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Jan 19

Jan 19

Stop and Smell the Flower on PSN February 12th

Kellee Santiago's Avatar Posted by President and co-founder of thatgamecompany


Hi! I am really happy to finally let the internets know the official launch date for Flower. Hooray for releasing games (It’s really my favorite part)!

Flower is a tough game to describe. We like to think of it as a video game version of a poem; an exploration into the tension between urban bustle and natural serenity. Players accumulate flower petals as the onscreen world swings between the pastoral and the chaotic.

But even at E3 this year, a lot of the responses in the press were “it’s tough to describe… you just have to play it.” Because it’s not fair to only ask game journalists to try and describe such a different game, I’ve also asked all the people here at TGC to describe. To keep things even, they could only use 10 words – we’ve had more time to think about the game:

Nick Clark (Game Designer):

A windy journey that lets you flOw in 3D.

Martin Middleton (programmer extraordinaire):

We hope you enjoy our flowers.

Matt Nava:

Flower’s simple concept conceals grander themes that will provoke thought.

Jenova Chen:

An interactive poem exploring the tension between urban & nature.

John (Lead Programmer) [John broke the rule, but earns points for style here]:

Flower, shower, power tower,
First class, string bass, grass en masse,
Sun, fun, nearly done,
Petal, metal, lightning gun?

Once the game is out, maybe I can get you all to submit your 10-word descriptions of the game, and we can see what comes out of it. (Yes, yes, snarky commenter, we know what you’re about to submit.) …I like to think that if we could have expressed it in words, we wouldn’t have made a game about it in the first place.

In honor of the announcement, we’ve got some gameplay footage for you below.

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scabwound said:

January 20th, 10:27 am

this game looks far out man.

theBedBurner said:

January 20th, 10:29 am

February is gonna be a fun month.

Nick212004 said:

January 20th, 10:30 am

This game looks cool but you guys need to release a demo that way we know how this game works. Man I can not wait for Fat Princess!!!

Carl said:

January 20th, 10:54 am

This is one that i HAVE to buy on the day it is put up. No matter how much it costs! I absolutely love the look of this game, it looks so unique and amazing. What i think the PLAYSTATION Store should be all about – unique games that really can’t be described.

If it’s anything like fl0w it will be a blast. Fl0w was the first game i bought on PSN, and i still play it sometimes. It will be good to see what thatgamecompany has been working on. Looking forward to the 12th! *Marks date on his calendar*

bigdaddyjane said:

January 20th, 11:15 am


iExile said:

January 20th, 11:22 am

I’ve been looking forward to playing this ever since I first saw it. I can’t even believe how beautiful it looks. The footage I’ve seen looks like CGI! Flow was one of my most played PSN games when I first purchased a PS3 and I’d love to go back to playing it soon but only if you guys add trophy support, which I highly doubt will ever happen as obviously your focus is on Flower and future projects. Anyway Flower is a day one purchase for me, even if it were to be priced at $65. :)

pinkoboe said:

January 20th, 11:30 am

Is this due out in Europe on the same day?

MALDINI-1985 said:

January 20th, 11:36 am

day one.
this is an art not a game.
for relaxing lol.

Cwalat said:

January 20th, 11:41 am

My little sister loved flow, and i know she’ll love flower.

Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Much appreciated. (especially from my little sister)


IronChefWong said:

January 20th, 1:45 pm

Looking forward to this one.

I’m finally able to post now that the integration with the PSN ID is here. I thought it would have been a given the first time I was here.

NCtwin said:

January 20th, 1:50 pm

Can’t wait for this game. I’ve been watching this one since it’s been announced.

foolio_67 said:

January 20th, 2:30 pm

Can I buy it twice? :P

discjockey14 said:

January 20th, 2:37 pm

Can this game be completely controlled by sisasis? I’ve never played flow before so I don’t know if that has it or not.

weswedfert said:

January 20th, 3:04 pm

hi this is my first post btw

ADR143 said:

January 20th, 3:14 pm

hmm looks pretty good

bravo9zero said:

January 20th, 4:04 pm

Will buy this game day 1, Loved FLOW!
So relaxing!

