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Jan 16

Jan 16

PSN Sign-in Coming to PlayStation.Blog Next Week

Jeff Rubenstein's Avatar Posted by

Sr. Social Media Manager

You asked for it, we talked about it – the day is nearly at hand. We’ll be implementing PSN Sign-on for the PlayStation.Blog this coming Tuesday. Once again, we believe this will contribute to a better community experience, and more relevant discussion here on the Blog. As the PSN ID is now the connective tissue between PS3, PSP, and PS.com, this move also lays the groundwork for further enhancement to your user experience.

You’ve probably got some questions. We’ve got answers:

What changes are being made?
Starting on Tuesday of next week in order to comment on the PlayStation.Blog you will need to use a PlayStation Network ID.

Will my PS.Blog login still work?
No, starting Tuesday you will be asked to use your PSN ID to comment on the blog. If you have a PSN ID, then you’re ready. If you don’t have a PSN ID you should grab one now.

What happens to my old comments?
They’re still there, and in fact, when you log in for the first time using your PSN you will have the option to merge your PS.Blog account with your PSN so you retain your old comments.

What about my screenname?
When you merge your PS.Blog account and your PSN ID, all your past comments will now appear under your PSN ID.

What will happen to my avatar?
As much as we loved Gravatars, we’ll now be using the PSN avatar which can be selected through your PLAYSTATION 3.

What is this merge you speak of?
Starting Tuesday if you have an existing PS.Blog login you will be asked to merge that with your PSN ID. Once linked you’ll use your PSN ID for all comments.

What if I’ve never commented and don’t have an existing PS.Blog account?
What? You’ve never commented? Say something! Seriously though, go grab a PSN ID and you’ll be ready to go Tuesday.

Where can I get a PSN ID?
You can get one here.

What if I forgot my password for my PS.Blog account?
No worries, you can retrieve it when you’re merging it with your PSN account.

How long do I have to merge accounts?
We haven’t determined how long it will be available, but at least a month or two. If/when we determine to take down that function, we’ll let you know.

We’re very excited about these changes, and we hope the migration experience quick and painless – like death by ninja. The changes will be rolled out Tuesday morning (early or late, depending on when and where you wake up), so please try it out, grab a PSN ID if you haven’t already, and let us know you made it through unscathed!

Oh, and how do you like the comment-reply counter? Seems that nearly every post has some red replies these days, which is a good thing.

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Phantasmn707 said:

January 17th, 4:58 pm

Oh, and not that it matters anymore now, but how do we even change our Gravatars to begin with?

Jayceon_Kidd said:

January 17th, 5:47 pm

What about you Jeff? Or all the developers who post in the blog, will they also be changed to their psn?

Ghostm said:

January 17th, 8:37 pm

1. Why cant we use the PS Eye to make a PSN ID Avatar?

2. Why cant we just upload a photo from the PS3’s HDD to use as an Avatar?

360 had these features since day one. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Merging the blog log in ID with our current PSN ID is a great idea but why are we getting these features so late in the game. You guys at Sony should’ve observed the 360’s mistakes and positives prior to launching the PS3.

wolverine81 said:

January 17th, 10:36 pm

Kinda off topic, but in regards to PSN integration. Will we ever be able to message people on the PSN from PS.com or the PSP? That would be great!

EvoAnubis said:

January 18th, 12:06 am


My cheap imitator finally goes away!

PullusPardus said:

January 18th, 1:16 am

Im going to miss terra, but going to buy Dissidia as soon as it gets here ,
(Biggest Final Fantasy fan over here)

Andronix said:

January 18th, 5:14 am

GREAT NEWS! A single sign-in with our PSN IDs unifies the PlayStation experience.

Then we can start harassing you about new features. ;) We only ask because we know the PlayStation team will deliver. Such as PC to PS3 messaging, also integrate Home Avatars into friends lists. Thanks!

Jewdo said:

January 18th, 5:53 am

it’s a good thing I already use the same name here as I do on PSN

isolatebody said:

January 18th, 6:22 am

Hey great news, wait my blog ID and PSN ID are the same allready. At least I only need to remember one password now.

jamesclark1991 said:

January 18th, 7:55 am

didnt know where else to post my thoughts so here goes

am i the only one who want an in game chat/party system??? (like the x-box just got from the NXE :-()
theres so much better things than ‘skype’ could be added easily and should have been included day 1…

when im playing music on the XMB i can access the WHOLE internet and view ANY photo i have got on my HDD… SO why on earth does the music have to be cut-off permanently when i want to look at my save data??? or my accessory settings??? or even just view mine or a friends profiles!!!

