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Jan 14

Jan 14

Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins Available Tomorrow on PSN!

John Diamonon's Avatar Posted by Product Marketing Manager, Capcom

To the PlayStation community: 20,000 thank yous for all your support. We had a record breaking year in the digital space and we couldn’t have done it without you. (Apparently, we don’t just break records, we break blogs son!)

In my last post, I promised that you’ll see a whole slew of PSP and PSone games on the PlayStation Network. To kick off 2009, I’m happy to announce that Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins will be available tomorrow in the PSP store for $19.99. For those of you not familiar with the game, UGG is a side-scrolling platform game featuring the heroic knight, Arthur, as he battles hordes of undead in his quest to save Princess Prin Prin. (total run on sentence) I think just having the name “Prin Prin” is reason enough for saving. UGG maintains the 2D gameplay mechanics of this classic franchise and is the only game in the series to employ 3D graphics. The graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is intuitive yet addicting, everything you want in a quality PSP game.

Check out the video!

I also have a new Flock trailer. Peep these sheep!

With over 55 stages, two player co-op, level creating-editing-rating-sharing, trophy support and custom soundtracks, this game is a motherflockin’ good time!

And for those in the San Francisco Bay Area, I hope to see you at the Street Fighter Fight Club this Friday. I’ll be the one fitted with the new Triumvir Street Fighter Shadaloo jacket and jeans. Come by and say what’s up and play a few rounds with me.

Till next time PlayStation Playas.

Your friend from Capcom,
John Diamonon

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ActionBastrd said:

January 14th, 6:50 pm

Can I play GG on the PS3 or is it PSP only?

will_orz said:

January 14th, 6:51 pm

FINALLY I get to meet Hiero-sensei in person after much discussion in Home. I shall find you and introduce myself, you can be sure of that, lol (and maybe a picture to taunt Voozi with).

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:54 pm

    Hey Will, your female avatar is hot btw, lol.

Seraphim said:

January 14th, 6:56 pm

$19.99 for Ultimate Ghosts ‘n Goblins? This game can still be found @ retail for $10-15 new, and easily found for $10 used. When are you guys going to learn? At least offer it for $15. :P To sum it up, Digital Downloads pricing needs some adjustments. Eliminate production, wharehouse, and retail and I’m still stuck w/ a bill I’d find @ retail? Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass… But I do still have my NES copy sitting in the other room. ;)

btw: How about some Breath of Fire LOVE? I’d give a toe (not the big one) to get any-all of the Breath of Fire games on PSP/PS3. I-III and Dragon even Dragon Quarter would be motherflockin’ sweet…

Flock still looks interesting though.

Just wish I could have gotten the demo from Qore (pretty sure there was a demo in Qore at one point) but because I download each episode from the code in OPM they lock me out. Lol, kinda funny how annual subscribers of Qore get this access but annual subscribers to the magazine get shafted. Not Capcoms problem though…

schwaa said:

January 14th, 6:57 pm


X360 getting the Res 5 demo a week before us?


    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:45 pm

    I don\’t know anything about that.

Infamous said:

January 14th, 6:57 pm

John me Boi! whats up!

John, you cant let us PS Street Fighter fans go on without SF avatars with SFIV coming so soon…we gotta represent :)

The account management clearly has a tab for other options in the avatars section. I would not mind paying for a SF avatar pack that includes both HD remix and SFIV avatars for our PSN. It would only take like 15 minutes of the capcom photoshop wizards to make them and you would be the first company to do this on the PS, showing once more proof of your commitment to both services equally.

could you look more into this option?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:39 pm

    We got some cool SF related items coming up soon. Watch for it.

TheHakku said:

January 14th, 6:58 pm

Will UGnG be playable on the PS3?

IAmToastMan said:

January 14th, 6:59 pm

sweeet but can you guys get us the orignal resident evil 1 and 2 as ps1 classics for the ps store pleeeeease???

Mr_Pickle said:

January 14th, 6:59 pm

I loved Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts on the SNES. Any chance that Ultimate or Super G‘ n Gs will make it’s way as a playstation 3 version of the game on the PS Store. Cause I don’t have a PSP.

Zool said:

January 14th, 7:06 pm

Will you add other Capcom games like Megaman Powered up and Street Fighter Alpha 3 max

JBruno said:

January 14th, 7:24 pm

Warriors x Kings? LOL

I already have Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins in UMD disc, but this price is awesome John. Great Game, why not a PS3\PSN version as SF2HD too?

thevampirejake said:

January 14th, 7:50 pm

awesome..g&g was great..many memories. flock looks to be great fun and many laughs..definately on these. btw resident evil!! please!?!

SpiritThief said:

January 14th, 8:00 pm

This is pretty stupid, considering its already been released on the PSP, over 2 years ago.


willacuz said:

January 14th, 8:04 pm

John, i talked trash about you before. For what its worth I take it all back.