Keep up the good work :)

Akayoda said:

January 20th, 4:20 pm

it will be the best ps3 download ever

gerboglim said:

January 20th, 4:35 pm

Why would you need a custom soundtrack? This music is so incredibly soothing… I can’t imagine this game played to anything else.

Korlithiel said:

January 20th, 4:42 pm

Thanks for answering, I’m just bugged by PS3 downloadable games being tagged as PSN when occasionally they are also for the PSP and only get the PSN tag. It makes for pointless reading since I’ve very little interest in the PS3 at the moment (as the price is above what I can afford, at least without full backwards compatibility).

Hope this makes it’s way to the PSP, and thanks for this post!

my_katamari said:

January 20th, 5:29 pm

It would be nice to play my hard drive music in game. I am still patiently waiting for that.

pirethy12345 said:

January 20th, 5:44 pm

this game looks calm and peaceful to play

stennex said:

January 20th, 5:53 pm

Flower looks very interesting.

StEaLtHy85 said:

January 20th, 6:40 pm

Nice, can’t wait! Keep it up!

B_ONTIVEROZ1979 said:

January 20th, 6:41 pm

cant wait to try this looks interesting

DONUTBOY1o1 said:

January 20th, 8:56 pm

I agree with makasu, is there a trophy list yet???

holdincourt said:

January 21st, 1:13 am

Definitely gettin this game when it comes out!!

lando786 said:

January 21st, 7:23 am

WTF?!? weird game, in a very good way, looks like another interactive art type of deal. I’m totally picking this one up.

zeke2040 said:

January 21st, 8:16 am

i can’t wait for this game.. i have flow, and it was so peaceful and enlighten… i know this one will do as well… i’ve seen some preveiw online, and oh man i can’t wait for this…

DryvBy said:

January 21st, 11:02 am

This game looks artsy, so with that in mind, I won’t be picking this up. It’s not a game, it’s a graphic showcase with a mission, much like that other game with the panda bear, flying dog, and cat.

nuglas said:

January 21st, 1:58 pm

it’s great to see these new types of games come out. the PSN is such a great facilitator of creativity =P

Myxllamatosis said:

January 22nd, 7:37 am

This is definitely a day one buy for me. After waving my arms like an idiot in front of my tv for a half hour playing Tori-Emaki, I have to ask…any plans for Playstation Eye integration? :)

Who_Said said:

January 22nd, 8:46 pm

That’s great news. I’m definitely excited for this game. It looks simply beautiful.

trav54 said:

January 24th, 12:59 pm

I’m getting this for sure!

Reluctant Hero said:

January 24th, 6:02 pm

Man, wish this was out right now!

True_Jones said:

January 24th, 6:45 pm

It looks pretty good

LilMermaidGirl said:

January 24th, 8:15 pm

There are three PSN games I really want: flower, Fat Princess, and Noby Noby Boy. Getting those three when they come out.

WoshJills said:

January 24th, 11:11 pm

I loved FlOw, it is one of the most addictive games I have ever played.

Essentially since I had such a great experience with FlOw, I expect just as great of one with FlOwer if not better.

paulvaughan said:

January 25th, 3:00 am

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you ahead of time for this incredible looking game! (And thatgamecompany, please release more levels of Flow, so I can continue to send you money to make even more cool games!)

hijaker77 said:

January 25th, 4:42 pm

Love the music!
Does this games use the sucks-axis?

GoDLiKeBR said:

February 2nd, 7:49 am

Sony games are the best among all in this generation, in my option. Flower will be another one of them. Flow was nice, Eden was AWESOME and Flower will repeat the process.

Thanks for the vid. Nice job! I expect more awesome games from thatgamecompany! =)

IIxLionSaberxII said:

February 10th, 9:46 am

amazing cant wait to buy

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