WTF! we got ppl talkin about skype which hardly anybody uses when we can EASILY have in game party system like the 360, which TONS of people would use!

jamesclark1991 said:

January 18th, 7:55 am

Theres only 1 thing keeping the 360 above the PS3 and thats its online components. e.g. game invites as standard, private chat/party chat at ANY time (even in the MS market place!) feedback options, MORE AVATARS! ability to play music wirelessly from a media source e.g. Laptop while playing an online game like COD5 (yes they can do that too) a bio that allows more than 21 characters of text, ability to sign in to profiles and send messages etc from official x-box website in ALL countries, a profile that doesnt take 40 seconds to load pathetically small trophy icons, ability to change profile bio etc while in game, in game music (i know the situation but this should be mandatory with developers by now)!

i could go on all day but i would only anger myself further…

people who buy x-box live dont buy it because its miraculously ‘better’ they pay for it because of the CONVENIENCE! me myself being a customer to x-box live (but preffers PS3) can without any guilt or hesitation say that x-box live is much, MUCH more convenient than PS3 wen it comes to its online service. without a doubt.

jamesclark1991 said:

January 18th, 7:56 am

Sony can have resistance 2, killzone 2, MGS4… but without the simple supporting leg that is a decent game invite thats easy to accept, well… Metal Gear Online is a perfect example… YOU FAIL SONY! Do you even realise that for people who arent as technically aware with modern games find it extremely difficult to send invites when EVERY SINGLE game on your console has a different type of game invite system! although some are good e.g. resistance 2 some are confusing e.g. COD4 (has that sent or did i just cancel it?) and some are just plain pathetic e.g. any RAINBOW SIX VEGAS.

With x-box its in the same place everytime for everygame, all games have it, it works perfectly and is not hard to grasp. simple.


its simpler for everyone ESPECIALLY the less technical people out there.

Its a lot more annoying for us PS3 fans than it sounds TRUST ME

Please implement a XMB based IN GAME party chat system and watch how many people use it. You will be AMAZED at the numbers, because its actually something people want and will use without any hastle!

Lucky 13 X said:

January 18th, 8:47 am

Good to know Jeff, though I don’t have many comments to transfer over.

The Ultimate X said:

January 18th, 8:56 am


lakaihigh said:

January 18th, 9:22 am

sounds tight Jeff! i’ve been waiting for this. Tuesday can’t come soon enough.


cuz_im_fly_homeboy said:

January 18th, 11:34 am

the dog scratched momma’s face.

ArcaneAltair said:

January 18th, 1:45 pm

Awesome news.

Rude_Sparthan said:

January 18th, 3:34 pm

..yeah cool…. but seriously.. there are many important things who need priority

PRIVATE CHAT!! we’re in 2009

bdizzle said:

January 18th, 4:00 pm

I went from the biggest ps3 fan to the biggest ps3 critic this gen (because i had so much high expectations for the ps3) but it’s good to see the ps3 is starting to come around and provide the integration that it has. I’m hoping that soon enough we’ll be able to view our trophies online; that’ll really make the integration that much better. good job sony, keep up the good work.

AlphaWolf94 said:

January 18th, 8:32 pm

Is a PS3 absolutely necessary to select an avatar and make your PSN I.D.? I don’t own one yet (probably the only one who doesn’t) and I made my PSN account on my PC.


January 18th, 9:03 pm

Ive always said that Sony really needs to standardize the PS3. When it comes to all things online, there needs to be a doctrine that ALL games have to follow. Such as: same method of invite, supported invite of ANY game (not just the one currently being played) supported in game recording (as seen in PJ Eden & Monsters) supported in game chat and video conferencing, rewards for trophies (even exclusive demos, themes, or wallpapers are a plus) making all PSN games remote play compatible (this would be really awesome)…I guess I could go on and on. Bottom line is this, the PS3 is an awesome machine with the potential of so much more. Regardless of wether these features ever see the light of day or not, Ill still be happy because really its all about the games. That alone make the PS3 god-like. The addition of these feature would just finally make it all come together.

djspinal said:

January 18th, 10:59 pm

I love all the integration of user names, is it possible that with this going on now if i download a movie or tv show that I purchase from the pc playstation store and download to my psp, can I then transfer my music or video that I bought onto my ps3 at a later time.

GanjaQueen said:

January 19th, 12:52 am

Yay, same avatars FTW!…../sarcasm

Don’t get me worong, change is fine and dandy (ok, MINUS lossing my Blog user name, that blows)…..but the loss of Gravatars and lack of selections on PSN avatars are not. :(

What I can’t understand is why is it that if you use the same email for your Blog account and PSN account, when signing in, and it happens to be the same linked email to your Gravatar account (which is how I got mines set up)–you can’t be given the option to keep it if you want to.

