other two?

Seraphim said:

January 8th, 11:48 am

can we have the baseball placeholder cover back? Ortiz, Wright, Howard, and now this? Does someone over at SCEA suck on RedSox n…s? What gives? I do give you guys props for putting Wright and Howard on the cover but you do realize there’s more than Boston, Mets, Phillies, and Boston in the MLB right? Like the other team in New York. Or how about maybe trying to move Sout, Midwest, or West for a cover athlete. :P Oh well, guess I’ll keep playing MLB 08 this year. :P There’s just some sports games I refuse to buy when a cover athlete is a Red Sox, or Avalanche player.

Toast said:

January 8th, 12:35 pm

no love for the loveable losers eh ;)

well I can’t complain, Even if you hate the red sox, you have to have a tremendous amount of respect for Dustin.

Can’t wait til march! MLB 08 was the best baseball game i’ve played to date and I can’t wait to play 09 and end the 100 year curse!

JohnnyMoses said:

January 8th, 12:40 pm

I’m buying it just to support the red sox decision. Trophy support???

CrashSpyro said:

January 8th, 12:45 pm

MLB 08 was the best sports game last year and I think 09 has a good shot at a repeat.

mountain_duwe said:

January 8th, 1:16 pm

I’m a Yankee fan and I hate the Red Sox more than anything, but I respect Pedroia as a ballplayer. I agree with the above poster that it would be nice to see some smaller market guys on the cover, like Hanley Ramirez or Roy Halladay or Evan Longoria or Justin Morneau.

NewYork214 said:

January 8th, 1:53 pm

boooo red sox. i dont know if i can buy this game now. maybe i can print out my old favorite Paul O’neill and slide him over that disgusting red sox picture

lucky this is the best baseball series ever lol

Garthvaderson said:

January 8th, 2:49 pm

Pedroia is alright. But to everyone complaining about it. Whom would you have put there? Someone from the Pirates? That is can anyone name someone on the Pirates?

SpiderBoy36 said:

January 8th, 3:06 pm

Pssh, Pedroia pales in comparison to world champions Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins.

EnigmaNemesis said:

January 8th, 3:35 pm

Well deserving of the cover. Just the third player in history to win RotY and MVP the very next year.

He is scrappy, and plays the game right. Just so fitting.

And I can not wait to play the best baseball series of all time. ’09 is going to be amazing. Keep up the good work dev team. Fan for life here.

TheTwelve said:

January 8th, 3:39 pm

I can’t stand the Red Sox, as a Mets and Yankees fan, but the man can play, is honorable, and is a scrapper. I wish I had him on the Mets.


viprdude said:

January 8th, 4:10 pm

what a waste of money the entire new york yankees organization is.

ARog34 said:

January 8th, 4:17 pm

I’m really hoping the ‘Cubbies’ can finish strong unlike last year… and other previous years… BUT the team is looking strong in ’09.

I’d hope they’re one of the best teams in this installment of MLB: The Show?

bjscott05 said:

January 8th, 4:57 pm

any chance you could post a wallpaper version of the cover. widescreen would be good.

JoE 15 said:

January 8th, 5:00 pm

Man I hate the Red Sox, but hey, this game is still going to be awesome. Go Rangers!

gewurztraminer said:

January 8th, 6:05 pm

“a 50/50 split east coast v west coast”

Middle America doesn’t exist?

mike223 said:

January 8th, 7:54 pm

Will we be able to choose our own uniforms in franchise and season mode? i”m an Expos fan and I have to restart the ps3 20 times to get a team with the Expos uniform. mostly I give up and end up playing with the Nationals and having lost our beloved Expos to Washington the contradiction is eerie. Please HELP.

stallyon84 said:

January 9th, 2:16 am

@ 28 and 43

EXACTLY!!!!! How about giving the midwest some love. I’m so sick of the costal markets and their superiority over the central area just because of media control. How about a player from the midwest. Cardinals perhaps???? I’m Sick and tired of Yanks and BO sox along with THE REST OF THE WORLD!


Keep dreaming bud the cubs wont win because they are a losing orginaztion and losing teams dont know how to win.

example the cubs losing 6 straight games in two straight years of playoffs.

cLOLe said:

January 9th, 11:04 am

Hopefully you’re still responding to comments.

You mentioned 09 will have voice chat, I’m curious about a couple of things.

1: let’s face it, the voice quality in 08 was pretty terrible. Will this be improved for 09?

2: will there be a better… system? Using L3 produced so many problems. I know playing with my friends, I just pushed it once at the beginning of a game and left it on. But we’d accidentally hit it throughout the game. Will there be some kind of actual push to talk (hold down the key style), or will there be just “always on”?

3: I’ve noticed lag playing online, especially when playing in stadiums with a lot of background animations (fans waving and the like), and with runners on base, my friends and I have settled for playing on Spring Training or Minor League fields just to reduce this lag, will this be improved?

I love MLB 08, I’ve played ungodly amounts of hours. I already have my copy of MLB 09 preordered. I can’t wait to have it. Hopefully you can answer my questions!

Thanks in advance!

DudeFX said:

January 9th, 11:28 am

I wanted Eli Manning on Madden 09, but we got Farve lol Never going to make everyone happy with the guy they pick, but I’m surprised they don’t do multiple covers or limited editions. Like GameStop exclusive cover of one player and then a normal retail cover of another, etc. Sure it wouldn’t help everyone but choice is always good.

yankeesricardo said:

January 10th, 2:48 pm

is there going to be downloadable rosters to keep up to date and if so every wut so often?

cLOLe said:

January 10th, 2:56 pm

The MLB series automatically updates once a week every time you go online.

DALEH98 said:

January 11th, 10:09 am


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