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Jan 15

Jan 15

PS2 Sells Over 50 Million Units in North America, Breaks Console Sales Record

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Hi PlayStation fans!

It’s great to kick start the year with some exciting news. I’m thrilled to share that we’ve hit a remarkable milestone on the PlayStation 2. In December, PS2 officially broke the record as the first video game console in history to sell over 50 million units in North America. This is a tremendous achievement and truly reinforces PS2 as the best-selling gaming platform and one of the most successful technology products ever released. On behalf of everyone at SCEA, I want to thank all of you, our loyal fans, for supporting the PlayStation 2 platform since its launch.


We know that PS2 owners have a deep love for their system, primarily due to the engaging and diverse gaming lineup. To date, PS2 owners bought more than 500 million software units and it remains the most-played console on the market. We’re very proud of the success the PS2 has accomplished, and it’s a testament to the content and value that the platform offers. The fact that the PS2 is in its ninth year and continues to engage consumers further validates our mission of delivering ten years of entertainment value with all of our platforms.

Introduced on October 26, 2000, the PS2 rocked the gaming world with the then-fledgling DVD format and software titles that went on to become some of the biggest franchises in gaming history. Titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Madden NFL, Gran Turismo and Jak & Daxter defined what entertainment meant for the PS2’s generation of gaming and beyond, marking the platform as one of the most successful for game developers. Used as the de-facto DVD video player in tens of thousands of living rooms across North America, the PS2 also helped establish the DVD format in the market. The combination of killer titles, advanced technology, and innovative applications is what set the PS2 apart as the dominant gaming system and helped pave the landscape for SCEA today.

This milestone showcases the significant impact that PlayStation has made on the gaming industry and reinforces what is to come on PlayStation 3. No other video game console has come close to what’s been achieved with the PS2 and we’re on track to do this again on the PS3.

PS2 owners still have much to look forward to in the coming year. We’re thankful for your loyalty and look forward to providing the same engaging PlayStation experience as you gravitate to PS3. Given there are 50 million PS2 units out there, we know that you have a lot of fun PS2 moments to share – we look forward to hearing about them on the blog. Thank you all again for your support!

– John

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xenorevlis said:

January 15th, 3:43 pm

Please pass along word that PLAYSTATION 3 USERS WANT PS2 BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY. I’m guessing Japan is where it would have to come out first, but I hope we can get it globabally ASAP.

If t means I have to return to SCEA to test PS2 emulation, I will (rather do that then third party QA anyway). My old PS2 no longer works but I shouldn’t have to buy another when I have a PlayStation 3!

Enigma777 said:

January 15th, 3:51 pm

Lets see the PS3 sell a 100,000,000!!!!!

starblinky01 said:

January 15th, 3:55 pm

i was at walmart the other day and a guy asked me if he should buy a 360 or a ps2.

:D :D i tried to give him an unbias answer but i think i confused him even more

phioclip said:

January 15th, 3:56 pm

Just saw the NPD numbers. This blog post is nothing more then damage control from Sony, seeing as the PS3 continues to get dominated by the competition.

Guy Legend said:

January 15th, 3:59 pm

The PS2, the most successful console of all time. It only makes sense that you not allow consumers to play PS2 games on a PS3…


midnight_cloud said:

January 15th, 4:31 pm

Congrats Sony, uhh what about giving the PS3 backward compatibility so we PS3 owners can play this diverse game lineup as well? That would be very much appreciated, thanks.

Protopet said:

January 15th, 4:36 pm


Now bring that excellence over to the PS3 with more features(in-game chat for one) and quality and varied games.

Also DROP the price on the system in this down economy. Get the hardware out there and then make the money off of the software(which will have even more potential sales then).

Letters2Kay said:

January 15th, 4:39 pm

Just a heads up, I’m sure it won’t matter in a few minutes- but you can download some of the new content even though it’s not up yet. Banners are up for the Skate 2 demo and one of the new D/L games, and if you can catch them, you can grab the content early. Just an FYI…

press-play said:

January 15th, 4:39 pm

Congratulations on the PS2 success.

Please, Sony, bring back full PS2 backward compatibility on the PS3. I used to own a PS2 but it broke. I never bother to buy a new one. Now I have the 80GB PS3, which has limited backward compatibility. I have bought two new PS2 games for playing on my PS3. They are Shadow of the Colossus and God of War 2. Great games, BTW. I would have bought more PS2 games if my PS3 had more backward compatibility with PS2 games. Additional PS2 games that I would have bought are Metal Gear Solid 3 and the original God of War. Too bad, they do not run smoothly on my PS3.