Yer a stand up guy, and you definitely get what the PSBLOG is all about.

Now, spill the beans about RE1/2/3 on PSN. I bought Outbreak, and I deserve something in return :)

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:40 pm

    We\’re working on it willacuz.

AwesomeD said:

January 14th, 8:24 pm

@52 I totally agree with you on this. This can be had on Amazon for $14.75. I own the physical copy and wouldn’t mind getting it as a digital download if it was priced at $9.99. While this is a good game $20 is too much.

When you buy the UMD you get the media and game. When you pay the $20 you are still forced to get your own media aka the memory stick duo, and a 16GB stick still runs around $100, just saying, that needs to be accounted for.

blindrocket said:

January 14th, 8:41 pm

Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins would be great if I could play it on my PS3. :(

I will settle for Dead Rising though. :)

ZildjianKX said:

January 14th, 8:46 pm

I’m having trouble justifying the purchase of any more Capcoms after the complete lack of support for the Capcom PSN games I’ve already purchased…

Super Puzzle Fighter II – No trophy support or bugfix patches

Bionic Commando Rearmed – Still no trophy patches

Flock still looks very good, thanks for including a co-op mode… that’s what made PixelJunk Monster’s so great. Any word on a price/release date? I’ve heard January… I might pick it up (still) if it is $9.99.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:49 pm

    Remember, trophy support wasn\’t required for any games until this year. We could be like most 3rd companies and not release our digital games on the PSN at all, but we realize that PlayStation is an important partner in this business. To say that we don\’t support the PSN is totally false. No other company supports this platform like we do, and that\’s a fact.

SpiritThief said:

January 14th, 8:52 pm

Yeah Capcom does like to think they support PSN so much but so far, nothing of theirs at all has gotten any support for Playstation features.

Dark said:

January 14th, 8:56 pm

Hey John, you guys at Capcom are great for releasing such awesome games on the Playstation Store. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to see what else you guys bring this year.

And if you don’t mind me asking, can you give us any info on a Dead Rising PS3 version? Are you guys planning one? We’re dieing to find out!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:44 pm

    Hey Dark, unfortunately, I can\’t comment on anything that we haven\’t announced yet. Thanks for your support!

cuz_im_fly_homeboy said:

January 14th, 9:08 pm

john… you are fly.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 14th, 10:50 pm

    you are str8 dope homeboy.

d3adliner said:

January 14th, 9:30 pm

As others have stated, still waiting on Resident Evil 1-3 in the PSOne section!

Silent Hill would be wonderful as well.

Captain Fury said:

January 14th, 9:38 pm


most of the games were in post-production when the 2.4 firmware hit.

PhillyPhan4810 said:

January 14th, 10:40 pm

looks awesome
you guys know if there will be any demos other than skate 2 this week?

XxBigP123xX said:

January 14th, 10:55 pm

Trophies? This is a PSP game. We’re working on the RE sereis for PSone. I do play LBP every now and then.

Yeah, kinda realized about it being a PSP game an hour later. Sorry, lol.

sk8erdh36 said:

January 14th, 11:04 pm

Good update!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 6:40 am

    Beat them Cards.. I HATE the CARDS!

jefeyei said:

January 14th, 11:11 pm


triple_lei said:

January 14th, 11:17 pm

Ultimate Ghost ‘n Goblins is the hardest game ever! Mega Man 9 has nothing on this.

KazeEternal said:

January 14th, 11:18 pm

Oh COME ON JOHN!!! I was serious about the Devil May Cry thing for PSP……. You just hoped right over it :(

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 6:41 am

    What was the question again?

C-h-a-o-s said:

January 14th, 11:23 pm

@ Johns response to #66

I have to agree with John they have supported us PlayStation users more so than any other company so much so Sony awarded them with their own version of the PSN Store. I do wish they would hurry up with the trophy support for the games they said would eventually support them but eh what can you do these things take time an there’s a whole process that I don’t really know about and all that hoopla.

SpLinT said:

January 14th, 11:23 pm

Will Capcom’s Home space be better then EA’s?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 6:38 am

    I need to check out EA\’s home space. How is it?

Delriach said:

January 14th, 11:23 pm

accept my add john!

Also, I really hope that the people who stupidly missed out on UGG end up buying it now. Same for MHX and Powered Up! Those were some really good titles! Level creation and sharing them online FTW!

erico316 said:

January 14th, 11:24 pm

@kazeetenal capcom said they was working on dmc for psp years ago i expect that it got cancel which sadden me.well her hoping for dmc5 to be harder then dmc 4

MacLucio said:

January 14th, 11:25 pm

Hi John! Any news about SSF2T HD on european PSN?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 6:43 am

    Dude, I know. I don\’t know what the $%^*$# hold up is. I\’m just as frustrated as you, trust me.