Just thought I’d throw one final rant on the table for my ‘old’ name, lol. But I do have a question though, is there gonna be a ‘Edit’ function finally integrated into this blog?? Kinda think it’s a little over due by now….just sayin’ thought I’d drop that out there ;)

Mentality said:

January 19th, 1:48 am

Agreed, gravatars are great, PSN Avatars – SUCK, REALLY NEED UPDATING, Or at least the option to upload our own!

DudeFX said:

January 19th, 2:43 am

We really need more PSN avatars, Sony has been saying they are “coming” since at least June 2008. I hope when they do finally come and I’m thinking in a few weeks, we are overwhelmed with the amount of new options. As in hundreds not just 30 or 50. We also need categories and organized views by games and systems. I expect to see premium avatars that you pay for and it would be cool to unlock avatars based on trophies. Like a Platinum Sackboy avatar for getting that trophy, etc.

d3adliner said:

January 19th, 2:53 am

The ONLY thing I care about at this point in a new firmware update is the ability to upscale to 1080p/i. 95% of LCD HDTVs have a significant amount of lag, and running the PS3 in the televisions PC Mode reduces that lag to 10ms or under. The only problem is that PC Mode on LCDs only works whan a 1080p signal is being sent to the television… removing the option to GREATLY reduce gaming lag in 720p only titles. The other issue this presents is that the PS3 downscales everything to 420p for people with older HDTVs that do not support 720p.

This is a PS3 issue & Sony are well aware of it & have even stated that it would be fixed, but have done absolutely nothing about it. The 360 can do it, and there’s no reason the PS3 cannot.

All it would take is a simple firmware update. When do we get what was promsed to be fixed way back in November of 2006?!?!?!?!

GIVE US OUR 1080i / 1080p UPSCALING FOR PS3 GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sabot37 said:

January 20th, 6:22 am

it works!

donjuan said:

January 20th, 6:42 am

Oh yeah baby I have linked my IDs. And it is just like you said Jeff one less username and password that I have to remember.

Thanks :D

Comatoes said:

January 20th, 7:06 am

I’m using it!

vanace said:

January 20th, 7:51 am

Hello Jeff,

I am thinking of you can add a system of quotation or allow to vote a good post and so we do not repeat equal posts, when we agree with some good post, only have to vote it.

thanks and regards from Europe.

DudeFX said:

January 20th, 8:02 am

Anyone else linked but still showing up as the blog name?

Faiizow said:

January 20th, 8:19 am


How about releasing a plugin for this feature for many wordpress users out there?

Stoffinator said:

January 20th, 8:56 am

I see you guys got the transfer done and thats good. But in doing so you removed the home link along the top of the page. oh noes!

KoD7085 said:

January 20th, 8:59 am

It’s Alive, IT’S ALIVE!!!
LOL, couldn’t resist :D

Stoffinator said:

January 20th, 10:45 am

Well I got it to work, but now I have to sign in every two min. WTF?

HustlnDeath76 said:

January 20th, 4:05 pm

My login was nice and smooth. Thanks for the update.

Cyber-Gladiator said:

January 20th, 6:32 pm

This is my very first time leaving a comment, my first time being active and getting on board the blog bus with the PlayStation.Blog site. Hooray, at last I have my first posted commentary on the PS blog :). This is very interesting to me to start writing on the net. I hope that as PlayStation.com continues to evolve for more unification with the PlayStation Brand. I want to feel like Home is more then just an application. I also want to see live web log feeds to my PS3 now THAT will be awesome!

WoshJills said:

January 20th, 6:35 pm

You guys did a great job.

mountain_duwe said:

January 20th, 6:57 pm

wait, how do I link my PSN with my blog name? it’s the same thing…so how do i do it?

mountain_duwe said:

January 20th, 6:58 pm

nevermind, i figured it out.


Battlehead said:

January 20th, 10:14 pm


pat1202003 said:

January 21st, 7:35 am

test post

katoh00 said:

January 22nd, 1:03 pm


LilMermaidGirl said:

January 24th, 8:18 pm

I hope some one reads this. I signed in with my PSN account and I merged with the blog account, and it’s using my blog name and not PSN name?? It’s also not showing my avatar I have selected on the pS3. My blog name is LilMermaidGirl, psn is Lil_Mermaid_Girl. I know it’s not that big of a difference, but I’d like my psn name and psn avatar to be shown. Is there a way I can un-link the accounts or get this fixed please??

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