What’s going on with the annual Qore subscription? After trying out the free December 2008 Qore episode, I like it. Now I want to subscribe to the annual Qore subscription, but its nowhere to be found in the PlayStation Store.

estrafo said:

January 15th, 4:44 pm

Sweeet!!!, i even still play some of my PS2 games, in fact was playing mvc2 for like 5 hours, then my PS3 got a red blinking light, it died on me :(….. maybe it was it’s way of celebrating christmas :S….. anyway still i wish for the brightest future for the PS3

Flanders said:

January 15th, 4:47 pm

It’s been strange to watch Sony over the last few years go from a dominating 1st place with little competition (PS2 days) to currently stuck in last place being outsold 3 to 1 by the competition (PS3). Ah, I miss the good ol days….

DJ_DTM said:

January 15th, 5:11 pm

My original PS still works after all these years, and just think I turned it on with my foot from almost day one.
I wish the music visualiser was in my PS3…
hint hint…

DLC?? I would pay for that one..

cell989 said:

January 15th, 5:22 pm

I still love my PS2. I use it specifically to play Marvel VS Capcom 2. My brother plays MGS 3 once in a while, he is very obsessed with Snake Eater.

cell989 said:

January 15th, 5:24 pm


You are a liar, the PS3 does not play MvC2. This is the reason I play it on my PS2. Stop BS’ing

Slayer612 said:

January 15th, 5:26 pm

PS3 will be the same. We are going to break records until there are no more records to break.

DJ_DTM said:

January 15th, 5:35 pm

and when I say original PS I’m talking PS1

joel said:

January 15th, 5:56 pm

The NPD sales make me sad, PS3 sales are down year on year…wow


Even when microsoft admits the PS3 is the stronger machine, consumers still buy the xbox 360, I guess price is all that really matters..

blindrocket said:

January 15th, 6:02 pm

I love the PStwo design. I can’t wait to see what we get with the PSthree.

Guy Legend said:

January 15th, 6:16 pm

I think Sony is totally underestimating if they don’t internally know already by now how much the lack of PS2 backwards compatibility is turning off potential customers.

If they can bring down the PS3’s price and get PS2 software emulation up and running this year, the hardware will become a lot more attractive.

wU-sOLdiEr said:

January 15th, 6:24 pm

50 million sold huh… more the reason to add the ps2 emulator to the ps3 that can not play ps2 games out of the box.

Raadius said:

January 15th, 6:32 pm

Congrats to PS2.

Major fail to PS3, only sold a lil over 700 thousand consoles in December of 08, you sold MORE in December 07. The hell is going on over at SCEA? What’s up with marketing? Somebody needs to be fired. Xbox360 outsold the PS3 by over double. For every one PS3 that left retailer shelf’s, two Xbox360 left before it, what a freaking shame. Also that chart you put out showing PS3 is a better value was soo dumb, that really show how eager and desperate you are. Obviously to us and YOU it’s a better value but to the potential buyers, IT IS NOT.

Raadius said:

January 15th, 6:34 pm

… continued

Sony, something needs to be done ASAP. Your getting blown out the water by the competition and honestly, HONESTLY you don’t seem to care. Maybe it’s because Microsoft has deeper pockets or maybe your arrogance has finally caught up with you. Really though, its obvious you can’t compete with Microsoft on the 3rd party route but the Nintendo route your going for (advertising and hustling on first party exclusives) is wearing thin. It’s not resonating to the gaming market users. Just take the L and lower the damn console price and help get that 3rd party trust back to your console. Get exclusive content and demos too. You need new tactics, seriously, do something fast because as a loyal PS3 fan it sucks to see you guys do soo well the previous generation and fall flat on your face this one.

Raadius said:

January 15th, 6:35 pm

… closing

I don’t know how you let Microsoft grab a near 2 week exclusive demo rights to Resident Evil 5 before PS3 owners get to try it, you guys make me sick with this “we don’t care” mentality, that’s why your in a distant 3RD place.

Evildude said:

January 15th, 6:37 pm

I still have all of them from the PSX all the way to the PS3…and i love them!!!

joel said:

January 15th, 7:12 pm

Sony is in “3rd” place because the ps3 is high priced. For such a highly priced machine, its selling amazingly well, and I agree it does deliver the best experience out of any console this gen.

My best console for sure, and its getting GOTY awards everywhere, but heck its funny, its like games dont matter at all this gen.

How can the “wii” games sell tens of millions of copies, and LBP sell 1-2million? It makes no sense. I think I know why, ADVERTISING is the problem, alot of people dont even know the ps3 even goes online.

Stuffgamer1 said:

January 15th, 7:20 pm

I agree on the point a previous poster made about this quote:

“We’re thankful for your loyalty and look forward to providing the same engaging PlayStation experience as you gravitate to PS3.”