Nic3rack12 said:

January 14th, 11:27 pm

What’s goin on in this blog?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 7:03 am

    Are you here to win more prizes?

Delriach said:

January 14th, 11:27 pm

Also… what the hell happened to the Chun-li box art for SFIV! I demand that I have this art for my copy of the LE that I am purchasing! Upload it online in uber quality so I can put it on my case!

… and I cannot wait to get this either:

nbnz said:

January 14th, 11:33 pm

Any news on when SF2HDR is coming out in EU/UK? We’re STILL waiting.

Kenshin001 said:

January 15th, 12:12 am

“I don’t know anything about that.”

It’s on the Capcom blog. I appreciate what you do for the PS community John but maybe you can pass on the message that Capcom need to stop treating the PS3 and its users as the red headed step child. What did we do to deserve getting the demo later?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 7:01 am

    Ken, there are things that go on behind the scenes that I\’m not privy too, so I can\’t begin to comment on them. Just know that I\’ll be straight up on information I\’m allowed to share.

frostquake said:

January 15th, 12:14 am

Have this game it it kicks my naked butt to the curb every time…the difficulty of this game is INSANE!!

Tranceplant said:

January 15th, 12:14 am

Yes!!! Ghosts n Goblins! Thank you!
Finally another new downloadable PSP game!
Keep them coming, please!!
I want more. :)
Just got a PSP a month ago… I really want to play more games!

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 7:05 am

    \”I got alotta mo!\” Clubber Lang, Rocky III

PyroJack said:

January 15th, 12:57 am

Flock seems interesting. If its like $10.00 I might consider buying it.

Oh, and how many hours of gameplay is estimated to complete the game? I know it says 55 levels, but that doesn’t really say much.

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 7:03 am

    With level creation, the gameplay is endless.

pocoyo said:

January 15th, 12:58 am

For some reason I thought this was for PS3 when I heard it was going to be released on PSN.

Sony should really work on a PSP emulator for PS3 so that these games work on both systems, I would probably buy a psp if they did that.

Even if they only emulated one title at a time rather than trying to code a full blown PSP emulator.

Mojo666 said:

January 15th, 1:16 am

Can I ask when Street Fighter HD remix will come to Europe? I have been waiting for alsmost a year to play this game, because im huge fan of SF-series since back in the 90’s.

I loved megaman 9 also, keep up the good work!

ghamdikh1 said:

January 15th, 1:50 am

@ John Diamonon


1-how many street fighter characters in the final build of the game?

2-Are you going to release I game spaces for Street Fighter 4 and resident evil 5 when they launch?

3-is there any plans(i hope) that Dead Rising & monster hunter 3 will come to ps3?

nick2409 said:

January 15th, 2:19 am

Hi John!
I thought Capcom supports 2009 all Platforms. Why only get Xbox and Wii Dead Rising?
Thank you!

Fersis said:

January 15th, 2:36 am

Final Fight HD with online Co-Op
Never forget.
And myself as director of course :D

T_Tokyo said:

January 15th, 2:59 am

ULTIMATE GHOST N GOBLINS!!!! What have I done to deserve this!!!! YESS!!!

JordanBlack68 said:

January 15th, 4:04 am

Only thing that pisses me off that 360 is getting R5 demo a week earlier, must be money reasons. :(

blkant said:

January 15th, 4:29 am

I started forgiving you guys for taking monster hunter away, but with the whole xbox gets RE5 demo earlier and crap now I’m just plan fed up. This is a completely unfair treatment. Last time I buy your games. Screw RE5.

Onna76_NL said:

January 15th, 4:33 am

Hi John, nice to see you here again :) You got Twitter by any chance?

What? I don’t have Ghost n Goblins?! Another PSP game I’m still missing and I have quite a few (40+). That game reminds me a bit of Maximo. *Sob*, the wonders of platform games. I better download it, cost me less than import it or buy it over here.

Flock looks so hilarious, I nearly peed my pants of laughing by looking at that trailer. Those sheep look so crazy :D Two Player Co-op is that on-line or off-line?

    John Diamonon's Avatar

    John Diamonon said:

    January 15th, 7:08 am

    Hi Onna! The 2 player co-op is offline. See you in Home.

p-s-3 said:

January 15th, 4:33 am

More old-skool games on PSN please :)

Onna76_NL said:

January 15th, 4:35 am

@ JordanBlack68 | January 15th, 2009 at 4:04 am

Only thing that pisses me off that 360 is getting R5 demo a week earlier, must be money reasons. :(


Yeah and 360 fans are taking advantages of it, sounding like the demo is their exclusive treatment and PS3 fans ain’t getting it, while we all know, we DO! Still I wonder why the 360 is much more loved by developers than the PS3 is, is it really just money?

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