If you want people to gravitate, you should really get back to making the new system play the old games. As an employee of a video game store, I can tell you that the majority of potential customers routinely decide NOT to buy a new PS3 when they learn that it won’t play PS2 games. Their loyalty is betrayed, and they tend to buy Xbox 360’s (because they’re cheaper and play most of the same games). So PLEASE, if you want to succeed, fix this problem ASAP!

Stuffgamer1 said:

January 15th, 7:22 pm

Also, @cell989: The PS3 does, in fact, play Marvel vs. Capcom 2. At least, my 80gig MGS4 bundle system does. Maybe you need a firmware update… Either that, or you have a non-BC system, in which case you have my condolences.

yellowdart46 said:

January 15th, 7:59 pm


I still have my ps2. It stands proudly next to my 60gb PS3. I still use it to play Guitar Hero 1 & 2.

TheHighlander said:

January 15th, 8:00 pm

Nice, 50 million units for PS2. What a gold mine.

So, tell me, why was the PS2 compatibility removed from PS3? Please put it back, emulation or whatever it takes. PS3 needs some of these 50 million PS2 owners to make the move, and the easiest way to make that transition relatively painless is to allow all those lovely PS2 games to continue to have some value, otherwise they feel like a lose investment. No one likes to invest a lot of money in something only to have it devalued. When you move up to PS3, you want to retire the old console and not have it with all the extra clutter it brings sitting next to the nice new sleek PS3. But all the PS3s now come without PS2 compatibility so all my PS2 games are useless with it. So much for it being the ultimate Playstation.

Come on guys, at least have a premium SKU with backwards compatibility and give folks the choice between the cheap and cheerful low end PS3 and the all in upscale premium model with all the bells and whistles. Right now the only difference between the PS3 SKUs is HDD size, and I can get a several hundred GB HDD for under $100 and install it myself, so give me a better reason to get that more expensive PS3 model please.

nYc_FrEeWiLL_82 said:

January 15th, 8:23 pm

CoNgRaTs On ThE 5oMiLLie…i stuck with sony since the walkman to the ps one and the 2..now im on three and im still impressed..everyone that knoes me knoes that im a SONY hEaD..thats cuz they have StYle and thier prducts funtion properly..lol..so kudos to SONY and again congrads to ps2..one of my FaVoRiTe SyStEms!!!

Snack_Eeter said:

January 15th, 8:48 pm

Hell yeah! Congratulations guys! Here’s to the best gaming system ever built! Keep up the long and hard work guys! We shall celebrate with a sausage party!

Raadius said:

January 15th, 8:49 pm

to joel and Stuffgamer

The reason why Sony phased out the PS2 BC was because they want the PS3 to primary to be focused on PS3. They are trying to move on without PS2 and strictly stay next gen.

Seriously though, they need to make all PS3 BC and market it in commercial like “we play all the exclusive Sony stuff and your old PS1/PS2 games” to that nature and they will get sales, until than, PS3 is a sinking boat.

WHAT said:

January 15th, 9:39 pm

I read the blog post and it does not affect me. I guess you want people to pat you on the back. So kudos for selling a crap load of systems and putting people to work all over the world. The best way to make the world a better place is to give people something to do.

press-play said:

January 15th, 10:00 pm

Okay, a positive post. I have to say the PS3 is an awesome machine. It is definitely the best console out there in the market. More value for the money. We, PS3 owners, are smart shoppers. We know what’s good and what’s bad. The Wii is an old generation machine. Those owners will be upgrading pretty soon. The Xbox360 is a rip off. Microsoft will milk you for every upgrade there is, such as the hard drive and the wireless. They even charge you monthly to play online games. Microsoft is a damn greedy and stingy company. I am a proud PS3 owner. Come on Sony let’s get rolling and be back in 1st place.

Kenshin001 said:

January 15th, 11:29 pm

“Come on guys, at least have a premium SKU with backwards compatibility and give folks the choice between the cheap and cheerful low end PS3 and the all in upscale premium model with all the bells and whistles.”

In hindsight this should have been Sony’s plan all along. Probably too late now. If they introduce BC again they will look even more confused and bumbling. Still, they did it with the DS3. I know my nephews recently upgraded from a PS2 to 360 and it made me wonder if BC would have swayed them towards a PS3 but I think price was the over-riding factor.

SuMtOnE said:

January 16th, 1:23 am

with 50million ps2 sold, SONY should make a firmware update to all current ps3 models to have B/C =) *besides the launch ones*

Conral said:

January 16th, 7:00 am

Congratulations, Sony.

Though I still think this reinforces the need for backwards compatibility. I still play PS2 games!

lakuma said:

January 16th, 7:12 am

Sony could sell so many more PS3’s if they allowed the PS3 to emulate PS2 games. The PS3 is powerful enough to emulate the PS2 via software and not hardware (Emotion Chip). Think about it, everyone with a PS2 could buy a PS3 and still play all their PS2 games!

Sony please give us PS2 BC!!

monyking said:

January 16th, 8:53 am

This blog concentrates on PS3, PSP and DLC. Everysingle email daily update has nothing on PS2 and you guys are proud of have sold over 500M. How sad that every single magazine, internet and TV has the PS3 being a failure. What are the causes? Why don’t you post that on a blog and have comments on it. How easy it is for you guys just to ignore the failure of sales for such a costly system. Even the PSP failed, man I have had a playstation 2 since and have alot of games that I would love to see on ps3 but, no, you just ignore the ps2 updates for over a year and talk about ps3 and psp and DLC; like oh wow, how happy. This is silly for such a huge company to have this. And I though you guys were smart. Just people running a nothing to the ground.

mntwister said:

January 16th, 9:12 am

This is why I felt it was a huge mistake not to allow full backward compatability for ps2 games on the new ps3 systems. I know many friends who would upgrade if they could play their ps2 games all in one new unit.This would mean they could play ps2 games, ps3 games, dvd, blu-ray,ect. I think Sony should definatly make a PS3 SKU available that was similar to the very first 20 and 60gb units, and played all ps2 games.

The fact that the ps2 played all ps1 games was a big deal for those upgrading, a shame they can’t do it with this generation.

MasterGT said:

January 16th, 9:43 am

So, for those who want/need backwards compatible PS3s, just make up a PS2 & PS3 package. That way you can sell many thousands more PS2s. ;^)



joel said:

January 16th, 9:54 am

So about 1/7 of the U.S population owns a playstation 2?

Kenjisan said:

January 16th, 10:14 am

While the 50m milestone is a fantastic achievement, the truth is PS2 had such a HUGE drop during the holyday season that there’s no way Sony will reach their 9m target for the fiscal year.
This is definetly a big problem for Sony because PS2 has been kept alive as a profitable business to cover losses generated by PS3. With PS2 sales quickly approaching irrelevance, it’s clear that Sony won’t be able to count on that profit source anymore to cover their back.

Kenjisan said:

January 16th, 10:22 am

About PS3 and PSP….Sony get your act together please.
PS3 is being destroyed by the competition.
That’s because it’s an overpriced device which, as a gaming console,offers no advantages relatively to competitors with half the price tag. It has better value if you consider all the non-gaming features it has inside but guess what, people don’t care about those.
Low price + having the most wanted games as exclusives is what does the magic.
Sony knows this because they used this formula to win the previous two generations but they have their hands tied. It’s really a frustrating situation.

PullusPardus said:

January 16th, 10:23 am

i dusted out my Original design PS2 (yea i know its old haha) and played Shadow of the collosus ,

ialsodontwanttosaybut i cried.
i always have the original designs for the playstation systems EXCEPT the psp i got the 3000 one =]
PS you are great. <— that works both ways of saying it xD

Kenjisan said:

January 16th, 10:23 am

My suggestion for the year relatively to PS3: on the hardware side cut the price to at least 299$ as soon as possible, make a slim line model.
On the software side you should work towards a more balanced approach between first party/third party exclusive support.
It’s better to spend money buying exclusive rights on a big recognized third party name which will be a secure hit and a hardware seller like Metal Gear Solid 4 than developing a couple of flops in-house that no one wants to play when they’re out.
That is why losing platform defining exclusive games like GTA, FF, Tekken was a HUGE mistake, those exsclusives would have helped the platform much more than a few unknown IPs developed internally.

2)PSP…. nothing new, hardware selling well but that success gets completely ignored because of the record breaking performance of the DS, really pathetic software situation. Sony really dropped the ball on PSP as a gaming console, I know that you promised a 2009 comeback but it seems like that will be mostly japanese-centric.

PS: I had to split my post in three parts because of the length.

midnight_cloud said:

January 16th, 1:07 pm

So I take it as Sony is more concerned about the PS2 than the PS3. No wonder they removed backward compatibility, it’s probably done just to milk extra PS2 sales and exceed the sales mark.

HeadAcheJoe said:

January 16th, 3:36 pm

Congrats. Now, if you only put a fraction of the marketing/promotional incentives into the PS3 that you do into the PS2, you might move some units.
There is absolutely no reason I should be seeing PS2 deals in Best Buy, Walmart, etc weekly ads. It is pathetic.

industry said:

January 16th, 8:42 pm

Step 1)Make an awesome console
Step 2)Remove backward compatibility
Step 3)Profit


markstew said:

January 17th, 4:45 pm

it would be nice if sony made a new version of the PS2, with upgradable firmware ;)

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